May 13, 2009

Reality Rundown: A Bunch of Winners that I Finally Guessed Right!

In this Reality Rundown...

The Amazing Race - Hop on the plane, because the final leg of the race is in Hawaii! And there's no better way to get a sense of authentic Hawaiian culture than the teams carrying a 144lb pig to a luau and then covering it up for cooking. Since they dropped those pigs a few times, let's hope no one has to eat those. Mother/ Deaf son Margie and Luke take an early lead here, and also finish the next task (jet skiing and finding a clue) quickly. The final Roadblock is the usual remembering the entire race task, this time with images from each leg on a surfboard, which they have to line up in order. Luke is really acing it (while also being pantless) and has 8 of 11 surfboards up when Victor (of the Siblings) arrives (and then the Cheerleaders), and Victor (also pantsless) really catches up quick and passes everyone. The Cheerleaders and Mom/Deaf Son work together to finish the Roadblock, but it's clear Tammy and Victor, the Siblings, have won the Amazing Race. Finally- the team I picked to win wins! This hasn't happened to me in many seasons, so I will bask in their glory as well. (Original image from

Dancing with the Stars - Another week of one ballroom number, on Latin. Besides a ton of filler footage, Gilles Marini gets perfect scores on both dances, with Shawn Johnson doing well behind him. Melissa is good but not great, and Ty is just Ty. I want to predict Ty will go home, but I say that weekly and his fanbase keeps saving him. I won't be shocked if Melissa gets the old shiny boot off the dance floor. But thankfully, America came to their senses and sent Ty Murray home. He's a great personality, but let's have the 3 best dancers in the competition battle it out in next week's finale. (Image from

The Biggest Loser - Finale! First we find out who America selected to be part of the final 3: son Mike or father Ron. Both are slimmed down and look great, but obviously Mike moves onto the final round. We then are given a surprise: 2 girls will be competiting in tonight's finale for a spot on next season's Biggest Loser; so we get to make one's come true, and crush anothers- thanks BL! My favorite part of the finale starts up, which is seeing all of the season's contestants and their new bodies. Whoever lost the highest percentage of weight loss at home wins $100k. 64 year old Jerry is the second to weigh in and lost 177LBS! That is 47.97%! He looks amazing and everyone's mind is blown. Everyone else weighs in and they all look great, but it's clear old Jerry is going to win the at-home prize. The closest to Jerry is my girl Kristen, now platinum blond, and 167lbs lighter. We get to see one fat kid who really tanked at home, Aubrey complain about having a hard time as a mom, Joelle is still a BS'er. But it's great to see how confident these contestants are, because as it was pointed out by Jillian, this show is about following your dreams. Let's get to the good stuff: final weigh in. Mike, Tara, and Helen come out and it's a skinny people parade- they all look amazing. As I said to my parents, "I know Helen quit cigarettes, but she's smokin!" Helen is first to weigh in and she's 117lbs- which means she lost 140lbs or 54%- wowza! This will be tough to beat. Mike is next and lost 207lbs, but that's not enough to beat Helen. Tara is our final contentender after another commercial break and she needs to have lost 160lbs to beat Helen- but Tara loses 155 (5 short) and HELEN WINS! And for the 3rd season in a row a female from the Pink team wins. And not to rub it in, but I called it!!!! (Original images from


D-Money said...

I figured that the Siblings would win, too. Except for one bad leg, they kicked butt all the way through the race. As long as Margie and Luke didn't win, I was happy. They just irritated the crap out of me. My husband hated the Cheerleaders, too, because he said they were bitchy but I didn't mind them so it wouldn't have bothered me if they won.

No surprise on the results on Dancing with the Stars. I thought for a while we were going to be thrown for a loop and someone other than Ty would go home. As much as I like Ty, it really was time for him to go home so that the 3 best dancers can duke it out. Go Gilles!

I haven't seen you blog about the Celebrity Apprentice yet. That show pissed me off! Joan Rivers kept saying that it was a battle between good and evil but I don't know how she could think she was "good" considering how hateful she has been to Annie, Clint and Brandi. What a horrible, bitter person Joan is. I was so disgusted that the second Joan was named the winner, I changed the channel.

Speaking of The Apprentice...did you hear Donald announce that the show had been picked up for another season? From what I read, it was going to be called The New Apprentice but I don't know how it was going to be different. There was already a casting call out for it. But now NBC has cancelled it and the casting call was yanked.


Mel Got Served said...

I blogged about the Apprentice early on, but god so pissed at the Donald's irrational reasons for firing people that I stopped watching.

D-Money said...

I hear ya! I've never liked Donald Trump but I always enjoy the ego clashing that goes on when that many celebrities get together in one room. There were so many WTF moments this season over his firings that it was just odd.