September 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Go Grande or Go Home (or to the Jury)

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Week 12

The Big Brother rewind creates a week of deja vu, as we begin the episode sitting through a second playing of that dumb see-saw shovel competition. The goal of everyone playing is to win that HOH and target Frankie, not lame duck Victoria. The "changes" from week-to-week is that the rain is much harder than before so yeah, nice try to make it seem like something has changed. It's still boring to watch. I definitely assumed Frankie would win this competition again, but it's Beast Mode See-Saw Boy who takes the win. A quick bro hug in the bedroom celebrates their victory, while keeping it very secret from Frankie that this will be his downfall.

The houseguests get sent up to the HOH room with a wonderful breakfast spread and the promise of a luxury competition. Instead they are shown a TV screen where they see the jury members re-entering the house and creating total chaos. The jury is the one playing in this competition, not the houseguests, and they have to trash the house to find "Knock Out" pucks to eliminate their fellow jury members for a chance at $5k. The houseguests have a chance to win $5k by betting on which juror they think will win  (Frankie-Zach, Derrick-Donny, Victoria-Hayden, Cody-Nicole, Caleb-Jocasta,No one ever-Christine). I am cracking at the houseguests screaming at the TV for their juror. Nicole knocks pretty much everyone out but it's Hayden who finds the final puck, knocks out Nicole (though almost eliminates himself for her - aw showmantical), and wins $5,000 for him and Victoria. Though Hayden's not super psyched Victoria got the money and the house is livid that they have to clean up the mess, including trash actually dumped on the floor (thanks Jocasta).

In game play stuff, Frankie wants Caleb to keep the nominations the same as last week: Cody and Victoria. Caleb is slightly concerned that nominating Frankie outright will motivate him to win the veto and make shit go down. Caleb thinks Derrick should finally be the pawn in the weekly grand scheme, but we know Derrick will make shit work his way. Into the restroom Derrick, Cody, and Caleb go to try and convince Caleb to keep them safe and keep up their final three deal. Frankie hustles to save himself with Caleb, hoping they could be a final two together, but it doesn't work. At the "daggum" nomination ceremony, Caleb nominates Victoria and Frankie for eviction and uses props from the chess board because THEATRICS!

Team America's remaining members learn that if they win the game, they'll earn another $50,000. Chances are slim for target Frankie now, who learns from Caleb he was nominated partially because his allies don't trust him to not make a power move. But it'll all come down the the veto, a re-do of last week's terrifying houseguest mashup to make freak show workers. But hooray, new freaks to haunt out dreams! The studying totally pays off as Cody wins the veto and the nominations aren't going to change. Frankie is pretty crushed to go from best to worst thanks to the Rewind, going so far as a bitchy, cranky speech to try and get Derrick nominated since he hasn't been nominated before ("Crushed it" UGH). Frankie is voted out of the Big Brother house and exits by spraying glitter everywhere and screeching over Julie.

Turns out before he left, Frankie told the guys that he would "single-handedly pick the winner" of this game in the jury, not to mention his "millions" of followers. Give me a break Frankie. Ugh. Over it. MOVING ON. Derrick wins the "Foggy Memory" HOH competition of before/after trivia, so now he must nominate two people when there are only three options (Cody, Caleb, Victoria) and he's got deals with all. Derrick smooth talks his way to making sure he's cool with everyone to get to the final two, sweet talking Caleb and Victoria beforehand so they know they're nominated. And aww Derrick gets a HOLLAAAA from his daughter and wife. While Caleb and Victoria are nominated, the really power player this week is whoever holds the Power of Veto since they cast the sole vote to evict.

Said POV is a veto themed around CBS' new drama Stalker (eyeroll) where the houseguests need to match houseguests to corresponding clues. It makes a suspect board which is something I feel like I should make next year to have a weird Big Brother conspiracy board in my home. Derrick totally throws it so he doesn't have to take any additional responsibility this week. Victoria is useless, Caleb is stumped, and pretty much it's Cody playing alone. Cody wins the most powerful veto of the season and he'll determine who else is heading to the jury this week.

Caleb campaigns to Cody to make sure the deal for the final three stands, citing loyalty. Cody's only loyalty is to Derrick; Caleb was merely a pawn to get Frankie out. Caleb's final speech pleads to maintain the loyalty but it sway Cody, who admits that since day two he's been aligned with Derrick and this is to get rid of the person most likely to impede their dream. Cody evicts Caleb from the house. Rocking some denim-on-denim, Beast Mode Cowboy brings Julie a fabric rose, is kind of upset with Derrick (but gets it), doesn't regret evicting Frankie, and maybe his loyalty is what has him in the jury instead of the end. With a YOLO dropped, Caleb heads off to the jury.

