May 22, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Too Cool for Spools

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Week 12

The unstoppable duo of Wendell and Domenick win the awesome-to-watch spool dropping Reward Challenge and choose Laurel on their Fijian excursion to deliver school supplies (and dine on chocolate cake and fried chicken). It's very clear those two men are running the game and the tribe begins to ponder making the big move. Only problem: Laurel is reluctant to betray her friends, eventhough she knows that's the move to make to win. Donathan is frustrated by his likely fate, so he tries to stir things up between Domenick and Wendell, which only tips them off that Donathan is going to attempt to make a move. Meanwhile, Sebastian gets sent to Ghost Island and gets the steal a vote that sent Michaela home on Game Changers and Kellyn misplayed two votes ago, which is a pretty sick burn.

Wendell loses the Immunity Challenge to Laurel after he forgets that Jeff Probst is not a mind-reader that knows when you finish your puzzle and you have to yell "Done!" Laurel feels bad about this snafu and doesn't think it's right to vote off Wendell when he could've won immunity. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, girl. Domenick and Wendell want to get rid of Kellyn because she's good a challenges and a threat to win. Donathan doesn't believe this is the plan and becomes paranoid that this is all a grander scheme to blindside him. Suddenly, someone who was barely a target on on the radar because they're becoming a loose canon. Classic Survivor!

Tribal Council time! Probst brings up today's challenge and how the mental and physical exhaustion was clear today. Domenick recaps the earlier incident of rummaging through his bag which set Donathan off a bit. Donathan doesn't think his allies should withhold information from him, while Wendell thinks not everything has to be shared. Light whispers and nods begin to happen, saying to stick to the hammock plan. Donathan is fairly sure he's the one going tonight, but Kellyn still believes it's her (but would love if it wasn't). Will it be plan A, B, or C that happens tonight? Domenick receives 1 vote, but the remaining 6 votes are split between Donathan and Kellyn. The tribe has a tiebreaker re-vote and the jury gets Naviti Stronger as Kellyn is voted out of the game.

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May 16, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Family Visits and Fractured Naviti

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Week 11

The remaining castaways (and Jeff Probst) are overwhelmed with emotion when the annual family visit rolls around. Sebastian wins the challenge and gets to enjoy a feast with his sister, then chooses Domenick and his wife, Wendell and his dad, and Donathan and his sassy aunt to join. Wendell forgoes dad dad time for a guaranteed advantage at Ghost Island, which pisses off Kellyn's since someone else could have had a family visit instead. Back at camp, Kellyn tries to rally the women to make a move and get Wendell or Domenick out of the game.

Despite getting an advantage to get a do-over in the ball balancing challenge (a relic of Malcolm in Survivor Philippines), it doesn't help him too much and Domenick wins immunity again. The men are targeting Chelsea because she's the strongest in challenges, and the women are going after Wendell since Dom can't be voted against. Domenick and Laurel are the swing votes, realizing this might be the only time they could go after the powerful pair. Donathan seems more inclined to flip while Laurel is hesitant. What to do, what to do?

Tribal Council time! There's talk about the fallout from the double Tribal Council and some of the tension created. Donathan confirms there IS an opening in the Naviti 6, and that both the women and men approached him. He says there could even be a blindside. The question is Donathan talking to talk, or giving hints? Donathan's mouth might have had a lot spilling out of it, but his side was chosen: the majority votes Chelsea out of the game.

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May 6, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Two Malolos Go-Go

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Week 10

With day 39 closely approaching and a lot of players still in the game, Survivor gets right now to business: double elimination. Well, sorta. The ten remaining players are randomly split into two tribes to compete for individual immunity, then each of those "tribes" will vote someone off. Chelsea secures immunity on the purple temporary tribe, then Wendell and Domenick try to outlast each other until Dom gets his win for the orange tribe. It's a good night for Dom as he also finds the fake idol David made on Millennials vs. Gen-X and has this little trick up his sleeve for the future.

Given the nontraditional format of this week's episode, my blog's going off-format too. Let's give it a roll!

