May 15, 2009

Reality Rundown: It's one of those "Finally they're gone!" Weeks

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American Idol - Final 3: contestants will perform one song selected by the judges, and a 2nd song of their choice. Paula chooses Terrence Trent Darby (WTF?!) for Hokey Gokey, and then his choice is "You Are So Beautiful." ZZZZZ- fast forward. Kris Allen gets "Apologize" by One Republic from Randy & Kara, and then does a mind blowingly great version of "Heartless" by Kanye West. Adam Lambert gets U2's "One" courtesy of Simon, and then wails another hit with "Cryin'" by Aerosmith. I think Adam is a given for the finals, but the other is a toss up. Kris got sorta bad reviews for his judge's choice song, but song 2 was so amazing. And I am just completely biased with my dislike of Gokey, so pleeeease let Kris go to the finals. Also, we don't want Paula's early season prediction of Gokey & Lambert to come true, because then it might make Paula credible. (Original image from MSNBC)

Results show: Oh fingers crossed to make the final 2 prediction I made a few weeks ago come true! Jordin Sparks looks great and sings awesome, some kid from Rwanda sings R Kelly's "I'm the World's Greatest," and I fast fastforward through about 55 minutes worth of Idol. Time for the final 2! The first person who makes it is... KRIS ALLEN! Woo! So it's a battle between Gokey and Lambert, and I get nervous. But my dream come true- Gokey is out- finally! Lambert/Allen final 2- and only 1 million votes separated them this week. So while I thought Adam was a sho-in to win, this could be anyone's ballgame (especially if Hokey Gokey lovers vote for the next closest clean cut contestant). We'll see! (Image from MSNBC)

America's Next Top Model - Finale! The final 3 do a Covergirl commercial for some new lip stain and Aminant is the best, Allison ok, Teyona stinks. They also do a photo where Allison's amazing, Teyona's very good, and Aminant stinks. At panel, they decide to send home Aminant, which means my family's theory about "fierceness" in the group photo is shot. So Allison and Teyona immediately head off to a cover trial shoot for Seventeen magazine, you know, the epitome of high fashion. The final runway show is for designer Rosa Cha, and they wear swimsuits and do some "Brazilian stomp" walk and also dragging around on the walk with mud or something. It's weird, but Allison far exceeds expectations, and Teyona is just ok. While at panel it seems like the judges prefer Allison, you can see who Tyra wants to win, constantly pointing out Teyona's pros and how she wants it more. Teyona wins (shocker) because "one girl has something just a little more than the other." But it's better to lose ANTM because the winner does nothing except Covergirl commercials that only air during ANTM and get a spread wearing Forever 21 clothes in a crummy teen mag. Top Model, I think it's time I quit you. (Image from

Make Me a Supermodel - The photoshoot this week is for a clothing line from producer Dallas Austin, and all I can associate this man with is "producing" Kim Zolciak's "album" on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. All the models will pose in groups, etc. and 6 photos will be chosen for the campaign; you could be in all 6 photos or none. While Brandon seems like the weakest, it's Jonathan who only has 1 photo in the pack, and it's a group photo with his eyes shut. The catwalk this week has them in trippy rave clothes and HEELYS. Yes, the bane of my existence- seeing a kid fly by me in a Target with Heelys always makes me leap about 3ft in the air. Anyways, Jordan stunk in the Heelys, Jonathan is too modely, and Salome gives me look. Shockingly Jordan, who seemed like a contender for the finals, can't be made into a supermodel. (Image from BuddyTV)

Survivor - Coach doesn't want to go to Exile because suddenly he has asthma, back problems, etc. but JT sends the Dragon Slayer to face the harsh wilds of Brazil. Coach declares in front of everyone (and Jeff) that Exile will be more of a cleansing, where he won't eat, drink, or have a fire- which sounds more like someone who has learned no skills while being out here. Erinn calls Coach out for his complaining, which doesn't sit well with JT and Stephen, wondering if they should have such a loose cannon in their alliance. Coach comes close to winning Immunity, but "back spasms" in an endurance challenge take him down. JT and Stephen decide to save Coach again and get rid of Erinn. Tribal Council seems to only consist of really long, weird speeches by Coach, oh and let's not forget a truly odd poem he wrote. But to finish it all off, Coach essentially tells Erinn she's getting snuffed tonight and Stephen looks shocked. In the end, this must have pushed Stephen as it's a 3-2 vote (with a surprised JT) and finally the Dragon Slayer gets slayed. The jury rejoices. (Original image from CBS)

The Fashion Show - Some girl quits at 3am- onto the actual show. The same teams from last week will work together to create 4 looks for different events for socialite Tinsley Mortimer. The catch: all looks must be no more than $40. Team Tube Skirt wins easily, with an amazing cohesive collection and not a dud on the runway. Team Harem Pants were the losers because the clothes were hideous and in the case of Johnny, incomplete. He then goes on a rant about being a designer not a seamstress. He didn't come here to be America's Next Top Seamstress. So here's my gripe: moron, have you not watched a single fashion reality show? They all make the designers sew! Anyways, it's some other woman with creepy 80's hair who goes home for an ugly outfit with fishnet backing and dark magenta tulle. (Image from BuddyTV)