April 13, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights
SERVED: All season long on Friday Night Lights Coach Eric Taylor and his Dillon Panthers had to put up with a lot of crap from freshman quarterback JD McCoy's annoying dad, Joe McCoy. Joe McCoy makes me want to break my TV he's so evil and manipulative. After Coach Taylor was obligated to contact Social Services when Joe McCoy beat the crap out of his son in the Applebee's parking lot, it appears Mr. McCoy has finally gotten his revenge on Coach Taylor. After 3 seasons of coaching the Dillon Panthers, Eric's contract was up for negotiation and McCoy's power and money was able to get my main man Coach Taylor fired from his position (and replaced by McCoy's BFF and son's private QB coach). Aw, poor Coach Taylor got SERVED. But, there's a catch! Coach Taylor was offered the position as the new head coach of the EAST Dillon Lions, the new school opening in town. Ouch, SERVED again. East Dillon hasn't been open for 20 years, is in the slummy area of town, and the field looks straight out of a horror movie. Can't wait until season 4 because hopefully Joe McCoy and his annoying son JD will be SERVED right here on my blog. Sorry you had to get SERVED Coach Taylor, but go East Dillon Lions! (Original image from All Mixed Up Radio)

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