April 19, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Steel Magnolias

4/19/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
I've seen the first 40 minutes of Steel Magnolias a good 30 times. I've seen the rest of the movie 0 times. That's right, I have never watched past the wedding of Julia Robert's character, Shelby. I love the movie. It's got a great cast, pretty funny, good friends, a delicious yet scary red velvet cake... but I also know how it ends. Why sit through the rest of the movie when I know the end is a huge tearjerker and will leave me miserable? That's why I just watch the beginning. Then I think the of the delightful wedding decorated in blush and bashful (it's pink and pink!), and not the fact that Julia Roberts dies- SPOILER ALERT!

But my absolute favorite part, and one of my finest impressions, is when Shelby goes into diabetic shock and her mother, played by Sally Field, urges her to drink the juice. I could do this impression for hours and it's such an awesome scene, even before the juice.

Skip to 4:55 for Shelby's diabetic shock and infamous juice drinking.