September 15, 2014

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Pre-Show Winner Prediction

I'm starting to get giddy with excitement because a new season of Survivor starts in a little over a week! Survivor: San Juan Del Sur AKA Blood vs Water 2 begins on Wednesday, September 24th (before the Big Brother 16 finale) and it's gonna be a marathon for me. But I can't wait! As I mentioned, San Juan Del Sur is a second Blood vs. Water season, but this time with all new players so it should be interesting to see all fresh meat fighting for the title of sole Survivor.

I'm sure you've eagerly been awaiting my pre-show winner prediction, despite my track record of zero victories. But damn I was close last time! Well I've read the bios, watched the videos, and even saw the TVGN preview special. I'm ready to make my prediction.


JEREMY will win Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

First off, I'm in love with Val and Jeremy. Since they're kind of local to me, I hope I can meet them and they live up to my expectations. I was totally torn between which of the two to pick as my winner prediction because they're fans of the game and legit trained for this show (They practiced holding ropes which angled! Worked on getting adjusted to a minimal diet!) I decided to choose Jeremy over Val because she's got a huge obstacle to overcome being a woman over 30 on a tribe mostly full of young people that tend to stick together. However, I'm hoping, dying, for Val to last. Other pair I enjoyed: Wes and his dad Keith, who seem like they'll be good characters (and hopefully players as I could see Wes lasting a very long time). Having the Amazing Race Twinnies on annoys me, but I'm holding out hope that at a merge situation a person accidentally tells the wrong twin their secrets. And notorious baseball a-hole John Rocker? Ugh. No thanks.

Ok guys, time for YOU to cast your vote for your pre-show winner prediction! Who do you think will be San Juan Del Sur's Sole Survivor? VOTE BELOW - voting closes right when the east coast premiere begins!

September 10, 2014

Big Brother 16: The Week That Didn't Matter Thanks to the Rewind

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Week 11

The backyard HOH competition is to cross a giant shovel teeter totter kind of thing to "plant seeds" AKA drop balls on the other side. At least there's adorable plastic cows out there. Eventually water rains down on them because the show hasn't used up their budget to splooge on houseguests. Knowing that last week the guys pondered backdooring him, Frankie steps up yet again and wins the competition.

As the house gasps in shock as they hear the BOOs from the crowd hating on Christine, the memory wall changes into a giant display of the gold Rewind button. The house has no idea what it is, considering that it could be good or bad but many want to push it. For the time being it's covered like an ancient artifact in a museum. But after the HOH competition, the button is freed and on the loose, ready to get pushed and make this entire week essentially pointless. After a group deliberation, the button is pushed and launches a taunting countdown instead of giving them any real answers. Fear sets in. Frankie decides to nominate Cody and Victoria for eviction.

The doorbell rings and in walks BB alums Jeff and Jordan, the Big Brother love story of the century according to a bunch of people. Slow clap to Jeff for calling them a house of smelly pigs because that place is a shithole. Jordan thinks they're at the house to host a luxury competition, but it's all a ruse. The backyard it turned into a beautiful garden oasis for him to FINALLY pop the question after five years, proposing exactly where their relationship began. "Is this a joke?" she keeps asking, shocked that Jeff is finally making it official. Her dog is brought in, their family... and some random country singer for a private concert like a damn episode of The Bachelor! The houseguests get to join in too, carrying in the cake and sipping champagne while watching a JeJo best of slideshow. And Frankie clutches Jordan's dog, bawling, harder than any member of the family.

Victoria is the target this week, unless she wins the veto. Victoria has this delusional level of confidence of what kind of Big Brother player she's been, but we're all laughing at how terrible she is at this game. Like she thinks she's Batman and Derrick is Robin. Uh, no gurl. Cody wants to feel comfortable, but an odd talk from Caleb starts him worrying about his place in the final four and where Caleb's loyalties are. But together they can all band together to come up with ridiculous ideas of what pressing the button will do. And karate chop it.

The backyard is turned into a bizarre carnival atmosphere for a Freak Show, where the houseguests need to figure out which three mashed up houseguests are featured in the freak show acts. What we learned is that three houseguests should never mate and join a carnival sideshow act. Because they're busted. Frankie wins the veto because OF COURSE. Dude is a legit competition beast and everyone is regretting not getting him out last week when they had the chance. But hey, why get rid of Frankie when you can have Team America missions like convincing the house to stay awake because there's a rodent? Frankie acknowledges he is a neon, sparkling target and chooses not to use the veto and nominations stay the same but it doesn't matter since the Rewind will make this entire week pointless.

