December 10, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Family, Friends, and Betrayal

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Week 11

It's Survivor family visit time which gives loved ones a chance to see how smelly and emaciated their loved ones are and get probed by Probst with real softball questions. Competiting in partners, Angelina and Nick win a boat trip and grub with their parents and choose to bring Davie and his mom and Mike and his boyfriend along. The reward group agrees this is their ideal final four, but Davie feels like the outside given he's the only non-Jabeni member of the four. 

Meanwhile back at camp, Gabby is tired of Christian getting credit for all the moves because he's lovable and wears glasses. She begins the campaign to target her BFF and has Alison and Kara to back her up; they just need two more. Well the good news is, Nick is pretty pissed that Christian was part of the Carl blindside and is ready for revenge. Kara beats out Christian for Immunity, which means the door is open for the attack. Only one problem: Christian has an idol. Nick and his group are down to attempt the Christian blindside, and suggest throwing a couple votes Gabby's way in case an idol is played. Pretty diabolical. But Davie doesn't love this move even if Christian burned them, so he tips Christian off that his BFF Gabby is coming for him and a scorned Nick is OK with it. Christian tries mending fences with Nick, but the damage is done in Nick's eyes.

Tribal Council time! Nick expresses feeling burned by the blindside at the last vote, and there's a discussion of the ramifications amongst the tribe and within relationships. Gabby is feeling much more confident and says going forward she's not going to need reassurance to make the moves she needs to make. Alison compares Probst to the Grim Reaper, and not because he beats a topic to death, but because she was nearly axed at the last vote and that big move to get out Carl saved her. Alison believes she is still a big target as is everyone, but Angelina is basically like nah the threats aren't equal and at this point, she's eliminating people who she doesn't see being with her until the end. Mike points out this is a game of deception, and while the tribe thinks maybe they can dupe Christian, it doesn't work. Maybe it's theatrics, maybe actual uneasiness, but Christian takes a minute to verbally ponder playing his Hidden Immunity Idol and goes through with it. All the votes against Christian are null and out comes an Alison vote. Gabby turns to apologize to the ally she expects to go, but it's a little premature because two votes come out of the turn that send Gabby off to the jury.

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December 3, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: Don't Drink and Confide

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Week 10

Alec helps his reward challenge team come from behind and win a picnic, letters from home, and the physical anguish of puking and pooping from the overeating. It's a great distraction for Nick, who sneaks off to find the Hidden Immunity Idol he found a clue to the night before. At the next Immunity Challenge, Probst gives everyone to the opportunity to overindulge on nachos and margaritas, but most forgo immunity. Carl is starving (and loves a good, cold beer) so he opts out of the challenge, as do Angelina and Nick. Alec is very aware that he's the biggest physical threat left in the game so he needs this immunity and is confident he'll win. However, never underestimate Christian's willingness to hold on in an endurance challenge if it means he can converse with Jeff Probst about anything and everything in the universe. With Christian rocking the immunity necklace, Alec begins hustling to gain Christian's trust again and try to change his fate in the game because he's heartbroken to know he's likely ending up a unanimous vote-out. Alec's possible saving grace: Carl "The Godfather" who is calling all the shots, and also starting to irritate Gabby when he talks game plans in front of non-alliance members.

Tribal Council time! Probst kicks off the night asking about the almost-six-hour Immunity Challenge and Christian said he plays his hardest because he only has this one time (dude, you'll be invited back for the rest of time). Alec really wanted it but couldn't last as his body basically gave out on him. Alec brings up that it shows position in the game and character if you opt out of a challenge, and Carl reminds Alec that's he had literally no reward food and has been living on rice. Kara agrees with Alec that ultimately Carl felt safe enough to eat instead of guaranteeing safety, which gives Christian the chance to talk about calculated risks. Angelina agrees about the risks and uses this as leverage to talk about the Goliaths betraying her at the last vote. There's no risk-taking in this vote and the tribe unanimously votes Alec out. Who will become the next big target?

The second hour is all about "The Godfather" himself: Carl. Our man Carl finally gets to go on a reward meal and along with fried chicken and cheesecake - and there's beer! Carl loves his beer and it makes him a little loose and he tells Kara the plan is to vote off Alison (her ally) next. Back at camp, Gabby is tired of being bossed around by "The Godfather" and him getting all the credit for the moves her and Christian are making. Not to mention, she knows she's being pushed out of the David alliance in favor of them replacing her with Angelina. Gabby begins her scheming to blindside Carl with the help of the three remaining Goliaths, while Carl tells Christian the plan to vote off Alison but purposely exclude Gabby from the plan. Let the David battle begin.

But first, let's actually survive the game. The tribe is pretty much out of rice and they're probably going to starve so Angelina takes on the role of negotiator to get some rations out of Probst. Ultimately, they give up a lot of gear and Angelina sits out of the Immunity Challenge for the sake of sustenance (and winning jury votes with her selflessness and willingness to make big moves). Davie wins Individual Immunity and it's quite the night of challenge beast-ness for the self-described "blerd". The tribe arrives back to camp with their new ration of rice, and Carl hopes to celebrate with extra servings when they vote off Alison. Dude, what about rationing to last until the end are you not getting? Ultimately the swing vote between Carl and Alison is Mike, torn between voting off the bossy one around camp or the big physical threat. Mike uses his skills as an actor to play it cool while listening to all the arguments to vote a certain way.

