November 22, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: The Witches of Orkun

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Week 9

Orkun splits into two teams for the Reward Challenge, which is an obstacle course in the midst of another rainy Cambodian day. There's a crapload of tasks in this challenge including a staircase of poles, a maze, a slide (sadly not the Double Dare Sundae Slide), navigating a key around ropes, and of course... a puzzle. The prize on the line is a Spa Day with massages and "spa food" (just say sandwiches Probst, jeez) and there's nothing more I'd like to see than Keith Nale enjoy a Survivor-style massage again. The purple tribe of Joe, Spencer, Stephen, and Tasha win their day of spa food and showers. If your dream is Joe and that manbun of his taking a shower in a public stall, I'm sure this is your favorite episode of the season. Ciera uses it as an opportunity to talk strategy with the group and try to make in-roads with the dominant alliance, pointing out that Jeremy and Kelly Wiglesworth are guaranteed to win the game if they make it to the finals.

Despite being completely blindsided by Wentworth's idol play, the tribe all lauds an awesome moment in Tribal Council history. When you've got two-timers playing, a good move is respected even if it totally screws you over. The "Witches Coven" of Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi-Maria are still on the outs of the tribe, but the trio could be useful for making a big move - something Stephen has on his mind. Speaking of Hidden Immunity Idols, everyone is frantic to find one because it could be the tool to get them to the million dollars. It's Jeremy who finds the lucky tree hole of fate that has a clue to another idol, which is barely a clue and moreso a map leading directly to the idol. Using the ol' poop excuse, Jeremy sneaks off to follow the trail and snag his second Hidden Immunity Idol.

Stephen is scheming and wants his main threats out of the game, which include the top-knot duo of Joe and Kelly Wiglesworth. Knowing he needs to make moves to win this time, Stephen reaches out to a new possible voting bloc: the Three Witches. The girls are willing to vote out whoever Stephen wants if it saves them. Things are really looking up for Stephen after he outswims Spencer in the Immunity Challenge to win himself a huge advantage in the game. The advantage allows Stephen to steal another person's vote at Tribal Council, allowing Stephen to cast two votes and one person gets no vote at all. Last year had a similar flop of an advantage, but in the hands of a gamer like Stephen this could be a crazy, game-changing twist. 

But OF COURSE Joe wins immunity for the third time in a row after balancing the longest on a triangle pedastal, which thwarts the secret plans to dump the golden boy. The big Bayon group plans to split their votes between Wentworth and Ciera to make the obvious move of picking off the Witches AKA boring TV. With Joe immune, Stephen turns the target on Kelly Wiglesworth who, despite having many 11 minutes of airtime total this season (and I'm being generous), is social with everyone and a threat to win. The Witches are on board, but Stephen has to convince a hesistant Jeremy and Spencer to join in on this risky plan.

Tribal Council time! The torrential rain is crushing everyone's moods, soaking wet and hungry. The rainy season is here and really testing the survival aspect of the game (#OldSchool, amirite?) Wentworth talks about playing her idol and how she hopes it inspires others to change up their game and make some moves. Cue up the buzz word of the night, as Jeremy explains voting blocs being more important than one big alliance. Stephen elaborates more on the evolution of the game, but Tasha pipes in that the voting bloc with the strongest alliance will win the game. When Probst asks who is actually worried at this Tribal Council, it's very telling who is feeling comfortable: Keith, Kimmi, Wiglesworth, and Jeremy don't raise their hands. The tribe votes and a soaking wet Probst, just ripe for a romance novel cover, reads the votes. It's Wentworth/Ciera split as predicted, until the Wiglesworth votes come pouring out. Kelly Wiglesworth, the original Survivor runner-up, is totally blindsided and eliminated from the game. Another shake-up towards total tribal chaos. I'm in!

