September 6, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Pre-Show Winner Prediction

It's time for the 33rd season of Survivor and this season is full of marketing buzzwords. Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X is a battle of young vs. old, a divide we've seen before. Let's hope it's better than the last time we had this split in Nicaragua.

As I do every season of Survivor, I read the cast bios and watch their videos and try to predict the winner. I've come so close so many times... could this be the year?


Chris will win Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Reading Chris' bio, I wasn't impressed but when I watched his video I found his calm alpha demeanor as something that jumped out. I think he'll be a leader of the Gen X crowd that will be able to amass the numbers in his favor, sort of like Earl in Fiji. I imagine he'll bond with Bret the cop and they'll run stuff. Plus, Chris' job as a trial lawyer has probably made him a good communicator and, if he gets there, good at handling a jury. If a Millennial ends up taking control, I could see it being Adam who was my second choice as I have this vibe that this season will have a male winner. But hopefully my vibes are totally wrong because I really liked Figgy and Mari. I'm also obsessed with Zeke's video where he poses around a tree then rolls and poses in mud. Zeke is probably going to be my favorite, but sadly not my pick to win.

But enough about my pick, who do YOU think will win Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X? Cast your vote below in the handy form and you could win the glory (as well as the annual photo of a trophy).

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Bachelor in Paradise: 3 Proposals and Dumping

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Finale - Part 2

Everyone basks in the afterglow of overnight dates in their fluffy white hotel robes and smiley faces, except Josh and Amanda who apparently wear their regular clothes. BOO! Grant and Lace who decide to be dramatic again, with him questioning everything even after getting those dumb matching "Grace" tattoos. Jen looks forward to a proposal from Nick eventhough he still hasn't said "I love you" (but maybe it happened off camera?) Josh and Amanda's only obstacle are her children, who he hasn't met yet and worries about going too fast and becoming an instant step dad. But all these hesitations don't stop the guys from meeting up with Neil Lane (who can't believe he's seeing Nick for a third time).

Onto the final roses!

Carly and Evan head to the alter of impending proposals first and give each other amazing speeches that proclaim their love for each other. Evan pulls out his Neil Lane ring and asks "Will you freakin' marry me?" The answer is yes - Cevan forever! Eventhough Grant woke up with a head full of confusion, or maybe it was post-tattoo pain, so Lace pours her heart out to grant to know how she feels and how real their love is. Far more real than her eyelashes. Grant talks about how he loves all sides of Lace, including her crazy ones, and proposes to her. Lace says yes - Grace forever, the tattoos weren't in vain (yet)!

Then comes Nick and Jennifer, who tells Nick how much she enjoyed getting to know him and feels their instant connection. Jen admits she's fallen in love with him and hopes Nick can catch her; heeeeeee can't. Nick isn't in love with Jen as much as he'd like to be. Ugly sobs all around from Nick Viall. It's just the begin of the snot sucks because Nick shall be our new Bachelor and get to overcome his fear that he won't be able to say I love you again.

Last and certainly least are Josh and Amanda. Amanda feels lucky to have found Josh and knows her two girls will love him. He doesn't want to repeat past mistakes, but knows this time around he found true love. Josh is crying, or possibly profusely sweating from his eyeballs which is legit possible from him, and gets down on his knee to propose. But for real, how can I even focus on this proposal when Josh's sweat drenches his white button down so much he looks like he's competing in a wet t-shirt contest??


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September 5, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise: Fantasy Suite Fun

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Finale - Part 1

Tiara the chicken enthusiast arrives at the 11th hour for the finale and even she knows she has zero chance of anything happening for her. She gives up her date card to Nick and Jen who head to a carnival, the perfect place to try and break down Nick's walls with an awkward fortune teller encounter. Nick is able to verbalize to Jen that he does have feelings for her, which makes her happy to hear. On the not so happy front, Brett dumps Izzy to pursue things with Lauren for a few more days. Izzy packs her bags and leaves Paradise to try and get Vinny back which seems about 7 days too late. An impassioned iPhone call doesn't help as Vinny doesn't like the way she dumped him for the lamp guy, leaving Izzy nauseous, regretful, and single in the Uber home.

