May 7, 2009

My First MP3

5/07/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served 2 comments
Remember the days of Napster and the excitement of all the music you could get your hands on? The hilarity of being about to get the Duck Tales theme song in French, or the amazing one-hit wonder "Are You Jimmy Ray?" It was mind blowing then to have the option of getting a song without putting a cassette into the boombox and then recording it off the radio (or buying the album). I was thinking back to the early days and then it popped into my head... the first MP3 I ever downloaded. For a minute I thought it was Sonique's "It Feels So Good", but luckily I remembered Sonique was the name of the audio player. Phew- that would be really embarassing. So what magical song was my first MP3? Bush's "The Chemicals Between Us." Yes, of all the songs, it's this one. Don't get me wrong, it's a good song, but when I think back of the first time I used revolutionary technology I picked this song. Kind of funny looking back. So now, take a few minutes to enjoy my first MP3 below.


Unknown said...

My first MP3 was "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger and I rocked WINAMP all the way up until iTunes hit (and let's face it... Winamp really whipped the llama's ass). My second was Lit "My Own Worst Enemy"

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure "Flagpole Sitta" and "My Own Worst Enemy" were two of my first mp3s as well.