October 23, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water vs. Rice Portions

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Week 5

There's a surprise ahead at Hero's Arena and I don't just mean the shock of Drew getting the boot. "DROP YOUR BUFFS," commands the almighty Probst. Everyone grabs new buffs from a bag and the tribes are shuffled in a big way. Coyopa is a real couples fest with Kelley/Dale, Missy/Baylor, Jon/Jaclyn, aaaaand all alone Keith. Hunahpu has only one pair of Josh/Reed and the rest of the tribe includes Alec, Julie, Jeremy, Wes, and Natalie. But hey, none of you have to go to Exile!

Josh and Reed are so excited to be back together. Jeremy's assumption is Reed will ditch their alliance for his boyfriend, Wes, and Alec (the former Coyopa). Despite Alec being irritating, he's an asset needed in a move to save the singles from Survivor extinction. Though they may die of starvation first from a lack of rice - will there be some groveling to Jeff? Over on Coyopa beach, it's basically the blondest tribe of all time. Jon and Jaclyn kiss a bunch from happiness, inbetween sharing who they trust/distrust. And lonely ol' Keith wears his cowboy boots on the dock while all the couples sit in the water together. But the perfect pairs crack quickly over the tale as old as time: rice portions. Dale wants to conserve the rice, while Missy likes handing out hefty portions (which now explains why Hunahpu has hardly any rice left). RICE FIGHT!!!

The Immunity Challenge is to retrieve a bag of keys, trudge through mud, and toss sandbags onto a platform. Despite being a tribe of mostly related people, Coyopa continues their destiny of being a failed orange tribe. Hunahpu's new tribe maintains the physical dominance that it previously had and they win immunity. And then Hunahpu requests a little side talk with Jeff: Reed begs and pleads for a trade to get a bag of rice. Others from Coyopa jump in to express their disgust at the poor rationing. Probst is like, "Well maybe your hunger is why you guys lost a bunch." BURN! Probst plans to come to Hunahpu's beach eventually with a proposal. Let's hope the Jeff Probst asking fee is a better deal than Rumpelstiltskin or Ursula the Sea Witch.

The easy vote for Coyopa would be Keith, a lone wolf, but some couples aren't being embraced (OK one single couple and it's Missy and Baylor). Except he's not even up for consideration since Dale doesn't care for Missy or Baylor. Jon and Jaclyn become the swing pair and are torn who to align with: Dale/Kelley are sneaky and Missy/Baylor are known flippers (well just Baylor).

TRIBAL COUNCIL TIME! Keith feels like the tribe swap kind of screwed him. But Jeff reminds the tribe that two pairs will probably team up to take out another pair, so it's all cutthroat. Dale is very open that he doesn't care for Baylor since she turned the girls against him week one. Jon and Jaclyn think being the swing is a good position and Dale jokes about them being the hottest couple. Because they are, seriously. But see, it's just parents trying to protect their kids and isn't that wonderful? Eh not really, let's get to Blood vs. Water battling! The royal couple choose a side: Kelley is eliminated from the game with three votes.

October 16, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: A Good Ol' Blindside for Hot Mess Hunahpu

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Week 4

The two tribes arrive at Hero's Arena and delusional Drew arrives with a plan. You see, turns out Hunahpu (specifically Jon) didn't drop the flint in the fire days ago. Yup, it was next to the fire the whole time. Drew is the dingus who thinks Probst will let them trade for fishing gear. It's a resounding AW HELL NO. Jon and his girlfriend Jaclyn compete in the weekly Reward Challenge to stomp on a catapault to launch balls into baskets. Sleeping comfort items or campfire food are on the line, and it's hard to decline s'mores but Hunahpu does it. And he sends Jaclyn to Exile with Drew and his flowy hair and claims of being a ladies man mastermind. Instead of napping for 24 hours, Drew has a "genius" idea to throw the next challenge and whittle down his tribe AKA eliminate a woman because the wannabe alpha always thinks the women are conspiring against him.

