October 15, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: All About Natalie

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Week 3

The blindsided members of the David tribe take Jessica's elimination hard, while Nick and Christian excitedly celebrate and find a way to pin the blindside on Gabby. Gabby is potentially the next target of the tribe, which would be sad for her as her and Christian have big dreams about meeting the Mayor of Slamtown, John. John over on the Goliath tribe is having a real learning moment on the island as he discovers a nice side to him that enjoys building relationships. In particular, he likes working with Natalie but knows it'll take a lot of work to safe her. Well good news for him, because Jeremy starts painting his own target pretty big. He bickers with Natalie, gets paranoid about game talk, and outs Dan's idol to anyone who will listen.

The rain of Fiji doesn't like to take a day off and drenches the survivors in their obstacle course/puzzle immunity challenge. Bi injures her knee at some point, but the David tribe is able to ace the four-piece pyramid puzzle and finally evade Tribal Council. Natalie blew the puzzle and is difficult to live with, but Jeremy's social game and desire to scheme makes him Angelina's prime target. Her alliance isn't as sure and wants to keep their tribe strong, but also everyone is really tired of Jeremy and Natalie's bickering.

Rainy Tribal Council time! Probst asks about the harsh weather conditions, which is usually a way to make idle small talk but in this season the rain is its own character - sort of like the city of New York in any movie. Tribal Council eventually becomes a Natalie pile-on about her behavior around camp, but she says she's open to constructive criticism. It's a pretty good ruse of a venting session as the Goliath tribe unites to vote Jeremy out of the game.

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October 7, 2018

Survivor David vs Goliath: No Exhilaration Without Risk

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Week 2

The weather is completely miserable, so bad that the tribes are gifted fire making kits and temporary tarps to withstand the cyclone. When the weather does calm down a bit, the game is most definitely on.

After a close-call with being the main target on the David tribe, Nick and Christian solidify a partnership as the "Mason Dixon" alliance. Davie finds the Hidden Immunity Idol after noticing a tree with a bright orange string. Carl throws out Lyrsa's name as weakest on the tribe to sacrifice if they lose, and she's pretty pissed. Over on Goliath beach, Dan's game is getting sloppy. Jeremy finds the idol in Dan's hanging laundry, and everyone is very aware he's smitten with Kara. Angelina, Kara, and Natalia make a girls alliance and plan to drag along three other guys to get the majority. But Natalie's target is only getting bigger with her strong personality and lack of self awareness that others aren't liking her vibe.

The Goliath tribe completely dominates the Immunity Challenge that requires paddling a boat, then very delicately balancing and assembling a puzzle. While the Davids got to avoid voting their first time around, the game has officially gotten real. Jessica, Bi, and Carl intend to vote our Lyrsa for being weak, but Gabby is concerned is strength is a priority then she could also be a target. Elizabeth and Lyrsa flip all the plans around and choose to target Jessica, to knock out two different pairings with Bi and Carl. Gabby awkwardly asks Christian if he wants to play with her ("In the sand?"), but really she wants Christian to vote on her side. Mason Dixon are the deciding votes this week, and I guess naming your alliance after a line would lead to something like this at some point.

Tribal Council Time! The tribe addresses the horrendous weather they'd endured in such a short span of time, while also developing bonds. Lyrsa vocalizes she knows she's been dubbed the weakest link and is on the chopping block. Jessica says if you want to play the game until Tribal Council, then that's too late. Gabby's polite about it but is basically like uhhh, we're all playing girl. Everyone agrees they have a play tonight which means someone, or some group, isn't fully in the know. Nerves are high, and it all comes to a head in a big ol' blindside when Jessica is voted out of the game.