It's time for another Rose Ceremony which continues to lack excitement since it's pretty clear who the roses are going to. The only suspense comes from Wells, who is in a love square with Ashley I, Jami, and Shushanna. Jami and Ashley are OK making an effort to plead their case to Wells, but Shushanna literally runs off because she's not into this competition stuff to fight over a guy. Status downgraded to a love triangle. Once the obvious roses are handed out, it's time for Brett and Wells. Brett throws a Rose Ceremony curveball and doesn't hand out his rose at all (sorry Lauren) because he's really not feeling any love vibes and didn't want to go to the Bone Zone so quickly. Wells makes a choice and gives his rose to Ashley, which eliminates Jami, as well as Lauren B and Tiera the chicken "connoisseur" (upgrade!).

The next morning, Chris Harrison pulls the gang aside to encourage deep talks about if their relationships will continue AKA leave if you aren't going to get engaged on TV. But the biggest discussion is the fantasy suite for Wells and Ashley I. Virginal Ashley seems pretty ready to head to the Bone Zone, while Wells is really hesitant about being that guy on national TV. Wells pulls Ashley aside for a serious talk and crushes her dreams of finally having a boyfriend and a guy she actually likes. She even played it cool, you guys. Both leave Paradise immediately upon their breakup. Bring on the tears. 

Chris Harrison shows up yet again for one last talking to before the remaining four couples head off on their Fantasy Suite dates. Grant and Lace start the day buying friendship bracelets that say "GRACE" because that's their mashed up couple name. Because craft string isn't enough symbolism, they escalate this to getting matching "GRACE" tattoos. Later that night, Lace finally tells Grant she loves him and looks forward to him proposing. Nick and Jen's date has them going paddle boarding and if a random Mexican dog can do it, so they they. Nick still hasn't told Jen he loves her, but definitely voices that he has strong feelings for her. Hopefully it'll last after Paradise (it won't/doesn't/can't). Evan and Carly get another weird date of painting in their skivvies which is about 20% on canvas, 80% on their bodies. Dinner is far more normal and Carly and Evan exchange "I love yous". Josh and Amanda play soccer with a bunch of kids, and the fact that we aren't watching Josh create the perfect pizza and then moan while eating it is a letdown. But Amanda appreciates the opportunity to see Josh interact with kids. Josh and Amanda are happy they've overcome their obstacles and reiterate their love for each other. And then Josh moans more.

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August 30, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise: Well Well Wells

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Week 5 - Night 2

Picking up from the previous night, Caila tells Jared that she can't stay in Paradise if Ashley is here. Ashley I is very satisfied about the alleged good deed she has done, then ugly cries when Jared isn't enthused with her actions. Jared chases after Caila's Uber and they leave Paradise together to explore their potential relationship. WE'RE FREE!!! Ashley I can move and shows a level of chillness with Wells that we haven't seen her display before. Which is impressive since two girls are competing for him. 

Oh sorry, I mean three girls because Shushanna the hot Russian arrives wants to date Wells. He's now made out with three women in Paradise and is torn between which woman he wants to give his future rose to. Wells and Shushanna end up on a double date with new arrival Lauren H and her date, Brett, because choices of quasi-single guys in Paradise is limited. The foursome head to the beach to get in some sun, surfing, and smooching. Izzy is pretty bummed that Brett is out on a date with someone else because she's super into Brett's hotness.

Everyone is wondering how Amanda feels about Josh because the whole house thinks he's an angry douche. They get a date card for a romantic dinner together which is a good time for them to talk about everything. Both reiterate their trust in each other and their best friendship - love is brewing for the pair. To paraphrase Amanda, Josh isn't perfect but he's perfect for her. Alright then. Keep on kissing by the fireworks.

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August 29, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise: Toodle-loo Twins!

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Week 5 - Night 1

Ashley I continues to ugly cry that Jared can move on but she's not able to, but wipe that runny mascara because Wells is here! It's as if the producers realized 4-5 episodes of Ashley I sobbing needed to end and were like "Better send in Wells!" Wells doesn't need the entire cast to tell him to pick Ashley I since he thinks she has a "phenomenal" Instagram (the feeling is mutual), asking her out on a fate. The entire cast cheers at the prospect of Ashley not moping around all day. Wells and Ashley eat tacos and talk about her failed relationship with Jared and him not just being the revenge guy. They bond over a shared love of dogs and Wells super impression of a stray dog. Ashley and Wells kiss then light a wish lantern and send it into the sky... which ignites into a fiery inferno and plummets back to Earth. I love a good bad omen!

