May 1, 2009

Reality Rundown: Go Home and Get Laid

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolTough LoveAmerica's Next Top Model
Make Me A SupermodelSurvivor

American Idol - It's Rat Pack week on Idol and to guide the contestant's through this week they get... JAIME FOXX? Yes, that Jaime Foxx, but he's actually a really good mentor. Everyone is pretty strong, but I'd definitely say Matt Giraud was the weakest and will be next out (surprisingly, Simon loved Matt this week). Adam Lambert's performance had him in an all-white suit and strutting down the stairs- he was like an emo angel. Allison was good, but a good point was made that it seems like she's there to sing, not in it to win it. Bottom 2 prediction: Matt and Allison, with Matt out. (image from NoahChristofer)

Results show: a really staged food fight and Taylor Hicks puts on some Ben-Gay to perform. Ryan splits the contestants into 2 groups. Group 1: Matt, Kris. Group 2: Allison, Gokey. Adam is then supposed to pick what group he thinks he should join and says that based off the performances, he'll picked Group 2. Ryan says well you're in Group 1, you're in the bottom 3- SERVED! Wow, I'm astonished. Kris is the first sent to safety and I'm bewildered by what could transpire. Luckily, Matt is the one leaving and Adam will have to pull out all the stops on rock & roll week. (image from

Tough Love - Better late than never! Steve throws a dinner party and invites family and ex's of the girls- awkward! One girl had dumped the boyfriend right before coming here, but now doesn't regret it since he's such a tool. Arian speaks as crass and hoe-ish in front of her mother as she does the other girls. She even gets her mom to help gang up on Steve too. Oh and some girl Natasha doesn't want to deal with her ex or blind date so gets plastered. At the group discussion, Arian has a panic attack about being in the Hot Seat, but there wasn't going to be one. Steve tells her they just can't help her and she needs to pack up and leave. She then throws a fit, tries to get others to quit, and throws her luggage down the stairs. Next week: Finale! And exotic trips! (Image from

America's Next Top Model - Go-sees! Teyona does best, booking all the jobs, and wins some fashionable looks. Fo books no jobs because she's too commercial and too short. Judge Nigel Barker is the photographer for this week's shoot- swimsuits! The girls have the pose around a lot of weirdos and stick out. Teyona, who is so homely without makeout, is a gorgeous model. Aminant has a good body but poor poser. Big eyed Allison is great. Fo and Celia tank. Fo's body looks like a spider monkey, and Celia's is cliche and reheased. So who goes home: the shorty or the oldie? The shorty, adorable Fo and her freckles, heads off into the Brazilian sunset. Winner Prediction Alert! Every season we try to guess the winner based off the group shot. I predict this year's winner, based on the group photo will be... Aminant. (Image from

Make Me a Supermodel - Posing with partners- animal partners that is! Sandhurst wins the photoshoot by posing with a calf, while Amanda on a more is a bit Equus for most's taste. Amanda is also grating on everyone's nerves, especially her overuse of the word "like." And finally the models get a visit from a personal trainer, which is crazy since last season that started on like, day 2. The catwalk has the models in tweed classics, much like D&G or Ralph Lauren. Jonathan has a face that will make a million bucks, Sandhurst is a bit too tall, and Mountaha is a face they'd remember. Amanda and Colin are the obvious bottom 2, and I think it's finally Amanda's time to go.. but, Colin is not ready to be a model, with Tyson giving him some advice for the road: "Go home and get laid." This is where I'd insert a slow clap as Colin walks out. (Image from BuddyTV)

Survivor - Deb and Coach scramble around this week knowing they're next on the chopping block. So desperate that they even approach lazy Sierra to try to vote out the 3 Jalapao (Taj, Stephen, JT), but Sierra's not having it. Stephen wins the reward challenge and sends Erinn to Exile, and it looks like the most miserable time there yet. See, I think if I had the chance to do Survivor, I'd totally do it, but Exile would be my greatest fear/downfall. When Stephen (and his guests Taj and JT) return from the reward, they all hear different sides of the "who tried to reunite Timbira" story. Coach bold-face lies that it was Sierra, which is great since Coach claims he never lies. Coach is the frontrunner to go home, until he wins Immunity, so they have to decide between strategic Deb and lazy wildcard Sierra. Surprisingly, Stephen gets one vote- but finally Sierra is voted off and I can enjoy the show more. It's anyone's game (not really, JT has it in the bag), but I'm glad they got rid of someone who didn't want to be there and didn't give a crap. Survivor is an opportunity people would give up a limb for, but Sierra was a waste who didn't want to play. Bon voyage! (Original image from


D-Money said...

American Idol - I thought it was hilarious that Adam put himself in the group that I'm sure he thought was safe. I guess he was a little too sure of himself. He'll be around for awhile, I'm sure, but I'm SO over him. I liked him at first but that screeching is getting on my last nerve.

Survivor - Why oh why won't they send Coach home?! His holier than thou attitude is annoying and he's certainly not as honest as he likes to pretend he is.

I've always thought it would be fun to go on Survivor, but I also know that I would be one of the first to go. First of all, I've never been camping my life and would probably complain the whole time. Second, I wouldn't be any good with the political part of the game. If I don't like someone, it's impossible for me to pretend like I do. So, it's safe to say I'd never even make it to the jury. Oh well, I guess I'll just continue to watch from the comfort of my living room! :)