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October 1, 2018

Survivor David vs. Goliath: King of the Slide Puzzle

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Week 1

Welcome back to Survivor! Jeff Probst greets the 20 new castaways on a boat in Fiji where they learn they've been divided into tribes based on adversity and advantages: David vs. Goliath. Sure! To make sure Probst hammers home the theme, he has castaways share their stories of hardship and privilege. The tribal rivalry begins with a challenge featuring the two weakest Davids (Christian and Lyrsa, chosen by the Goliaths) and the two strongest Goliaths (John and Alison, chosen by the Davids). The challenge gets even more complicated by allowing the Davids to choose which tribe does which obstacles. Anyways, the Davids take home the shelter supply prize after Christian masters the slide puzzle - a skill he's all too happy to boast. The tribes are unleashed upon the ocean and off to their rainy camps.

As soon as the Goliath tribe hits the beach, everyone recognizes Mike from his two stints on The Amazing Race and being a writer/actor. Superfan Mike really wants to find the Hidden Immunity Idol because it's a Survivor Bucket List item, but when he's caught looking it only puts a bigger target on him. The whole Goliath tribe becomes obsessed with finding the Idol, and in what might be the first ever flashback, it's revealed that Dan the SWAT Cop found the idol. He also might be finding love as he's smitten with Kara. Every season there's a bossy person at camp and that appears to potentially be Natalie, but maybe she's super-irking Natalia for having a similar name.

Pat is the bossy, brash guy on the David tribe, but the dude knows how to make a killer shelter. Social media savvy "blerd" Davie catches an octopus and is able to feed the tribe, which is a pretty cool accomplishment for like day two. The whole tribe is putting in a lot of effort to make camp liveable, except public defender Nick who is saving his energy to make alliances. He also wants to name all his alliances which is such a Big Brother thing. But his scheming and lack of camp work is apparent and bumps him up the target list, but earns back a little bit of love after sharing his sad backstory with the tribe. Nothing like a lot of rain and sad life stories to bring about some tribal bonding.

The first challenge of the season is an obstacle course followed by a giant puzzle to put numbers in order. It's a pretty close race but the Goliath tribe takes the win and avoids Tribal Council. The David tribe heads back to camp in the torrential rain, but the stormy seas take their toll. Apparently, in the boat ride back to camp, Pat was bounced extremely hard and suffers a serious back injury. A heartbroken Pat is medevaced from the game and this seems like maybe the first of Mother Nature wreaking havoc on Survivor David vs. Goliath.

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September 18, 2018

Survivor David Vs. Goliath Pre-Show Winner Prediction

While many people believe Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the beginning of fall, I believe that fall begins when Survivor premieres. In its 37th outing, it's a battle of adversity vs. basically privilege in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath. Twenty new castaways will be dropped in Fiji yet again to battle for the million dollar prize.

I've done my usual research of reading player bios, watching the sparse amount of cast videos available, and a little bit of podcasting listening to figure out my latest prediction of who will be the Sole Survivor.


Nick will win Survivor: David Vs. Goliath

Alright, here we go again and I'm following a gut instinct this time - mostly because the research material is lacking. My immediate reactions upon reading and seeing Nick is a combo of previous winners JT and Adam. A sweet southern accent will get you far in this game (shout-out to Donathan!). Nick touts himself as a redneck lawyer and despite choosing a similar sounding stereotype previously, this time I think my pick is better suited. He seems to be there to play the game to win and have the adventure of a lifetime. So instead of overthinking this, I'm pulling a Kellyn and trusting my gut. Will this finally be my season to get a winner prediction right?

Now it's your turn! Time for YOU to cast your pre-show winner prediction. Who do you think will be the winner of Survivor: David Vs. Goliath? VOTE BELOW - voting closes right when the east coast premiere begins!

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September 13, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise: Yes, Bitch, Yes

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Jordan and Jenna receive the most perfect date imaginable: an engagement photoshoot. When the shoot escalates to actual wedding attire, Jenna is uncomfortable at first but Jordan's positivity about their relationship and feelings sets her at ease. Robby Hayes arrives, literally there to hype his Instagram, and seems like he was introduced to be a heel to Jordan and Jenna, but instead he gets a date with Shushanna by default. They hit it off, but Shu is totally unaware of Robby's shady past of dating Amanda on Paradise last season and cheating on her. Olivia loops Shu in so that her friend doesn't get hurt by this desperate influencer. Shu doesn't really care.

