March 28, 2009

Reunite the cast of Saved by the Bell!

3/28/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
In case you didn't know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Saved by the Bell. I didn't know it had been 20 years until Late Night with Jimmy Fallon brought it up, but everyone who knows me knows how much I love Saved by the Bell. I own all the seasons (including The College Years) on DVD. I can answer ridiculous trivia questions, and even had autographs of the cast (except Screech, for obvious reasons). I'm such a fan that I've even admitted that I enjoy the plotlines of the Tori episodes. Oh, and I'm an even bigger fan since I wrote a term paper for marketing class on Zach Morris. So Jimmy Fallon has made it his goal to get the entire cast of SBTB to reunite on his show, and I too will advocate this cause. We must make this happen. Click here to sign the petition to show the cast how much we'd like to see them reunite. I'm also leaving you two fantastic video clips. Clip 1 is Jimmy Fallon's description of the reunion and the first cast-member to join the cause. Clip 2 is just a fantastic fan-made montage to Zack Attack's "Friends Forever" to show you all the amazing moments the gang shared.