This week presents us beginning of Hunahpu's self destruction, with barely any focus on Coyopa. Julie's bummed that John got judged-and-booted quickly, but puts on a happy face that she doesn't have to worry about him dragging down her game. Since he's had some decent clues, Keith goes Immunity Idol hunting by the well but it ends unsuccessfully with Reed interrupting. Keith's assumption isn't that he failed to find the idol, it's that someone else has it and tells his tribe Jeremy has the idol. Jeremy is furious because he thought Keith was his ally - firefighter bros forever. Then Keith does more thinking, realizing an idol is important, and finds the damn thing. So he has safety, but now a target since everyone thinks Keith is a sneaky liar. Great work!

This week's water-based immunity challenge is to swim and jump off a platform to retrieve rings, then use those rings a game of ring toss. Drew is the Hunahpu ring toss man, which gives him all the power to really poorly throw the challenge, yet no one seems to notice. I mean, I'm terrible at frisbee so maybe I'd be crappy like Drew too (or for a million dollars I'd legit try). Coyopa rejoices in finally getting a chance to hold the eyeless wonder of an Immunity Idol.

"If I don't want to win, we're not gonna win. That's what makes me the kingpin of my tribe." Drew voiceovers like a megadouche. He also believes he's a total manipulator, which is hilarious since he runs nothing and has no respect. But this is a tribe in disarray, having to actually play the game for the first time. Jon thinks Julie should go, as she has no loved one left and would target couples later. Drew thinks Kelley is the most dangerous mastermind manipulator that will take out the guys. Jeremy wants the tribe/alliance to have his back and vote off Keith, who create distrust by lying about Jeremy's alleged idol. The girls are outnumbered when it comes to a tribal majority, but if everyone is all over the place they could make a move: vote off Drew, who is a bigger (and more annoying) threat). And Drew doesn't care because he supposedly runs everything and he says Kelley should go and he is the king of the tribe.

Tribal Council time! Missy believes half the tribe is selfish, which is so true given the earlier circumstances where everyone thinks they're voice is the one to follow. Drew still pretends he had a crappy day at the challenge, though Probst claiming Dale could be Drew's grandpa is kiiiiinda pressing the age limit since Dale's daughter Kelley is practically the same age as Drew. But given that people don't know how to act at a first Tribal Council, it's Jeremy who comes off crazy after going on another rant about Keith's idol lie. Keith doesn't seem to grasp that it's a dumb move to put a target on an ally, and Jeremy is just looking crazy because he won't shut up. But Jeremy still comes out clean because most of the tribe is aligned with him, the sub-alliances that Jeremy understands you need while Keith has never heard of it. Drew wants to remove bad energy, which makes many smirk. When it comes to voting, the votes are all over the place on the divided tribe. Kelley, Keith, and Julie all receive votes but the jumbled tribe allows the majority to vote out the delusional Drew. Oh I love a blindside of a person who claims they run it all.

October 9, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Hey John Rocker, You're Out

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Week 3

After Val's disastrous bluff last week, John Rocker has to come face-to-face with her husband Jeremy at the Hero Arena. Jeremy is pissed to see that John didn't keep up his end of the deal, pointing out to Coyopa that it's clearly men picking off the women. John apologizes to Jeremy for not saving Val, which blows his alliance's mind to know that he was wheelin' and dealin' on the side. Now onto what the arena is for: Wes and his dad Keith compete by balancing on a wobbly balance beam while moving and stacking square planks. Wes finally wins something for Coyopa - they get fishing gear for a reward. After some father/son emotional weepies, Keith gets his second trip to Exile Island, this time joined by Josh. Together they realize the idol is possibly already in possession at both beaches, then bond over a snail dinner.

Hunahpu is starting to get some tribe drama going, sick of Drew being lazy and yet acting like he's the leader. But it's Jeremy who brings the drama this week, pissed about John breaking the agreement to save his wife. Jeremy outs to his tribe who John Rocker is and his reputation for his foul comments in the past. No one is pleased to hear this and all still want him gone. Julie's in the woods crying worried about her boyfriend and the assumption that John is running stuff and now a target. John is hustling over at Coyopa to make good, using the fishing gear to get a catfish and feed his tribe. Baylor tries to play the game and encourage Wes and Alec to make a move, but they're just super guy strong and feel the need to pick the women off one by one.