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November 15, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: One Savage Idol Play

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Week 8

For this week's Reward Challenge, there's a schoolyard pick to split into two teams to paddle out to sea and retrieve four massive cubes. Once back to shore, those cubes have to be stacked and rotated so that no colors match. It's like opposite Rubix Cube. If you're wondering what the heavy-handed Second Chance reference for this challenge is, it's that Kelly Wiglesworth lost this challenge to "the guy who can't swim" (Gervase). So this allows for a wonderful wrap up for storyteller Probst when Wiglesworth's team wins and he can call this a successful second chance.

The winners of the reward are treated to iced coffee, bagels with cream cheese, cookies at the
Survivor Cafe. "You're going to OD on caffeine and sugar," Probst jokes, but all I can think of is the upset stomachs that'll come after. Hope there's an outhouse at the Survivor Cafe. With a mixed group of survivors in attendance (Kimmi, Wiglesworth, Wentworth, Joe, Ciera, Keith), Ciera thinks with a full stomach there but open minds that could be willing to talk game. I'd say there's a 30% buy-in to talk, with not as much words but definitely some internal pondering. Life-of-the-party Keith decides to take a tuk tuk (AKA "to-to") on a joy ride, leading to the most delightful moment of this season (and a GIF I can't stop texting and tweeting).

Eventhough the Bayon Bros are rewardless, they're still riding high and confident. Savage is soaking up finally making the jury and looks forward to a few days of cruise control, picking off outsiders like Ciera. But there's a slight worry in the air about Ciera trying to make a big move and turn the tables, and she'd only need a few people to flip. Cue Stephen Fishbach. Stephen's JT flashbacks continue to haunt him and he hopes this can be the time to blindside Joe out of the game, planting seeds with others around camp. Too bad Savage overhears Stephen's scheming to Tasha and is livid, because how dare Stephen scheme and deceive in a game that's basically founded on that principle. Savage reports all this back to Joe and vows to never vote Joe out ever. Joe knows he's a mega-threat and now that he's on Stephen's radar, immunity is important as ever.

So of course Joe wins individual immunity again after he's able to balances balls on a plank the longest. C'mon Keith, you're supposed to be the champion of balls. This means the silky immunity necklace is about to soak of Joe's sweat for another three days and the survivors aren't able to vote out the game's biggest threat. Now that Joey Amazing is protected, Savage and Joe have the ammunition they need to try to corral votes to get out Stephen. The trio of outsiders are gung-ho with Joe's suggestion to blindside Stephen (anything that saves their butts), and Savage lays in the hammock and gets all the others to agree to this plan as well. But Jeremy nixes it all since Stephen is one of his tightest allies. So it's back to the basic, go-with-the-flow plan to vote off someone not in the major alliance. Joe lets the the girls know the plan is off and gives the "I don't know yet" to Wentworth about who is getting voted off. Even if they have to go down with the ship the three have to decide if they should put their votes towards scheming Stephen or ringleader Savage.

Tribal Council time! First juror Kass enters the arena by giving everyone the bird because she's the GD Queen of Ponderosa. But back to people still in the game. Ciera reiterates her feeling that people aren't fighting for a top spot and instead playing for a group. Kelley Wentworth straight-up calls out that four people are running the game and not willing to make a move, so Ciera names the four as Jeremy, Savage, Tasha, and Stephen or Joe. Jeremy's like uhhh that's five, that you don't know anything. Spencer brings up that moves could happen or maybe an idol is out there, or maybe none at all, so Wentworth tries her semi-hardest to keep a straight face. Savage drones on about having people he talks to with mutual respect which causes Ciera to roll her eyes in the most amazing, unnatural way (which of course I've practiced all week in a lot of unsent Snapchat videos). While Stephen Fishbach insists this season's alliance is like none of the past thirty seasons, we know Ciera is in the right: there are definitely people on the top and bottom of that Bayon group. Wentworth drops a big hint that someone earlier in the day wanted to make a big move which only proves that their big loving alliance isn't THAT tight in the end. Kelley doesn't out those possible flippers because they might have to be her allies in 24 hours. 

