April 22, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Fast Demise of the Pretty Girl Alliance

In this Reality Rundown...
The Amazing RaceGroomer Has ItTough LoveI Love Money
Dancing with the StarsThe Biggest Loser

The Amazing Race - The continent of Asia excursion continues, sending the racers to Guilin, China. The Sibling team is Chinese, so spend the entire episode communicating in Chinese which sometimes works, but other times seems like showing off. However, there's a hilarious moment where they tell a man to help them succeed or their parents "would cry themselves to death." Everyone is pretty even, except the Stuntmen who have the 4 hour penalty and a speed bump (washing ladies' hair) to contend with. At 2 different clue boxes, deaf Luke and Jen get into some physical
altercations, which leads to Jen calling Luke a bitch and Luke signing angrily. The Road Block has one player working with a bird that retrieves fish, and yes, someone does get bit by an evil bird. At the Detour, teams have to write calligraphy or dance. Most teams choose calligraphy; the Cheerleaders dance and get extremely pissed off at the instructors. The 3 teams that did calligraphy all check-in at the Pit Stop at the same time, leading to a meltdown about the today's physical events. One of the sisters sort of laughs when Luke starts getting mad/signing/trying to speak and Margie goes OFF! While the sister says the laughing is a nervous thing in uneasy situations, it does come off like she's laughing at him (watch all the drama unfold above). Both at times were at fault for the physical stuff earlier, but just know, the "s" has hit the fan. Oh, and the Stuntmen go home finally.

Groomer Has It - Yup, I'm covering it again. The annoying, fat girl who knows nothing about grooming wins the Quick Sniff, which allows her and her team member to select which dogs they'll groom this week and which dogs the others will groom. The catch this week is that all of these dogs need to be re-groomed after previous grooming blunders. The zany Chicken Joe washes his Pomeranian, but insists the skin is so bad he couldn't groom it. The fat, annoying girl leaves mats in the dog's muzzle. Some punkish girl gets a Pomerian that had hair dye and was disheveled and she made it so adorable. Kendra from The Girls Next Door is a guest judge because she's a dog lover- yeah, makes no sense. What's fun about this show is it seems the judges don't get along; the vet and the professional groomer seem to butt heads, which is great. In the end, lovable Chicken Joe leaves because he simply didn't groom. (Image from TV.Yahoo.com)

Tough Love - Steve makes the girls participate in a game show called "Cute or Crazy" where he reads facts about the girls and a crowd of guys hold up signs that say cute or crazy. It's all fun and games, except Abiola who is dubbed crazy since she asks her cat for dating advice and has a wedding ring because she married herself. Revealing secrets is Steve's ultimate lesson this week, and the girls do well revealing things about themselves, like previous marriages. Jody gets to meet that dude she has been dating's son, which is huge for her. Taylor does well opening up, and Arianne is only a mild hoe. It's Jessa that's troubling Steve, so much so that he gives her a lie detector test to get some truth! She's pissed and after passing the test tells Steve she just flat out doesn't like him. SERVED! (Image from Blog.VH1.com)

I Love Money - Saapyhri wins Paymaster and all hell breaks loose in Tailor Made's alliance. The 3 girls (Ice, Prancer, Myammee) teamed up to create the Pretty Girl Alliance (barf) and approach Saaphyri to take out TM. Saaphyri sees this as an opportunity to take out Myammee so approaches TM, and to seal the deal, she has him hide while the PGA confesses to wanting him out. SERVED! In the Vault, Myammee throws both Ice and Prancer under the bus and they end up in the box with dead-last-loser It. Injured Prancer cries and vows to take out huge beotch Myammee. Ice is called out for not voting Myammee into the box, even though Myammee voted Ice in- it's game suicide. Ice tries to smooth talk her way out of it, but even Saaphyri knows she'll won't turn on her alliance. At elimination, Saaphyri tells Ice that she vowed "no more dudes in this game" and votes out Ice. SERVED- and I can't stop laughing. (Image from VH1.com)

Dancing with the Stars - The beginning of my broadcast was interrupted because they caught the Craigslist Killer, but it appears this week everyone will be dancing different styles. Gilles Marini does well, but again, isn't as strong when it's ballroom, which is the opposite of Ty Murray who is far better at traditional ballroom. This week there actually aren't any real duds, except the entire group number (a 60s themed hot mess). I can't really predict whose going home, but I suppose I'll guess Ty Murray.

The results show is actually kind of interesting, as 6 new professionals are vying to be on next season. We'll watch 3 pairs dance and vote for one of those people to definitely return next season. This takes up the majority of the hour and in the last 5 minutes, Lawrence Taylor is voted off and couldn't be happier- no seriously, he's like really happy. (Image from ABC.com)

The Biggest Loser - I could talk about all the show in detail, or I can skip to the good stuff. Tara wins the challenge and either gets $10,000 or 1lb advantage at the next weigh-in. Knowing she's a player, I know she'll take the lb, but she takes the cash! I secretly hope she crashes and burns cause that's good TV, but she has a great weight-loss week. Helen and my poor Kristen are both under the yellow line. Kristen approaches Ron to confirm that he'll keep his word: that he'd never write Kristen's name down. Ron promises to keep his word... but that doesn't mean he's keeping her in the game. If a tie is forced, Kristen automatically leaves since she has the lowest weight-loss, so Ron tells this to his son Mike, so that Mike can protect himself. Sure enough, Mike forces the tie and Kristen is out- but not before calling Mike out. She said it's clear Mike already thinks he has won this game and is eliminating his only competition (he doesn't deny this). Screw you brown team! But Kristen, at home, had dropped 132lbs and plans to be under 200lbs for the finale- you go girl! (Images from NBC.com)