October 16, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs Gen X: Lucy Speaks, Lucy Goes

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Week 4

The tribes compete in the first Reward Challenge of the season, an all-out physical ocean brawl of capture the giant ring. Gen X Chris is such a hulking giant he is able to hold Taylor back that he looks like a child flailing in the arms of his YMCA swimming teacher. Michaela decides to undo her bikini top and let the ta-tas free to win her heat and somewhere Dave from Survivor: China is like, "But I wrestled naked!" The Gen X tribe wins a sausage party but it doesn't really matter much since most of their tribe's focus is on Lucy actually speaking and being quite the schemer herself (more on that later). The Millennials might have lost the food, but young Adam is the true winner of the week after he sneaks off and finds the marked shell that contains a Hidden Immunity Idol.

The Gen X tribe loses the Immunity Challenge to lift tribe members to retrieve numbers and then solve an overly complicated word puzzle (the alleged classic "Somebody loses their flame tonight"). It's time for the Gen X tribe to lose another member and Lucy's earlier talks have put Jessica front and center after she led the ouster of Paul. But when Lucy tries to get Ken and David on her side, Ken doesn't appreciate her demands and rules of alliance compliance. Ken worries that booting Jessica will put him, David, and Cece back on the bottom, so he wants to bring in Jess to get a plan together to oust Lucy. Ken tells Jessica that Lucy is trying to blindside her, then the girl foolishly tells Lucy the entire plan. With all parties now informed of the various betrayals, Ken and Lucy get into it at camp and it seems like the plan is to just follow along and vote out Jessica. David is worried about being at the bottom again and wonders if maybe this is the time to make a big move with his Hidden Immunity Idol.

Tribal Council time! The tribe first addresses last vote's blindside, which only annoyed Chris and Bret since they weren't informed in advance. Well that's how a blindside works, fellas. Jessica hopes all fences have been mended and the five are back to a good place. Lucy admits maybe she used a wrong tone talking to Ken, but she figured he wouldn't care about tone when it's a move that allows him three more days of safety. Ken gives Jess the disappointed dad stare-down when she says she wasn't sure if she should trust him. The tribe casts their votes and Probst drops the declaration to play an idol. There's a second of silence before David decides to stand up and make a little speech before playing his idol for Jessica. The five votes against Jessica do not count, but the two against Lucy do. Two episodes of silence and one big night of talking and Lucy is voted out of the game.

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October 9, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: C U L8r Paul

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Week 3

Adam and Zeke reel in the aftermath of the Millennial's blindside of Mari, but Hannah's nonstop attempts to apologize and talk out her decision to flip annoy the hell out of Zeke. He doesn't want to talk to you right now! Knowing he is totally screwed in the numbers, Adam begins to work his way back into the fold and plants seed with Michaela that the she is obviously on the bottom of an alliance with the four person Triforce. The cool kids of the Triforce are just chillin' and overconfident in their position. On Gen X, David, Ken, and CeCe continue to work on their anti-Paul as he continues to assert himself as the tribe's alpha and attempted provider (he delivers no fish, unlike Ken Doll - don't call him that).

A summit happens between tribes, with four members from each tribe getting a chance to see the forced generational gap in person. Figgy, Taylor, Jay, and Will attend for the Millennials, while CeCe, David, Chris, and Paul are the Gen X representatives. They're treated with peanut butter and jelly while trying to gain intel and cover secrets. Nice try Taylor and Figgy, but everyone can tell you're hooking up. CeCe and David use their time to make Paul a target with the kiddies too, with David quickly switching back to frantic "I trust you!" mode. Overall it's a totally pointless twist since there's no swap, no hidden immunity idols - nothing.

Gen X loses the tribe due to CeCe's performance in the challenge, taking forever to cross the wonky balance beam with a heavy bag. The tribe is in agreement that CeCe is the target, but never trust an early declaration of doom. With nothing to lose, Ken and David try to get the target pointed in Paul's direction and they might get some takers. A conversation between Jessica and Paul leads to her being concerned that the men would group up and turn on the women down the line. It's all the ammunition Jessica needs to get the other women, plus the outsiders, on board to take out Paul.

Tribal Council! Probst gets a recap about the letdown of a summit with David concluding that now the Millennials are actual people. Chris stresses that this early in the game there is truly no bottom in a big alliance. But there is a bottom in the tribe itself, and CeCe admits she knows it is her. Probst points out that at the challenge the Millennials worked well as a team while the Gen X seemed to each go at it alone. All this perfect leads to the topic Jeff Probst has been dying to shoehorn in: Gen X people barely text and if they do, they use full words not abbreviations which are changing the lexicon. In 33 seasons of Survivor, this may be the most-forced, cringiest moment I have seen and I saw a man fall into a campfire. Jessica hopes the vote will bring together the tribe for them to succeed together. And with that, Paul is voted off the Gen X tribe.

