June 11, 2018

The Bachelorette: 4,000 Matches and Two Injuries

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Week 3

Becca brings a big group of her Bachelor season besties to get pampered by all her men. It's bizarre to watch since odds are none of these dudes are Becca's fiance and chances are higher that these guys hook up with her five pals on Paradise. Colton panics when he sees his ex Tia there, and Tia explains to Becca that her and Colton only kissed and never had an established relationship. Becca still needs to know if Colton applied to this show expecting Tia to be the lead, but Colton assures Becca he's there for her and feels things so he gets the group date rose. But that's not the only drama as David tells Becca that Jordan might not be there for the the right reasons. Jordan also holds as astounding record of 4,000 Tinder matches in a year (insisting it's 100% match rate) and if that doesn't say here for the right reasons, I don't know what does. 

A leather-clad Becca brings Chris on their 1-on-1 to Capitol Records to write their love song. Thankfully they have the sage mentorship of "Right Here Waiting" singer Richard Marx. Becca urges Chris to be more vulnerable and this translates into the two of them very boringly reciting their song lyrics, which is rewarded by a Richard Marx slow clap. At dinner, Becca checks on why it was hard for Chris to open up and he shares that expressing himself so much for the chance of being let down is hard. Oh and sad home life. Becca appreciates that Chris pushed hard to open up and really shared a lot with her, so she gives him the date rose and then Richard Marx serenades them with "Right Here Waiting" because he had one job. Nailed it, Richard!

Meanwhile, back at the mansion EMTs come and take David away, blood all over the floor. Chris Harrison heads to Becca's rental home to let her know about the incident and that David ended up in intensive care after falling out of his bunk bed and landing on his face. But he's OK and the show must go on!

The group date guys warm up with some drills led by the Legends Football League AKA badass female football players, then play a real game with the ol' pigskin. The Becca Bowl ends in a tie and Clay the actual NFL player getting a trip to the ER with a wrist injury. At night they have drinks in an antique store, you know like we all do. Blake becomes that guy who gets attached early and can't handle her dating other guys, going so far as calling Becca his girlfriend already (she likes this). Clay shows up late with a sling and gets some smoochin' and even better: a rose. Tuck it into the sling for the ultimate accessory!

Becca's got a few crushes and connections going on with all her men, which is a much better standing than last week's mess. But bad news: Clay chooses to leave the show for immediate surgery on his arm, forgoing his chance at love with Becca to ensure he'll still be able to have a job playing football after this. Tis a sad ending. Sorta.

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June 4, 2018

The Bachelorette: Turn Down for What

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Week 2

Becca's official televised first date as the Bachelorette has the guys getting pampered and suited up. But alas it's not just about looking pretty and doing corny modeling poses (JORDAN). They're going to run the Grooms Day relay, hosted by former Bachelorette Rachel and her fiance Brian. It's like Double Dare meets wedding puns, like running with a ball and chain or taking the plunge. Lincoln does whatever it takes to make it down the altar to Becca first including possibly cheating and shoving a guy, but he gets a little kiss and a portrait. The guys resent Lincoln and think he's fake, so when Lincoln starts bragging about the wedding portrait that got printed at CVS, it sets Connor and he throws it on the floor, then out the window. Lincoln immediately tells Becca about what happens and believes physically threatened and has no respect. Becca pulls Connor aside about his behavior and he apologizes for being a little extreme. Oh but some actual connecting happened with Becca and she gives the group date rose to Jean Blanc.

For her first 1-on-1 date of the season, the show reminds us again that Becca was formerly engaged and therefore has bad memories. Becca and Blake get some sledgehammers and got to smash TVs playing her proposal on loop, champagne glasses, a racecar, and lots of other stuff to get the rage out while Lil' Jon performs "Turn Down for What". I'm taking a bold stance: this is the best date in the entire franchise's history. While some interns spend the night sweeping up broken glass and leaving cracked TVs on the curb for trash day, Becca and Blake head to The Warwick for a romantic dinner. Blake opens up about a relationship where he said I love you and was very excited but saw texts on her phone days later of her friends asking if she broke up with him - ouch. What Becca likes is that Blake wants to get to know her and not know The Bachelorette. Becca gives him the date rose and they smooch a bunch.

