September 22, 2017

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Pre-Show Winner Prediction

Move aside, Pumpkin Spice. The true sign of fall is a new season of Survivor, and the 35th season is a three tribal battle of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. In all my seasons of (inaccurately) trying to predict a winner, no season has been quite as hard as this one. I like the cast across the board but really had a hard time deciding who could win it all. That said, when it's hard to predict a winner and unpredictable season should be ahead!

After too many hours of reading player bios, watching cast videos, and listening to endless podcasts, I've sussed out my prediction of who will be the Sole Survivor.


Desi will win Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

This has taken me hours to decide upon and a ton of rambling conversations where I changed my mind four or five times. Ultimately I chose Desi as my pick to win because she seems extremely well-rounded. But the other survivors also can see Desi is a threat, so hopefully she can ingratiate herself well and put bigger targets in front of her. Now for lots of honorary shout-outs. I love Chrissy and hope she goes far and my main reason for not picking her was a young cast, which is something she fears as well. Ali is awesome but the Hustlers tribe looks destined for many Tribal Councils. Roark and Ryan both stuck out as superfans, but perhaps with Millennials vs. Gen-X on the mind the big fans could be targets due to Adam's win. Ben is also a big fan of the show and was a complete pleasant surprise and he might be that one that truly snuck by me for winner predictions. But truly this season, minus a few here and there, pretty much anyone could take the title.

Now it's your turn! Time for YOU to cast your pre-show winner prediction. Who do you think will be the winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? VOTE BELOW - voting closes right when the east coast premiere begins!

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September 11, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: A Little Love and Lots of Break-Ups

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Week 5 - Finale

The end is nigh for Paradise and only serious couples are allowed to stay. So begins the mass breakup morning at Playa Escondida! Jack Stone makes an offer to Christen: let's leave Paradise together immediately. Christen puts Jack into the Acquaintance Zone and waves her scallop fingers to say goodbye; he leaves solo. Tickle Monster and Jasmine agree to part ways as if their makeout sessions might have been something bigger. Diggy dumps Dominique to pursue something with Jaimi, who in return ditches Diggy. Dean admits to D.Lo that he's ending things with her because he's in love with Kristina and ruined everything. Well you ruined our viewing experience as well, Dean. Amanda is having flashbacks to last summer in Paradise, where you may recall she got engaged with sweaty douchebag Josh. She's not ready to continue on with Robby's unwavering hair and she ends their summer fling, shocking him.

The mass exodus of people who came for the open bar and airtime ends with three couples choosing to pursue their relationships further. Derek and Taylor are Paradise's supercouple of the season and the sexy times impending is a big deal for their love story. No one probably expected Daniel and Lacey to last until the end of this show, but here we are watching these two weirdos agree to date after the show and exchanging "falling for yous" before accepting a Fantasy Suite card. Break out the creepy Canadian flag Speedo! Adam tells Raven he feels he could fall in love with her and is optimistic about their relationship, but Raven's is resistant to let her guard fully down and has hesitation about going to the Fantasy Suite.

Cut to the live audience reunion where the cast looks so bothered to be forced to attend. Almost as bothered I am that they cut the regular end of Paradise to force us into watching a reunion. Dean takes all the blame between Kristina and D.Lo, but still pursued a relationship with Danielle after the show and is trying to restart things with Kristina. Amanda and Robby ended up dating after they broke up on the show because they had different expectations, but rumors say skeezy Robby cheated on Amanda and he denies. Lacey and Daniel are dunzo after he admitted he was lying about his feelings. Raven and Adam did end up going to the Fantasy Suite and are still dating and in love. Then Adam gets to meet Raven's parents who are in the audience because everyone loves a good setup. Wrapping up the season, Derek and Taylor come out to the hot seat and Derek proposes to Taylor and she says yes. Bachelor in Paradise is really going to surpass The Bachelor success rate. It's hilarious.

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September 5, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Twin and Out

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Week 4 - Night 2

Jaimi from Nick's season (quelle surprise) is dubbed the "wildcard" because she's bisexual so she could ask anyone on a date. The speculation is much bigger than the actual result, as Jaimi asks Diggy out on her date to sip margaritas in town and discuss that she's attracted to people, not gender. Dominique is a little upset because her relationship with Diggy was starting to grow.

Double trouble rolls into Paradise in the form of The Twins, Emily and Haley. They have their eyes on Derek and Dean and look forward to creating drama with their double date card. Since Derek is extremely taken, Haley decides to take out serial killer Jack Stone. Emily demands Dean come on the date but gets declined twice, asking out Tickle Monster as her backup. Jack Stone last minute decides he'd rather spend time with Christen than be a fallback for the twins. The twins get pissed, leave Paradise, and angrily throw scallops.

