July 16, 2018

The Bachelorette: Hittin' Up Hometowns with Becca

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The Bachelorette - Week 8 - Hometown Dates

Becca begins her hometown visits with Garrett, getting a tour around his California farm on the old John Deere. This is a big visit for Garrett because the last woman the family met was his ex-wife, so it gives him another opportunity to explain why she was terrible. His family doesn't want a crappy new girlfriend so they plan to drop the hammer if needed. Everyone sits down to dinner, toasts, then immediately gets up from the table for interrogation. Mom is the most protective and it seems to go well with Becca, but she's moreso concerned about how Garrett will take it if he isn't picked. Surprise, surprise the family comes around and approves of Becca, who is also very happy around snooze-worthy Garrett.

Next up: a buffalo wing eating competition and some ice skating in Buffalo, New York with unexpected final four member Jason. Again, dinner is omitted to get right down to business and Jason's mom can't get a good read on Becca's true feelings for him. While Jason knows he's been playing from behind, he feels like their connection is surpassing the other guys (ehhh). Despite the whole family seeing the complete obvious outcome, they are supportive of their son. Before Becca leaves, Jason professes to Becca that he's in love with her to which she says, "That means the world to me." Romance!

Across the country Becca travels for her hometown date with Blake in Colorado and she's in love with him but still hasn't told him. His hometown can't compare to the buffalo wing capital of the world, so Blake brings Becca to his high school to tour his alma mater. In a shocking reveal, Blake reveals that his high school was part of a school shooting and man, it's intense to hear. But there's still a surprise to come: a whole hometown crowd and a musical performance by Betty Who to surprise Becca in the auditorium. It's then off to meet Blake's family and yet again, mom is concerned about possible heartbreak seeing how hard he's fallen for Becca. Becca gets lightly grilled but overall everyone approves and Becca really likes Blake's family.

Finally, it's the last stop of hometowns! Still in Colorado, Becca meets up with Colton and they surprise two kids in the hospital with toys and gifts - the softer side of Colton. Colton's got a pretty giant family lined up to meet Becca considering he doesn't introduce his girlfriends (18 people!). Colton brings up the Tia situation with his dad, and lets his mom know he had the virginity talk with Becca. Deep talks! Colton's dad tells Becca if she's not going to choose Colton to please dump him now to save him heartbreak later. Colton tells his mom he loves Becca and he thinks he could be engaged at the end of this. Becca likes Colton's family and it's a successful hometown visit ending with Colton telling Becca he loves her.

Back to homebase of LA for Becca to choose which three men move along to the Fantasy Suite dates. But Becca needs a second opinion so she asks her gal pals from Arie's season to come listen to her vaguely recap her hometown dates and give their opinions. It's as if all of this is an elaborately staged plotline just to have Tia tell Becca extremely far in the process that Tia, in fact, does have feelings for Colton. Becca is shaken up because she supports her friend but also is supposedly falling for Colton. What's a girl to do? Colton asks Chris Harrison for Fantasy Suite advice for truly no good reason, then gets cut by Becca at the Rose Ceremony. Enjoy getting back together with Tia in Paradise, Colton!

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July 9, 2018

The Bachelorette: Bahama Mama

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Week 7

Becca and her men depart the exotic state of Virginia for the pretty blah Bahamas with it's crystal clear water, smooth sand, and bottomless daiquiris. But first, Becca has to have a conversation with Chris Harrison about all her feelings and whatnot. Also big news: no Rose Ceremony, only dates! Wahoo, save an evening gown.

Colton joins Becca for the first 1-on-1 date in the Bahamas, sailing and smooching on a catamaran. Then a dude rolls up to get them to catch and eat conch, which is an aphrodisiac. This is, of course, a wonderfully elaborate setup to make Colton uncomfortable because he's preparing to reveal to tell Becca he's a virgin. They ditch their very enthusiastic Bahamian pal and get dressed up to fake eat dinner. Becca gets nervous when Colton admits he has a secret and she's surprised to find out he focused on football and not banging. This apparently shakes Becca enough that she has to get up and get some fresh air. Colton is being honest instead of lying like he did in the locker room. Also, he isn't saying a hard no to sex, just waiting for the right person. Becca appreciates that Colton takes this all very seriously and wants to meet his family, so she gives him the date rose.

Next up is Garrett, who flies away on a seaplane a private makeout island with Becca. He's very confident in their relationship and connection, trying to be positive about this weird dating experience and life in general. Becca is falling for Garrett but she wants to make sure they're connecting deeper than their immediate physical attraction. Becca uses the night portion of the date to dig into Garrett's failed marriage and why it did and didn't work out. Her concern is that Garrett likes the idea of them together more and he reassures her of his true feelings. He's falling in love with her and Becca is very pleased. Garrett gets the date rose and they strip down to their swimsuits to makeout in the water at night.