For the last group date date this week, Becca brings the guys to a loal gymnasium to get trained in dodgeball by some sassy child actors (I see you, kid from The Toy Box). But this is a warm-up for the big event: a dodgeball championship at the indoor trampoline park. The Green Frogs easily defeat the pink team, so bad that I don't even know the team's name. Afterwards, they head for drinks and stealing Becca's time at The Four Seasons. .Colton has a secret he has to get off his chest and reveals he used to date former Arie ex-girlfriend, Tia. Becca's shaken and worried Colton came on the show for the chance to date Tia, not her. Wills ends up getting the group date rose after some great bonding over his parent's 50th anniversary.

It's only week 2 and Becca's stressed by the drama of all her men and the lack of trust she's feeling so early. Clay tries to lighten Becca's mood with touchdown dances and Connor brings a CVS-printed photo of himself for Becca to throw into the pool and get rid of bad Connor. Jordan the Male Model strips down to his undies to get attention and just comes off even sadder than you can imagine. Blake finds it disrespectful to roll up to a cocktail party in his underwear and yes this is a real argument happening. Colton reassures Becca he's here to get to know her, but she admits she's going to be more guarded with him for the time being. Despite her reluctance, Becca gives Colton a rose. Leaving this week are Alex (who?), Rickey (who?), and some other guy who I truly cannot even identify on the cast page.

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May 30, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Wendell is the Sole Survivor (After a Tie)

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Week 13 - Finale!

While Donathan's outburst at the last Tribal Council makes his target ginormous, the plan is to target likeable, strong Sebastian. Wendell remembers to call Probst's name after finishing his puzzle this week and wins a steak and potato reward. He brings Sebastian and Angela along to the feast to butter them up before jury (literally and metaphorically). Finally, Sebastian is ready to make a big move and with Wendell winning immunity, that target is on Domenick. The group speculates that Domenick is bluffing about having two idols and will want to keep it for final five, so the move is to use Sebastian's extra vote to blindside him. Then Angela spills the bean to Domenick and it. is. on. At Tribal Council, Domenick calls out the tribe for concocting a plan against him, then busts out his two idols - one of which is the David Wright fake he found awhile back, but bluffs it's gained power. Jumping on the bandwagon, Wendell puts on his big ass Eric Reichenbach immunity necklace and gets it's a bro-down with Donathan. The tribe votes, no idols are played, and Domenick admits the idol he prematurely gave to Probst is a fake. Sebastian doesn't end up playing his extra vote, which is yet another curse to carry on as he is voted out of the game.

Wendell wins Immunity yet again and guarantees his spot in the final four, which was already guaranteed since he has a Hidden Immunity Idol. Domenick is also safe with his Idol, so buddies Dom and Wendell ponder the options of who to eliminate to further their game. At Tribal Council, there's talk about making the right picks to move forward or else you could lose at the end. Plus, whoever sticks around will have the chance to make fire at the Final Four, a meh twist introduced last season which remains in play. Since Wendell is immune, he hopes he can use Erik's cursed idol to reverse the curse. Donathan argues his case to stick around because he's not good at challenges, but it doesn't help. Wendell gives his no longer cursed idol to Laurel, who plays it on herself. Donathan is voted out of the game, but don't worry because Sia decides to give him money because this is still a thing that happens.

Domenick wins the final Immunity Challenge of the season is to balance while stacking balls on stands. This victory gives Dom the ultimate power of picking who will automatically advance to the final three and which two will head to a firemaking death match. On a trip to Ghost Island as a group, Dom gets one last "prize": he gets to choose which cursed vote urn of the past to use at final Tribal. He picks the urn which gave Tony the win after Woo's awful, but integrity-filled choice. Dom needs to pick the right woman to beat his biggest ally and rival in the firemaking challenge, but Laurel is adament she'll fail and while Angela is confident in building fire, she also knows Wendell is great at it. Domenick wonders if he should make the ballsiest move of all time: forgoe his immunity and face Wendell himself in a firemaking duel. But he decides against that. Dom brings Laurel to the finals, leading to a fire face-off between Wendell and Angela. Wendell is apprehensive of sitting in the cursed orange slot, so he switches with Angela, then wins. Angela becomes the final member of the jury and Dom, Wendell, and Laurel make the final three together.

