April 30, 2009

Most Awesome Lost Picture

4/30/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
If you saw last night's Lost, it was mind blowing and confusing... which is what Lost always is. Last night Daniel Farraday, the time travel expert, returns to the Island and encourages the Oceanic 815'ers to get off the Island before catastrophe happens. Before he leaves the Dharma village, Daniel stops and sees a young ginger girl on a swingset, which we know is young Charlotte (RIP). And what ensues is a kinda awkward scene where a guy sees the girl he will fall in love with 30 years later, so is kinda lovestruck, but encourages her to never return to the Island. But during the touching scene, I couldn't help but laugh thinking of a certain other favorite TV show of mine. So I literally laughed out loud when I found out Best Week Ever was thinking the same thing as me during the Daniel/young Charlotte scene. Check out this amazing photo that accompanies BWE's hilarious recap.