Tribal Council time... again! Kara said last week's vote was essentially a sacrifice to try to work with the Davids and hopes this show of good faith by Kara and Alison will save them. Nick says camp is less chaotic now that the Davids are in control, and Angelina says camp is "jovial" but Tribal Council is the coliseum where they come to fight it out. There's also a lot of breakfast metaphors. Probst asks if the vote is as simple as picking off another Goliath and Mike says no, plus reward celebrations together help to build new bonds. Angelina brings up that the reason she made the negotiation move was because she's backed by strong allies that will stay by her side. Davie makes the best point that yes there are a couple plans for the night, but every person has their own plans to make it to the end. The move is made and David blood is drawn when Carl is eliminated from the game. I'd say pour one out for Carl but I don't think he'd want you to waste the beer.

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November 26, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Nullify and Blindside

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Week 9

Davie celebrates the massive blindside of John the Mayor of Slamtown by whipping out the jacket he now possesses, which in this jacket-obsessed season is the ultimate coup. The Davids correctly surmise that a played idol means a new idol is hidden, and eventually Christian finds that bad boy. While the Davids are bonded, the Goliaths are falling apart and looking to make big moves, while Mike is imploring the gang on a burger reward to just stick together. Dan is upset he misplayed his idol and lost a close ally, and his downer 'tude is making his Goliath pals consider maybe cutting him loose - even his flirtmance Kara, who confides to Alec and Alison that Dan has a second idol. Operation Goliath big move: blindside Dan.

Alec wins Immunity, leaving Dan vulnerable and open to the big plan. Kara and Alison approach Gabby and Nick with the plan to split the vote between Dan and Angelina and they're onboard with anything. But Alison quickly backtracks worried that the Davids are "too onboard" with the plan and it's this bigger move for the Davids to usurp the power. Umm, they're the minority alliance and you want to pick off a Goliath so methinks they'd be very onboard. Alison and Alec return to the original idea of simply voting off Christian again, and the Davids can seeing the Goliaths reconvening and changing their mind. Tired of getting screwed over again, the Davids share all their advantage and idol information, laugh at how much power they actually have, and put their heads together to seize control.

Tribal Council time! Alison says John's blindside was the wake-up call to finally play the game. Gabby said it wasn't joy she felt at John's blindside but relief that they felt the underdog position. Probst asks if it's back to David vs. Goliath and some Goliaths (Dan and Mike) express that it still is, while Gabby encourages the Goliath bottom-feeders to join the Davids for a move. There's discussion that basically then you're the bottom of both groups, but ever-the-optimist-Carl says the game is always changing. And boy does the game change at this vote. Nick plays his vote steal advantage and steals Alison's vote, allowing him to vote twice. The Goliaths are distraught and Dan whisper-asks Kara if he should play his idol for Alison (looks like Kara might have whispered "Play the idol on you"??). Dan opts to play his second Hidden Immunity Idol to cover his butt... except Carl plays his Idol Nullifier advantage and sends shockwaves through Tribal Council. The Idol Nullifer is played on Dan and all votes cast against him are valid. 3 votes for Christian, 2 votes for Angelina, and 6 wonderful David votes against Dan. Talk about amazing use of advantages. If people played them this well all the time, maybe I'd actually like them!

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November 20, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: Brochacho Blindside

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Week 8

The Goliaths are pretty much ready to sacrifice their numbers advantage to get rid of Angelina after catching her red-handed trying to manage the jury with the Elizabeth boot. The Davids get an even bigger opportunity to make this happen: they find an advantage! Yes there was a clue at the merge feast but no one noticed it, so it got re-hidden. Davie and Nick find the clue, Davie provides the dancing diversion, and Nick and Carl search around the palm tree until they find a steal-a-vote advantage. Carl opens up to his allies that he has the Idol Nullifier. And Davie, well he's still keeping his idol secret. But it's Advantageddon for the David tribe!

But their obstacle for surviving the game comes from an unlikely source: Mike. Despite being a part of the "Strike Force" cross-tribe alliance, he's beginning to fear a David-uprising against him and sees Christian's threat level from both a strategic and fan lovability level. Oh hey, remember when Angelina said this same point a couple days ago? Unlike the usual Survivor story-telling, this is not the moment Christian wins immunity to protect himself. Nope, two-idol Dan wins immunity and the plan becomes more concrete to blindside the slide puzzle master. Angelina is the decoy plan and she's freaking out it could go wrong. Alec doesn't love the plan to oust Christian as it will ruin the relationship he's established with Nick, so he tips Nick off. Nick takes that info along to warn the others what's happening and ponder using their new advantage to save a fellow David. Davie knows the advantage helps, but his secret idol would guarantee his safety. What's a guy to do?

