May 6, 2009

Reality Rundown: A Million Dollar Pee

In this Reality Rundown...

The Amazing Race - This leg of the race continues from last week, sending the teams off to their next clues (and Travelocity Roaming Gnomes!!) The Detour poses a choice between putting on Chinese opera makeup & costumes or being waiters at a Chinese restaurant, with an intimidating "Caution- U-Turn ahead" on the clue (fingers crossed someone will use it for the drama). The Chinese-speaking Siblings easily complete the waiter task, while the others opt for the makeup. The Siblings yield the Sisters, citing speed as their reason. The Cheerleaders get completely lost and frustrated at the language barrier, allowing the Sisters to complete the waiter challenge and still be ahead of them. One teammate has to eat native street dishes (crickets, Starfish, etc.) for the Roadblock- which isn't as hard as past seasons awful foods. The Siblings and Deaf Son/Mom are the first 2 teams to get a spot in the finals, leaving 1 up for grabs. The Sisters and Cheerleaders battle it out on the food, and the Sisters take a slight lead, but not without consuming 4 bottles of water to get the food down. Younger sister Jen insists she has to pee before checking into the Pit Stop... and it's the million dollar pee. The Sisters miss out on a chance for a million dollars by checking in seconds after the Cheerleaders. It's times like these you really wish you'd have just pissed your pants. Next week: FINALE! (Image from

Tough Love - Finale! Taylor leaves Boot Camp early because she's not ready for love. Steve sets up 24 hour getaways for the remaining girls to each take a date on. For some reason, Jacqueline is still thinking of her ex and there's serious concern she'll go back to that loser once the show ends. A happy group ending with Shane, etc. but more importantly, what happened post-Tough Love? Natasha is in a relationship, Stasha is getting married, crazy Arian found love with a bartender from a Tough Love house party, Taylor moved back home, Abiola's dating, and Jessa found love with a best friend. But sad news my friends... Jody and Shane broke up. And even worse, Jacqueline's ex picked her up at the airport with a ring and they got back together. Then he returned to his loser ways and she dumped him again- losing Brock (her Tough Love suitor) in the process. Kind of a bummer, but I think this was a process more about loving themselves and becoming better people- awww. (Image from

I Love Money - Finale again! The final 5 compete in a challenge involving a balance beam and dropping excess baggage. The dead last loser automatically gets their check voided, and the Paymaster chooses who goes to the finals. Saaphyri is the dead last loser and voids her own check, while Myammee wins Paymaster (ugh). And in a no brainer, eliminates the strongest competitor, Prancer. It claims in the interviews he's been playing dumb the whole time, but then as soon as the final challenge starts, he gets lost. Moron! Tailor Made has an early lead, but Myammee is able to pass him during an ice melting leg. The end involves answering trivia related to Buckwild or the Entertainer- Myammee gets there 1st and picks Buckwild. Just as Tailor Made arrives to answer the trivia, Myammee finishes and wins. BOO! (Image from

Dancing with the Stars - It's back to a long 2 hours of dancing, with each pair performing one ballroom routine and one Latin routine (and each celebrity has to do a little solo). Melissa rebounds after her near-elimination last week, Lil' Kim stumbles in the waltz, and Shawn Johnson is still my fave. Ty Murray is clearly the least talented of this group and if he lasts again, well that means he has one hell of a fanbase. I didn't have a chance to watch the results show, but I'm sure I missed nothing big and I could just check the results online in the morning. Well, color me shocked, when I watched last night's Jimmy Kimmel and found out Lil' Kim was eliminated from the show. As Flavor Flav would say, "Wowwwwwwwww." She was a frontrunner, but I guess one slight bad week and it could all end. But seriously, Ty Murray has a ton of fans. (Image from

The Biggest Loser - Not the finale yet! The contestants head home for 30 days before returning for a final weigh-in. The contestants struggle at home, but face an even bigger challenge where they learn they will have to complete a marathon- yes, 26 miles, and everyone freaks. The trainers visit the Losers at home to help train and keep on track, and we really see how much of a difference the show made. The marathon is crazy; but if you complete the marathon, you get a giant check for $10k to give to a charity of your choice. Young Mike hurt his hip right before the marathon, so he and his father will have to walk all 26 miles. Tara breezes through the marathon, and Helen completes it about an hour after her. Their friends, family, and past season Losers return to inspire them. Everyone finishes, including Ron who had a slight health scare at a hydration station. It's very inspirational! Back at the Ranch, everyone weighs in, and Helen and Tara both stay above the yellow line and are guaranteed spots in the finals. Father and Son fall below the line and it's up to America to select the 3rd finalist. I hate this twist, as it makes it unfair and more about popularity and less about who loses the most. But I might not like it this year, cause they all deserve it (even you Ron!), and last year there were a lot of jerks in the final 4. Next week: FINALE! Man, this Rundown is going to get shorter. (Image from


D-Money said...

Amazing Race - I'm not gonna lie...I would have peed all over myself rather than stop for a bathroom break. Especially since they had to know that it was close. For a million dollars, I could buy a new pair of pants.

I Love Money - Sounds like we agree on Myammee. I couldn't stand her and was so disappointed that she won. Just like Megan last season, but at least Megan didn't win.

Dancing with the Stars - Ty seems like such a sweetheart and I enjoy rooting for the underdog, but it's time for him to go. He can't win, can he? Obviously, he has lots of fans so I guess anything is possible. We're rooting for Gilles at our house.