And then they vote! Probst brings out the urn of votes and asks if anyone wants to play their idol. There's a long pause and then Kelley Wentworth like a GD boss busts out her super-secret Hidden Immunity Idol and plays it. The looks of shock on everyone's face is priceless and I need each and every one in GIF form immediately. There are at least two people who look liked they pooped their pants in shock (wouldn't be shocked if they did legit let out a little nervous pee). Nine votes pour out of that bucket for Wentworth, each capped off with Probst's signature "will not count". What does count are the three votes by the outsiders who completely flip this game around when they blindside Andrew Savage. America cries tears of joy as the overconfident leader of the Bayon Bros gets his torched snuffed. "At least you made the jury!" Abi-Maria shouts and Savage leaves with one last classy move: giving the bird. SEE YA SAVAGE.

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November 8, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: The End of Chaos Kass

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Week 7

Savage's latest petulant tantrum about being screwed over has short consequences, as a monumental moment arrives: the merge. For the first time ever, the tribes have merged at 13 which means a total shitstorm is brewing. Everyone moves in together on Bayon beach and throws on their clean and not smelly orange buffs, sharing a celebratory merge feast with giant hunks of cheese, bread, and everything else that makes me hungry as I write a recap. It's all kumbaya when you've got a loaf of bread in your hand, but everyone is itching to end the eating to begin strategizing and saving their butts.

Right away, the Bayon Bro alliance is back. Savage's mind is just so boggled at the "stealth" moves to take out Woo because I guess the guy thinks no one ever schemes behind his back. In order for the Bayon alliance to get their dominant seven, the group needs Joe on their side (who has grown more distant from the group). Well leave that clutch move to Savage, the broiest of them all, who tries to sway a slightly indecisive Joe to their side. Kass, Ciera, and Abi-Maria obviously see they have low numbers, but hope to acquire the power with additional merge friends. Spencer is already possibly on their side after he and Kass mended fences, Kelley Wentworth is still down the the shuffled Ta Keo final five, which means they might have Keith and Joe. Even Spencer talks to Joe to try and become potential allies since Spencer has nothing but his strategic gameplan drawings in the sand. Oh Joe, the center of the universe. Everything orbits around that manbun. 

Kass' senses are all correct when she senses the massive brodown happening on Bayon. Once Savage is praising Stephen for reciting a poem out loud you know something is up. Also Stephen, might I suggest an inappropriate limerick for next time? Anyways, Kass tries to plant seeds of doubt and get info from her former Cagayan castaway Tasha about Bayon, so Tasha lies since she still doesn't trust from their original season. But Tasha, this is about second chances! Haven't you heard Jeff Probst saying it 18 times a day? Tasha and Kass try to talk again, drawing a literal line in the sand to point out they are on opposite sides. They bring their drama back to camp, with Kass outing to the group that Tasha 24 hours ago told her "bye bye Bayon" and lied to her. With Chaos Kass simmering at the surface, Ciera decides to jump in and create a lie that Savage wanted to vote out Jeremy and Joe... while Savage is standing two feet behind her. Ugh girl, if you're going to create a big lie do it in secret not while the man is there to defend himself. But hey, all this chaos is pretty entertaining.

The Orkun tribe arrives for their first individual immunity challenge with lots of beautifully painted balance beams in an array of complementary and ugly colors. When you merge with so many people, you're going to have to include some dud colors. The challenge is to stand on an increasingly narrow beam while balancing on a ball on a platform, with fluctuating hand positions on the platform's pole to make balancing more difficult. It's basically Jeff Probst soundbite galore with lots of talk about balls and grasping poles. The two middle men, Spencer and Joe, become the final two survivors in the competition which only validates theirs competition beast threat level status. Joe is the first to win individual immunity, gifted with the ornate immunity necklace that has red fabric sure to soak up all the stank on these people. 

Given their proclivity to cause chaos, and given that one has used said description in her nickname, the Bayon tribe plans to split their votes between Kass and Ciera (in case Kass plays an idol). No surprise, Savage actually wants them to vote off Ciera because she put him on blast. Kass wonders if she could get the numbers since the Bayon group is splitting their votes. If she can get Kelley Wentworth and Spencer on board, they could vote out Tasha. Spencer is torn because the main majority is anti-Kass/Ciera, but Kass/Ciera helped saved his butt his last vote. What's a swing vote guy to do?

