April 24, 2009

Reality Rundown: Blindsides, blindsides... and Capoeira

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolAmerica's Next Top Model
Make Me A SupermodelSurvivor

American Idol - It's Disco week! And finally we lose the stupid intro videos and most interviews and it's right to the performances. Everyone made disco their own which means it sounded nothing like the cheesy disco I was craving. If disco wasn't dead, it died a second time after Lil Rounds performed. I don't like Gokey but he did sing my jam, "September." My bottom 3 prediction: Lil, Anoop, and last week's saved Matt, with Lil and Anoop out the door. But I'm going to make an early final 2 prediction: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Calling it now.

Results show: some disco legends perform and while it's nice to see them, I'm going to be honest: it was just sad. They don't have the same pizzazz or vocal chops, so it was hard to see. But Thelma Houston performed "Don't Leave Me This Way" (featured in the epic film 54) and I think that would have been what I performed if I were a contestant. Bottom 3: Lil, Anoop, and Allison. Allison is a great singer, but she has no personality and a busted look- sorry! But Lil and Anoop are sent packing, and my ears can finally get some rest. (Original image from USAToday)

America's Next Top Model - Ugh, watching this show was so tedious this week. Like the longest hour ever. The girl's are in Brazil, but nasty Natalie keeps complaining and says she doesn't get what's special about Brazil. What's not special about meeting the host of ANTM: Brazil and The Girl from Ipanema? They also learn some dance/karate style called capoeira and have a challenge that Fo wins (25 extra frames for her, 25 less for someone else). She then uses this victory to get back at Teyona who didn't pick her for the reward last week- apparently Fo is 13. The photoshoot has the girls wearing fruit hats and posing like Carmen Miranda (or was it Chiquita Banana?). It's a crappy shoot and nasty Natalie and annoying Aminant are the bottom 2, and eventhough Aminant stinks weekly, Natalie is on the next flight back to the States. (Image from BuddyTV)

Make Me A Supermodel - The models work in pairs in a 60's mod inspired photoshoot, which makes Salome nervous since she knows nothing about the 60s. And then of course she wins the best photo so everyone is ticked, especially House Bitch Laury who thinks Salome is a fraud. The catwalk challenge this week is awesome: it's like a rap battle meets fashion. 2 designers get 4 minutes to create and outfit from random materials, then the models strut down the runway. Salome again rocks and is given immunity. Laury I know is for sure going home- she stinks. I think Colin should leave based on his photo and catwalk, but it's Kerryn, a previous frontrunner, that's given her portfolio and a push out the door. But before Laury leaves, she makes sure to yell a lot at Salome for being a fake bitch. (image from BuddyTV)

Survivor - Another show with capoeira this week! A reward challenge sends 4 Survivors on a feast and a capoeira show this week, while Stephen heads to Exile hoping Brendan's idol has re-entered the game... it hasn't. Sierra is kissing azz for last week's vote, insisting she wasn't the mastermind and Tyson assures her he doesn't believe she was the mastermind, she's not smart enough and she's out next- zing! At the immunity challenge, if you feel safe you can shove your face full of pizza or if not, you can play Survivor Shuffleboard. Sierra comes so close to getting immunity, but luckily Deb gets it- phew! But with Tyson finally vulnerable, the others hatch a plan to get Tyson out now. And at Tribal Council, after Tyson declares his love for everyone in the game except Sierra, he is completely blindsided and voted off. NO! I'm stuck with Sierra and lose my favorite player- what a Debbie Downer. (Image from Tocatins.Survivor.com)