April 15, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: A Noble Exit

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Week 7

After a few switches and the elimination of many Malolos, the tribes merge! What this also means is everyone is immersed in the Domenick vs. Chris beef which cannot be squashed despite a Wendell intervention. A head-to-head is brewing, but it'll take some Survivor magic or strong alliances to save them. Domenick has his Hidden Immunity Idol, a fake idol, and the Legacy Advantage. Chris initially has nothing but poor rapping skills, but he's able to successfully obtain a JT's unplayed Game Changers Hidden Immunity Idol on a secret mission to Ghost Island thanks to a discrete clue in his merge buff. It's not all good stuff though as Chris loses his ability to vote in the next Tribal Council in a chance to extend the life of the idol (now good for two Tribals). But if both rivals have idols, which poor Survivor might fall in the potential idolgeddon coming?

It won't be Kellyn who wins the first Individual Immunity of the season, a feat of endurance to balance a lil' tiki on a pole while also balancing themselves on a narrow beam. She gets to wear the sacred necklace which is the most underwhelming piece of victory I've seen but I guess they spent all their focus finding old idols instead of constructing new ones. I digress; back to the show. Chris convenes the majority of Lavita, the newly named merged tribe, to tell them to vote off Domenick, but throw a few votes Wendell's way in case an idol is played. Dom and Wendell confide in each other about their idols and agree to play them, then work on the counter-play to get rid of Chris instead. And then there's Kellyn who thinks they should pick off a Malolo again because of course. Which side of the war will win?

Tribal Council time! Chris lights his torch for the first time because it's his first ever Tribal Council - let's give him a round of applause. Probst talks about trusting your gut and adapting your game, which of course leads to a discussion of Dom vs. Chris and also the missteps along the way to make them enemies. Wendell brings up that him and Domenick were left out of the strategizing today, and Angela says she'll roll with the majority and hints maybe smaller plans could be in effect too. Kellyn and Chris both have similar sentiments in trusting your gut and the alliances you've made, so time to test that. The tribe votes, where Domenick audibly shouts his vote against Chris and Wendell gives the most spectacular speech imploring Chris to never wrap again. Probst tallies the votes and Domenick plays the Legacy Advantage willed to him by Morgan, since it's only good for when 13 or 6 players remaining. Any votes cast again Dom would be null, but there are none. There are 2 votes for Libby and the rest for Chris, who walks out the game with an unplayed idol in his pocket. A doubly cursed relic for Ghost Islands of the future!

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April 10, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Bye Bye Bradley

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Week 6

This episode is brought to you by the failures of Survivor: Micronesia. Yes, this week is full of advantages found that were misplayed back on the first Fans vs. Favorites season. Michael finds the legendary effing stick, a fake idol crafted by Ozzy that Eliza knew couldn't be real when her ally Jason found it. Given a decade of time to marinate on Ghost Island (show me the proof!!), it's now a real idol. But that's not the only Micronesia relic to develop superpowers: Wendell finds the immunity necklace Erik infamously gave away and was then blindsided out of the game. That necklace is now a regular immunity idol and officially the most difficult idol to hide down your pants in history. And if you need one more twist, Kellyn gets sent to Ghost Island and wins an extra vote advantage, the advantage overlooked by Michaela in Survivor: Game Changers. Enjoy the twists, everyone!

Tired of their losing status, Malolo burns their tribe flag to try to reverse the curse. One could credit the flag burning or the slow decline of the Naviti bond. After the last shuffle, Naviti 3.0 is annoyed by by Bradley and his 'tude. Don't you dare come for Donathan, you got that? Naviti loses the Immunity Challenge and will get to test their Naviti strong bond. Donathan and Libby are the only original Malolos, but also Bradley is annoying so gotta weigh the pros and cons.

Tribal Council time! Probst is basically asking if this is going to be another dull Naviti strong Tribal Council and there's indications maybe Naviti will stick together and pick off Malolo. Bradley talks about how they're such an amazingly close five, but Donathan points out they burned Domenick in the past. Libby owns up to her past move to get rid of Morgan and burn Domenick. Bradley admits he's trying not to be a dick around camp, but is unaware people definitely think he's camp dick. Behavior is discussed and how it can affect the game. And so the tribe votes and that behavior around camp is definitely top of mind, with the tribe defying that annoying Naviti strong mantra and blindsiding Bradley.

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April 2, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Can It Get Any Malolower?