Tribal Council time! Joe and Keith finally light their torches, which means everyone has officially been to Tribal now, which is an impressive run on torch-less nights. Once Kass insists she's not playing the chaos game this time around and name drops Tasha, Tasha gives a classic reaction face and it becomes a battle between the two again. Cut to Keith's amazing attempt at doing cat claws. Never change, Keith Nale. Ciera gives an impassioned speech about coming to win the game and for others to play for themselves, not a group (which is what her downfall was on Blood vs. Water). It's definitely the way Spencer is playing as he has no real allies and explains tonight's vote is tonight's vote and tomorrow will be a whole new day for him. Stephen points out how the whole game has evolved and that the targets at the merge are women, when it is typically a great time for all the alpha men to attack each other for dominance. Probst points out that maybe the game is less about alliances and more about weekly voting blocks. "Let's play," Ciera says. Truth girl, play the game! The votes are cast with only two against Tasha, one for Savage, and four for Ciera. But sadly it is Chaos and/or Calm Kass (AKA Comcast) who is eliminated with six votes. Who knew I'd be so bummed to lose Kass in this game? Guess this is my second chance too. Cut to heavy-handed Jeff Probst smirk and thumbs up.

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November 1, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: Woo-rst Case Scenario

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 Week 6

This week's Survivor begins on a downer note. Jeff Probst arrives in the wee hours of the night at Ta Keo beach to tell Terry that his son has a medical emergency back home. No question Terry grabs his belongings, says goodbye, and gets on the boat so he can travel home to be with family. We find out in the closing credits bumper that Terry's son is OK now, having received a heart transplant in the fall. With a much improved game this time around, it wouldn't surprise me to see Terry Dietz get a third chance. Now back to the snark.

The loss of Terry stuns all and gives everyone a moment to reflect on emotions. But they're in for another shock. With fourteen survivors left, it's time for yet another shuffle back into three tribes. The slums of Angkor beach is no more! Most hilarious is how excited Savage is to switch tribes again when last time he basically threw a tantrum. The new Ta Keo is a shuffle of everyone, while new Bayon is all original Bayons plus Kelley Wentworth. The tribes quickly bond in a reward challenge which is an oiled up Slip N' Slide ending in ring toss. It's like watching March of the Penguins but everyone is really lubed up. Ta Keo wins the final round and earns their tribe a picnic lunch delivered to camp with fried chicken, mac and cheese, and brownies AKA Melissa's daily dream meal.

Ta Keo chows down on their lunch as a drool in both my original watch and re-watch, wishing I had fried chicken. The awkwardness of the tribe is the reunion of Kass and Spencer, mortal enemies from their prior season. Savage is already scheming to use this past to his advantage, hoping to upgrade his alliance of three to five and boot Spencer. But Savage's plan to vote off Spencer includes using Ciera as the decoy vote-off plan and she's not too fond of being even a fake target. Ciera thought the original Bayon bond was still strong, but she quickly reads in Savage's actions that he values Woo over her.

The ol' Bayon gang is back together and Kelley is definitely the easiest target being the lone original Ta Keo. But Ta Keo 2.0 made an alliance that protected Kelley and Joe still would like to remain aligned with Kelley. Kelley does have a secret ace up her sleeve in form of her immunity idol but still, she'd rather not have to play it, Joe begins to subtly throw Kimmi under the bus to Tasha and Stephen, and Stephen's taken aback by the Bayon betrayal (umm you guys made the first Bayon betrayal of the season, just saying). Suddenly Stephen is having flashbacks to his original season and letting the "golden boy" get to the end. Overcome with emotion, like literally as he cries in his interview, Stephen doesn't want to lose this second chance and would like to vote out Joe at the next Tribal Council.