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October 2, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Puppies, Butts, and Blindsides

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Week 2

The Millennial tribe is up and down this week and most of it centers around Figgy. Taylor and Figgy's flirtation escalates to late night smooching in the shelter, regardless of the fact that they haven't brushed their teeth in days. Figgy is arrogant enough to think no one views them as a power couple, but everyone sees their pairing as a problem including their Triforce ally, Jay. Michaela can't tolerate Figgy and the two get into an argument. You youths and your drama! Over on Gen X, David is turning his abysmal first few days around even if his outsider status might seal his fate. He builds fire, finds the "Hidden" Immunity Idol (I mean it's a painted coconut right in your face - it's kinda obvious), and makes a solid ally with octopus-catching babe Ken. The duo are very aware they are on the outside and need to take down "Paul's Posse." Paul almost gets booted from the game on his own when medical is brought in to treat his dehydration (which at first seems like a heart attack).

A beautiful overhead shot pans to the Immunity Challenge setup smack dab in the middle of the ocean. The challenge is for everyone to dive (poorly) into the ocean to jump off a platform to retrieve keys, then swim below to get rings, ending in a big ol' game of ring toss. Like any good carnie would have predicted, it comes down to the ring toss where Gen X defeats the Millennials to win immunity and a tarp. The Millennials head back to camp with what seems like a straightforward vote: Figgy. That is until Zeke tells Jay, who then tells Michelle. Michelle is not right to loose her tightest ally and break up the Triforce that is actually four people. Michelle heads over to convince high school student Will to join in on the plan, while Jay plays mediator for Figgy and Michaela. Once Jay tells Michaela that Zeke wants to target her next, she's ready to do what it takes to cover her own butt. Who to target instead? Mari, the professional gamer that the tribe already sees as a future threat to win the game.

Tribal Council time! The show's superfans are giddy to light their torch and take in the surroundings on the Tribal Council set. It's the first chance for Probst to use all his stereotypes of Millennials to compare it to their game. That's right guys, because Gen X people don't use phones or text anyone - only the youths! As Probst is doing his job and getting into the details of the Figgy/Taylor hookup and Michaela continues to lay into Figgy, there's an intense side conversation going on between Michelle and Hannah. Michelle is whispering to Hannah that her side is voting for Mari and Hannah is completely flustered. Probst eventually calls out the sidebar convo, but Mari brushes it off that Hannah is probably talking about "puppies or butts or something". When it comes time to vote, Hannah is genuinely torn and stands in the voting booth for long enough that Probst has to do a side pop-in like, "Hey you OK in there?" In a shocking first vote, the Millennials blindside Mari in a 7-3 vote.

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September 25, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Fun with Mother Nature

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Week 1

Twenty new castaways arrive in beautiful Fiji and our host with the most [blue shirts], Jeff Probst, can't wait to hand out buffs to reveal the tribe divisions. If the coordinating color palettes out of the outfits didn't give it away to them, then the buffs help to show it's young vs. old. Or if you like marketing buzzwords, Millennials vs. Gen X. It's the perfect twist to shove in lots of heavy handed convos about Millennials having things handed to them and Gen X being old fashioned. The generational differences in actions are put to the test in a fast grab to get all the supplies needed to survive, which has choices like fishing gear vs chickens or knife vs pots or pans. So much versus to use in one paragraph!

The Gen X arrives to their beach and immediately begin to work together on assembling a quality shelter that will protect them. The Millennials slap together a home that literally falls apart because they were too focused having fun and frolicking in the ocean. The weather is actually so horrendous that both tribes are given a tarp to protect them, which the Millennials promptly hang up super poorly. None of the shelter building work really matters because a major cyclone hits the island and destroys everything. But thankfully for the twenty castaways, the show evacuated them all before the storm fully hit them, taking boats to an undisclosed location for the night and leaving just a GoPro around to capture the storm. The tribes return the next day to see the storm's devastation but overall just re-enter the game like not much happened. Same to how I've covering it in this recap.

Let's talk about the tribes, shall we?

The Millennial tribe is Vanua, but I honestly thought their buffs said "Vanilla" and to be honest, I will call them "Vanilla" all season. Bros Taylor and Jay bond immediately and pull in cute bartender Figgy. The trio make no efforts to conceal that they are three best friends that will be ride or die until the end, dubbing themselves the Triforce. Michelle the missionary is also pulled into their trio, but she builds some other friendships that at least makes he appear less obnoxious than the other three. But will the Triforce make it far is a bigger question because barista Hannah and videogamer Mari begin the loose assembling of the "misfits" to target that trio (Figgy in particular) should they lose immunity. Just don't even lose Zeke, whose Hawaiian shirt gives me life not to mention he's the only one with the sense and leadership to put together a decent shelter after the storm and makes fire for the Vanilla tribe.