Tribal Council time! Angelina hopes she's back in the Goliath's good graces and while the Davids think she's a good target, they know it's a numbers game. Mike hints that Davids were involved in Elizabeth's vote and likely tonight's vote. There's talk about trust and the relationships needed to establish genuine trust and allies. Threats are targets and Angelina basically says Christian is a threat for having relationships and they have a little back-and-forth. The tribe casts their votes and Probst touts out the urn and does his Immunity Idol speech. Davie gets up and plays his super secret Immunity Idol on a mind-boggled Christian. Angelina begins to freak out and begs Dan to play his idol on her. It's so reminiscent of the "Natalie, can I have your jacket?" incident and it's so glorious. This time, the request is answered and Dan plays his immunity idol on Angelina. 7 votes for Christian are null. 2 votes for Angelina are null. But surprise! The Davids outwitted them all and cast 3 votes to blindside John AKA the Mayor of Slamtown.

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November 12, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: It's a Merge Party

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Week 7

Pack up your bags and drop your buffs: it's merge time! Donning some beautiful sky blue buffs (a welcome reprieve from season after season of black merge buffs), the Davids and Goliaths come together for a wonderful merge feast. Laughs and gossip are shared (Alec orchestrated the blindside against a Goliath! Drunk Carl is tired of Elizabeth!), and the tribe is officially named Kalokalo, which Elizabeth Googled and found is the Fijian word for stars. As Alec perfectly explains, the merge is the big party and everything else before this point is pre-gaming. Let the real game begin!

Sure they're one big happy tribe, but the reunion of 7 Goliaths means constant reiteration of the term "Goliath Strong" with a plan to pick off the 6 remaining Davids. But Goliath Alec, once already a turncoat, is thinking past tribal lines and forms hybrid alliance of Davids (Gabby, Nick, Christian) and Goliaths (himself, Alison, Mike). The Davids are all fairly willing to sacrifice Elizabeth for the big picture, and that's good because she's on the top of Dan's shitlist. Elizabeth hears Dan and Kara whispering all night and starts talks to get rid of Dan, which gets back to him via Alec - the epicenter of this episode. Dan's mind is boggled that anyone would dare consider voting for him, despite being a brawny guy with a flirtmance and two idols. 

The survivors compete in their first Individual Immunity Challenge and Alison succeeds is swinging her pendulum the longest, bringing her joyful tears and giving Probst a smelly hug. The Goliaths convene to make a decision who to target, and Angelina steamrolls the group with military terms she learned from her husband to blindside Christian. The other Goliaths are reluctant to follow Angelina's demands and Dan creates a mini insurgence to return the target back to Elizabeth. Angelina gets upset at her loss of control and in a moment of true emotion (or jury strategy), she tells Elizabeth she's getting voted out at Tribal Council. Elizabeth tells Gabby what went down and decides Tribal Council will be a great time to blow up Angelina's spot.

Tribal Council time! We learn there are many "factorials" in managing a post-merge game, a delightful moment of comedy via the Brochachos. Angelina voices that for this first merge vote, Goliath plans to stay together and this is Elizabeth's window to open. Or smash. Elizabeth insists there is a fracture in the Goliaths and tells everyone that Angelina spilled the beans earlier about the vote. Everyone assumes Angelina is already trying to set herself up nicely with jurors for her eventual Final Tribal Council speech. Gabby gets emotional (pretty on-brand for her) about Elizabeth defending herself for wanting to stay, and Angelina defends herself and apologizes for her emotional decision. Elizabeth has hopes maybe a couple Goliaths will see there's a fracture and swap over, but in fact no one makes the leap: Elizabeth is unanimously voted out and becomes this season's first juror.

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November 4, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: Kebabs and Choices

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Week 6

With Mother Nature taking a few days off, all the drama this week is generated by human interactions. After a cutthroat move to blindside Angelina and get her jacket, the Jebani tribe doesn't trust Angelina. The Brochachos continue to bond and feed each other, with Christian the center of this David-becoming-a-Goliath storyline. Gabby is extremely nervous about her position in the tribe, so she pulls Alison aside to try to make inroads to protect herself. Vuku is the sole losing tribe of the ring toss for kebabs Reward Challenge, then have a spat at camp after Elizabeth tries to fix the bamboo on the shelter to help her bad back and snaps on her tribemates.

Jebani loses Immunity in an embarrassing fashion, totally unable to successfully carry a giant saucer of water without spilling. Mike has it in his head that all the Goliaths are mad they voted out Natalie and to keep himself safe he has to stay Goliath strong with the numbers. Lysra not willing to work with Angelina, and Angelina is surprised but c'mon, she wrote Lysra's name down to try and dupe Natalie into giving her a jacket. No one wants a 2-2 tie, so the secret partnership of Mike and Nick AKA the Rockstars hold the power.

Tribal Council time! Probst starts the night bringing up the bond this tribe of four has, despite being challenge flops. It's less about David and Goliath now and more about trust and loyalty. There's loose talk about following through on plans, but since everyone has plans they're just hoping the one they chose is the victorious path. Lyrsa stresses she's honest and loyal, but that's not enough: ultimately the tribe chooses to vote her out of the game.

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