February 27, 2009

Reality Rundown: Sous-Vide with Caution

The Biggest Loser - We ended last episode with the Black team winning the challenge and getting a 3lb advantage at the next weigh in. At the weigh-in, Blue weight in first and pulls some decent numbers- my ex-Purple girls pull double digits! But frightening-without-a-shirt Ron only did 5lbs again and I think his time should come to an end because he's injured and whines a lot. The Black team needs to get over 40lbs as a team to win the weigh-in, which they easily do. So Blue has to kick someone off and it comes down to Ron, who is injured and won't help the team win, or Dane because Ron claims Dane can lose the weight at home and has support. Stupid Aubrey doesn't want to make a decision so she votes for Kristen. Are you kidding me? She pulled 10lbs, you did 5! Man up and make a real vote! Bob's old team sticks together and Dane goes home and runs a marathon with his wife. I'm so over Ron and his son and while I understand old bonds are tight, Ron is dead weight and needs to go.

American Idol - If you thought last week was bad, well this week was worse. I can't even pick 3 who will make it. I'll give you who I knew would move on: 16 year old girl and Guyliner. The rest I just can't even comment because they were so bad. Nick/Norman's performance of that Dreamgirls song was pretty hilarious though (watch here)- especially when he yelled "Doogie!" at audience member, Neil Patrick Harris? The real highlight of the night? The girl who performed first's mother, who was the most bitter looking lady. Pay attention to the photo highlights below (in a handy slideshow!) When her daughter sings, it's pure joy. But they sat her in the second row the entire episode, which is right behind where the current singer's guests sit, and she is the most bitter looking woman the whole time. When the entire audience is giving a standing ovation, pay attention... she's still sitting down! This absolutely made my night and helped make up for an abysmal 2 hours of singing.

In case you were wondering, 16 year old, Guyliner, and the kid who sang "Man in the Mirror" (who we called Old Archuleta) moved. Old Archuleta was a maybe in my eyes, but I thought maybe hippie girl had a chance. Oh, well- another 12 to suffer through next week!

Top Chef - Finale part 2. Former Top Chef finalists that lost are the contestant's sous chefs. Richard Blais is back- who wants banana scallops? Marcel from Season 2 is back and I'm way over him. I get excited when Carla gets Casey from Season 3, because Casey was a great chef. Big mistake! Carla ends up letting Casey dictate too much of the menu and my poor Carla loses, and I almost cry. I think I was as upset as Carla who, if it weren't for 2 Casey-handed dishes, probably would've won. It comes down to Hosea, who didn't make dessert, and Stefan who did. But since Stefan's dessert was nothing great and Hosea had a better meal overall, he wins. BFD. Unless it was Carla, I didn't care. Hosea and Stefan's childish bickering was such an annoyance this season and they focused on it so much, I figured it would be them head-t0-head in the finale with Hosea "triumphing." But overall, another great season (even if Carla didn't win). Come back soon Top Chef!

Survivor - Remember when Coach wanted to only align with the strong and then voted off Candace? Well now he's just ready to pick off the annoyances. While Coach is annoying also, I will say up until last night, he was basically the only player's name I knew. My favorite player has to go to Tyson, who was deemed "assistant coach" and has declared that if tribes are ever shaken up he will demand to be called "Coach" also, not to mention saying he wanted to blindside another castaway because "She's wants to be here so bad" that he wants to crush her dreams. LOVE! One of the contestants sent to Exile returns to camp and finds the Immunity Idol hidden in the Tree Mail post- so this should be interesting. Who will he confide this information to? I'd say NO ONE! But maybe Taj, since they are creating a secret cross-tribe alliance that could pay off, if everyone can be trusted. Jalapao (Red team) is really bonding- they won blankets and pillows, have been catching fish, and are really working as a team and it shows: they win both the reward and immunity challenge, so Timbira (black) have to vote someone off. Poor Jerry is sick and trying to hide his true pain, but it's not enough. His tribe knows he's the weakest link and gets rid of him. So sad- another likable one leaves!

America's Best Dance Crew - Final 3 and wow, did 2 of the 3 bring it. Luckily, Fly Kicks are finally eliminated. Beat Freaks automatically advance to the Finals since they received the most votes and as usual, their routines are great. But Quest Crew came to win. They were phenomenal in both the "Hip Hop Decathalon" and their final original performance. I was blown away- so much that... I voted. Yes, one vote for Quest Crew. Last week I had said I'd be happy if either won, and I still would be, but I think after last night, while I love my Beat Freaks... Quest Crew deserves the win. Also, I'd like to give kudos to the stylish Lil' Mama who ditched her old Yankee caps and shiny track jackets for her new fashionable look- lookin' good Mama! JC- still wearing cardigans... Next week: the winner is announced!