April 6, 2009

Serving of the Week

4/06/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 2 comments
SERVING of the Week

Name: Lindsay Lohan
SERVED: Lindsay got SERVED when she was denied access into a JCPenney party. Yes, JCPenney's. Her [ex] lady lover's sister has a new clothing line launching at JCP and there was a launch party to celebrate. SamRo (Samantha Ronson) told Lohan not to come and told security not to let the crazy hoe in. Despite knowing she wasn't invited, crazy Lindsay tried to get into the party but was denied by security- SERVED! Plus, it sounds like SamRo dumped Lohan for good- SERVED again! Listen, everyone gets dumped by their secret lesbian lover- ok, not really. But how does a person get denied access to a party for JCPenney's? That's just sad and that is why Lindsay Lohan so got SERVED this week. For more of Lindsay's Penney's SERVING, check out Dlisted. (original image from Dlisted)

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Unknown said...

What a train wreck. In other news, I finally added your blog to my blogroll! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

SamRo got SERVED as well....with a restraining order! Zut Alors!