April 29, 2009

Reality Rundown: Camera's a Beach

Bad news: I missed Tough Love. I know, here's a tissue, it will be OK. I promise I'll try to sneak it into the Friday edition, since next week is their finale. But onto what I actually did watch.

In this Reality Rundown...
The Amazing RaceI Love MoneyDancing with the Stars
The Biggest Loser

The Amazing Race - Since China is so huge, there's no point leaving yet, sending everyone to Beijing. And what's a better way to unwind after a long flight than a foot massage... from hell! The Roadblock makes one player endure a foot massage that borders on pleasure to pain, which is hilarious to watch and features some tears. The roadblock offers a choice of completing a synchronized dive (a jump, really) or swim the 400-meter relay that Michael Phelps dominated. I would've tried the diving, since I used to be a diver, but it's synching up is a struggle for the Siblings and the Sisters, who chose this option since they couldn't swim. The Sisters end up pretty far behind the pack and it looks like they'll be out of this race after this leg. The Cheerleaders are dying to be team #1 and finally they arrive at the Pit Stop first and so happy... until Phil tells them this leg of the race isn't over. TO BE CONTINUED! Duh duh duuuuh! (image from CBS.com)

I Love Money - No "I Love" series is complete without lots of fake ta-ta's, so the challenge this week is to complete an obstacle course wearing giant inflatable boobs. Prancer wins Paymaster, despite her injury, raising eyebrows. It is the dead last loser again, but also the key vote in the Vault- he has to decide whether to send in Myammee or his lady love, Saaphyri. He opts to vote in Saaphyri and Frenchy. NO! Frenchy then tries to quit because she doesn't want to suck up to Prancer, yelling about "camera's a beach" (translation: karma's a bitch), but is convinced to stay. Frenchy and Prancer work out their issues at the Power Outing and it seems like a girls to the end alliance could stick, especially since It is a complete dumbazz. But at elimination, Prancer voids my poor Frenchy's check since Frenchy is strong and Prancer knows she could beat It for the prize. Next week: FINALE! And has It been faking the idiotic funk? (Image from Blog.VH1.com)

Dancing with the Stars - Along with solo performances, the 6 remaining pairs will also break into 2 teams for a group number: Mamba vs Tango. Jilted Bachelorette Melissa injured a rib and has to be judged based on the rehearsal footage, and since they didn't perform full on, it's not great and they score a 21 (lowest of the night). Plus, her team's group number stunk so she is in the running to go home. Ty Murray, while improving, will be my pick to go home since he's just not as skilled as the others.

Results show: Ty Murray is saved pretty early, upsetting my prediction. The bottom 2 comes down to Melissa (no brainer) and Chuck Witt and his girlfriend Julianne Hough. I'm hoping Chuck & Julianne go home, because their cutesy, sugary relationship grates my nerves some times; they're like the nice version of Heidi and Spencer. The votes are revealed and Chuck is sent packing so he can go perform the country music he loves (yet no one knew he existed until now, or if you watched Nashville the 2 weeks it was on). (Image from ABC.com)

The Biggest Loser - Last week on campus, which means a lot of montages of their old fat selves, trying on their "goal outfits," and learning that they are healthier from Dr. Huizenga. A challenge gives the winner a choice between $10k or 1lb at weigh-in; but this time 2nd place is a winner too because they get whatever 1st choice passes. And you won't believe who won: TARA. I know, shocking, right? Young Mike comes in second, so at weigh-in we get Tara's decision: she'll take the lb, and Mike gets the money. For the last week there, everyone has great weight losses, but Ron (grr) and Filipe fall below the yellow line, and since Filipe is strong and Ron stands no chance at winning, there's no suspense of who is leaving. Poor Filipe- I was pulling for him! Now Bob stands no chance whatsoever in winning this season- so sad. And just when I thought the finale was here, NO. The losers will go home for 1 month and then come back for another drawn out episode before the finale. Now that Filipe is gone, I don't know who to support. I guess I'll route for 48 year old Helen. (Images from NBC.com)