This Immunity Challenge of the week is to get latched together in pairs, collect a ball in an obstacle court, and shoot a basket. The creepy eyeless idol goes to the first team to score three points after a bunch of heats. It's fun to see people dragged in the dirt, bumping the heads full force into bamboo poles. The other fun part is having to scuttle through the maze to retrieve a missed shot - creates a lot of chaos and drained energy. Hunahpu wins immunity for the third challenge in a row, and Natalie celebrates by yelling to John Rock and Coyopa that he's a racist, a jerk, and a poor sport. John's girlfriend Julie tries to defend him to her tribe, explaining that it was an article in the past. "If you were a man, I'd knock your teeth out," John says to Natalie. Class act!

Coyopa returns to camp to ponder who to vote off yet again, and John's poor reactions at the Immunity Challenge make him really stand out. John realizes he spoke a bit too much, running his mouth. Trying to save himself, John suggests to the girls that they blindside Dale who can't perform in challenges - but then he wants the guys to blindside Baylor. Josh is the smart one who knows that John is an awful loose cannon and he probably has the idol. Josh wants everyone to give no indication at all that John is the target, then blindside him at Tribal Council. But the guys are a little wary because John is a strong guy and ugh, bros always stick together.

Tribal Council time! John explains that Val left because she was a horrible bluffer, not because he didn't protect her. He also denies being the leader after the Natalie argument is brought up. But Jaclyn mentions the guys maybe turning on each other, John makes a weird face, and then Wes denies it. Baylor believes she'll get votes; Jaclyn is oblivious because she's not part of anything. After voting, John does not play his hidden immunity idol. It seems like Baylor could go, but the majority vote sends John Rocker packing in a blindside.

October 2, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Idol Lies

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Week 2

The tribes come into the Hero Arena and Natalie is shocked to see her twinnie was the first eliminated but saves her big sobs for post-challenge. The Reward Challenge is for one person from each tribe to balance a ball on a paddle through a course, ending with rolling balls into targets. Coyopa gets to pick who competes, so John Rocker volunteers and therefore plays against his girlfriend Julie. John's a big dude so he's pretty screwed when it comes to keep balance while ducking real low, yet a woman winning this agility challenge just blows Probst's mind apparently - or I guess he assumes former pro athletes are invincible in everything. "I just got beaten by a girl," John says, reminding us exactly of that big mouth we all know he had. Julie wins reward for Hunahpu: fishing gear! And sends Jeremy to Exile Island! Reed tries haggling with Jeff Probst to keep the fishing gear and trade their beans to get new flint. But Probst you don't probe the Probst, trying to do sneaky leverage stuff. Ultimately Hunahpu gives up the fishing gear for flint because fire is huge and Probst ain't playing nice. So maybe don't drop the flint into the fire again next time, other Jon.

Jeremy 100% knows the man he's on Exile with and isn't particularly thrilled with Rocker's past comments. But this is a game and Jeremy decides to buddy up with John as a way to protect his wife Val, sharing the immunity idol clue he receives from the jug. But Jeremy isn't the only one clued in on John's actual identity, as his tribe talks all about his former antics and tirades. It's hard to shake being an ahole.


The tribes in the middle of the ocean for this week's Immunity Challenge of sumo style battles to knock their competitor into the water. They say "sumo style" because Survivor doesn't want to admit it's totally American Gladiators joust with bags instead of sticks. The hope here is for loved ones to beat the shit out of each other. Mom Missy splits her daughter Baylor's lip, which leads to Survivor: Blood IN Water. LOLZ. Other actual loved one battles include the brothers and the boyfriends - which are less bloody. The sadness is we were denied to see two twins knock each other out. The best battle is Jon vs. John, where the smaller Jon defeats the Goliath of big John. Hunahpu wins the eyeless immunity idol again, so except safety yet little sleep because that creature lurks around camp.

Ok, so here's where it becomes a major WTF moment. John Rocker tells Val that Jeremy shared the Immunity Idol clue with him, but says he didn't find anything over on Exile Beach. Val makes the stupidest move and tells John that she found TWO idols already (one at Exile and one at their camp site) and will use them to save her and Jaclyn. Thinking this show is just pooping out idols everywhere, John uses the clue he received to find the first hidden Immunity Idol on the season. I mean, it's pretty straight forward when it's like "Take seven steps from the well." John relays to the guys the news about Val's two idols and suggests splitting the votes between Val and Baylor so that if Val plays those idols a girl would still go instead of a guy. But John made a deal with Jeremy to help Val out, so he tells her about this vote split and tells her to play the idol. The idol she totally doesn't have. Val is not worried because the votes should be 5-3 in her favor.

