November 12, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: It's a Merge Party

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Week 7

Pack up your bags and drop your buffs: it's merge time! Donning some beautiful sky blue buffs (a welcome reprieve from season after season of black merge buffs), the Davids and Goliaths come together for a wonderful merge feast. Laughs and gossip are shared (Alec orchestrated the blindside against a Goliath! Drunk Carl is tired of Elizabeth!), and the tribe is officially named Kalokalo, which Elizabeth Googled and found is the Fijian word for stars. As Alec perfectly explains, the merge is the big party and everything else before this point is pre-gaming. Let the real game begin!

Sure they're one big happy tribe, but the reunion of 7 Goliaths means constant reiteration of the term "Goliath Strong" with a plan to pick off the 6 remaining Davids. But Goliath Alec, once already a turncoat, is thinking past tribal lines and forms hybrid alliance of Davids (Gabby, Nick, Christian) and Goliaths (himself, Alison, Mike). The Davids are all fairly willing to sacrifice Elizabeth for the big picture, and that's good because she's on the top of Dan's shitlist. Elizabeth hears Dan and Kara whispering all night and starts talks to get rid of Dan, which gets back to him via Alec - the epicenter of this episode. Dan's mind is boggled that anyone would dare consider voting for him, despite being a brawny guy with a flirtmance and two idols. 

The survivors compete in their first Individual Immunity Challenge and Alison succeeds is swinging her pendulum the longest, bringing her joyful tears and giving Probst a smelly hug. The Goliaths convene to make a decision who to target, and Angelina steamrolls the group with military terms she learned from her husband to blindside Christian. The other Goliaths are reluctant to follow Angelina's demands and Dan creates a mini insurgence to return the target back to Elizabeth. Angelina gets upset at her loss of control and in a moment of true emotion (or jury strategy), she tells Elizabeth she's getting voted out at Tribal Council. Elizabeth tells Gabby what went down and decides Tribal Council will be a great time to blow up Angelina's spot.

Tribal Council time! We learn there are many "factorials" in managing a post-merge game, a delightful moment of comedy via the Brochachos. Angelina voices that for this first merge vote, Goliath plans to stay together and this is Elizabeth's window to open. Or smash. Elizabeth insists there is a fracture in the Goliaths and tells everyone that Angelina spilled the beans earlier about the vote. Everyone assumes Angelina is already trying to set herself up nicely with jurors for her eventual Final Tribal Council speech. Gabby gets emotional (pretty on-brand for her) about Elizabeth defending herself for wanting to stay, and Angelina defends herself and apologizes for her emotional decision. Elizabeth has hopes maybe a couple Goliaths will see there's a fracture and swap over, but in fact no one makes the leap: Elizabeth is unanimously voted out and becomes this season's first juror.

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November 4, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: Kebabs and Choices

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Week 6

With Mother Nature taking a few days off, all the drama this week is generated by human interactions. After a cutthroat move to blindside Angelina and get her jacket, the Jebani tribe doesn't trust Angelina. The Brochachos continue to bond and feed each other, with Christian the center of this David-becoming-a-Goliath storyline. Gabby is extremely nervous about her position in the tribe, so she pulls Alison aside to try to make inroads to protect herself. Vuku is the sole losing tribe of the ring toss for kebabs Reward Challenge, then have a spat at camp after Elizabeth tries to fix the bamboo on the shelter to help her bad back and snaps on her tribemates.

Jebani loses Immunity in an embarrassing fashion, totally unable to successfully carry a giant saucer of water without spilling. Mike has it in his head that all the Goliaths are mad they voted out Natalie and to keep himself safe he has to stay Goliath strong with the numbers. Lysra not willing to work with Angelina, and Angelina is surprised but c'mon, she wrote Lysra's name down to try and dupe Natalie into giving her a jacket. No one wants a 2-2 tie, so the secret partnership of Mike and Nick AKA the Rockstars hold the power.

Tribal Council time! Probst starts the night bringing up the bond this tribe of four has, despite being challenge flops. It's less about David and Goliath now and more about trust and loyalty. There's loose talk about following through on plans, but since everyone has plans they're just hoping the one they chose is the victorious path. Lyrsa stresses she's honest and loyal, but that's not enough: ultimately the tribe chooses to vote her out of the game.