The final three share a group hug and celebrate with their day 39 breakfast. And then they're off the final Tribal Council, which is the newish City Hall format which Jeff Probst moderates and it's more of a conversation with the jury. Laurel's argument is she played from the bottom from day one due to being on Malolo and was loyal to her allies to the end. However the jury doesn't understand why she would keep the two strongest players around and not make the move, which she explains would benefit others but it wouldn't benefit her. Wendell played strategically but also invested in getting to know her tribemates and make bonds. While Dom and Wendell worked well together, Dom's side is he wanted to make a move against Wendell but couldn't due to immunity, while Wendell says he would hide behind Dom's antics to let him take the heat. Plus Wendell made camp life comfy! He says he was strategic while trying to play clean. Dom defends his overdramatic idol fakeout which offended the jury and hurt poor Sea Bass' feelings. He owns his moves and is proud of it. The jury gets up and votes and this is the ideal time for Probst to peace off on a jet ski... BUT NO!

At the final Tribal Council, Jeff Probst decides to read the jury votes aloud and it's a 4-4 tie between Domenick and Wendell. The tie-breaker comes in the form of the 3rd place member of the final 3: Laurel. Laurel has to cast the vote for the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island and that's revealed at the reunion. And with that last vote the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island is.... Wendell! The "reunion" is barely a half hour and the final 3 get to say maybe two sentences and a couple other fan faves get a sentence in. Probst brings back ice cream scooper Erik and grave digger James to apologize for calling them cursed, then has a horribly fake bit with Kevin Hart. The night ends with a preview of Survivor: David vs. Goliath and hopefully it's a little better than this season, which had a solid ending for a subpar season.

Lastly, I must congratulate this season's Pre-Show Winner Prediction champions! Whereas yet another season my winner tanked, three did what most of us could not do. Congratulations!

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May 28, 2018

The Bachelorette: Becca Starts the Damn Thing

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Week 1

Oh another season of reality TV love! After watching Becca Kufrin get dumped by her fiance Arie whatever-his-last-name-is for a solid hour, Becca is still totally cool with this show and is back to find a fiance again. Trust the devil you know? As they do every single season now, Becca gets inducted into the sorority of leads by former Bachelorettes that are still engaged, including Rachel setting off the smoke alarm from using sage to rid the house of all of Arie's demon energy. After toasting with Becca's stuck-with-forever-catchphrase of "Let's do the damn thing!", Becca gowns up in a gorgeous white dress that looks like it's covered in pearls and heads to the slicked up driveway to meet her suitors.

The limos begin rolling up and while I could list then all, let's just call out the interesting ones because no one wants to read that much. Colton is the first out and brings some confetti poppers to kick off the evening. There's also one too many "damn thing" entrances and my god, make it stop already. The Arie disses are front and center, with Nick showing up in a racecar uniform and removing in and Mike bringing a cardboard cutout of her ex. Blake shows up on a bull this time (he rode a horse to meet Becca on After the Final Rose). Unique transportation of the night also includes Garrett who pulls up in a minivan and Trent who hops out of a hearse. David dresses as a chicken and says "Bec-KAW!" and... yup. Chris arrives in a limo all alone because every other seat is occupied by a twelve-person choir. All in all, some pretty fun entrances and nothing TOO lame.

27 men in their fanciest blazers (plus 1 in a chicken suit) listen to Becca's kickoff speech but are secretly ready to pounce and make their presence known. This includes a lot of props and gags like poems, back massagers, slam dunks, and bracelets. But Becca bonds best with the genuine conversations. But here's the drama: Chris knows Chase's ex-girlfriend, who texted to say Chase is not on the show for the right reasons. Chase comes clean to Becca that it was just a girl he was talking to for a month and hopes this won't affect his chances. Becca starts pondering who is there for the right reasons and sends home Jake right away, because they've actually met a couple of times before in real life, he never expressed interest before, and she's not interested currently. Minus some very minor speedbumps, Becca finds some good connection and gives her first impression rose to minivan Garrett - and they kiss. Will the first impression rose tradition continue and lead to Garrett being Becca's last man standing?

