May 10, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Boogie Nights

5/10/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
In terms of my favorite movies of all time, Boogie Nights is probably in my top 3. Everyone dismisses Boogie Nights as "that porn movie," but it's not at all. It's an amazing character study with superb acting by some of the biggest names in the business and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who only makes quality flicks. And I can't believe I was having a brainfart trying to think of a scene this week, when this movie has so many offerings. So this week, Movie Scene Sunday comes courtesy of my movie guru/ex-roommate/neighbor/Gerardo poster owner: Fisher.

This 9 1/2 minute scene is one of the most edge of your seat, tensest scenes in this movie, and for me, all movies. Be prepared for a crazy man in underwear and robe with a gun, a firecracker throwing Asian (Cosmo- he's Chinese), and some gunplay, and you get this genius scene. Not to mention, a crazy 80's soundtrack that will change your listening to "Jesse's Girl" eternally.

Boogie Nights (drug deal scene)

Thanks again for Fisher for the great suggestion- how could I have forgotten this one?