February 11, 2009

Look who's blogging now

2/11/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served 1 comment
Well, well, well... yes, I have joined the blogosphere. Encouraged by my boss to learn about blogging and to become more active on the "interweb" (as I call it), I've decided to start my blog. And I know what you're thinking: "Thank god, I've dreamt of hearing Melissa's opinions on everything." Yes, I know and that's why I am here- to make all of your dreams come true. So check back periodically for whatever I decide to talk about- TV, movies, viral videos, random lists and thoughts. So keep reading, leave comments, and tell everyone to come stop by. Stay tuned kids, hopefully I'll stay interesting.


Jonathan Golden said...

I have dreamt of hearing Melissa's opinions on everything! Creepy...