Victoria remains the target because everyone wants to keep her around for an easy win, which means others could be eliminated before her. But Derrick continues to mastermind everything to make sure all four other houseguests would want to keep Derrick around to the final two. However Derrick is worried that Victoria being 100% Team Derrick on the jury will hurt his chances of getting taken along, so he encourages her to fake turn on him so the others will think she's anti-Derrick. Yet another move to shows how much Derrick deserves to win.

For time filler, we see how the jury house lives. Zach receives a new pink hat for his birthday. The jurors all hate Christine so are excited she's in the jury house, but not excited enough to want to talk to her. And Donny cheers when she says she got the biggest boo ever. Former BB winner Dan Gheesling gives his commentary about the season. He expects Frankie is the most vulnerable from the Rewind and Derrick is an amazing player.

The houseguests prepare to cast their votes to evict, but an alarm sounds, and the button has kicked in. The Chenbot informs them that the button set off the Big Brother Rewind and this whole week was pointless, as we know, and will be replayed. It's the same competition with the see-saw shovel, Derrick can't play since he's outgoing HOH, and Cody will have to put on the dinosaur suit again. It's so lame to have to sit through the same boring competitions again.

September 8, 2014

Bachelor in Paradise: Love Lost (and Found) in Paradise

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Week 6 - FINALE!
Chris Harrison arrives at the house to drop some more twists and blow ya minds. He wants everyone to take a "hard, honest look at your relationship" and see how it'll pan out when they aren't living in a Mexican resort sipping tropical drinks all day. If they don't think it'll work in real life, they've gotta pack up and peace out. Time for some awkward couple convos!

While Michelle has her relationship with Cody on her mind, she's mostly concerned with her best friend Graham and that wackadoo AshLee. AshLee thinks Michelle is her friend and on her side, but it's the opposite as Michelle tells Graham she thinks AshLee isn't genuine and not right for him. And AshLee keeps rambling about everything being wonderful, blah blah. Graham finally talks to AshLee and tells her finally that this isn't going to continue on. A paradise fling. He feels bad but knows it's the right thing to do. AshLee cries a little and quickly peaces out. Graham leaves us with a final deep quote, "For me, paradise is lost."

Tasos and Christy both agree easily that they just met and aren't ready for anything at all. Jackie feels her timing with Zack isn't right and thinks they should probably leave as well. Marcus and Lacy are DUH together forever. Robert and Sarah have something good going on and plan to stay. But what about Michelle and Cody? Michelle is a single mom, so her daughter always crosses her mind and like how this beefy dude will fit into life - she even calls her daughter for advice. It's basically the wisest person to ever grace this show, saying it's not about being cute and he needs a good personality and be nice. Plus he's like ten steps ahead of Michelle in terms of feelings. But Michelle decides to stick around and move forward with Cody.

The "next step" is to have overnight dates together to have real conversations about life post-paradise and again, if it's not mean to be pack up your stuff and leave paradise. Marcus and Lacy of course have a wonderful date together and Lacy says she loves Marcus. And also "You complete me" because, ugh, gag. Robert and Sarah get a fantasy suite-esque room with a hot tub and she's excited for alone time away from cameras (cue the "Do Not Disturb" door tag being hung up). Michelle and Cody have a romantic dinner to talk about stuff, then smooch at little in the fantasy suite where supposedly they'll talk more. 

Everyone returns the next day basking in the afterglow of beautiful hotel room sexy times. Except Sarah, that is. Sure cheesecake was enjoyed, but the romance never happened for Sarah and Robert in the suite, instead Robert went to sleep early. In his jeans. And rejected any physical attempts by Sarah, who says the word "french kissing" way too much for an adult. Robert is shocked when Sarah doesn't believe they connected, so she has to remind him he barely touched her and went to sleep instead of spending all night talking and learning everything about each other. Sarah ends her relationship with Robert and seeks comfort from the other girls. And Robert cries while explaining he was enjoying taking it slow and doesn't rush "I love you." Another love saga of paradise ends.