Grocery Store Joe is totally smitten with Kendall, but he's worried she doesn't want to be committed. Kendall feels pressured with this show and feels love but isn't sure if she's in love, and Joe is in love with her but bottled up a lot of resentment because she was open to other guys too. And so Grocery Store Joe decides to leave Paradise knowing that their relationship wasn't as strong as he thought/hoped. Kendall also follows suit and departs Paradise in tears right before the Rose Ceremony. Speaking of Rose Ceremony, one of those happens and there's no suspense except will Olivia give her rose to Diggy or Venmo John? It's Venmo John and Diggy gets a ride home with a hired trumpet player.

Chris Harrison rolls up to be the party pooper that ends Paradise. At this point, committed couples only, so see you later casuals. Venmo John tells Olivia he's super into her but they're not Fantasy Suite ready, so they leave together to pursue their relationship outside of Paradise. Cassandra and Kiwi Jordan briefly departed the Friendzone, but in the real world Jordan is quick to say nah, it was fun while it lasted. Shu and Robby, in his Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct tank top, agree to go on a date back home. But the most shocking departure is our beloved Kevin and Astrid. Kevin has the realization that he's 80% into this and breaks up with a mind-boggled Astrid, who specifically asked him not to blindside her. Kevin and Astrid leave Paradise separately and our hearts break.

So three couples head to the Fantasy Suite to express their blooming love for each other, make another Polish sausage dick joke, and likely have sex off-camera. I mean talk! But who cares about the Bone Zone, let's see who gets engaged after three weeks! First up, Annaliese gives an impassioned speech to Kamil and then he gives yet another speech where he sounds like 20% interested in her, but their ending is they're still dating but not at the point of engagement. Second, Jenna and Jordan declare their love for each other and get engaged. Finally, Chris and Krystal. Imagine getting proposed to while the love of your life wears ripped white jeans. Chris does the old fake out saying he doesn't want to leave holding her hand, but holding her heart; they get engaged.

Onto the reunion!

Venmo John and Olivia did Facetime and have a weekend together, but he ended things as it was a long distance relationship - but maybe started pursuing things with Chelsea? Eric keeps insisting him and Angela were just friends, but she isn't allowing this narrative considering she was very open. Benoit and Jordan get into it about Jenna, but there's shockingly amends between Jordan and David. Tia is happy her and Colton gave their relationship a shot and they have resolution as friends.

But onto some great news! Paradise tragedies turn into success at the reunion. Astrid hoped watching the finale would give her closure with Kevin, but it didn't help and she needs a conversation. Bring him onstage, then! Kevin admits the phrase "Fantasy Suite" shattered him due to Winter Games and through therapy has worked through the baggage he brought to Paradise. Kevin still loves Astrid and she still loves him. Hope is alive! Kendall realizes she regretted pushing Joe so as soon as her plane landed she hopped onto a flight to Chicago, with cameras in tow of course. Kendall tells Joe she's in love with him, but he's shut part of his feelings down for her after getting his heart smushed on the beaches of Mexico. But good news: Kendall and Joe are back on track! Wait, great news: Grocery Store Joe is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

Now onto the Fantasy Suite crew updates. Annaliese is still projecting that all is OK with her relationship, but Kamil isn't ready for a relationship at this level and breaks up with her on national television. Annaliese is furious because she tried to dump him two weeks ago because she was putting in "90" and he was putting in "10." Basically, at the end of all of this, it was scummy for him to do this breakup on TV. Jordan says him and Jenna have had some tough times with the distance, but they have overcome any issues they've encountered. Jordan is all smiles around Jenna but her smiles seem forced, even after asking Chris Harrison to order their wedding on June 9, 2019. But that probably isn't happening. Chris and Krystal wrap up the couples, and he's in tears over their love and he got to meet her dogs. Chris Harrison gifts them with a crystal goose and I don't think they understood the joke.