The temp purple tribe is what we could call the non-entity tribe because they're barely had screentime this season: Chelsea, Angela, Sebastian, Jenna, and Donathan. Surprise, surprise - the Naviti three plan to target Jenna, but tell her they're voting off Donathan. Jenna buys their story, so when Donathan considers playing his idol to save her, Jenna thinks it's this masterful move that will remove Donathan and his idol from the game. Come Tribal Council time, Jenna plays up that she's probably going home and ready to vote and get it over with. Donathan plays the Immunity Idol on himself and is very satisfied when the first vote for him is null. But the rest of those votes are not for Donathan, but Jenna. She gets her torch snuffed and immediately joins the jury to view the second Tribal Council of the evening.

All members of the orange tribe are the season's heavy-hitters: Domenick, Wendell, Laurel, Michael, and Kellyn. Michael wants to fake everyone out by borrowing Donathan's idol, but Donathan squashes that idea immediately. Michael is able to put enough fear into Kellyn without any physical proof that she starts scrambling to protect herself. Kellyn's plan is use her regular vote and play her extra vote advantage to put two votes on Laurel, just in case of an idol. Wendell warns Laurel that there is a vote coming her way via Kellyn, and Laurel hopes her allies could change their plans and vote Kellyn. Domenick is confident Michael is lying and isn't going to let his plans waver, but Michael plays up his bluff. Seeing Jenna on the jury sets the tone that this is potentially another night of, ugh, Naviti Strong. Laurel points out that her safety in the game relies on others having the correct read on Michael, and its agreed by all that if this isn't played correctly it could have major game remifications. When the votes are read, there are quite a few surprises. Wendell and Kellyn each receive one vote, but there's a two-vote tie between Michael and Laurel. The jury astutely notices there is an extra vote (ah the way the mind works when you're not malnourished) on a weird piece of crossed out parchment with Michaela's name on it (reminder that if you voted for Michael you'd just have to scratch off the A). The tribe re-votes and finally takes Michael out of the game.

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April 30, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: No Longer Naviti Strong

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Week 9

Guys, a miracle happens: there's a Jurassic Park reference on Survivor! I kid, that's not the miracle but it's cool. No the miracle is that Desiree is finally reading to ditch the Navitis to get ahead in the game, specifically targeting Domenick, Wendell, and Kellyn. Laurel tells Dom that Desiree is trying to rally the Malolos, and this worries Dom. Dom tells Kellyn but her head is so far up the metaphorical Naviti ass that she doesn't believe it's true. And if she thinks that sounds like a lie, well get this: Donathan has an idol! He finds the two halves of the failed Super Idol of Survivor Kaoh Rong, but he completes the idol with Michael and Jenna present to looks like old Malolo is in the know-know.

The latest balance-related endurance Immunity Challenge is won by Chelsea, but she gets no confessionals. Speaking of getting nothing, the billionth rock draw of the season sends Angela to Ghost Island and she gets no vote at Tribal Council because the odds were in her favor, yet totally against her. But let's get to the stuff that matters. Desiree finds out her plan to blindside Kellyn is over because of Laurel, so Desiree confronts Laurel and tries to cast doubt on the story.. Kellyn can't decide who to believe as Desiree denies it all and Laurel/Jenna try to get Kellyn to open her ears and STFU about sticking with Naviti. Dom wants to keep Michael and the other strong players around, but Kellyn refuses and insists it must be Michael. What's a confused tribe to do?

Tribal Council time! Right off the bat, Donathan brings up Desiree and Laurel and the crazy day they just had. Laurel explains what happened exactly and Donathan seconds her; Desiree denies. Jenna and Michael chime in; Desiree denies. Chelsea thinks this is Malolo trying to find a way to break up Naviti and save themselves. Laurel insists she's telling the truth but the cultlike mind of Naviti is making it hard to break through and this is when I want to give a standing ovation. Desiree hopes fate is on her side but unfortunately it is not and she is voted out of the game.

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April 23, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: The Effing Stick Works

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Week 8

The first merge boot was easy, but lots of new targets are emerging. Wendell practically carries his entire team (with the help of Lauren) to win a taco party reward, showing what a physical threat he is. Wendell also shares the news about his idol and Domenick's to Laurel, and she's concerned her two allies have too much power in the game. Libby got votes at the last Tribal Council because she's allegedly a power couple with Michael, and once your name is on the streets you're in trouble (that's me utilizing learnings from The Wire). Michael tries wooing Angela to his side, but instead uses this information to put an even bigger target on his back.