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Week 5

Survivor decides to shake things up again and shuffle tribes once again, this time to three tribes (orange, purple, green - Mardi Gras!) Original Malolo is screwed yet again as each new tribe retains an original Naviti advantage.  Yanuya is Chris, Sebastian, Wendell, Jenna, and Laurel and don't seem too burdened by restarting their entire camp life from scratch. While Wendell and Laurel escaped the Chris vs. Dom drama, they are both still stuck hearing all of Chris' stories of one-upsmanship and "huge" reveal that he's a model. Over at Malolo 3.0, Michael and James are reunited but weren't really allies before but maybe stuck together now. They hope that James' relationship with Angela from Naviti 2.0 can help them finally make some in-roads. The newest Naviti has different levels of relief as they join together: Bradley is happy to have his beautiful camp back, hungry Chelsea can have a coffee, and Domenick can finally have a day without Chris. Domenick and Bradley reconvene about future plans and decided if needed they'll target Libby, who Dom calls the next Parvati.

The Immunity Challenge has one member of each tribe serve as a caller to guide their blindfolded tribe members to puzzle pieces, then to instruct those blindfolded members how to solve the puzzle. Desiree is definitely the loudest caller, but the worst at instructions which causes Malolo to lose yet again. When Jacob called Malolo the greatest tribe of all time on episode one, who knew his ghost would linger and curse this tribe all season? I could probably copy and paste this section from the last few weeks. Naviti feels guilty about causing the loss but they have the numbers so they'll pick off someone from original Malolo: this week it's James. James wants to target Des and promises Angela to be loyal to her. Angela's not sure what to do to better her game and no one really knows where her head is at. Should be fun!

Tribal Council time! Everyone gets situated in Malolo's home away from home and Probst calls out they're one of the worst tribes in challenges of all time. Desiree accepts full responsibility for today's loss and plans to get back up from her fall from grace. James once told his tribe it was OK to vote for him since he blew the challenge but says it depends on what the tribe prioritizes. He also says all of this with the most perfect posture which I don't think I've even seen someone sit so upright on one of those Survivor stumps. They're so close to the merge but if they keep losing, will they even get there? In case you forget, Kellyn reminds you there are three original Naviti so longterm relationships matter and can we please shut up about old Naviti?? James reminds them the tribes are random buff draws so maybe think outside the buff. They don't think outside the buff and the entire tribe votes off James.

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March 27, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Cinnamon Rolls and Sadness

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Week 4

Naviti wins a reward of coffee and pastries and they are extremely passionate about cinnamon rolls. Because cinnamon rolls are amazing. Not amazing: Chris' rap skills. Chris tries to bond with homesick Donathan over their difficult family situations, which puts Donathan even more on the fence of where to give his loyalty. Meanwhile, drawing rocks (yawn) sends Stephanie to Ghost Island and surprise, surprise: another week without a game. I'm not saying I want a game overloaded with idols and advantages, but if you're going to make Ghost Island the theme of the season then make something actually happen there. The only thing that happens on Ghost Island are empowering monologues.

A boogie boarding/slide puzzle Immunity Challenge gets the best of Malolo and they lose yet again. Since old Naviti has the 5-3 advantage, it's just a matter of which original Malolo member they want to pick off. Michael was originally only a pretty face, but his double idol fake out at the last Tribal Council showed he's a bigger threat than they realized. But they need Michael in challenges and he's ready to show his loyalty to stick around. Jenna's working on her RBF struggle and practices being nice by letting Sebastian smell her hair and offering up her braiding expertise. Stephanie is viewed as the biggest strategic threat but there's fear she got something over on Ghost Island. Desiree digs deep into Stephanie's bag and finds nothing so now there's nothing to fear when it comes to Stephanie surprises. Just a matter of which Malolo they can come to a consensus on.

Tribal Council time. I use a period and not an exclamation point like I usually do because this whole Tribal Council feels like a random execution. Which superfan's dream will they crush? Stephanie fears her one night away on Ghost Island could have changed everything. Michael campaigns that they need someone strong to help them get ahead, but Kellyn says there are different ways to view strength. Talk turns to Michael's attempted power play last week and Bradley's temporary fear for his life in the game. Stephanie, Jenna, and Michael plead their cases for why they deserve to stick around. But when the votes are read, it seems like a decision was made days ago: the entire tribe votes off Stephanie.