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October 30, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Jackets and Eggs

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Week 5

Another massive storm hits Fiji, but this time the cyclone is so strong it requires everyone to be evacuated from the game for 24 hours. We haven't seen this happen since Millennials vs. Gen X and methinks maybe the tax break from Fiji isn't worth the hassle. The next day everyone returns to completely decimated camps but they're all alive, so that's a plus.

Vuku wins the grand prize of chickens in a Reward Challenge, which is a great way to form bonds after blindsiding one member of the tribe by voting out her bestie. Kara tries to make in-roads with everyone, but Elizabeth in particular feels like Alec would stay by her side while Kara would go back to the Goliaths. Over at Tika beach AKA Slamtown, Christian is inducted into the Brochachos with John and Dan. Dan continues his Immunity Idol dominance by finding another clue for an idol, hidden at the next challenge (which he successfully retrieves).

But this week's episode is all about Natalie Napalm and her impact on the Jabeni tribe. After the tribe wins a dozen eggs at the Reward Challenge, Natalie irritates the tribe with her insistence to cook all the eggs now. Culinary school graduate Lyrsa tries to make her point, but this is Natalie's camp and you're all living there. Natalie seems in a pretty good spot with the Goliath majority, so when Jabeni narrowly loses immunity in a very cool snake-ball-balancing-game it seems like a David will go. To really put a cherry on top of this debacle, Angelina mentions she wants Lyrsa's jacket (she's freezing) and Natalie uses this as a "negotiation tactic" to try to sorta blackmail Nick or Lyrsa. This is the biggest fight over a jacket since Grease 2. But Goliath Mike is pretty tired of his whole Survivor experience being Adventures in Babysitting Natalie and would like to flip.

Tribal Council time! Angelina talks about the importance of keeping the Goliath numbers with a merge impending. Despite being the epicenter of pretty much all drama this season, Natalie insists back home she's laid back and drama-free. Talk turns to the eggs and the jackets, so Angelina defends Natalie a bit about the jacket plan. Natalie interjects a lot which throws Probst for a loop, which gives him the epiphany that Natalie has to have the last word. The tribe votes out Natalie in a 3-2 vote, and while Natalie doesn't have the last word she has one last laugh: as Angelina begs Natalie for her jacket, Natalie gets her torch snuffed and leaves the game with her beautiful, warm jacket in tow.

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October 22, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Charmpocalypse

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Week 4

The David and Goliath tribes come together and Jeff Probst's big news is pre-empted by Bi choosing to quit the game due to her injured MCL. With Bi out, Probst can move along to his announcement: drop your buffs! The tribes are divided into three new tribes, all with Goliath majorities. Odd-man-out Carl destined for a couple of days on Exile Island until he joins the losing tribe. But cry not for Carl as he finds a secret advantage during his exile: an Idol Nullifier, which can block the use of an idol by another player.

Kara, Natalie, Alec, Davie, and Elizabeth make up the new Vuku (orange tribe), and Elizabeth works to bond with Kara quickly (both love horses!). Natalie is at the forefront of the new Jebani tribe (purple), as Nick and Lyrsa get to see what Angelina and Mike have lived with since day one. The Tiva tribe (green) has to start completely from scratch and bond while building their new shelter. Mots importantly, Christian gets to ask John all about Slamtown and it's as magical as you dreamt it could be.

The first Immunity Challenge as the new tribes is a blindfolded maze and puzzle challenge. It's a pretty close race, but Vuku loses and has to face their first shuffled Tribal Council. Given the 3-2 count in favor of the Goliaths, things look grim for Davie and Elizabeth. Elizabeth wants to vote out Natalia and tries to get Alec on her side, but both Elizabeth and Davie are willing to write each other's name down to save themselves. But the Goliaths aren't us united, as Natalia's demanding ways appears to be rubbing Alec the wrong way. However, if Alec flips his vote then the Davids have the majority when Carl joins the tribe. Is it time for a true David defeating Goliath moment?