All the happy couples have their check-in so we can recall that this is allegedly about finding love. Derek and Taylor are still steady and have the starting-to-feel-love discussion. Jack Stone thinks Christen is marriage material. Dean and D.Lo can openly explore their connection. Robby's feels for Amanda are as unwavering as his hair. Adam hopes to keep the momentum with Raven going. But Chris Harrison makes a daytime visit with a big announcement: this is the last day of Paradise. OH SNAP!

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September 4, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Jack Stone is a Good Kisser

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Week 4 - Night 1

Blake, the guy who hates Whaboom and still won't stop talking about it, comes to Paradise and no one is very receptive to him and his sweat glands. Blake invites Kristina on his date but she declines given her unique romantic conundrum (and lack of interest in Blake). Christen ends up accepting the date with Blake. The women are more receptive to Fred, the guy who Rachel knew as a kid, who shows up shortly after Blake. Eventhough Dominique has a thing with Diggy, she accepts Fred's invite. Blake, Christen, Dominique, and Fred go on a group date together on speed boat while Christen nearly barfs on the boat and then almost loses a contact. Dominique and Fred have a blast, but Diggy is nervous about where he stands if the couple hit it off. The last date of the week is for Robby and Amanda to get all cutesy at a street carnival and then light off fireworks low enough to nearly kill the attendees.

Some gossip is spreading around Paradise that Jack Stone is a bad kisser. Jasmine, the self-proclaimed Queen of Paradise, earlier kissed Tickle Monster because she was intrigued. Well Jack is no exception and if anything, maybe she can help. A few shots later, Jasmine smooches Jack and he's a good kisser. Soon enough, Jack's a hot makeout commodity, kissing D.Lo and Raven. So world, please know that Jack Stone is a certified good kisser.

Chris Harrison shows up mid-day to announce there's no new arrivals coming and the Rose Ceremony is that very night. Time for all the guys to hustle to get the ladies' roses. Ben Z decides to stop the hustle and decides to leave since he hasn't found a romantic connection. This is great news for his dog! Diggy puts his feelings for Dominique out there, with them playing a Q&A game that lets Diggy grab a kiss to show his interest. Christen learns from bartender Wells that everyone calls her "Scallop Fingers" and can't understand the persecution for taking home leftovers. Fish fandom be damned, Christen is high in demand in Paradise with three guys hoping to receive her rose (Jack Stone, Tickle Monster, Blake).

If you viewers are as tired of the Dean triangle, sounds like everyone living in Paradise is over Dean's antics. Dean's guilty when he finds out Kristina saw his pool frolic session with Kristina. D.Lo is also tired of being the other woman. Dean finally makes a decision and after stringing Kristina on for weeks, he chooses D.Lo. Kristina is pissed and goes to Raven for advice and reassurance. Raven tells Kristina to not be mad at D.Lo; Dean's the player. But Kristina doesn't want to hear her friend take D.Lo's side, when Kristina holds both D.Lo and Dean accountable. Bartender Wells offers the sage wisdom Kristina needs, proving to be a wonderful fill-in for Jorge.

The Rose Ceremony begins with the obvious roses: Lacey/Daniel, Taylor/Derek, Amanda/Robby, and Raven/Adam. Now onto the more suspenseful choices. Dominique gives her rose to Diggy over Fred. Queen of Paradise Jasmine, a total wildcard, extends her rose to Tickle Monster. Christen isn't pursued by Blake's attempts at a scallop bribe; she chooses Jack Stone. So now comes the big question: who will Dean accept a rose from? Kristina gets to the podium first and gives a speech about wanting to be valued and put first in a future relationship, so she does not give out her rose and leaves Paradise. Dean looks down in shame and offers to walk Kristina out and apologize for the 80th time. Dean heads back to the Rose Ceremony and then accepts the final rose of the evening from D.Lo. Fred and Blake end their one-day vacation in Paradise leaving no impact to the point that I'll forget they were even on this show tomorrow.