Tribal Council time! First topic of discussion is how Coyopa always lost the duels when they challenged a loved one, which reminds them that they don't typically think things out well. Josh compares his tribe to a play before it goes fully live, having to make a lot of revisions due to failures along the way. Val calls Baylor out for playing both sides at camp, who told the women last week to vote for Dale and then voted with the guys instead. Plus the tribe has heard all the gossip that Val's supposedly sitting on two idols. Let's vote! The vote is tied between Val and Baylor, so a re-vote happens because no idol is played - because there isn't one. In the re-vote, the idol isn't play again - because Val doesn't have one, let alone two. Val is eliminated from the game and I am so relieved I didn't make her my winner prediction like I strongly considered.

September 25, 2014

Survivor San Juan Del Sur: It's Blood vs. Water with Newbies!

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Week 1

It's Blood vs. Water again! The pairs get one night together in the wild to try and hone their survival skills before being split apart. Nothing better than 24 hours to learn to make a fire with flint. Wes and Keith become the distinguished pair who actually break the flint, which apparently is a difficult feat. But at least we get to see Probst totally ballin' in a helicopter like it's the best Bachelor date of his life.

The eighteen castaways meet up with Jeff Probst and after a quick grilling are split into two tribes: Coyopa (orange) and Hunahpu (a beautiful aqua blue). A Reward challenge begins right away where one tribe member will unravel themselves from a rope mess and toss rings. Jeremy volunteers to compete and learns his challenger will be his wife - spouse brawl! Jeremy wins the challenge, which brings his tribe fire and beans. His wife Val is sentenced to Exile Island because it's baaaaack! No shelter, no food, and no alliances for some crucial early bonding. And Jeremy is crushed he's sent her to this fate so early because it could ultimately kill her game to not be around the early. But TWIST again! Jeremy has to choose one person from his tribe to join her and picks Keith, who could make fire despite breaking the flint.

Val and Keith explore their desolate temporary home at Exile Island, finding urns for each to choose from. Each urn contains a note: Keith's note is blank, but Val's is a clue to an idol hidden back at her camp. She doesn't share this information and blows off Keith's questions. But they do have some conversations and Keith is happy to find out Jeremy is a fellow firefighter. Plus Jeremy owes Keith for kinda screwing him on day one too.

Jeremy feels bad for screwing over his wife and Keith, but also is quickly plays the game on Hunahpu beach, aligning with the women on his tribe. Jeremy seems to be the most-liked male on the tribe since Drew, who decides to build the shelter, comes off like the wannabe douchey leader to others. Over at Coyopa, Dale immediately notices the age gap between himself and his younger tribemates. But he proves himself useful by breaking his glasses to make fire (because vision's not that important), and snagging a fake idol to barter later (which is actually probably a real idol based on Val's Exile Island clue). John Rocker's desire to remain unknown is quickly foiled when Wes figures out his identity, but for now it's their little secret.

The first Immunity Challenge is to crawl under an obstacle before retrieving pieces that will help the tribes scale a big wall, finishing up with a puzzle (of course). It's a real effort in teamwork as they assist in getting each other up the wall with ropes, pegs, and then just each other. Hunahpu wins immunity and gets to hold the soulless, eyeless immunity idol (which is apparently based on an Aztec artifact, but it doesn't take away it's creepiness). This sends Coyopa back to camp to decide who needs to go first. The guys would like to get rid of Nadiya since they know her gameplay thanks to her Amazing Race experience. Val suggest an all girls alliance that targets Dale first, since he's weak at challenges (AKA the old man). Josh and his poisoned pain eyes wanted to be someone people came to, but it comes fast for him to be the swing vote to either side with the guys or girls. Though Nadiya's insistence that Josh being gay is one of the girls is beyond awful. Maybe I'd rather the guys prevail to get rid of her.

Tribal Council time! Coyopa has been getting along well so it's not about dumping someone everyone hates immediately. Nadiya encourages a positive attitude, suggesting turning lemons into margaritas, and is proud of her tribe and the total difference between The Amazing Race. Val mentions time to "find things" on Exile which doesn't go unnoticed. Dale reminds everyone that his fire helped feed and keep them going. Nadiya makes another comment that Josh being gay kind of makes him one of the girls, which visibly irritates him. The survivors cast their first votes and twinnie Nadiya and her torch are the first to be snuffed this season.

