March 30, 2009

Serving of the Week

3/30/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
SERVING of the Week
Name: Vince "ShamWow Guy" Shlomi
SERVED: In case you live or Mars or just really hate television, a glorious invention called the ShamWow has taken over our fine nation, but mostly because America fell in love with ShamWow Vince and his selling techniques (on both the ShamWow and his newest protege, the Slap Chop- insert jokes here). While America has love for Vince, it seems Vince has no love for prostitutes. According to The Smoking Gun, Vince met a hooker, brought her back to the room, she bit his tongue (Ouch! SERVED for buying sex), so Vince fought back and ran out and got hotel security involved. So Vince got arrested for battery assault Yikes, dude- SERVED! She may have bit your tongue, but you slapped a prostitute and got busted, so that is no good! He's been charged with felony battery- oh, SERVED again. But as Jimmy Fallon put it so appropriately in his monologue on Friday evening, "Sham on you." Now, feel free to make all the Slap Chop comments below. (image from The Smoking Gun)

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