April 16, 2009

Reality Rundown: Tonight, you just got SAVED!

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolAmerica's Next Top ModelSurvivor

American Idol - I'm a movie lover, so when it's movie song week, I get excited at all the songs they could choose. Will someone go extreme and pick "Goonies R Good Enough"? Who will try "I Will Always Love You?" The answer is no one. Everyone picked the more boring, cliche movie songs. Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing", "Endless Love", "Born to be Wild"... yawn. Any of these fools could and deserve to go home, but I guess the best were Adam and Kris (even if he picked a stupid, obscure song). Bottom 3 prediction: Lil Rounds, Allison, and Matt Giraud. Out: Lil Rounds.

Results show: highlights include Miley Cyrus "singing", a Jennifer Hudson performance that bores me, and more cheesy group numbers. The bottom 3 are Anoop, Matt, and Lil (2 out of 3 ain't bad). Anoop is saved first, so I'm think Lil is a sure-fire out. NO! Lil is safe, Matt was the lowest vote getter. NO! He's my favorite. Sure he's no looker, but I enjoy his voice. But wait, there's still the save- will they use it? Simon jerks Matt, and us viewers, around, but HOORAY! Matt Giraud gets the one save of the season! But Simon tells the contestants don't celebrate too much: next week 2 go home and it's DISCO week. Results will be deadly. (original image from MTV.com)

America's Next Top Model - A challenge teaches the girls how to direct a photoshoot, allowing them to control the hair, makeup, and poses. The winner gets to appear in Seventeen, and the winner is skinny beanpole Teyona who selects Celia (her model) and Aminant to join her in the shoot. Much like I expected, the Seventeen photos are really crappy and winning a spread in Seventeen is the equivalent of winning a shopping spree at Fashion Bug. In the photoshoot, the girls pose as fans wrapped up in mic wire in front of R&B singer Ciara. I realize there will be 6 left after tonight so I speculate that next week is when they'll have their international excursion which I guess will be South America. Ding ding ding! At panel, a guy appears in a speedo speaking Portuguese and gives Tyra nuts- BRAZIL nuts, that is! So who isn't getting on the next flight to Brazil? London: despite her permanent "smiling eyes" (a Tyra obsession), but she's gaining weight and overall not good a great model. Looks like no quickie lipo in the plastic surgery capital of the world for London. (image from CWtv.com)

Survivor - So after last week's amazing buildup of new alliances, we're getting some payoff this week. But first, Coach tells this amazingly insane story about canoeing in the Amazon and being caught and tortured by Natives- so yeah, his credibility is in question. A reward challenge brings JT, Brendan, and Debbie together for whitewater rafting and Brendan drinks teh JT Kool Aid, loving him so much that he wants to bring JT to the final 2 with him. (eventhough Brendan knows JT would beat him). Brendan proposes an alliance of himself, JT, Sierra, Taj and Stephen. At the same time, JT has the alliance with Coach, Tyson, Stephen and Debbie- and now maybe Erinn, so JT and Stephen are controlling the game. The best part is no one in old Timbira seems to expect that they are all turning on each other. Coach and Brendan lie to each other and both say they are voting out JT. Now comes Tribal Council and we'll see which side JT has picked. When probed about who has the Immunity Idol, Brendan flat out says, "I DO!" Pretty funny- and when Jeff asks if anyone wants to play the Idol, it looks like Brendan's grabbing it from his bag. Psych! It's his water bottle. So 2 votes go to Coach. 3 votes Sierra, who looks baffled. Then 3 votes for Brendan, who also looks stunned. The last vote and the next person voted off Survivor: Tocatins: Brendan! BLINDSIDE! Self-proclaimed dragonslayer Coach has taken down his enemy. I think it's a smart move because if you're looking to the end, JT could easily beat Coach, Tyson, or Debbie in the finals. Really, JT will beat everyone so they better watch out. (image from CBS.com)