April 3, 2009

Reality Rundown: Can't anyone properly hide a Hidden Immunity Idol

So a little intro before the Rundown begins. I'm going to try and make the Rundowns shorter cause 1. they take forever, 2. I'm sure you want them shorter, and 3. I'd like to cover more on my fantastical blog than recaps. So recaps will be a little shorter, and I think I'll drop some of the less popular shows (Sorry G's to Gents. You're on thin ice, Make Me A Supermodel) and stick to the big ones.

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolAmerica's Next Top ModelMake Me A Supermodel

American Idol - The theme this week is any song as long as it's popular on iTunes which is soooo vague. So you could sing "Maneater" just because people download it a lot? I mean we have people doing Usher's "Caught Up" which was like 3 years ago and a random Bob Marley song. Blind Scott does sing well, but he's so dull to me, and to make it worse, they styled him so horribly that it's a good thing he can't see it. Best of the night hands down goes to Kris Allen who does "Ain't No Sunshine." I was so bored with the episode I couldn't tell you anything memorable besides Kris Allen. Oh, and that when Adam Lambert sings, I cringe from his weird looks at the camera. My guesses for the bottom 3 are Megan Joy, Matt Giraud (bad song choice and style), and Lil Rounds (horrible song choice). Anoop stunk too, but he's popular with viewers. Despite who is in the bottom 3, there is no doubt in my mind Megan is out. (image from BuddyTV.com)

On the results show, the judges again stress the importance of song choice and that maybe this theme was too wide. I say, no **** Sherlock! Paula's outfit is... well she looks like a drunk sorority girl the ready for her walk of shame the next morning. When the Idols perform in groups it reminds me of those awful Kidz Bop albums. The bottom 3 are Megan Joy (no brainer), Allison and her wannabe Spike from Degrassi Junior High hair, and Anoop. I think there are a lot of crummy singers this season, so picking the bottom 3 was difficult this week. Really, it's just a matter of suffering through a lot of losers until only the strong are left. Megan is voted off, but most awesomely is the judges don't even want to hear Megan sing again since she apparently said she didn't care- she's out and they wouldn't save her anyways. Next week's theme: songs from the year they were born. One of the themes I like best- I'll have to think about what song I'd sing. (images from BuddyTV.com and PopSerious)

America's Next Top Model - Celia knows she's in trouble after calling out Talia, and there's house drama. Beth Stern (Bababooey!) teaches facial posing and then the girl's pose in photos of Tyra with the face cut out, which is such a narcissist Tyra thing. They all stink. The photoshoot is beauty shots of the girls getting smacked in the face with different color powders and then emoting the color. Another Tyra "inner fierceness" voiceover and I can't stand it! Fierce is horrible!! When Celia gets up I'm preparing for a bitch-out from judges, but instead praise her photo and I'm shocked. I guess for once there is some maturity with these doofs. My picks for the bottom 2 are House Bitch and big-eyed Allison. Best of the week is Fo, hands down. The Celia bashing comes behind her back at panel deliberation, who didn't like her 'tude last week. This is not America's Next Top Best Friend, so what's the big deal? The bottom 2 are House Bitch and Celia. House Bitch yes, but Celia had an awesome photo- sending her home is stupid if this is supposed to be a modeling show. House Bitch is out, and yes, she thinks the judges are crazy and she is definitely the best one there. Au revoir House Bitch! (original image from CWtv.com)

Make Me A Supermodel - The episode starts with a military themed menage-a-trois photoshoot, mainly to try to teach sexy and sensual posing, not porno poses. Don't ask don't tell indeed! Jordan continues her reign as this show's House Bitch, while Montauna, Gabe, and Sandhurst get a semi-porno photo, and Jonathan wins best photo and wins a go see to 2(x)ist underwear, which I am familiar with due to my watching of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Jonathan is great and is the first person this season to book the gig, mainly because he looks hot in underwear (Gabe went too but was too skinny for their taste). The models also get measured and again, they don't sugarcoat the fact that if you're out of shape you won't get a job. Take that Tyra! The catwalk has the women dress in suits and the guys in skirts and it's not as crazy as you'd like (I was hoping for prom dresses). Gabe and CJ regain their positions as the worst 2 models of the week, and even the women's mentor, Nicole, thinks CJ stinks and couldn't handle it, so finally the judges decide CJ just can't be made into a supermodel. (image from BuddyTV.com)

Survivor - Taj wants to tell chipped-tooth JT that she has the Idol, but Stephen isn't too sure about it. Timbira wins the reward challenge (which involves throwing clay pigs through barricades) and gets a BBQ and a day at a sweet waterfall with pool floats. They sendJoe (aka Johnny Drama) to Exile and he brings Erin, hoping to sway her to side come merge. Erin easily solves the immunity clues since all 5 there and she shares with Joe. Taj isn't too dumb and decides to hide a fake immunity idol back at Tree Mail for Joe to find (and when he finds it, he totally takes the bait). But when re-hiding her Idol, stupid Taj re-emerges, leaving the Idol in the fishing equipment bag, so JT finds the Idol. Taj and Stephen bring JT into the fold, omitting the part about aligning with Timbira members. After losing the immunity challenge again, Jalapao has to decide whether to vote out Taj or Sydney. While Taj found the Idol, technically Stephen possesses the Idol so if she goes home, they still have the Idol, so they ponder voting Taj out. Oh yes- I'm dying for another blindside! But at Tribal, pretty Sydney's torch is snuffed and I end the episode still craving a blindside. Next week: MERGE! (image from BuddyTV.com)