And with one last blooper reel we say goodbye to Paradise until next summer. It's been great recapping it and thanks for bearing with my delays. This show is a LOT of hours.

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September 9, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise: Not Here to F Spiders

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Week 5

Five hours of this show. Five hours. Help us all.

After weeks of enduring the will-they-won't-they story of Tia and Colton we discover this entire ruse is a won't they story. Yes, Colton tearfully ends things with Tia when he realizes he's not that into her and trying to make everyone but himself happy. It's the kind of speech that you make if you're trying be the The Bachelor. Waaaaaait a minute! The whole cast is shook, except Venmo John who slept through the whole thing.

Speaking of will-they-won't-theys on Paradise, Ashley I and Jared finally decided to be a will they. Jared proposes to Ashley on the glorious beaches of Playa Escondida Sayulita as her heels sink into the sand. Girl, you were on this show two times - you should know to wear wedges. Also, Ashley's ex Kevin has to watch this and while he's a class act and congratulates her, it hurts.

In dating news, Eric continues with his date with new arrival Cassandra by being crowed king and queen of a Cabellero Festival. But there's more women arriving in Paradise. Shushana sets her sights on Kamil, while Christen AKA Scallop Fingers chooses John, and they four go on a double date riding on a banana raft or something. Kamil reassures Annaliese their connection is strong and not to freak out, so of course Annaliese plays it cool then freaks out. People think Annaliese is exaggerating her connection with Kamil, but it's in fact real: Kamil gives Annaliese his rose. Shushanna is the perfect level of reality TV crazy that's needed, so thankfully former New Zealand Bachelor (and Winter Games participant) Jordan M arrives and gives her a rose and teach me my new favorite phrase "Not here to f--- spiders." Venmo John gives his rose to Olivia, eliminating single mom Chelsea, Christen, and probably others but I forget who they are.

The happy couples bask in the banality of life (Kevin makes his own salad dressing), but are interrupted by Chris Harrison for some special guests: success stories Jade and Tanner, and Carly and Evan. And their babies. After "winning" the interviews, Kendall and Grocery Store Joe are tasked with babysitting two children (one of which loves to cry) so the two couples can have an amazing date. Kendall and Joe are rewarded with a date on the beach and things are getting more real for the couple.
In other couple stuff, Jenna and Jordan get a bout of baby fever and it's pretty comical, especially with a difference of opinion on the name "Tucker." Krystal and Chris AKA Goose finally get to move on to the next level of dating: leaving the resort! They exchange "I love yous" after being interrupted by a raccoon, then have a private concert date while dancing on water. Eric is friendzoning Cassandra and she calls him out as he doesn't seem ready for a relationship while being on a dating show, which makes him have this moment of clarity that he can't give himself to Cassandra at only 50%, and maybe part of him left when Angela left. Eric decides Paradise isn't the right place for him at this time and says his goodbyes.
The main drama of the enter week is Shushanna's obessesion with Kami, who replies in Truth or Dare that he's in a committed relationship at this point (with Annaliese). Shu declines a date with Jordan M and new arrival Diggy (what a delightful surprise!) because she's got it in her head that Kamil is into her, but he's adamant that it's a no. Annaliese eventually confronts Shu and tells her to back off her man. Shu's attention turns to Jordan M, who is off on his date having a blast with Cassandra, because Shu is attracted to what she can't have; he rebuffs her, but comforts her when she cries. What begins as a joke about her constant staring turns into maybe she's doing witchcraft, which I'd say is 20% serious, 80% joke.

Olivia brings Diggy on her date and they have dinner together and learn the origins of his nickname (his teacher said she "digs" his stylish clothes). It goes well and they kiss. Perhaps a late love connection?

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