Despite the occasional reward feast here and there, the survivors are starving. So it's the perfect time for a gross food challenge. In the case of heavy-handed history, this is Kimmi's second chance in life to not screw up eating nasty animal delicacies. Such fine treats include scorpion, pig's brain, pig's snout, frog, tarantulas, and the dreaded balut. It's always comical to watch people struggle to each gross stuff, wiggling and dancing to force the food down. Kass chokes in the final round, or rather dry heaves and gags, which allows Bayon to win immunity. Basking in victory, Jeremy sneaks up to snag a Kass' leftover balut for the road. Gotta get protein any way you can, even if it's duck embryo.

Kass is getting excited that she'll get her second chance to write Spencer's name down and boot him from the game. Thing is, Ciera is still not happy she's the decoy and doesn't trust Savage fully. However Ciera doesn't want to target Savage, but instead his right-hand man: Woo. This mean's Ciera won't spill Bayon blood but still takes away a key asset of Savage, who is bossing everyone around. I mean, you know Abi will be thrilled to write down Woo's name because, say it together, he voted for her twice. Spencer wants to work with Savage until Kass of all people tells Spencer of the plans to blindside him, all organized by Andrew Savage. Despite her past personal vendetta, Kass puts it aside to use Spencer to her advantage for now. Even Spencer is like, "Holy crap I'm actually playing with Kass again."

Tribal Council time! Ciera and Kass light their torches for the first time all season, since this is their very first trip to Tribal Council (impressive!) Probst kicks off right away to talk about second chances and changing from their last time playing. Spencer and Savage talk about building relationships with people, while Woo acknowledges that his second chance means becoming a little more cutthroat. Probst wonders if Chaos Kass or new Kass (who she called Calm Kass, which I misheard a Comcast) is at Tribal and she's not totally sure. Savage vouches for new Kass and I'm sure it's taking a lot to hold back smirks. But Savage is a little overconfident and has "no doubts" about the vote which, of course, the most foreshadowy phrase you can utter in this game. "My fate tonight lies in the hands of Chaos Kass... God help me," Spencer says as he casts his vote. Probst returns with the urn of votes and it seems the return of Chaos Kass is here: Woo is voted out of the game with one last blindside face.

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October 25, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: Bayon's First Blindside

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Week 5

Comfort is up for grabs in this week's Reward Challenge with lots of comfy chairs, pillows, candles, blankets, hammock, beverages, and most importantly a tarp to stay dry. But to get such finer things, the tribes have got to compete. The challenge is for one survivor to get inside a bucket and get rolled around a course, collecting bags of balls along the way, ending in a big ol' skee ball game. What boggles my mind is that no one hurls inside the buckets but I guess that means the tribes chose wisely. The most intense round of skee ball plays out as all three rollers are pretty much head-to-head. Keith mains his ball-related dominance in challenges and wins the massive comfort prize pack for Ta Kao. Angkor overcomes their tendency to lose everything and comes in second to secure their tribe a tarp. A small victory for their garbage beach.

Ta Keo toasts their success as a tribe, just killing it in all the challenges since the shuffle. Life is plentiful at Ta Keo beach, but there's still a game at play. With Terry out fishing, the remaining five Ta Keo make a "solid five" deal. Joe is relieved to have allies in the first half of the game this time around so maybe he won't get taken out quickly at the merge. Keith is excited to have a real alliance because last season he didn't "hook up with nobody" because I guess he forgot the couple times he sort of in an alliance and accidentally screwed them over. But hey, second chances all around as Jeff Probst reminds us every 11 minutes.

After sending Jeff Varner to "a better place" (Savage, he's at Ponderosa not in a coffin), Angkor is feeling slightly more solid. They've got a challenge win together, a tarp, and they've even begun to bond a bit. However the tribe still has one bomb waiting to implode: Abi-Maria. She still dislikes Woo, now claiming that Woo's story about his mom's heart transplant was used solely for sympathy and to get him further in the game. Remind us again Abi, what would happen if Woo voted for you again? Oh that's right, he's dead to you. Tasha's role as babysitter is wearing on her, but she understands she has to tolerate Abi for her game and not let the personal irritations get in her way... for now.