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August 29, 2017

Bachelor In Paradise: Tickle Time

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Week 3 - Night 2

Picking up from the prior night, Daniel the Canadian (not shown: Canadian flag speedo) arrives just in time to play Rose Ceremony hero for Christen or Jasmine. But Daniel actually ends up being the hero for Lacey, who has allegedly been awaiting his arrival. Definitely a surprise considering how horrible their conversation went. Jack Stone gives his rose to Christen and then special guest Matt re-appears from the sidelines to give Jasmine his rose before departing... again. The Rose Ceremony remains on course with all the couplings, with some alleged suspense with the triangles. Adam chooses Raven over Sarah, Dean picks Kristina instead of D.Lo, and Ben Z can't pick his dog since he's not in Mexico so he chooses D.Lo. Great, let this Dean triangle drag on forever! Sadly, we lose Sarah and Alexis, the life of the party. Pour out a marg for the Shark/Dolphin queen.

Everyone's hangover sleep is interrupted when a Mexican wrestlers raid the house to drop off Daniel's date card. Daniel ultimately chooses Lacey for their wrestling date, complete with shiny costumes and a BIP Championship belt. When they return to the resort and get cozy, Jasmine interrupts and takes Daniel away. Jonathan the Tickle Monster strolls in Paradise with a date hard in his left hand, and the right hand ready for a good squeeze. He hits it off immediately with Christen, and after a kiss they head out on a date together. Turns out, the Tickle Monster has less creepy things in his life like being an actual doctor and surfer. Christen and Tickle seem to hit it off, but Jack Stone snags her again and gets a kiss. And then it's back to this Dean nonsense. As you may recall from every other episode thus far, Kristina feels like Dean is pulling away. Despite wanting to keep things going with Kristina, he still continues to flirt with Danielle right in front of Kristina. Kristina is miserable and crying and says her orphanage is better than Paradise. Well put that in the promos!

Much like last week, the show cuts to an in studio special to interview Corinne about her side of the production shut down, and then trying to balance their heaviness with tone deaf segments about all the fun in Paradise. Pass.

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August 28, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: The Queen of Paradise vs. Scallop Fingers

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Week 3 - Night 1

Alexis plays a game called "What's That Going In Your Mouth?" with Jack Stone which is not as dirty as you'd expect until she tries to put a dead crab in his mouth. If there was any possible match before, it's as dead as that crab now.

Christen the Virgin arrives in Paradise and makes a romantic assassination attempt on Jasmine the self-dubbed Queen of Paradise: Christen invites Matt on her date. Matt wants to accept the invitation because he hopes to get the most of this experience (making out with several women), so Jasmine passive aggressively gives the OK. Breaking the third wall, Jasmine tells the cameras she's going to give TV and heads to the bedroom to confront Christen who amounts to pretty much nothing but calling Christen "slimy" and the girls nicknaming Christen "Scallop Fingers" due to her to-go dining habits. Christen and Matt leave the resort to get chocolate covered bananas, hopefully from a Bluth Company franchise, and buy bathing suits (and kiss in the water). They return from their nice date to find Jasmine ready to pummel him in kisses to stake her territory and everyone secretly laughing at Scallop Fingers eating shrimp. This is actual life and also half of the episode.

Robby is still intent on courting Amanda and interrupts a rousing game of Scattegories to surprise her with a hot tub full of glow sticks. While appreciative of the gesture, Amanda is clearly not super into Robby. The triangles are still in full force and going nowhere. Adam is choosing between Sarah and Raven, while Dean continues to mess with Kristina's head while wanting to pursue Danielle AKA D.Lo. Taylor and Derek are Paradise's supercouple but encounter their first fight over their communication which makes Taylor reconsider their whole relationship. 

It's Rose Ceremony time and the men hold all the cards (or roses, whatever). But Chris Harrison teases some sort of twist, so freaks for a minute before returning to the moment to acquire a rose. Adam likes how Raven challenges him, but also appreciates how transparent Sarah is with her feelings. Lacey tells Diggy she was upset he didn't consult her before he accepted a date with Dominique, then Lacey gets more upset when he confirms he's not her the rose. Dean tells Kristina how fascinating she is one minute, then minutes later is telling Danielle how he's infatuated by her. Oh and kissing both. C'mon, Dean you're killing us. After showering Amanda with more trinkets from a Mexican gift, Robby gets a kiss from Amanda. Derek apologizes for crossing a boundary with Taylor and they make amends. Matt's completely stressed by the situation of Paradise and a lot of other nonsense that comes with being on this show so he decides he'd like to leave. Jasmine is upset and the end of her summer fling, while Christen has no idea how she'll get a rose. There's only one hope for a rose: Jack Stone. Jasmine and Christen both talk to Jack, but only one goes for the smooch. The Queen of Paradise may be dethroned unless she can find a good ally. Will the introduction of Daniel the Canadian be her saving grace?

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