Big Brother 16: Derrick Obviously Wins Big Brother

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Week 13

We have our final three and Derrick is sitting pretty. Victoria thinks she's Derrick's #1 because they allegedly talked day one (doubtful), but Derrick seems truest to Cody if only because the alliance had an official name. The trio celebrate with a final three breakfast where they're forced to rehash a season of memories for a clipshow episode. It's a boring episode but worth it just to see when scrappy, adorable Izzy the dog entered the house.

Part 1 of the final 3-part HOH competition is to hang onto a hang glider the longest, but they're not dangling they're angled with feet on a platform and pummeled by rain. Cody and Derrick previously agreed that Cody would take the endurance, then Derrick would move into part two to battle Victoria. But Derrick would rather win part one than risk it, but eventually steps down and agrees to battle the brains of Victoria. Part 2 of the HOH comp has an adorable squirrel in a Pharaoh hat and the entire yard is beautifully themed in an Egyptian temple. Derrick and Victoria compete individually to climb a wall and put the houseguests heads into slots to indicate when they were nominated. And Pharaoh Squirrel gets a tile too - awww! While Victoria should really know who was nominated each week since she was up NINE TIMES, Derrick wins part two.

Ultimate Big Brother king and frozen foreheaded god Dr. Will mediates the jury as they hash out who deserves to win. When Beast Mode Cowboy arrives and explains The Hitmen, everyone is more focused on Caleb betraying Frankie than Derrick/Cody being a super pair. The jury all laughs about how brilliant Derrick's game is where he makes you feel guilty about your own eviction, also working the future evicted to work the jury for him. Donny advocates that Cody is a good player who won competitions, and everyone agrees Cody deserves the win too. But Victoria talk is just lots of laughs. Zach wisely speaks up that it's not about who you want to win but who DESERVES to win.

Derrick and Cody face off in the live final HOH competition, which is to guess how members of the jury responded to questions. They reused the scale of justice set from last year, because I guess this is a thing now. It ends in a tie breaker question in which Cody becomes the final HOH of the season. Keeping his word, the deal he made since day two, Cody evicts Victoria and brings Derrick with him to the final two.

With the final two in place, the jury comes out on stage and gets to question the final two. Derrick admits he played the role of being behind-the-scenes but totally involved in all decisions and insists his family wasn't to be used as strategy. Derrick answers that he went 55 nomination ceremonies without being nominated and Nicole is the person who understood the game he was playing. But Derrick does have to admit he always planned to take Cody to the end and brought her along as long as he could, but their friendship is real. Cody brags to Frankie that it was him that got him evicted and cites the big strategic move he did was saving Zach early on. Cody believes his social game is what got him and Derrick to the end, as he relayed that info to Derrick to make the decisions. In their final speeches, Cody insists he wasn't a puppet and made moves, while Derrick stresses he was never nominated, won competitions, and was integral in all the nominations. And then the jury cast their votes.

All the pre-jury houseguests come out on stage and Julie reveals the Team America twist. Derrick also gets to make a big reveal: he's actually a police officer. Even his casting video shows how slick his game has been planned before he even entered the house. And then it's time to reveal the votes! Jocasta and Donny vote for Cody, but the rest vote for Derrick. Derrick is the winner of Big Brother 16! And Donny wins America's Favorite Houseguest, edging out Zach and Nicole, to take home another $25,000. So it's a good day to get super paid for being part of Team America.

Ok, Mel Got Served readers, now we reveal who are the winners of this season's Pre-Show Winner Predictions. This season had the most voters ever and I'm so grateful to all who entered and tried to pick. While I beat my week three curse, my man Zach wasn't able to pull it out. However, seven of you smarties picked Derrick to win! Below are your trophies - congratulations on your victory!

September 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Go Grande or Go Home (or to the Jury)

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Week 12

The Big Brother rewind creates a week of deja vu, as we begin the episode sitting through a second playing of that dumb see-saw shovel competition. The goal of everyone playing is to win that HOH and target Frankie, not lame duck Victoria. The "changes" from week-to-week is that the rain is much harder than before so yeah, nice try to make it seem like something has changed. It's still boring to watch. I definitely assumed Frankie would win this competition again, but it's Beast Mode See-Saw Boy who takes the win. A quick bro hug in the bedroom celebrates their victory, while keeping it very secret from Frankie that this will be his downfall.

