May 20, 2009

Reality Rundown: Dancing with the Vaguely Familiar

In this Reality Rundown...
Dancing with the StarsThe BacheloretteSurvivor

Dancing with the Stars - Drawn out finale! On night 1, the final 3 couples had a Paso Doble Dance Off, where of course Gilles "Full Frontal" Marini got a perfect score. After that, each couple performed a freestyle dance and Shawn Johnson was by far the best- so fun, having a good time. Gilles' freestyle was to "Flashdance (What A Feeling)" which I, and judge Carrie Ann, said was more focused on the girl not him. Melissa the Bachelorette did well. I'm still pulling for Shawn, but am pretty sure stupid Gilles will win and still never work again.

Results show: lots of dances from the losers, Lady Gaga performs, and the final 3 perform one last dance and surprise they all get perfect 10s. It's a really drawn out finale, but roastmaster (and former DWTS contestant) Jeffrey Ross does a great roast of the celebrities, or should we say, lack there of in the finals. But let's skip to the results. Eliminated first: Melissa. So it comes down to Gilles and Shawn and a 1% margin, and I'm crossing my fingers and closing my eyes- SHAWN WINS! Wahoo! Marc Ballas is beyond shocked but me moreso, because you see, I picked Shawn as my fave! So I WIN! (image from Extra)

The Bachelorette - Last season's 3rd place girl, Jillian, is the new Bachelorette and she's awesome. I loved her last season and can't wait to see her find love- or at least have a good time. Most Bachelorettes are like 25 and whining that they are so unlucky in love and have to settle down and have kids immediately, so it's sort of sad and depressing. Jillian is just looking for fun, and maybe a soul mate. And since Jillian's about personality, most of her dudes aren't shall we say, lookers. I'm placing early bets on some dude named Ed- I think he'll make final 4. Other guys include a breakdance instructor, a guy with a #1 country song in Chihuahua, Mexico (barf! loser), and a weirdo with a foot fetish. It's hard to recap the show with so many guys (started with 25, then 5 more crashed the party), but once group dates start, etc. recaps should be more interesting. (Image from

Survivor - 3 hour finale event! Day 37 at the the Immunity Challenge, JT knows he has to win or he might be in trouble and of course, wins. So JT and Stephen have to decide to stick to the Timbira 3 and keep Taj (who could beat both of them in the end), or go for an easier win and take Erinn. At Tribal Council, Taj is completely blindsided and voted off. On day 38, Erinn confides she'd take Stephen to final 2, cause no one will beat JT. Stephen hopes he doesn't win Immunity so he doesn't have to choose between his BFF and the easy win. JT wins again and must decide. Erinn lets JT know about her talk with Stephen, which causes some doubt, but JT is a man of his word and keeps Stephen. Plus, Stephen really wanted to have the day 39 breakfast with JT. (Image from

Final Tribal Council. The voted off castaways aren't as bitter as the final seasons sadly. One problem with taking your BFF to the end is you both have to pull out all the stops to win, so the guys get into some arguments about who deserves it more. JT claims he could've aligned with just anyone, whereas Stephen believes it was their friendship that helped them. Time to vote- we don't see any names written down and Jeff takes the votes and that leads into the... (image from

Reunion. Jeff starts to read off the votes and since Jeff hasn't read a single vote for Stephen, it's clear JT won with a unanimous vote. Probably one of the nicest dudes who played the game ever won (he later also wins the Fan Favorite $100k). Also at the reunion: Coach passes a lie detector test, JT was playing up his emotions at final Tribal for sympathy, and Jeff can't tell apart Taj in a picture with her former bandmates. Best part as always, a preview of where next season will be. Season 19 will be Survivor: Samoa- see you there! (Image from


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Jillian gets rid of Wes, the man everyone loves to hate. I'm also just waiting for a fight to break out any time now between Juan and the hot head. So far so good on the bachelor, except for the LAME car chase sequence which seemed like a Mini Cooper commercial....