Now that Chris is gone, Angela really comes out from behind his shadow this week by creating minor camp chaos and dominating the gross food Immunity Challenge by downing larva, sea slugs, and Mother of Pearl. The tribe consensus is to vote off Michael, but just in case of an Idol they'll throw a few votes Libby's way. Michael tries to rally the Malolos to vote together to stop Naviti from having the majority; Donathan is kind of onboard, while Laurel is hesistent given the final four deal they have with recommended target Wendell. Libby is torn where to give her allegiance after learning she's the backup vote but there's also a possible resistance movement.

Tribal Council time! Probst kicks off the evening in awe of Angela's sea slug downing and she's happy to have taken control of her fate in the game. Donathan voices that Malolo vs. Naviti is old news and it's a Lavita battle, which Desiree sort of agrees with in that you need to make whatever moves it'll take to get to the end. There's already talk about what kind of people might make it to the end, which seems early but I guess you always need to think about the endgame. Michael emphasizes that many are playing the game comfortable AKA Malolo-pickoff-time, and that you have to seize the moment and numbers when they're in your favor. Michael seizes the moment correctly and plays his Hidden Immunity Idol, the effing stick from Survivor: Micronesia which is an actual idol now after festering on Ghost Island. He says, "This one's for Ozzy" and last time I checked it was Jason and Eliza who got burned by it, but everyone is obsessed with Ozzy til this day. All votes for Michael are null and there are a lot of them. Michael votes for Wendell, but the rest of the tribe puts a few votes on Libby and their ongoing back-up option is finally eliminated.

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April 15, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: A Noble Exit

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Week 7

After a few switches and the elimination of many Malolos, the tribes merge! What this also means is everyone is immersed in the Domenick vs. Chris beef which cannot be squashed despite a Wendell intervention. A head-to-head is brewing, but it'll take some Survivor magic or strong alliances to save them. Domenick has his Hidden Immunity Idol, a fake idol, and the Legacy Advantage. Chris initially has nothing but poor rapping skills, but he's able to successfully obtain a JT's unplayed Game Changers Hidden Immunity Idol on a secret mission to Ghost Island thanks to a discrete clue in his merge buff. It's not all good stuff though as Chris loses his ability to vote in the next Tribal Council in a chance to extend the life of the idol (now good for two Tribals). But if both rivals have idols, which poor Survivor might fall in the potential idolgeddon coming?

It won't be Kellyn who wins the first Individual Immunity of the season, a feat of endurance to balance a lil' tiki on a pole while also balancing themselves on a narrow beam. She gets to wear the sacred necklace which is the most underwhelming piece of victory I've seen but I guess they spent all their focus finding old idols instead of constructing new ones. I digress; back to the show. Chris convenes the majority of Lavita, the newly named merged tribe, to tell them to vote off Domenick, but throw a few votes Wendell's way in case an idol is played. Dom and Wendell confide in each other about their idols and agree to play them, then work on the counter-play to get rid of Chris instead. And then there's Kellyn who thinks they should pick off a Malolo again because of course. Which side of the war will win?

Tribal Council time! Chris lights his torch for the first time because it's his first ever Tribal Council - let's give him a round of applause. Probst talks about trusting your gut and adapting your game, which of course leads to a discussion of Dom vs. Chris and also the missteps along the way to make them enemies. Wendell brings up that him and Domenick were left out of the strategizing today, and Angela says she'll roll with the majority and hints maybe smaller plans could be in effect too. Kellyn and Chris both have similar sentiments in trusting your gut and the alliances you've made, so time to test that. The tribe votes, where Domenick audibly shouts his vote against Chris and Wendell gives the most spectacular speech imploring Chris to never wrap again. Probst tallies the votes and Domenick plays the Legacy Advantage willed to him by Morgan, since it's only good for when 13 or 6 players remaining. Any votes cast again Dom would be null, but there are none. There are 2 votes for Libby and the rest for Chris, who walks out the game with an unplayed idol in his pocket. A doubly cursed relic for Ghost Islands of the future!

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