The houseguests get sent up to the HOH room with a wonderful breakfast spread and the promise of a luxury competition. Instead they are shown a TV screen where they see the jury members re-entering the house and creating total chaos. The jury is the one playing in this competition, not the houseguests, and they have to trash the house to find "Knock Out" pucks to eliminate their fellow jury members for a chance at $5k. The houseguests have a chance to win $5k by betting on which juror they think will win  (Frankie-Zach, Derrick-Donny, Victoria-Hayden, Cody-Nicole, Caleb-Jocasta,No one ever-Christine). I am cracking at the houseguests screaming at the TV for their juror. Nicole knocks pretty much everyone out but it's Hayden who finds the final puck, knocks out Nicole (though almost eliminates himself for her - aw showmantical), and wins $5,000 for him and Victoria. Though Hayden's not super psyched Victoria got the money and the house is livid that they have to clean up the mess, including trash actually dumped on the floor (thanks Jocasta).

In game play stuff, Frankie wants Caleb to keep the nominations the same as last week: Cody and Victoria. Caleb is slightly concerned that nominating Frankie outright will motivate him to win the veto and make shit go down. Caleb thinks Derrick should finally be the pawn in the weekly grand scheme, but we know Derrick will make shit work his way. Into the restroom Derrick, Cody, and Caleb go to try and convince Caleb to keep them safe and keep up their final three deal. Frankie hustles to save himself with Caleb, hoping they could be a final two together, but it doesn't work. At the "daggum" nomination ceremony, Caleb nominates Victoria and Frankie for eviction and uses props from the chess board because THEATRICS!

Team America's remaining members learn that if they win the game, they'll earn another $50,000. Chances are slim for target Frankie now, who learns from Caleb he was nominated partially because his allies don't trust him to not make a power move. But it'll all come down the the veto, a re-do of last week's terrifying houseguest mashup to make freak show workers. But hooray, new freaks to haunt out dreams! The studying totally pays off as Cody wins the veto and the nominations aren't going to change. Frankie is pretty crushed to go from best to worst thanks to the Rewind, going so far as a bitchy, cranky speech to try and get Derrick nominated since he hasn't been nominated before ("Crushed it" UGH). Frankie is voted out of the Big Brother house and exits by spraying glitter everywhere and screeching over Julie.

Turns out before he left, Frankie told the guys that he would "single-handedly pick the winner" of this game in the jury, not to mention his "millions" of followers. Give me a break Frankie. Ugh. Over it. MOVING ON. Derrick wins the "Foggy Memory" HOH competition of before/after trivia, so now he must nominate two people when there are only three options (Cody, Caleb, Victoria) and he's got deals with all. Derrick smooth talks his way to making sure he's cool with everyone to get to the final two, sweet talking Caleb and Victoria beforehand so they know they're nominated. And aww Derrick gets a HOLLAAAA from his daughter and wife. While Caleb and Victoria are nominated, the really power player this week is whoever holds the Power of Veto since they cast the sole vote to evict.

Said POV is a veto themed around CBS' new drama Stalker (eyeroll) where the houseguests need to match houseguests to corresponding clues. It makes a suspect board which is something I feel like I should make next year to have a weird Big Brother conspiracy board in my home. Derrick totally throws it so he doesn't have to take any additional responsibility this week. Victoria is useless, Caleb is stumped, and pretty much it's Cody playing alone. Cody wins the most powerful veto of the season and he'll determine who else is heading to the jury this week.

Caleb campaigns to Cody to make sure the deal for the final three stands, citing loyalty. Cody's only loyalty is to Derrick; Caleb was merely a pawn to get Frankie out. Caleb's final speech pleads to maintain the loyalty but it sway Cody, who admits that since day two he's been aligned with Derrick and this is to get rid of the person most likely to impede their dream. Cody evicts Caleb from the house. Rocking some denim-on-denim, Beast Mode Cowboy brings Julie a fabric rose, is kind of upset with Derrick (but gets it), doesn't regret evicting Frankie, and maybe his loyalty is what has him in the jury instead of the end. With a YOLO dropped, Caleb heads off to the jury.