The ladies of Bayon have taken on the role of food gatherers, searching the ocean for clams. The bountiful harvest of clams leads to a little clam fight between Monica and Kimmi over whether they should take all the clams or save some for down the line. This dumb fight tests Kimmi's patience but she realizes fighting over clams might be a bad use of her resources and tries to chill. Spencer and Jeremy continue to develop their friendship while fishing in the Bayon tribe boat which honestly looks like a contender for World's Largest Basket.

The Immunity Challenge is for members of the tribe to race through obstacles and climb to the top of a platform to launch sandbags on a slingshot at five targets. In a move just like a movie where a lovable kid scores a goal in the wrong net, Stephen shoots his sandbag and hits one of Angkor's targets instead. Oh Stephen! He's got the Charlie Brown edit. Angkor wins immunity first, hugging and celebrating their newfound winning status. Ta Keo is able to outlaunch Bayon and wins immunity as well, which means the Bayon tribe will head to Tribal Council for the first time. "I think there's nothing wrong with going to Tribal Council," Monica tells Probst and immediately I'm like, "Famous last words, girl."

Since Bayon has four original Bayons and two Ta Keo leftovers, the targets easily fall on Spencer and Kelly Wiglesworth. Jeremy, Monica, and Stephen agree on voting out Kelly because while they trust her, Spencer has no other allies and needs them more. Monica, however, does not want to get rid of Kelly and mentions to Kimmi the idea of keeping Kelly to begin a girls alliance. Monica, everyone knows the term "girls alliance" is basically a Survivor curse to get you sent packing. Kimmi is taken aback by their girl's alliance thing and realizes Monica isn't playing for Bayon, but for herself. The conversation is quickly relayed to Jeremy and Stephen, who suddenly worry that their fourth ally is turning on them and would potentially flip the game too soon. Kimmi's suggestion to protect their group: blindside Monica before she turns on them. Stephen warns Jeremy that a move to blindside an original Bayon sends a message to their former tribemates that they are willing to betray their original tribe. It's a game move that could affect the entire game going forward.

Tribal Council time! Stephen and Monica come dressed to impress in business casual, because sometimes you just want to look fancy for Jeff Probst. While no one wants to be at Tribal Council, it's agreed that this is the one place in the game where you truly learn who you can trust. The old school vs. new school gameplay is discussed, while old school being based on trust, while the new school is very erratic and making moves constantly. Spencer really plays up the strength and bond of Bayon as a tribe, instead of individuals, to play up his closeness with the group. He's a smooth Tribal talker. There's agreement that it sucks to build relationships and then stomp then out, but that's also the nature of the game. And then Bayon votes! Spencer and Kelly both vote for each other and Monica sticks to the original agreement to vote out Kelly. But sorry Monica, it's a blindside as the three Bayons members betray their agreement and vote her out.

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October 18, 2015

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance: Angkors Away

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Week 4

The Reward Challenge this week is a change of pace and dubbed the "Hero Challenge" where only one representative for each tribe competes. Either there was an agreement between the oldies or Joe just decided to take a day off, the participants are Terry Dietz, Andrew Savage, and Jeremy. The survivors have to race into the ocean to retrieve sandbags, then launch them off a plank high up onto a net. The sun is setting as the three guys wearily run in and out of the ocean to win some grub for their tribe. Jeff Probst's ultimate mancrush Savage wins reward for the starving and deteriorating Angkor tribe, who then get a barbecue set to feast on sausage and veggies. It seems like the second wind the tribe needs. Dietz comes in second to win a smaller barbeque set for Ta Kao. And Bayon leaves with nothing but frowns.

Angkor's brief respite from hunger is helpful and inspiring, but the tribe is still a mess. While Tasha is definitely riding high on flipping her spot on the tribe to become top dog, she quickly learns the consequences of becoming Abi-Maria's island babysitter. Abi's latest drama to complain about is that Woo has now voted for her twice which she believes is personal. In hindsight, Tasha wishes they voted out Varner for his actions at the last immunity challenge because he's not to be trusted.