After spending a few days moaning about his status and insecurity with his relationship, Blake finally gets his 1-on-1 date. And what a date it is: it's a live performance from the Baha Men! And they only play "Who Let the Dogs Out?" once! Blake opens up to Becca about his rocky week of emotions, and Becca admits it's been hard for her too - having feelings for multiple guys vs. her prior experience of only have Arie (bleckh) to think about. Becca really appreciates Blake's honesty and openness but hopes to get some more info about his parent's divorce before a possible hometown date. And boy does Blake share a dramatic saga about his mom dating his coach/teacher. Becca tells Blake that she's attracted to how open he is, but he's an open book with her and is falling in love... but staying in love sounds even more fun. Blake tells Becca he is in love with her and she's very happy to hear this. In fact, Becca is in love with him too but she can't say it. They kiss a whole lot and obviously gets the date rose.

The final date of the week is a 3-on-1 date with Wills, Jason, and Leo. Becca wants to keep it fun despite having to dump two dudes, so they play some volleyball but shirts stay on because this isn't Top Gun. Each guy gets a little alone time to sort of plead their case and reaffirm their feelings. Wills and Becca bond over their similar family bonds. Jason feels comfortable with Becca and doesn't let anything else distract him. Leo's a little more insecure because his lifestyle is so different and he knows he's behind the Becca-love-curve than the other guys. Becca agrees that they aren't far enough along to meet his family, so she cuts him on the beach and brings Wills and Jason to dinner. Onto an awkward dinner where Wills looks ready for an island adventure and Jason for a golf excursion. Where Becca feels Jason isn't as open about his feelings, Wills lets it all out about why he's falling in love with her. With only one rose to give, Becca extends the rose (and hometown date) to Jason. Becca tells Wills she couldn't bring his family isn't this when she knew her feelings didn't match his and at least we know he'll be a total star catch in Paradise - heck, maybe even The Bachelor if we are so blessed.

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July 2, 2018

The Bachelorette: Virginia Is For Lovers and Losers

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Week 6

"Virginia is for lovers!" exclaims Becca about her latest date location. Either they're running out of date locations or the city of Richmond's tourism board ponied up a lot of cash. Becca grabs tea with Chris Harrison to gossip about how excited she is and the love feelings that are developing. It should be a really fun week for Becca as her men AKA Chris and Lincoln are in full tantrum mode against each other.

Slicked hair Jason gets the first 1-on-1 date of the week, which starts as a fun tour around Richmond and frosting giant donuts. But suddenly they arrive at an Unhappy Hour which is the Edward Allen Poe date of your dreams. After literally giggling in the faces of the goth performers at this party, Becca brings Jason to a bar to meet up with his friends and he's totally smitten with this gesture. The feeling is mutual as Becca loves being around Jason and also the kissing is great, per Becca. If's off to their romantic dinner where Becca sees a lot in common, as both share the sad stories about their friends and the hardships faced by the families (her father passed away, his grandmother had Alzheimer's). This date really bonded the two and Becca gives Jason the date rose, then surprises him with a scenic smoochfest high in a clock tower.

The group date guys receive a tour of the Capital from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so cue Lincoln the contestant being even more annoying. After their history lesson, the men have to debate in Beccalection 2018 which is the second worse political campaign I can recall. While we all hoped maybe Garrett would get a question about political beliefs, instead it gives the chance for Chris to bring up his prior fight with Lincoln and his hatred of body shaming. Becca is humiliated that she has two childish duds like Chris and Lincoln still in the mix, treating this like a Festivus Airing of the Grievances, so she pulls each aside first at the night portion of the date to get a better understanding of both sides. The men are all super tired of this nonsense not to mention that it completely ruined Becca's night and guys who actually want to get to know her more. Becca takes a breather and then invests her time in guys she actually likes and who are genuinely falling for her.  The group date rose goes to Colton for always being there for her and treating her like a "princess." Wait, we don't hold elections for royalty.

