April 27, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Henry Ian Cusick aka Desmond Hume, Lost
SERVED: One of the star's of the greatest TV show ever, Lost, is getting SERVED this week. However, I think the legal SERVING he's getting is worse than me calling him out of my blog. You see, Mr. Cusick has been accused by a crewmember of Lost for sexual battery and harassment, according to E! Online. According to the accuser, Cusick rubbed caressed her while moaning and then motoboated her. Yikes! Sexual harassment indeed! Henry Ian Cusick you got SERVED both literally and my figurative SERVING. As Michelle Tanner from Full House would say, "You're in big trouble mister." (Original image from TV.Yahoo.com)

Tyson from Survivor escaped by just a hair this week. If it weren't for this legal SERVING, then it totally would've been Tyson who got completely blindsided on this week's episode. You're off the hook Tyson!

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