March 5, 2009


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A few people have recently told me, "I love your blog, but what does Mel Got Served mean." Well, I'm here to explain for those unaware of the pop culture reference.

Urban Dictionary defines "You Got Served" as: "A slang expression that is usually used when someone proves that they are better than someone else." In 2004, a movie was released about street dancing titled You Got Served, and while the plot was pretty lame, the dance moves were amazing. But, the immortal phrase is spoken upon the main character's squad losing their first round, the winning team came over and said the greatest line ever, "You're just mad cause tonight, you suckas just got served." Spoiler alert! At the end the OC rich boy squad gets SERVED! by the lead character's squad and chant Served!

From then on, it's been a phrase I use all the time, as so do my friends. It's just so fun to say and completely sums up when someone kind of calls you out or beats you. If you tell someone off or put someone in their place, we yelled Served! Sometimes we yelled Served! in restaurants when we get food. Win at Trivial Pursuit? Chant Served! to show your dominance. It can be, and between myself and friends (particularly Nina), used for any and all occasions. You can even So when it came time to name my blog, I wanted something pop culturey and memorable- that's where Mel Got Served came from. (image of me serving Athena the dog from Nina)

Skip to the 7:45 mark for the final Serving and crowd chant.