Reality Rundown: Waiter, There's an Immunity Idol Clue in my Napkin

4/14/2014 / Comments (0) / by Mel Got Served

Survivor: Cagayen
Week 7
Given the shitshow of the latest tribal, there's some hostility at camp. Kass is happy that 1. she flipped, 2. she's a free agent, and 3. two buff dudes played their idol. Kass' former alliance is pretty ticked off, despite the amusing Tribal Council that had us all talking for days. Spencer is the most vocal because he can't hide his emotions at all, flying off the handle. But the next morning it Morgan is residually pissy, but I guess she always is we simply never see her because she's so dull. Kass compares Morgan to a nearly dead dog who just lays around and you let it live. Morgan's like "She probably hates me because I'm cuter," the most irritating defense ever of people who think they're so hot.  Tony and Trish think they've got Kass on their side, but I'd be worried about her flip-flopping nature.

This week there's a reward challenge where two teams race through a water obstacle course to retrieve a chest, which they drag and then open to solve a puzzle.  The reward is a Survivor-themed Outback Steakhouse feast with steak, baked potatoes, s'mores, and pineapple margaritas.  I have to say, I'm actually delighted to have an obvious product placement and sponsor.  It harks back to the days of shellin' Mountain Dew and this makes me nostalgic.  Now more importantly, will there be a Bloomin' Onion and that bomb pumpernickel bread? The orange team wins because LJ slaughters puzzles. 

LJ, Morgan, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Jefra arrive at the Outback Steakhouse on the beach, but thankfully the waitstaff doesn't sit at the table with you to make awkward ordering small talk.  And it's the best food they've ever had because they've been starving themselves.  When Spencer goes to wipe his hands after a savage s'more binge, he ends up finding a hidden immunity idol clue in his napkin.  As soon as they return to camp, despite the rain, Spencer heads into the woods to read his clue and hunt for his new idol.  Woo follows Spencer into the woods using his "ninja stealth mode" to find out what he's up to, noticing Spencer's khakis laying by the water.  Woo eventually pops out of the trees, makes quick convo, then snags Spencer's idol clue and bolts - BRILLIANT!  Woo gets LJ to start searching, then Spencer corrals his tribe to claim the idol.  It's pure chaos.  After telling Spencer it was karma for Woo to steal the clue from him, Spencer finds the idol right in front of an oblivious Kass.  Oh Kass, you ding dong.

The Immunity Challenge this week is to balance while balancing a block on their head that's wedged to a top bar.  It's kind of painful and irritating, really just a battle of willpower and endurance.  I appreciate their perseverance but it's boring to watch. In a final two battle of Tasha and Spencer, it's Spencer's week as he wins immunity.

Kass doesn't think the other alliance has an idol, so Tony and his crew try to come up with a plan "A" which is easy: Morgan.  Their thinking is no one would play an idol on Morgan, because what a waste.  However the concern is "chaos" Kass again, because she's a known flipper with no real loyalties.  Spencer knows that a move is possible if they can convince Kass to flip again and take out someone on the other side (Tony).  Kass knew Spencer would come crawling back.  Her "free agent" gameplay is so irritating to me, eventhough I often hate the lemming idea of alliances.  I think it's Kass' general attitude about everything and her arrogance.  I'm so Survivor emotional, guys.

Tribal Council time!  Sarah arrives as the first jury member, and then Probst starts probing.  Kass brings up how she got shunned and raged at three days ago for the hell she started by flipping.  Spencer feels bad for his rage, but is glad he has immunity.  Tony explains they're voting based on strength, ability to disrupt alliances, etc. and Morgan's like "Oh well that's not me." And Trish agrees and reminds Morgan that she's lazy and does nothing at camp.  Morgan acts all cute and is used to life being easy for her because of her looks and seriously, I want to gag.  And not the fabulous "gagging on your eleganza" RuPaul style.  Tony and Spencer get into a little spat about their alliances which were formed based on merge shuffle, but Tony's relying too much on Kass - who even Probst points out is a flip flopping disaster.  The votes are cast, no idol is played, and Morgan and her jugs are out of the game.