Becca and Leo hop on onto a little plane with Leo to take in the views of Virginia in the fall, but she's not feeling the romance especially after being emotionally drained from the horrendous group date. Leo's a sympathetic ear and a good dude, letting Becca vent and speak freely about her problems with this experience. Feeling better, Becca and Leo pop into the Chesapeake Bay (I think) to shuck some oysters and kiss. At dinner, Becca thanks Leo for turning around her bad day and he thinks that's a vital part of being a partner to someone. Leo gets very real, very fast about feeling like he failed his father by not being good enough to play basebally professionally. Becca is very impressed by Leo's openness and gives him the rose then they head off to slow dance in front of a no-name recording artist in front of a crowd holding up cell phones. ROMANCE!

Back at the hotel, Chris is still the center of all the drama. The guys think he's volatile and are uneasy around him; it's not a great situation. Chrits throws on his camel-colored pea coat and heads to Becca's hotel to bother her AGAIN. Chris is very insistent on his feelings for Becca and thinking he could see marrying her at the end, but she questions this statement given the last week. Becca's heard a lot, seen a lot, and felt a lot and it's not positive so she lets him go. BUH BYE.

The cuts keep coming as Becca forgoes the cocktail party to head right into the Rose Ceremony to eliminate two more and follow her heart. Becca gives her three roses to Garrett, Blake, and Wills, which sends home Connor and  Lincoln (FINALLY).

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July 1, 2018

The Bachelorette: Vegas Becca, Vegas!

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Week 5 

Becca and her fellas arrive in Sin City for their latest stop on the We Hate Arie Tour. The guys bask in the amazing view of their Aria suite and I hope they like it because outside of their dates, it’s the only thing they’ll see of Vegas. 

Becca’s first date of the week is a 1-on-1 date with Colton to “get over the jumps of their past relationships” by riding camels. Not everything needs a terrible metaphor because camels are cool on their own. The camels don’t want to let Becca and Colton hold hands because my guess is they have psychic energy and know Colton’s true heart lies with Bachelor in Paradise. They unwind in a hot tub placed in the middle of the desert before fast forwarding to being gussied up for their nighttime dinner. Colton opens up about a past relationship that isn’t Tia and warns Becca he takes love and saying “I love you” very seriously. But of course Becca has the magical ability to help him break down his walls and she gives him a date rose. They depart for sightseeing and smooching on a double decker bus down the Vegas strip, complete with a “Kiss her!” billboard - exactly what romantic dreams are made of. And despite his long ramblings of the seriousness of love, Colton tells the camera he’s falling in love with Becca. Sure.

The group date men get the most Vegas experience one could have outside of performing with a silky white tiger or losing $100 in ten minutes in casino WAR: a day at Wayne Newton’s house. Wayne is tan as ever and a generous host (or a man working on a second income) and gives the guys a tour around his vast estate, Shenandoah. But a tour isn't the only part of the date, as Wayne requests the men write songs about Becca. Dude, Wayne... we did this already with Richard Marx except he didn’t have peacocks sauntering around. But writing isn’t enough so the guys are put in tuxes and forced to perform their “Dankeshein” tributes in front of an audience. After shattering glasses with their voices, Becca and the men have cocktails at Hyde Lounge at the T-Mobile Arena because being around civilization is a no-no. Becca has solo time with nearly all the guys, even getting a big declaration from Blake: he’s falling in love with her, like for real. I say nearly because Becca gives the date rose to Blake and wraps up the night before time with Chris. Chris is pissed and wants to quit because in his mind getting a producer-chosen 1-on-1 date and hyping the audience is what makes you a front runner. Whatever guy, it's not about you.

With tension brewing for week, it's no shocker when model Jordan and fell-off-the-bed David are selected for the 2-on-1 Thunderdome date. A canopy bed is placed in the middle of the Valley of Fire either for a bizarre threesome or a place for Becca to take a nap after losing energy talking to the two bickering men. David immediately throws Jordan under the bus to Becca about him being the wrong guy who's more into random casino chicks. Jordan denies all of David's accusations and insists he is honest with Becca about everything, opening up high tough childhood. Jordan heads back to the bed to pop off on David until Becca returns to tell them both they're petty and frustrating. Becca dumps David immediately on the 2-on-1 date, leaving him on the bed to ponder everything. She continues the night portion of the date with Jordan because I guess they couldn't cancel the reservation without loosing the down payment, so Becca tolerates a few more hours with Jordan and hearing about his model lifestyle, so she cuts him. But hey, she called him "unique" and that's all that matters to him.