Tribal Council time! Carl gets to watch from the sidelines to hear the dynamics of his future tribemates. Probst asks if it was obviously an easy vote, and Natalia says yes. Elizabeth hopes she'll be kept around for her character, while Davie is already saying Elizabeth is an end-game threat that needs to go. Elizabeth isn't too mad and she's willing to go out in a blaze of glory if need be, encouraging resume building. Then Alec gets up to whisper to Elizabeth, dropping the tribe's jaws. Natalia can't believe it, while Kara still is trusting Alec who whispers her some sort of plan. Well, it wasn't the right one as Alec, Davie, and Elizabeth blindside a furious Natalia out of the game.

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October 15, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: All About Natalie

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Week 3

The blindsided members of the David tribe take Jessica's elimination hard, while Nick and Christian excitedly celebrate and find a way to pin the blindside on Gabby. Gabby is potentially the next target of the tribe, which would be sad for her as her and Christian have big dreams about meeting the Mayor of Slamtown, John. John over on the Goliath tribe is having a real learning moment on the island as he discovers a nice side to him that enjoys building relationships. In particular, he likes working with Natalie but knows it'll take a lot of work to safe her. Well good news for him, because Jeremy starts painting his own target pretty big. He bickers with Natalie, gets paranoid about game talk, and outs Dan's idol to anyone who will listen.

The rain of Fiji doesn't like to take a day off and drenches the survivors in their obstacle course/puzzle immunity challenge. Bi injures her knee at some point, but the David tribe is able to ace the four-piece pyramid puzzle and finally evade Tribal Council. Natalie blew the puzzle and is difficult to live with, but Jeremy's social game and desire to scheme makes him Angelina's prime target. Her alliance isn't as sure and wants to keep their tribe strong, but also everyone is really tired of Jeremy and Natalie's bickering.

Rainy Tribal Council time! Probst asks about the harsh weather conditions, which is usually a way to make idle small talk but in this season the rain is its own character - sort of like the city of New York in any movie. Tribal Council eventually becomes a Natalie pile-on about her behavior around camp, but she says she's open to constructive criticism. It's a pretty good ruse of a venting session as the Goliath tribe unites to vote Jeremy out of the game.

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October 7, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: No Exhilaration Without Risk

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Week 2

The weather is completely miserable, so bad that the tribes are gifted fire making kits and temporary tarps to withstand the cyclone. When the weather does calm down a bit, the game is most definitely on.

After a close-call with being the main target on the David tribe, Nick and Christian solidify a partnership as the "Mason Dixon" alliance. Davie finds the Hidden Immunity Idol after noticing a tree with a bright orange string. Carl throws out Lyrsa's name as weakest on the tribe to sacrifice if they lose, and she's pretty pissed. Over on Goliath beach, Dan's game is getting sloppy. Jeremy finds the idol in Dan's hanging laundry, and everyone is very aware he's smitten with Kara. Angelina, Kara, and Natalia make a girls alliance and plan to drag along three other guys to get the majority. But Natalie's target is only getting bigger with her strong personality and lack of self awareness that others aren't liking her vibe.

The Goliath tribe completely dominates the Immunity Challenge that requires paddling a boat, then very delicately balancing and assembling a puzzle. While the Davids got to avoid voting their first time around, the game has officially gotten real. Jessica, Bi, and Carl intend to vote our Lyrsa for being weak, but Gabby is concerned is strength is a priority then she could also be a target. Elizabeth and Lyrsa flip all the plans around and choose to target Jessica, to knock out two different pairings with Bi and Carl. Gabby awkwardly asks Christian if he wants to play with her ("In the sand?"), but really she wants Christian to vote on her side. Mason Dixon are the deciding votes this week, and I guess naming your alliance after a line would lead to something like this at some point.

Tribal Council Time! The tribe addresses the horrendous weather they'd endured in such a short span of time, while also developing bonds. Lyrsa vocalizes she knows she's been dubbed the weakest link and is on the chopping block. Jessica says if you want to play the game until Tribal Council, then that's too late. Gabby's polite about it but is basically like uhhh, we're all playing girl. Everyone agrees they have a play tonight which means someone, or some group, isn't fully in the know. Nerves are high, and it all comes to a head in a big ol' blindside when Jessica is voted out of the game.

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