The two happy couples that remain meet Chris Harrison, who then brings in past success stories of the franchise to give advice on how to have a relationship with television cameras. There's married with kids Jason and Molly, newlyweds Sean and Catherine, and engaged Des and Chris. In rapid-fire questions, both couples seem to actually know each other which is one positive step. The success story couples are all impressed with Michelle/Cody and Marcus/Lacy and believe they're definitely there for love. Well if THEY give the seal of approval. 

The experience ends with one final rose ceremony and professions of love. And I hate to admit, but I'm like really routing for Michelle and Cody? It's so bizarre. Marcus requests some alone time with Lacy before handing out the rose, walking her out to the beach instead and landing on the perfect proposal spot dock. Marcus gives her a big speech about finding true love with her. He drops down on one knee and gets out that Neil Lane ring and proposes. And it would be such a surprise if this wasn't posted as news MONTHS ago, before Bachelor in Paradise even aired. The alums cheer on the latest addition to the success stories of the franchise with a mixed track record. And yes she accepts the final rose and gives one right back. The show ends with a montage of all the failed relationships of kooks, wrapping with letting us know Michelle and Cody are very happy together in Utah and Marcus and Lacy live together in Dallas. Oh, and BLOOPERS!!!

And THAT my friends was Bachelor in Paradise. I'll be here snarking on more shows but good news is this show has been renewed for a second season! I hope the raccoon will be back.

September 5, 2014

Big Brother 16: It's the Perfect Time for a Predictable Double Eviction

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Week 10

We pick up from the To Be Continued HOH competition of the houseguests sliding on "ice" to fill up a big ass plastic snowman head. Derrick is eying the lil' snowman that will award him $5,000 (and 5,000 Hollas) but sucks it up since his alliance needs the power. But once he realizes he stands no chance, he switches and gets that money. And then everyone continues to fall a bunch which you know happens because a slide whistle cues up for each slip and fall. Nicole is a dumbass and gives Christine a hint about grabbing slush instead of water. Girl never learns. It's very close but Caleb narrowly eeks out a victory from Christine, so YAWN. Predictable, boring week ahead. Again.

Everyone is physically drained from the competition, waddling around the house like constipated penguins. But they still have enough energy to talk game and hypothesize that Nicole is the house enemy, trying to woo Christine. The guys suspect Christine would align with Nicole, because how dare she have a friendly conversation with Nicole. Victoria would eliminate Christine over her laugh alone, which reminds me of Tickle Me Elmo. Nicole does try to campaign and offers herself up as a possible ally to Caleb, but he's hesitant because Nicole "helped" Christine in the comp. HOLLAAAAAA Derrick tries being nice to Nicole in case she stays because he's the only one playing hardcore to not alienate everyone. Unlike Frankie who is being a douche and even openly tells viewers Donny was a dud that brought down Team America. Cody tries to throw Frankie's name into the mix for nominations, but that doesn't pan out. Caleb nominates Nicole and Christine for eviction.

A Looney Tunes rip-off decorates the backyard with anvils and dynamite for Big Brother Blast, where players have to cut wires in correct order per a video. The fun part is that Cody, as the first explosion, is punished with a dinosaur costume all week. You know because dinosaur vaguely rhymes with dynamite. And when the wrong wires are the cut, they explode paint and crap all over the houseguests which is pretty cool. The bad news is Christine wins the veto, which means she will save herself from the block. But when Caleb spots Frankie and Christine whispering after her victory, he'd
not too pleased.

This throws off all plans to potentially save Nicole and send Christine out of the house this week. Derrick starts working hard to get Caleb to turn on Frankie, and it works pretty well since Caleb considers Frankie to be a replacement nominee over Victoria. It's pretty much the smartest Caleb's been all summer, reminding his allies that Frankie is one of the best at competitions. Dinosaur Cody, Caleb, and Christine would love to get Frankie out, but damn Derrick is non-committal since he's always playing to win. A late night Have Not Room talk with Nicole is what pushes Derrick to get everyone back on the target-Nicole-train after she compares him to Dan Gheesling, one slick ass mofo and a top Big Brother player. So sadly Frankie is not nominated and instead Nicole's newfound friend Victoria is named as the replacement nominee.

Nicole can't believe no one in this house has the balls to make any moves and lil' ol' her is the target. Caleb stupidly admits to Frankie that he considered backdooring him, throwing Cody under the bus as well. Derrick won't admit his involvement to Frankie, who ain't buying it. But it's all quick filler to set up what could happen in the double eviction. Nicole is evicted again after telling the house to play "Big Brother not Big Baby." But Nicole is off to maybe continue a showmance with Hayden and excited to see who gets canned with her in the double eviction.