Over at Bayon, Jeremy bonds with Stephen by pretending they're still searching for idols together, that way they can be allies and Jeremy will be tipped off one day when he's the target. Oh how I love when an idol actually remains a secret for a good future surprise. Spencer begins to make in-roads with the guys on the tribe and explains that while Spencer is a free agent, Kelly Wigglesworth is completely controlled by Jeff Varner, Woo, and Terry and therefore a better target. Monica, who suddenly gets air time, thinks Spencer is making this all up to save himself and instead wants to target Spencer should Bayon have to go to Tribal Council. The girl alliance dream is alive in Monica.

A pre-Survivor reading of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" has helped Kass improve her social game and be less of a Kasshole this time around. As Ta Keo sleeps under their shelter, Kass is wide awake crafting away. She's got string and some beads which she cut off torches and bags and sits alone stringing together what has to be a fake immunity idol. Kelley Wentworth goes to check in on Kass and is shoo-ed away, which doesn't help suspicion. Kass places her Krafts by Kass creation into one of the little tribe swap boxes and brings it over to Kelley. "Happy Belated Birthday!" Kass exclaims and gifts Kelley with a good luck charm for her birthday. Everyone admits they totally thought Kass was up to her old tricks. Nice Kass... what is happening?!

This week's Immunity Challenge is a Survivor classic, or at least now famous for giving a woman a bloody head wound. There's no air-lifting piece this season, instead one caller stands from high-above as they direct tribemates to retrieve giant Tetris pieces. Once all the pieces have been collected, the tribe will assemble a big cube puzzle. No surprise, this challenge is a mess. Ta Keo look like lost children with Terry flailing his arms and Keith constantly yelling that he can't hear caller Kass. They eventually employ the let-Joey-Amazing-do-nearly-everything strategy. And then everyone else is dropping and bumping into the heavy pieces. To the groin, to the stomach, to the leg. It's shocking there wasn't a legit broken bone at this challenge because it's obvious these heavy pieces were causing a lot of damage. Angkor has absolutely no strength or energy left in them and can't even complete the puzzle. The challenge ends with Bayon winning first place and Ta Keo finishing second.

It's another downer day for a bruised and exhausted Angkor. Varner dropped a puzzle piece on his foot and really injured his pinky toe. With a vote near, Tasha worries about losing grasp of Abi since relying on Abi has screwed over multiple people this season. Tasha and Savage agree Varner is cunning and a good schemer so he needs to go. Only problem: Abi won't shut up about Woo. She doesn't trust Woo since he's voted for her twice and she wants him gone. Woo tries to appeal to Abi, but she shuts him down. Tasha tries to talk sense into Abi, whose response is, "But Woo..." blah blah. Tasha rolls her eyes at Abi's stubbornness and realizes she could lose Abi to Varner quickly. Everyone bowing down to Abi's whims just to keep her as a number on their side. I wish another tribe would lose so we could see a different story play out on this show.

Tribal Council time! Varner hobbles in with a cane, so of course Probst asks about the injury and the brutal physical challenge that slaughtered the tribe. But he's interrupted by a big ass bug flying in, who is the season's second wildlife scene stealer besides the adorable baby monkey. Abi confirms at Tribal that the vote is between Woo and Varner, but she's torn between loyalty and winning challenges. When Savage brings up that in a merge situation having challenge winners around isn't a good thing, Woo defends himself and reminds them the merge is a long way off. Woo insists he's "ride or die" with his loyalty to this alliance, and Varner points out that Woo voted against that alliance last week. Varner pitches himself to the tribe so they'll see his value and loyalty, which of course includes sweet talking Abi about how he's so loyal to her and he'd never vote for her. Abi replies with a mix between a groan and a sigh. Woo doesn't bow down though and defends himself by throwing Varner's alliances with other old schoolers into the mix and that he could flip once they team up again. Probst is just stirring from excitement at the drive and fight the two players have to stay. Before voting, Woo gives one last plea to Abi that he promises loyalty to her and she responds, "Make sure you don't write Abi!" He doesn't. The Angkor tribe votes off scene-stealer Jeff Varner and his battered toe.

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