April 10, 2009

Reality Rundown: Call Me the Dragonslayer

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolAmerica's Next Top ModelMake Me a Supermodel

American Idol - The theme this week is songs from the year the contestants were born. I was born in 1984, so I have some fantastic song choices. I think maybe I'd sing "Love is a Battlefield" or "Somebody's Watching Me." Leave what songs you'd pick in the comments!

Anyways, this episode sucked badly. The best were the last 2 performances of the night: Matt Giraud (my fave) and Adam Lambert, who I've been harsh on the last few weeks. In fact, Adam is so good he gets a standing ovation- from SIMON! That is huge, but of course many didn't see his performance since Idol ran over its timeslot by 7 minutes, which is completely BS. Luckily, I stopped my 9PM recording in time to catch Adam, but a lot of people missed an amazing performance. I surmise 3 possible reasons this run-over happened: 1. poor work by producers, 2. to punish DVR viewers, or 3. to artificially inflate Fringe's viewers. I don't know what the truth is, but I think it's a pretty crappy thing that those of us who DVR the show are constantly punished by run-overs. Bottom 3 prediction: Blind Scott, Lil Rounds, and cute Kris. Blind Scott should be the one eliminated, but the sympathy votes for him are overwhelming, so we'll see.

Results show. The run-over from the previous night's episode is completely ignored, which doesn't shock me but it would've been nice to acknowledge their inept producing ability. Let's get right to the bottom 3, which are Anoop, Lil Rounds, and Scott (so 2 out of 3 for me). I'm surprised Anoop is in the bottom 3 since he did well, but I guess he isn't as popular as I thought. Scott has the lowest number of votes so has a chance to save himself. Simon says the judges are split 2/2, and Scott says he'll "please Simon" in the coming weeks and I snicker. I'm begging the judges to please send him home, and thankfully, they do. But we don't know next week's theme since the last 3 minutes was Paula praising Scott to the high heavens. (images from BuddyTV.com)

America's Next Top Model - The girls get a lesson in acting from judge Paulina Porizkova and then get to apply those lessons in a scene with dreamboat CLAY AIKEN! It's super sexy and London wins, receiving $5,000 worth of clothes from Joe's Jeans, but she can't fit into them since she's packing on the pounds. Instead of a photoshoot, the girls do group commercials for Covergirl and none are very good. Celia is the best, but the judges tell her she looks old, and it's not her fault they styled her so mature. The bottom 2 are big-eyed Allison (same pose every time) and burn girl Talia (lacking personality, but the judges insist she's perfect for Covergirl and I just get it because I don't even think she has a model face). In the end Talia goes home and I'm so glad because she was getting on my last nerve each episode. (image from CWtv.com)

Make Me A Supermodel - The models have to pose underwater behind nets this week, and Salome the Mennonite doesn't know how to swim. The House Bitch, Jordan, wins the go-see and takes Salome, claiming it was about her overcoming her fear, but I am pretty sure it's because Jordan thinks she is a better and skinnier model (and Jordan books the go-see, boo). Meanwhile, I just realize there are still 11 contestants left. What the hell? This show has been on forever- did we start at like 24? At the catwalk, the women are wearing ruffles and red and the men are wearing light colored suits or something. Sandhurst finally had a good photo, so he wins immunity this week. The bottom comes down to Gabe, a regular at being bad, and Branden, whose ego is affecting his work. In the end, Gabe's pout is sent strutting home. Next week: Double elimination! (image from BuddyTV.com)

Survivor - Oh man, what a tense episode of strategizing... for nothing! So the tribes merge into Forza (but I loved one suggestion which was "Dingus"). Old Timbira is itching to split apart. Coach bonds with JT instantly and proposes an alliance of Coach, JT, Tyson, Stephen and Deb, and I'm loving this. Taj, who thought Brendan and Sierra would be ready to talk about aligning, ignore her (Brendan interviews he thinks they shouldn't talk until like 7 players are left- dumb!) Meanwhile, Joe aka Johnny Drama is not strategizing because his leg is really infected. Tyson wins the first individual immunity, while Probst has Joe stay behind to see medical. The new alliance decides to get Brendan out now and flush out the Idol, but also realize if Brendan plays the Idol, whoever he votes for is screwed, so they decide to split votes between Brendan and Sierra to get one out. Coach takes most credit for this idea (it was JT and Stephen's) and calls himself the Dragonslayer, which is hilarious. And then suddenly Jeff Probst arrives at camp with good news, bad news. Good news: no tribal council. Bad news: Joe's infection has taken him out of the game. BOO! I wanted a blindside and now we have to worry that with another 3 days of talking, this new amazing alliance might fall apart. (image from CBS.com)


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Thank you for providing me with an entire list of songs to pick from for Throwback Tuesdays. Now I have no excuse...