Lace and Grant get into a fight after she flirts with Carl (Who? I forgot he was there) right in front of Grant. Lace acts very over-dramatic about it all, but she realizes Grant complements her well and they make up. Evan and Carly confess to each other that they are falling in love with each other. Knowing his time in Paradise could be over by the end of the night, Daniel starts schmoozing by giving a twin an appetizer platter and gifting Izzy a lamp. Josh and Amanda are also falling in love and the twins are getting concerned after they heard about Josh getting a pissy temper over sleeping arrangements. They confide in Nick which leads them to yet again wonder if what Andi said in her book about Josh is true. But all this dramatic talk is interrupted to make a Rose Ceremony happen. The roses are all predictable except the twins who have had zero options of love so far. The duo decide to leave and Paradise together and find love at home. This also eliminates Daniel, Carl, and that other guy whose name I forgot and I'm not looking back at last week's recap (Ryan??)

But before the twins leave, they have some parting warnings for Amanda. The twins worry that Josh's intentions aren't pure, possibly just coming on the show to fix his image with America's sweetheart Amanda. Josh comes over and Amanda cries to him about what the twins said and when a "source" is hinted at, Josh calls a big group meeting to give everyone a dressing down. His dog had cancer, people! Then Nick pipes in that he is not sure Josh is genuine and it all pops off into a bigger argument. Amanda cries a little more before declaring to Josh and his luggage that she trusts him and no one can tell her what to do.

A chick named Jami arrives in Paradise eager to meet Wells because I guess 24 hours without Ashley I being insecure is too long. Except Ashley takes it totally well! Wells and Jami ride a dune buggy and get splashed with mud and if this sounds familiar, that's because Ashley I and Jared had this exact same date last year. They talk comic books by a waterfall which makes Wells all hot so they kiss. Ashley and Caila talk again and Caila insists Ashley's presence hinders the possibility of her relationship with Jared ever growing and she wants to leave. But what will Caila do?!

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August 28, 2016

Big Brother 18: Victor is Evicted Again

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Week 9

Natalie wins the Black Box HOH competition to search through muck and feathers for discs, narrowly defeating Corey. Since Natalie and James have been playing both sides all summer, this week they'll have to show their cards. Their cards apparently are to keep the other god awful showmance, Nicole and Corey, safe, pointing out that Paul and Victor are both big threats at winning the whole game (and Paul has stated James should be targeted). A wrench is thrown into plans though when Big Meech wins America's Care Package, which dubs her co-HOH. Big Meech doesn't like Nicole and would like to target her, but also understands that booting Nicole is a short-term move whereas targeting Paul, who lied to her and could win, possibly smarter. Natalie nominates Victor for eviction and Michelle nominates Paul. So not friendship.

Paul is pissed that he was called a liar and demands evidence, before cooling down and telling Natalie that she was totally played by Nicorey and Paulie, then re-heating up to fight with Nicole. Paul is able to wiggle his way back into good graces to shift the target on backdooring Corey, but it only takes about a day before they realize maybe Paul should still be the target. Too bad Paul is the only one who actually tries this season, staying up all night and to study extra hard to the non-stop Big Brother Storm Alerts. He wins the Power of Veto to read a teleprompter in the storm to correctly fill in the blanks, allowing himself to remove himself from the block. Corey is named the replacement nominee and I'm not sure if he's even smart enough to know that maybe he should have studied for the comp instead of having a cuddlefest with Nicole.

There's only 3 votes this week which means James is the swing vote and since James has the tendency to ruin everything, we can only expect this week to end terribly. Victor and Paul try to make it look like they've had a falling out to make sure the votes go their way. The votes do not go their way and Victor is evicted a second time. But good news for him: there's a jury Battle Back happening and he might have the chance to enter the game again for a third chance of being evicted! It'll be good to give the four other jurors something to do besides make Paulie miserable. Actually, stop that. Keep Paulie miserable, it's so amusing.

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