There's ten men left and they're ready to woo Becca a little more at the cocktail party to survive to the next exotic destination (spoiler alert: it's Richmond, Virginia). Becca confronts Chris about his threats to quit, to which he says if he wanted to quit her would've. Becca reminds him that he didn't take the initiative to pull her aside on the group date and is frustrated with him so she walks away. Chris decides he won't walk away and tries to interrupt; Becca gives it a hard pass, but Wills gives Chris exactly two minutes and then asks Chris to leave so he can have his time. Now THAT'S initiative. Now Chris has something new to whine about and the guys aren't sympathetic to Chris' desire for more time. Chris continues to beat the dead horse for awhile and TBH I stopped paying attention, but I guess it pays off because Chris receives the final rose of the evening and some guy named John gets cut.

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June 26, 2018

Big Brother 20 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

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Hello summer, hello Big Brother! Sure I don't recap Big Brother any more, but I still watch and look forward to trying to get the winner right. I fail miserably, but that doesn't stop me from trying! This season, 16 all new houseguests are entering the house and competing for that $500,000 prize. But who will win?

Mel predicts...

WINSTON HINES will win Big Brother 20

Winston is a popular winner pick in the Twittersphere and I'm no different. Winston's bio and interviews are very clear: he's here to play and win the game. After last year's absolute dud of a pick, it can't be any worse - right? Winston is a newer fan of the show but has studied his seasons and when I watched his videos he reminded me of legendary winner Dan Gheesling. Others high on my list included Rachel and Angela, who I both hope go extremely far in the game with a love for the show and trying to win. My only fear for all of the above: these attractive folks always end up in game-killing showmances. Let's see how it all pans out!

Who do you think is going to win Big Brother 20? Make your prediction below and if you're right you'll win a picture of a trophy with your name on it!

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June 20, 2018

The Bachelorette: Lumberjerks

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Week 4

Picking up after the Clay leaving To Be Continued, the cocktail party continues where Becca tolerates this group of duds. Becca bonds with Blake over their ideal kid count and she gifts Jordan a pair gold lamay booty shorts (which I'm sure he'll wear upon arrival to a likely stint on Bachelor in Paradise). The true charmer of the evening is David, who gets his rose pre-ceremony, who has returned with a broken nose and bruised face from his brutal bunk bed fall. Onto the Rose Ceremony where Becca eliminates two dudes whose names I don't know nor does the show care to show on the way out. Oh well! Next stop: Park City, Utah!

Becca's first date in Park City is a 1-on-1 with Garrett and she's already jumping and wrapping her legs around him. What starts as a boring meander-around-town date turns into the pair going bobsledding. Becca already trusts Garrett so much and could see him being the one at the end. Garrett opens up about his past relationship which includes him getting married and divorced 2 months after that because she was emotionally abusive to him - at least that's his side of the story. This makes Becca wonder if perhaps Garrett would feel too much pressure should he get to the end, but he reiterates that he's very much here for Becca. Becca's really into Garrett and he gets the date rose before heading to a concert date where they slow dance in front of a crowd.

The group date guys, including Flat Earther Lincoln, meet Becca out in the beauty of nature for Becca's Lumberjack Bash competition. It's amazing that this show trusts these dudes to throw axes only at targets. After a relay of log rolling, flipping, sawing, and scaling a 30 foot pole, some guy named John wins the Golden Lumberjack. Despite Becca's request to keep on their flannels, the guys change their clothes for their nighttime cocktail date. Becca forgot Jason's name last week, but she remembers him now due to his status as a good kisser. Jordan wears his gold lamay shorts under his pants and then wears them for the night which is the biggest "not here for the right reasons" indicator and Colton confronts Jordan about being a clown. Jean Blanc gifts Becca with a personal fragrance called "Miss Becca Blanc" and says he's already falling in love with her. Becca is taken aback (crickets!) and not reciprocating that feeling at all, so she lets him go. When Jean Blanc asks for the fragrance back, he then admits doesn't feel that strong and was saying what he thought she wanted to hear, then backtrack . BOY BYE. Becca returns distressed and decides to not hand out a date rose.

Becca's all geared up for her 1-on-1 date with Wills but still totally shaken by Jean Blanc's bullshit. But she's not going to let some douche hold her down and the rush of snowmobiling turns that frown upside down. They take a break to snuggle and sip champagne at a scenic overlook and Wills is really understanding about her situation and wants to make her happy. This is everything Becca needed. On the night portion of the date, Wills opens up about his past heartbreak from the woman he thought was his "one". Becca understands the feeling and it brings them closer, so she gives him the date rose. Then they kiss on a cobblestone wall.

Chris Harrison rolls up to the dude's cabin in the daytime to let them know there's no cocktail party tonight because Becca's already made up her mind. Panic mode, commence! Becca hands out her roses and gone this week is Christon the Harlem Globetrotter and Nick who wore a track suit to the previous Rose Ceremony. Gone and already forgotten.

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