Gen X is a strong group in terms of camp life, but losing the first challenge (an obstacle course with the ability to skip obstacles and increase the number of puzzle pieces they have to handle) makes the group have to play the game a little sooner. The easy targets are those with the red flags. Rachel is a chatterbox and  claimed she was great at puzzles and blew it for the tribe. David also blew the puzzle and he's been a paranoid mess since day one. The tribe likes David's sense of humor which appears amongst his overall fear of everything and massive game overthinking. Feeling vulnerable and desperate, David is caught searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol and practically begs for safety by offering up his vote. Jessica the lawyer and her Bob Costas level red eyes talks to him, and if only David knew Jessica was holding onto a big advantage herself. During the supply grabfest, Jessica grabbed an envelope which she discovered holds the "Legacy Advantage" which will give her an advantage at day 36. And should Jessica not make it to day 36, she has to will it to another person. With this advantage and good relationships with the tribe, Jessica is definitely a subtle sleeper of the Takali tribe.

Tribal Council time! Jeff Probst wears a white shirt, maybe in gray, I don't even know and I'm losing my mind because Probst is a blue man. Maybe a black. I digress. After talking about the storm for a hot second, talk turns to David. "Oh crap" is his response to having to verbalize everything with Probst. David understands he could be a target due to his own behavior, but truly wants to be in the game. He says tonight he'll prove he can be trusted (AKA vote a certain way). Rachel vocalizes that maybe her saying "what is" puts more of a target on her, but that's basically all we hear from her. The votes are scattered all over the place: one for David, one for Sunday, three for CeCe... but five for Rachel. She's the first eliminated from the game and really I don't have much to say about her departure. 

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September 6, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Pre-Show Winner Prediction

It's time for the 33rd season of Survivor and this season is full of marketing buzzwords. Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X is a battle of young vs. old, a divide we've seen before. Let's hope it's better than the last time we had this split in Nicaragua.

As I do every season of Survivor, I read the cast bios and watch their videos and try to predict the winner. I've come so close so many times... could this be the year?


Chris will win Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Reading Chris' bio, I wasn't impressed but when I watched his video I found his calm alpha demeanor as something that jumped out. I think he'll be a leader of the Gen X crowd that will be able to amass the numbers in his favor, sort of like Earl in Fiji. I imagine he'll bond with Bret the cop and they'll run stuff. Plus, Chris' job as a trial lawyer has probably made him a good communicator and, if he gets there, good at handling a jury. If a Millennial ends up taking control, I could see it being Adam who was my second choice as I have this vibe that this season will have a male winner. But hopefully my vibes are totally wrong because I really liked Figgy and Mari. I'm also obsessed with Zeke's video where he poses around a tree then rolls and poses in mud. Zeke is probably going to be my favorite, but sadly not my pick to win.

But enough about my pick, who do YOU think will win Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X? Cast your vote below in the handy form and you could win the glory (as well as the annual photo of a trophy).

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Bachelor in Paradise: 3 Proposals and Dumping

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Finale - Part 2

Everyone basks in the afterglow of overnight dates in their fluffy white hotel robes and smiley faces, except Josh and Amanda who apparently wear their regular clothes. BOO! Grant and Lace who decide to be dramatic again, with him questioning everything even after getting those dumb matching "Grace" tattoos. Jen looks forward to a proposal from Nick eventhough he still hasn't said "I love you" (but maybe it happened off camera?) Josh and Amanda's only obstacle are her children, who he hasn't met yet and worries about going too fast and becoming an instant step dad. But all these hesitations don't stop the guys from meeting up with Neil Lane (who can't believe he's seeing Nick for a third time).

Onto the final roses!

Carly and Evan head to the alter of impending proposals first and give each other amazing speeches that proclaim their love for each other. Evan pulls out his Neil Lane ring and asks "Will you freakin' marry me?" The answer is yes - Cevan forever! Eventhough Grant woke up with a head full of confusion, or maybe it was post-tattoo pain, so Lace pours her heart out to grant to know how she feels and how real their love is. Far more real than her eyelashes. Grant talks about how he loves all sides of Lace, including her crazy ones, and proposes to her. Lace says yes - Grace forever, the tattoos weren't in vain (yet)!

Then comes Nick and Jennifer, who tells Nick how much she enjoyed getting to know him and feels their instant connection. Jen admits she's fallen in love with him and hopes Nick can catch her; heeeeeee can't. Nick isn't in love with Jen as much as he'd like to be. Ugly sobs all around from Nick Viall. It's just the begin of the snot sucks because Nick shall be our new Bachelor and get to overcome his fear that he won't be able to say I love you again.

Last and certainly least are Josh and Amanda. Amanda feels lucky to have found Josh and knows her two girls will love him. He doesn't want to repeat past mistakes, but knows this time around he found true love. Josh is crying, or possibly profusely sweating from his eyeballs which is legit possible from him, and gets down on his knee to propose. But for real, how can I even focus on this proposal when Josh's sweat drenches his white button down so much he looks like he's competing in a wet t-shirt contest??


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