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March 18, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Great Lie, Bad Outcome

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Week 3

Naviti comes together in an aggressive Reward Challenge to win peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but their division is apparent back at camp. Domenick and Wendall showed their cards in the last vote when they tried to vote out original Naviti member Andrea, but were instead blindsided by the Malolos move out oust Morgan (but hey, Domenick got a Legacy Advantage willed to him in the process). Domenick hopes they can turn their bad situation around when he shares the truth about his Hidden Immunity Idol with Wendall, and later Laurel. Meanwhile, Chris is talking to the Malolos to sway them to his side and target Dom. Will some mixing and mingling begin to happen to shake up Naviti? 

Malolo's so split down the middle that there's no negotiation possible when Malolo loses the Immunty Challenge after a stunning Naviti comeback. Keeping their 5-vote majority is so important that Kellyn declines to give up her vote for a chance at a power on Ghost Island. The five decide to vote off Michael or Brendan, which they expect surprise Malolo who will expect a woman to be voted off to keep the tribe strong. Brendan and Michael sense they are in trouble and decide to let Stephanie and Jenna in on the secret: Michael has his Hidden Immunity Idol and can use it to save their group. The foursome feel so relieved and they plan to very openly target Bradley at Tribal Council and flash the idol in the hopes that one of the bottom of the Navitis will flip their vote.

Tribal Council time! Naviti is very open they're sticking together and it's not changing. Stephanie says they tried to save themselves but Bradley made sure to block any chance for Malolos to talk to the Naviti members. Michael says Naviti might put on a show they're an alliance of five, but the two on the bottom are Chelsea and Sebastian. Brendan chimes in to continue digging Bradley's grave and try to get someone to come to their side. And so Michael makes the big move to sell it: he busts out his Survivor: China James idol and tells the group that James left the game not playing two idols so this new idol of his legacy can save two people (it can't, but stellar line). Navitis thrown for a loop with this revelation and Michael pleads for someone to join them because they're not a tight four, they were forced together by circumstance. The tribe votes and Michael gets up to play his idol, which he plays on Stephanie. Michael played up a stellar lie but misjudged the target and instead the five Naviti stick together and vote Brendan out of the game.

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March 12, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Swap and Shock

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Week 2

The 18 remaining survivors are surprised with a tribe swap but since it's happened in all recent 20 player season's it's kind of a given. Since Malolo went to the first two Tribal Councils they're at a numbers disadvantage in both swapped tribes where Naviti has 5. Will Malolo be picked off one-by-one?

On Malolo beach, the new members from Naviti complain about how the camp isn't as wonderful as their old one. But Malolo isn't going to accept being the minority and get to work idol hunting to hopefully change their fate. Sure enough, Michael and Brendan find a big ol' idol in a tree hole: it's one of James' idols from Survivor: China where he infamously went home with two idols in his possession. Hopefully Michael plays his hand better. The Navitis would typically remain five strong, but the group is wary of Chris who is already talking to the Malolos about Dom's idol and blindsiding him. Morgan and Libby strike up a friendship and it seems like Naviti is falling apart fast.

Malolo wins the Immunity Challenge which is full of parkour and puzzles (also some climbing but that ruins the alliteration). They also get a tarp so maybe the old Naviti members will STFU about the janky shelter. Malolo also gets to send someone to Ghost Island since they wouldn't be able to come to a unanimous decision, they leave it to fate: rocks! Chris draws the white rock and heads to Ghost Island where he receives nothing but time alone to think about his mom. Chris being removed from Tribal Council impacts the tribe greatly because he was a target, but it also evens out the numbers (4 Naviti vs. 4 Malolo). It's expected that Malolo will vote off Dom, but Angela would rather go to rocks than lose a Naviti member. Wendall and Morgan don't trust Angela and decide to loop in Malolo and to gain their trust, Dom reveals the fake idol and actually has a better story about it this time. But James isn't taking the bait from Dom and concocts a new plan: vote off Wendall or Morgan since Naviti is fractured.

Tribal Council time! Morgan says both groups of four are staying solid together and Wendall says you have to hope someone will crack. Angela wants to vote for what's right for her, not what she's been pressure to do by an absent Chris. The big question is who is telling the truth and who is lying when it comes to tonight's vote? Morgan points out that everyone has lied and will lie at some point because that's the game. Wendall hopes for a big move that will make the tribe stronger, but he might not have realized other moves were in motion. There is 1 vote for Libby, 3 votes for Angela, and 4 for Morgan. Morgan is completely blindsided, and more importantly, had the Legacy Advantage. Morgan wills the Legacy Advantage to Domenick which should be interesting to see it all plays out... if he survives.

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