Reality Rundown: Solarrion Chokes On Their Sarah Sandwich

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Survivor: Cagayen
Week 6

With Alexis gone, Aparri feels closer than ever and does a hands in "final six" - unless someone flips, of course.  That flipper could be Sarah, who will flip if she doesn't feel the group trusts her which is kinda obvious given Kass' conversation with her.  And that's a conversation worth having because... MERGE TIME!  When Solana hears the news, Tony and LJ run into the woods to quickly retrieve their hidden immunity idols before the voyage over to their new beach.  Solana greets Aparri with a picnic lunch and the comfort items they stole last week. Well at least you got exclusivity for three days.  Merged they become Solarrion, which reminds me of that other Tolkien book.  The big news is that an additional hidden immunity idols with different powers is now hidden and everyone is thinking in the back of their head, "Heyyy should I fake diarrhea and search for this idol right now?"

Tony is keenly aware that Aparri outnumbers them and hopes Sarah will flip back, remembering that cop vow they made awhile back.  His alliance is praying he can flip her because if not, they're doomed.  Sarah's loving her spot as the swing vote, getting to make all the calls of how this game will go.  She likens her position to being a Sarah sandwich, which would be a great reward challenge treat. In fact, she's pretty arrogant about her position and almost demands Aparri follow her orders to keep her as a number in their alliance.  She even dangles Tony's deal in front of them to prove she's in demand.  Kass ain't having it! And Jeremiah's too dumb to know a decent move ("We need to get rid of Jefra.")

Individual immunity is up for grabs, y'all!  The terrifying demon idol is gone and we're given... a demon-faced immunity necklace.  Something to haunt you always!  This week's challenge is to balance on triangular platforms, moving up the triangle until they're on the bitty beam in the middle.  Everyone makes it through the first 30 minutes, but once they get to the top rung people start falling.  Then it get crazy windy, everyone's wobbling, and everyone falls except for Tony and Woo.  Tony can't get his balance and Woo is kickass, so he wins immunity.  Rocking double buns for tonight paid off!

Post-challenge, Sarah has chosen his side and would like to go with Aparri even if she doesn't like Kass.  Most of Aparri would like to get rid of Jefra, but Sarah believes no one from Solana has immunity idols and they should go for Tony.  In fact, Sarah guarantees he doesn't have an idol.  But Solana is onto Sarah and know she's trying to run shit and is turning on them.  Tony tries to work his magic, attempting to offer a final three with him and Trish.  Meanwhile, Trish has been very observant about Sarah and Kass' rift.  Trish points out that Kass is in the bottom of her group with Sarah around and maybe she'd like to join them and take Sarah out.  Slow clap for Trish, letting this rift develop and pouncing when needed.

Tribal Council time!  LJ knows he's a threat and should be worried, because now is the time you're free to eliminate the strong.  Tony explains that an alliance isn't numbers but "comfort" AKA trust.  Probst brings up idols.  LJ says he hasn't seen any but Tony is a baller and is like, "I have one."  He's not just going to use it for him, he'll use it for the tribe.  Spencer doesn't believe him and Tony's like F this, puts the idol around his neck, and Aparri is like WTF.  "The other one!" they say to each other after their plan was foiled.  Tony does play his hidden immunity idol, but he gives it to LJ instead.  But Aparri is smirking.  "Hold on Jeff," LJ says... and he takes out HIS idol to over Tony!  The votes are coming out and Aparri is so smug because they voted for Jefra, and no one saved him.  Props for smoking out the idols, but she's a waste.  But in a 6-5 vote, it's Sarah who is totally blindsided when Kass flipped.  The Solana five are excited and cheering, saying it was worth losing two idols becuase they'll find the new one.  Kass is quickly sussed out as the flipper.  "Kass, zero chance of winning the game," says Spencer.  "We've got a long way to go," she replies.  SURVIVOR IS AMAZING.

