March 11, 2009

Reality Rundown: An EEEasy Decision

In this Reality Rundown...

The Amazing RaceThe Celebrity ApprenticeI Love Money
Dancing With the StarsThe Biggest Loser

The Amazing Race - The team's are off to Siberia this week and again plagued by flight troubles. 3 teams easily make it to Siberia, while the other 5 miss the connection in Moscow and have to wait. This gives the 3 teams a huge leg up, and the flight attendants win the leg, with the sisters coming in second. However, the stuntmen blow this huge lead with poor directional skills. For the Roadblock, teams either have to stack logs or build and install shutters. Everyone opts for the logs (with one guy there very happy to congratulate the "cure girls"), but once those logs tumble, several teams switch to the shutters. Sadly this week there is no rolling cheese or pies, but one person for the Roadblock does get to go on a metal bobslide ride, where they also have to remember 6 letters and unscramble them to determine a Russian playwright. Most racers really don't have knowledge of Russian literature, so figuring out the answer was Chekhov proved trying to many. While eventually they all got it, with no knowledge of Russian and no mention of Chekhov before, I just think this was a tricky task. But tonight was the first U Turn of the race, but with a twist! Usually U Turns require the team that gives the penalty to reveal themselves, but now, they don't have to which makes it far more interesting. I was saying if the show wants drama and to make it harder, the U Turn should have to be given out say by the first team to get there. Anyhoo, Margie and Luke (the mother/deaf son team) play the strategy card and give it to the dating couple whose names I do not know. The dating couple has to do both roadblocks (after they had quit the logs before) and since they were in last place when they were given the U Turn, they obviously go home. But here's my thought on how to make the Race a little more exciting. Instead of awarding trips and prizes to the first place team each week, give them an advantage in the next leg, like a penalty to give to another team, a time advantage, maybe even a GPS. I think that could make for more interesting race legs rather than winning a trip to Cozumel or motorcycles. Next week on the Race: running in skivvies! (image from

The Celebrity Apprentice - The project this week is to create a comic book character for, an online shoe and shopping paradise with excellent customer service. The men pick Scott Hamilton as project manager since he was organized last week, and the ladies pick Khloe Kardashian because she has retail experience. The ladies suffer a bit from a lack of a leader at first, but Khloe eventually steps up and does a decent job. They create some character called Mizz Z and make some pro-golfer on their team dress as the character and she doesn't like to dress skanky. The men's team is just plain nuts. Clint Black spends the whole time arguing with everyone, Tom Green wants his opinions heard so makes a scene, and Scott comes up with the worst name for a character ever: EEE (for everytime, everywhere, everything?)- instead of using the Z name to go along with Zappos. The men's presentation is pretty good, courtesy of Tom Green sucking up his dislike for the name, etc and making a good speech, but the name is what ultimately loses them the challenge. Scott only wants to take Tom in the boardroom, but brings Hershel Walker in with him to have someone else on his side. Hershel in this episode came off as thinking he is high and mighty- sort of bossing people around without them knowing. He thinks he's all-knowing but just comes off as annoying to me. Plus, Tom Green is entertaining and the rest of the men's team are a snooze. Anyways, Tom and Scott duke it out- the Donald points out Clint should've been in the boardroom for being such a distraction. Lots of back and forth arguing and interrupting and talking about testicular cancer, but in the end Scott Hamilton is sent home. While Scott is a good dude, his leadership stunk and he's not creative at all. The Apprentice is about, for whatever this is worth, creative thinking and that's Tom, not Scott. Tom has already promised to be the PM next week so he's ready to take on the challenge which we see next week is... selling wedding dresses. Someone get Dennis Rodman back into a wedding dress STAT! (image from