The Double Eviction begins with a live Head of Household competition where the houseguests have to guess what the bleeped out word is in a sentence, but sadly it's not really inappropriate curse words. In literally one question, Derrick wins HOH and this is kind of awesome because he has to show his cards and allegiance. What a snooze however when Derrick tells Victoria she's getting nominated but she's not the target, so he of course nominates Victoria and Christine AKA obvious choices. The Power of Veto is a neat three-part puzzle, navigating a ball through a maze (Mazed and Confused, LOLZ). In the biggest groan moment Frankie wins the Power of Veto which means they can't switch their target to take him out. Frankie does change the nominations with the veto and the house comes together to eliminate Christine from the game. She is pissed and leaves without a goodbye AND gets booed hardcore by the audience. A new twist is introduced called "Rewind" and if the button is pushed it could undo the whole week and start all over.

September 1, 2014

Bachelor In Paradise: Another Week of Sexy Cave Dates

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Week 5

Brooks from Desiree's season arrives and swoooooon! Sarah has a mega crush on him and wanted him in Paradise, except Robert has staked his claim with hyperbole so Brooks takes out Jackie instead. They have dinner, make puns, and play foosball as locals bet on them. This (along with her cuteness) is enough for Brooks to see Jackie is a girl he'd love to start a relationship with. Zach is into Jackie too, so he takes her out for another magical cave date with sexy night swimming and margaritas on a large mattress. Zach tells Jackie he was hoping she'd be there and really wanted to meet her, which makes her finally feel wanted and not just the default date girl for new arrivals. Seeing as Jackie breaks her first date kiss rule with Zach, I'd claim triangle but it's kind skewed.

Marcus and Lacy explore a cave where they encounter bats and Lacy's poor comprehension of the English language (don't ask her to pronounce stalactite). She does know the essential language of Paradise, telling Marcus she is indeed in love with him too. After her brief consideration of ending it all for a shot with Brooks, Sarah realizes the great thing she has going with Robert. He surprises her with a spotaneous date and wants to pursue things outside of paradise. Big things! Not ready for saying LOVE? Michelle, who freaks at Cody's easy use of "love" to describe their barely-there relationship. She decides not to dump him and instead request to "take it slow." I can't decide if Michelle just wants a snuggle buddy in Mexico or just will find any reason to stay in Mexico; I just can't fathom her and Cody as a couple. Also unfathomable, mostly due to editing, is how Graham and AshLee are still a couple? New guy Tasos takes Christy on a date where they relax in nature's lazy river ride and feed each other grapes on a dock - a major step up from Jesse the douche. And AshLee/Graham get no date and she whines about it.

Everyone is over Jesse the skeeze who is so not here for the right reasons. Even Christy knows he used her and has been bragging he did sexy time stuff with her and her eliminated friend Christy. Jesse wants to "squeeze every amount of Paradise that I can" which I am going to pretend is a euphemism, but also knows they'll all be besties after the show. Jesse isn't here to "date a dumb blonde" but still does his bullshitting to try and stick around. But when Christy starts to say it's over, Jesse puts the blame on her claiming she isn't open and he's going to leave on his own. It's such a low skeezy move, but not surprising because Jesse was just here for the open bar and to bang around and use these girls. Poor Christy - hopefully good things will happen with Tasos. But first, Christy tells Jesse off as he tries to make his escape and calls him a coward for trying to just quit instead of being dumped and left roseless. Lacy and Michelle join in so he knows that the women won't stand for his grossness, bragging to the guys and treating women so poorly. Bye Jesse. Go away.

The rose ceremony is fairly predictable since 90% of castmembers are paired up. The question of the night is who is victorious in the pursuit of Jackie. Zach gave her a bracelet to show he's into her, while Brooks uses his smooth words and an impromptu manicure to woo her. Jackie chooses Zach and Brooks is gone already. Maybe he'll be recruited by a nail salon to showcase his talent. BUT WAIT! This week was the last rose ceremony. No new arrivals. No date cards. Everything is about to change in paradise. SCANDAL!

August 31, 2014

Big Brother 16: Goodbye to Lovable Donny and his Wonderful Beard

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Week 9

The house fake-celebrates being excited that Nicole is re-entering the house. Donny gets Nicole up to speed quickly about the house being after him, the Skittles, etc, as the house continues to whisper about needing to get Donny out. Derrick rallies his troops to stay strong together and not let anyone sway their alliance. Basically, let's keep the game as predictable as possible and therefore boring for viewers. Which is exactly what happens when Cody wins the trivia/boxing HOH competition, punching in days in the house to answer house event dates.

