April 20, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week
Name: Brendan Synnott, Survivor
SERVED: Brendan, easily one of the most likable (and richest) dudes to ever participate on Survivor got completely blindsided this week... and blindsiding means you got SERVED. After being sent to Exile several times, Brendan was able to find the Immunity Idol and forge a secret alliance with Sierra, Taj and Stephen from the other tribe- once they merged, it was supposed to be smooth sailing to the end. Except Brendan forgot to talk to them and his old tribe was turning on him. Old Timbira members Coach and Tyson forged an alliance of themselves, JT, Deb, and Stephen to get Brendan out (and maybe flush out the Idol). On a white water rafting trip, Brendan found himself very fond of young, lovable hick JT and proposed an alliance with him, vowing to take him to the final 2; it seemed like the perfect alliance. But Brendan didn't realize JT had been approached by Coach too; suddenly, JT had all the power. In case Brendan played the Idol, Coach's alliance split the votes between Brendan and Sierra so one or the other would go home. So when Brendan got to Tribal Council, he openly admitted to having the Idol, thinking he was fine. But man was he shocked to see votes for him- and enough votes to snuff his torch. He thought he had a solid alliance, but it was too little, too late. Shocked, blindsided, and SERVED. Survivor: Outwit, Outplay, OUTSERVE. (image from RealityTVMagazine.com)

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