I Love Money - The Chicken Catapult is back! Paymasters this week are Ice for Gold and Entertainer for Green. The women set up the catapults and the Entertainer single-handedly wins the challenge for Green, catching all 5 raw chickens. On the Gold team, they couldn't get their catapult to work and caught none. The Vault ends up throwing in the Entertainer's alliance of Buckwild, 20 Pack and Heat and the Entertainer is pissed because his plan was to get rid of the snake, Tailor Made. But Tailor Made's alliance of losers pulled a fast one. We also learn later, in an Ocean's 11-esque montage, that the Gold team threw the challenge, with Ice making sure the catapult didn't work- pretty sneaky sis! Heat and 20 Pack get completely wasted before the power outing and are a mess- the Entertainer asks his team to choose who should stay and go between Heat and 20 Pack. Buckwild and The Entertainer are showmancing and have a weird makeout session when he gives her the check- it's awkward. In the end, Heat is sent packing and BAWLS. He joins the club of men bawling on TV that were having the best week ever last week (new BFF for Jason and Macho!) (image from

Dancing with the Stars - Let me preface by saying I don't like this show at all. My mom is a fan though so we watched the premiere and if I report more going forward I'll probably be reporting the opinions of my mother, an avid reader of Mel Got Served. I will say that I am routing for any pair that includes a former So You Think You Can Dance contestant. Sadly, adorable Chelsea Hightower has been paired with Mr. Jewel, Ty Murray, so she is not going to last long. Current front runners: rapper Lil Kim, gymnast Shawn Johnson, jilted Bachelorette Melissa, and some guy who showed his manparts in the Sex and the City movie. I am routing for Steve-O and David Allen Grier (DAG!) for entertainment purposes. The quick to go's include Ty Murray, Steve Wozniak, and likely Steve-O. Maybe some other people who are only half celebs that I can't even remember. But when I watch this show, I will watch half the routine and then skip to the next routine. I can't stand the judges at all and Samantha Harris the co-host is so awful and dead behind the eyes. But if I had to call a winner now, my money is on Bachelorette Melissa, who tied for second last night after only 48 hours of rehearsal. While she has dancing experience and is sort of a ringer, who cares, she's good. And it allows more Jason bashing- Bachelorgate '09! (image from

The Biggest Loser - We finish off the To Be Continued of last week and learn Dan lost enough weight to keep both teams safe. But Alison has more news: this week, it's not about team weight. Instead, they will be in head-to-head face offs- whoever loses more gets a point for their team, first team to 3 wins. The winner of the pop challenge gets to determine the face offs and can't-ever-lose-a-challenge Tara wins again. Her pairings clearly indicate another Blue loss. Everyone is training hard, except Filipe who is getting no one-on-one training from Jillian, which is pretty BS. While he can continue to do his own thing, that time with a trainer to really focus on where you need improvement is helpful. There's a reward challenge at 24HourFitness where the winning team will win a luxury trip. Surprise- Black wins again! So off they go, but these people don't realize that rewards away from the gym always spell disaster on the Biggest Loser. So while Blue works out harder than ever to try and rise as the underdogs, Black indulges in mani/pedis, massages, and binge eating/drinking. After shrimp cocktails, prime rib, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, cigarettes and tequila shots, the Black team consumes almost 16,000 calories on their night out. The next day Jillian confronts her team about their behavior, scolding them. I totally agree with this- I mean, you're on the Biggest Loser trying to lose weight, why would you do this? And Black is so cocky that they'll win the weigh in, it's horrible. But Jillian's button pushing finally hits Filipe who flips out on Jillian. "I waited two and a half hours on the treadmill and you didn't even train me!" (thanks for the quote James!) Filipe has had enough and walks out on Jillian, as does his cousin Sione. Being trained by Jillian isn't working for them and has made them more focused on winning, rather than losing the weight and bettering themselves, so they train with Bob. Weigh in. The Black team fumbles, with Tara losing 0, Lazy Laura gaining 1lb and Filipe losing 1lb. In terms of points it down to 2-2, with the Blue team heading for an easy victory with the Black team slipup... until Mandi gains 2lbs. Blue loses AGAIN. Laura from Black won an extra vote last week, so will vote with Blue this week and could potentially force a tie, allowing Black to decide who goes home. Scary-without-a-shirt Ron avoids elimination again, pointing out it's Mandi's time to go and she can do it at home. Her sister Aubrey wants to take the bullet and go home, begging Laura to help them force a tie and send Aubrey home. In the end it looks like the plan will happen, until Mandi sacrifices herself and allows herself to go home. Another good episode, mainly for the flipouts and the falling off the diet bandwagon. It's like watching a less illegal Sober House. (source image from