At the first Rose Ceremony, Becca hands out so many roses that I barely paid attention because it's all about who doesn't get a rose. Heading home roseless on night one is Chase and his text, my #1 pick grocery store Joe, "social media participant" Kamil who was awful, and other people. Well this should be an interesting season for sure.

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May 22, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Too Cool for Spools

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Week 12

The unstoppable duo of Wendell and Domenick win the awesome-to-watch spool dropping Reward Challenge and choose Laurel on their Fijian excursion to deliver school supplies (and dine on chocolate cake and fried chicken). It's very clear those two men are running the game and the tribe begins to ponder making the big move. Only problem: Laurel is reluctant to betray her friends, eventhough she knows that's the move to make to win. Donathan is frustrated by his likely fate, so he tries to stir things up between Domenick and Wendell, which only tips them off that Donathan is going to attempt to make a move. Meanwhile, Sebastian gets sent to Ghost Island and gets the steal a vote that sent Michaela home on Game Changers and Kellyn misplayed two votes ago, which is a pretty sick burn.

Wendell loses the Immunity Challenge to Laurel after he forgets that Jeff Probst is not a mind-reader that knows when you finish your puzzle and you have to yell "Done!" Laurel feels bad about this snafu and doesn't think it's right to vote off Wendell when he could've won immunity. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, girl. Domenick and Wendell want to get rid of Kellyn because she's good a challenges and a threat to win. Donathan doesn't believe this is the plan and becomes paranoid that this is all a grander scheme to blindside him. Suddenly, someone who was barely a target on on the radar because they're becoming a loose canon. Classic Survivor!

Tribal Council time! Probst brings up today's challenge and how the mental and physical exhaustion was clear today. Domenick recaps the earlier incident of rummaging through his bag which set Donathan off a bit. Donathan doesn't think his allies should withhold information from him, while Wendell thinks not everything has to be shared. Light whispers and nods begin to happen, saying to stick to the hammock plan. Donathan is fairly sure he's the one going tonight, but Kellyn still believes it's her (but would love if it wasn't). Will it be plan A, B, or C that happens tonight? Domenick receives 1 vote, but the remaining 6 votes are split between Donathan and Kellyn. The tribe has a tiebreaker re-vote and the jury gets Naviti Stronger as Kellyn is voted out of the game.

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May 16, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Family Visits and Fractured Naviti

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Week 11

The remaining castaways (and Jeff Probst) are overwhelmed with emotion when the annual family visit rolls around. Sebastian wins the challenge and gets to enjoy a feast with his sister, then chooses Domenick and his wife, Wendell and his dad, and Donathan and his sassy aunt to join. Wendell forgoes dad dad time for a guaranteed advantage at Ghost Island, which pisses off Kellyn's since someone else could have had a family visit instead. Back at camp, Kellyn tries to rally the women to make a move and get Wendell or Domenick out of the game.

Despite getting an advantage to get a do-over in the ball balancing challenge (a relic of Malcolm in Survivor Philippines), it doesn't help him too much and Domenick wins immunity again. The men are targeting Chelsea because she's the strongest in challenges, and the women are going after Wendell since Dom can't be voted against. Domenick and Laurel are the swing votes, realizing this might be the only time they could go after the powerful pair. Donathan seems more inclined to flip while Laurel is hesitant. What to do, what to do?

Tribal Council time! There's talk about the fallout from the double Tribal Council and some of the tension created. Donathan confirms there IS an opening in the Naviti 6, and that both the women and men approached him. He says there could even be a blindside. The question is Donathan talking to talk, or giving hints? Donathan's mouth might have had a lot spilling out of it, but his side was chosen: the majority votes Chelsea out of the game.

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