But the show needs to pretend something different might go down than the obvious, so the Detonators talk about about Christine being a disposable waste of an alliance member. Per Donny's advice, Nicole tries talking game with Cody to try to avoid the inevitable/obvious. Her reminder is that his friends are going to turn on him soon, so why not try to make a big move first and use her for his benefit. "I run this shit but you don't even realize it" Derrick makes sure Cody knows they have to make the right moves together to assure their final two, which includes knowing that Nicole is a liar and Christine is playing all sides. Nicole isn't a liar - she's just in loooove with her showmance Hayden. Donny tries his hardest to campaign as well, reminding him if Donny/Nicole stick around they're bigger targets to shield Cody next week. Derrick is straight with Donny, saying he's now a target but isn't sure if Team America is worth saving if Donny isn't totally into it (and he knows Donny has targeted him before). But the Detonators are solid and ready to stay on track, so of course Donny and Nicole are nominated for eviction.

Yawn at the nominations, the boring obvious choice. But, it's how a strong alliance works which sadly doesn't make good TV. Donny is the target because everyone thinks Donny is a completely different person, like a Rain Man-esque genius or military. Again, just a janitor. Donny tries to use Team America's mission to create your own mission to save himself. Derrick is torn, Frankie is like, "Let's do a play." It's jerky but I see Frankie's point: the whole house wants Donny out and it would be suspicious. But a play? LAME. And so all the houseguests do impersonations of the eliminated houseguests and I beg no one votes for it. Oh and Victoria's wisdom teeth are so bad medics have to rescue her from being passed out by the toilet.

By deductive reasoning and knowing how predictable Big Brother is, Christine determines this is a counting competition and tells her houseguests how to throw the competition to take out their targets. This season's counting challenge is brought to you by the new CBS show Scorpion, but they're counting like peaches, donuts, and coffee cups. Christine's strategy starts with a fail, but the constant folding strategy pays off and Cody wins the veto. Cody gets an extra prize gets to watch the premiere of Scorpion with two houseguests, so Nicole and Donny get relieved of Have Not torture for a night of snacks.

Since this house kisses major HOH ass, Derrick and Cody haven't had Hitmen alone time together. When they finally have time to talk, Cody says he'd love to use the veto and get out Frankie - maybe even Christine. But that doesn't happen, obviously, and the veto isn't used. Nicole and Donny remain nominees.

Donny hopes Team America can come through for him, as they're his only hope. Frankie and Derrick wonder if keeping Donny is smarter because Nicole would target them. Frankie begins to plant seeds of doubt about Nicole getting close with Christine again, particularly to a paranoid Caleb who is the easiest to flip to the Save Donny cause. The best part is when you plant a seed with Caleb, he brings it around to others like it's his idea - it's hilarious. However HOH Cody isn't as keen on the idea, reminding his alliance that Donny beats them in challenges a lot. Derrick is now torn and the actual swing vote, which is bad for his role as secret mastermind.

Team America learns they failed the task with an "overwhelming no" via a codeword convo (apple pie as desserts for Have Nots). Everyone cries from video messages at home. Christine's family gets a feature about her bizarre relationship with Cody. Her husband is pretty funny about it, though her parents aren't loving it. And Cody's dad says it's an Italian thing. Most are just thinking, "Ugh, Christine is so annoying." And us viewers vote on Twitter for a temptation/punishment for this week's Head of Household competition: the person who jumps off to accept $5,000 can either get a punishment of 5,000 Hollas shouted at them or 5 dumb tees to wear all summer.

The house flip almost happened, but it didn't. Donny is evicted from the Big Brother house which is sad for a fan like him, but maybe a relief since it was often lonely for him without a friend. I know early on his fan favorite edit drove me nuts, but I grew to really love Donny in the house. He gets out to Julie and cries - it breaks my heart! He's a little hurt by Team America because America chose them to work together, but he knows it's an individual game. Julie wonders why Donny kept his routine of sleeping early, but he admits he had nothing in common with them. But at least he gets a guest starring role on The Bold and The Beautiful!

Turns out this isn't an endurance competition, but the one where you carry liquids down a slick lane. This year's theme is "Sloppy the Snowman" where they transfer liquid into the head of a snowman, making a piece of coal rise. The temptation is to fill the smaller snowman to win $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas. Let the sliding and gliding begin! And let's hope this is a good week because next week is a Double Eviction episode.