May 10, 2009

5 Favorite TV Moms

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5 Favorite TV Moms

In honor of Mother's Day I decided to pick my 5 favorite TV moms. While perhaps parenting skills aren't necessarily their strengths (see pick #1), these are the moms I love to tune into each week or pop into a DVD to reminiscent with.

1. Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development
She's drunk, she's hilarious, and she has a lot of kids that resent her. Why pick her? See the episode titled "Motherboy" where Lucille has taken her son Buster since childhood where mothers and sons wear matching outfits and compete. (image from NYPost)

2. Carol Brady - The Brady Bunch
She's the perfect mom. Conflicts were solved in a matter of 30 minutes, she was a stay at home mom with a housekeeper, and had the singing voice of an angel. Carol also dressed pretty stylish with her mini dresses, and was even the first TV mom able to share a bed with her husband- talk about mod! (image from Holiday Go Lightly)

3. Cindy Walsh - Beverly Hills 90210
Cindy was the moral compass of 90210. As her kids began to retreat into the Beverly Hills lifestyle, she was there to keep them in check- sort of. And she dealt not just with her kids problems, but the drama all their friends brought along. Plus, she let Valerie Malone live in her house- what a saint! And let's not to mention, she was a heck of a gardener. (image from 90210 site)

4. Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights
She's married to the coach of the town's football team, has a teenager and a newborn baby, and is the principal of the high school. And when someone needs advice, Tami Taylor is the go-to since she used to be a guidance counselor too. She's a supermom with great hair. (image from Daemon's TV)

5. Sophia Petrillo - The Golden Girls
Sort of in the Lucille Bluth vein, she's maybe not the best mom, but she's the funniest. Her one-liners are hilarious and even as an old lady she's a mother figure to her old daughter and her 2 crazy, old roommates. While Sophia was never light on the sarcasm, deep down it was clear how much she loved daughter Dorothy. (image from AM New York)

Honorable mentions: Alice Horton - Days of our Lives, The Wives of Big Love, Joy Turner - My Name is Earl, Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls, Regina Newly - Samantha Who?


D-Money said...

Thanks for including Sophia! Golden Girls is one of my fav old school TV shows. Even though I've seen all of the episode many times, they never get old!