Reality Rundown: Yup, Another Quitter

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Survivor: Cagayen
Week 5

Solana gets back to camp and Lindsay is pissed at Trish.  Lindsey repeatedly tells Trish she's annoying, and Trish could care less.  Someone's cranky cause of betrayal!  Lindsey is moping on a log when suddenly Probst pops out of the woods to talk to her.  Lindsey is so against being around Trish, believing she'll freak out on her, but can't be around her and quits.  Well that's a first.  Talk about a poor sport who can't just handle it.  And honestly if you can't resolve issues without violence, don't come on a show that's all about pushing buttons. Probst moseys to Solana camp to tell the tribe Lindsey quit the game.  Trish feels a little bad but also, c'mon, toughen up Lindsey.  Tony obviously takes credit, because everything is part of his brilliant plan.  And now Woo and his double buns are in more trouble than before.

The tribes convene for the Reward Challenge and Aparri's mind is blown when they see there's two gone, not one.  It's another physical battle challenge where two survivors enter the ring balancing a little idol, trying to knock off their competitor's idol.  Reward on the line is the winning tribe gets to raid the losers camp.  They can get all their goods! And maybe in a summer camp move, some undies??  Despite the shitshow from the night before, Solana wins the reward.  Woo and Tony are chosen by the tribe for the raid and get a little note to bring along too.  Question is, will Tony bring back his infamous spy shack?

At Aparri camp, the note specifies which items they're allowed to take.  There's also a hidden immunity idol clue for back at Solana beach (they take comfort and fishing items).  Always thinking, Tony comes up with a lie to give the idol clue, which doesn't even apply to their beach, to biggest threat Jeremiah to target him.  Aparri's mind is blown, "Jeremiah is unpredictable!" "Tony and Woo want to work with him!"  Jeremiah heads into the woods and reads his clue, which is the exact same clue that they received when he was on the Beauty beach.  He knows it's a fake, but Tony took back the clue so he has no proof and instead becomes the biggest target on his tribe.  Tony and Woo are laughing it up recapping this to Solana. Tony is so happy and trusting with his tribe that he comes clean about being a cop.  But his tribe also get confirmation that he's a liar, willing to do whatever to move ahead so it actually backfires a smidge.

Immunity is back up for grabs in a pretty cool challenge.  It requires constructing a staircase, navigating a big, tall bamboo maze, and untying knots.  But wait, there's more! A bamboo slide, unraveling a key, using a machete to drop puzzle pieces, and solving a puzzle. Oh and that puzzle is a combination! Challenge to the extreme!  It's exciting to watch the challenge, which is neck-in-neck the whole time. Solana wins immunity, hugging, while Tony is chanting "top five!"  Sarah is not too pleased to overhear "top five" when she's on the other side.

Tony's chant is the topic at Aparri camp, who found it overconfidant and very telling.  Alexis believes they wouldn't be so confident if they didn't have a sixth Aparri ally, who she believes it's Jeremiah.  Alexis or Jeremiah are the top candidates to send home since they have connections on the other tribe (Sarah is smooth sailing).  After weeks of horrible, the brains run this shit.

Tribal Council time!  Probst asks if it's basically tribal tightness: three brains, three beauty, one brawn.  The beauties kind of admit they aren't so tight.  The brains are glad the others aren't so awesome and had problems too, but they need a fixed tribe.  Sarah talks about how she's been dropped, now a lone wolf after Tony's "top five" chant.  The biggest concern is the eventual merge, but Alexis is too focused on taking out what could be an ally (Jeremiah) rather than easy pickens (Sarah).  Morgan reminds the group that Alexis could flip too.  Alexis insists she wouldn't flip and only her and Sarah keep their word; Jeremiah is a proven liar.  But the tribe decides to send Alexis crying out of the game.