May 22, 2009

Reality Rundown: I Don't Need my Coat to be a Refridgerator

In this Reality Rundown...
American IdolMake Me A Supermodel
New! So You Think You Can DanceThe Fashion Show

American Idol - Finale! Kris and Adam will perform 3 songs: favorite of the season, a song picked by producer Simon Fuller, and the winner's 1st single which was co-written by judge Kara (and 90's pop sensation Cathy Dennis!!) For Round 1, Kris did best with "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay." Round 2 goes to Adam who got assigned some Same Cooke song. Round 3... sucked. The single is so corny, so cheesy. Past seasons have been far worse, but this song is capital L-A-M-E. And since it seems they weren't allowed to play around with the arrangement, this is definitely not an Adam song, while Kris did OK. This would've been a good Gokey song- horribly lame and wannabe inspirational. It's hard to predict who will win, but I think the wholesome cuteness of Kris Allen will gain him the former Gokey voters for the win. I don't have a preference who wins as I would listen to both. Kris is someone whose CD I could listen to relaxing or commuting, but I'd play Adam Lambert in my car to scream along with. (Image from

On the results show, lots of musicians perform with the contestants (Cyndi Lauper and Allison, Hokey Gokey and Lionel Richie, etc.), Bikini Girl returns with new boobies and gets SERVED by a singing judge Kara in her bikini, Kris Allen sings with Keith Urban, Adam Lambert rocks out with KISS (Gene Simmons has even offered Adam a spot on the KISS tour). The best part is the performance of "We Are the Champions" by both Kris and Adam AND Queen- awesome. Onto the winner. The new American Idol is.. Kris Allen! And the reveal isn't that exciting, but I did call it. Afterwards I wondered if I would have been more excited if Adam won, but I think I'm leaning more towards the fact I was totally indifferent to the season/winner. Who's not indifferent? Simon- he thinks the wrong person won. In the end, as long as it wasn't Danny Gokey I'm satisfied. (Image from

Make Me a Supermodel - Photoshoot: look hot in bathing suits in the freezing weather, while holding dead fish. Sexy! Salome wins best photo again, even with a bad swimsuit body, which drives everyone mental. On the catwalk, the models will wear 2 looks by designers, The Blonds, which will be a Glam & Goth look. Yes, the guys get to wear corsets! And blond wigs! Mountaha is fantastic, Branden improves quite a bit, but Jonathan wins best of the week. Not having a good week: Sandhurst. Bad runway, awful photo- things are looking bleak. But the judges are over Salome's bad body and poor catwalk performances and she's sent back to the Menonite ways. (Original image from BuddyTV)

New! So You Think You Can Dance - My favorite show returns! I am a huge SYTYCD fan, so I have been waiting for this summer series for quite a long time. It's hard to recap auditions, but I'll try to give some scoop. The first auditions are in New York City, with judges Nigel, Mary Murphy, and choreographers Napoleon and Tabatha (aka NapTab), where we see amazing contemporary, outstanding ballroom, a new dancing style called Mutation, and hardly any losers, which is why I love this show. Unlike Idol which loves to showcase morons, SYTYCD is about talent! The second half of auditions this week are in Denver, with new choreographer Sonja replacing NapTab as the judge. Sonja is just blown away with the auditions and you can see the wheels spinning of what she could do with these dancers (they are not blown away by 2 guys who dance ballroom together). 2 dancers who made it to the final audition rounds in Vegas last year return and are 2 of the most exquisite dancers. If they don't make it this year, it would be shocking. Like I said, it's hard to cover, but you've got to watch this amazing show. Even my grandparents watch it weekly! (Image from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - So apparently a lot of designers on this show can't sew, which is again baffling then how they made it in fashion. I didn't go to design school, but wouldn't you have to assemble your own clothing for classes, etc? This week the teams will make 4 coats, one for each season, but the coats also need to do something extra. Something extra seems to mostly translate into storage, but there are some real standouts. One winter coat transforms into a sleeping bag, while another winter ensemble has a pull out blanket on the back (Snuggie-esque) and can hold a warm canteen. The underwear designer sort of stinks with ideas, so young Daniella gives him a bunch of suggestions and gets rightfully pissed when he wins best design. Clunkers of the week: one oddly shaped coat that is supposed to hold your hairspray and mirror and a coat that is poorly constructed, but has a cool neckpiece to carry your jewelry. Markus, who can't seem to sew for the life of him despite his amazing creativity, is given the boot. This is a message to any young kid who dreams of being on a fashion reality show: LEARN TO SEW FIRST. (Image from Reality Wanted)