May 8, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Old and the Beautiful

In this Reality Rundown...

American Idol - It's rock & roll week and I was... underwhelmed.
I actually didn't like any of them that much, but according to everyone else, Adam Lambert was the best. Danny Gokey was horrible. He attempted to do Aerosmith's "Dream On" and it was just nonstop shouting and the worst scream endings (see video clip- screaming at the 1:30 mark). It was so bad, I cried laughing. But for some reason, [old] people love Danny Gokey and I'm sure he's safe. I'm thinking Kris Allen could be gone this week- he was just OK and it was nothing special.

Results show: Paula "sings" (Benji from SYTYCD is there!), No Doubt and Daughtry perform, I still consistently fast forward. The first person sent to safety is Kris- well, I'm wrong! Then Adam is saved. So it's down to Gokey and Allison and my heart stops. Could my dream come true? Did America finalize realize Gokey is mediocre? No, Allison goes home. I'm surprised but not. Here's hoping she gets a makeover before the Idols tour.

America's Next Top Model - The girls get samba lessons to learn to move, as well as fake what you can't do. Celia wins the challenge, which of course pisses off Aminant who thought she faked it best. You see, Celia actually danced well; Aminant danced average and just made posey faces. Tyra will be the photographer this week, with the girls dressed as birds. She of course makes a goofy interest but I'm going to do something I never do: compliment Tyra. As a photographer, she is able to offer some good insight and lessons to the models and she really captures the best of the 4. Allison has the best picture by a landslide; the other 3 are a crapshoot of who goes home. It come down to beautiful Aminant and old-faced Celia... and Celia is sent packing because being 25 is perhaps the worst thing imaginable in the modeling world. Next week: Finale! (Image from

Make Me A Supermodel - The models are told to pick an accessory out from a table of options; after picking these accessories, they'll do a photoshoot with them... NAKED! Amanda is not down being naked, while everyone else seems gung ho. Salome wins best photo, but everyone is pissed because her shoot doesn't show her really out of shape lower half. The catwalk has the models as living art, wearing really funky clothes, but then a big fishbowl over their head filled with living butterflies- pretty! Sandhurst rocks it out, and wins immunity again. Branden's lost his mojo, and Amanda still stinks. Finally Amanda is given the news that they can't make her a supermodel and the models all rejoice to this news backstage. (Original image from BuddyTV)

Survivor - Auction time- which is my favorite event of the whole season. However, this one flew by but goodies included chicken parm, fries (I would've paid all $500 for those), and nachos. Taj gets a video from home with her husband wrapping it up saying "See you back at camp." Relatives are here! But there's a catch. All the friends and family can visit if Taj is willing to go to Exile (and her husband can come too), so of course she agrees. Family members and Coach's Assistant Coach visit camp- it's all happy and smiles. Gamewise, Debbie is ready to throw Coach under the bus, and even willing to sacrifice herself at Final 3 for Stephen and JT. Stephen and JT realize that every single person in this game loves them and has no desire to vote them off. The Immunity Challenge involves memorizing a pattern of math symbols and solving an equation and Stephen wins. However, bone to pick. They solved the equation from left to right, however, this blatantly disregards to "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" rules. I failed math and even I know that. Anyways, it seems like Coach is next to go for his annoying nature, but Debbie's brains pose a theat. Sierra and Brendan mock Coach from the jury, but it doesn't matter much as Debbie is the voted off the island. (Image from

New! The Fashion Show - After losing Project Runway to Lifetime, Bravo put together this series and while it is just a different version of PR, I actually enjoyed it. Each week, designers have to put together a cohesive runway show together, with hosts/judges Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland (of Destiny's Child, and I think she's prettier than Beyonce. Yeah, I said it), and additionally Fern Mallis (seen often on PR) is a judge, too. They do a challenge first to make a little black dress out of a t-shirt; the 3 best designers will be Head Designer and pick teams for the first elimination challenge. And to pick teammates, they'll select based on the remaining dresses, not just pointing and saying "You in the yellow." For the first challenge they have to create a must-have item; there will be 5 looks each using that item. The must-have items end up being harem pants (aka Hammer pants), Bolero jackets, and tube skirts. Then these 5 looks will have a runway show where fashion industry experts will watch and judge; the audience will select the best collection. Best collection goes to the Bolero jacket group, despite having a lot of conflicts and a ridiculously dressed leader. The tube skirt group is the worst, as most of the models couldn't even fit into them. Some guy named Jonny D who made a weird Marilyn Monroe inspired top to go with the skirt leaves. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy The Fashion Show (despite it's lame title). Sure PR is the leader, but the judges really take it seriously, as Isaac is both a good host and judge. So is Kelly, considering she's not a designer, just someone who wears fancy clothes. All in all, I'd give the premier a B and look forward to the rest of the season. (Image from Famespy)


D-Money said...

I don't watch any of the fashion/modeling shows so I can't really comment on those. The closest to those I get is Shear Genius. Love that show! And it's offshoot Tabatha's Salon Makeover. Tabatha is like the Gordon Ramsay of salons...she's hardcore. :)

On Survivor, it looks like it will come down to JT and Stephen unless someone else in the tribe makes a move. They're running out of time though. I have to disagree with them...I think they should have kept Debbie around because I think she's more easily manipulated than Coach.

As an aside, I'm surprised that Taj has stayed around as long as she has. I kind of thought they would vote her out because she's a Grammy winner and author (they may not know that) and married to a former pro football player (they do know that). I figured they would think she doesn't need the money. They did that a few years ago with a guy that was a dentist. The minute they found out he was a dentist, they said he didn't need the money and voted him out. Maybe this tribe doesn't think that way. Either way, I'm glad because I like Taj.

Mel Got Served said...

Yeah I thought Taj would be long gone, especially with the prospect of her having the Immunity Idol. This game is JT and Stephen's to lose. They are controlling the whole tribe, yet none of the others have even once considered taking out the obvious winners of the game.

But that's why I love Survivor. Every season is different. One season, the weak survive, another season the strong dominate- it's just fun. And Stephen and JT are the ideal combo- brains and brawn.

D-Money said...

JT and Stephen are like a power couple! :) It wouldn't make me mad if either one of them won because they're being smart about playing the game (so far) and they both seem like genuinely nice people.

Makes me wonder...after so many seasons and people thinking they know how to play the game, would Richard Hatch win if he were playing today? I don't think so.

Mel Got Served said...

Yeah, I would like either to win. These others are do dumb to just hand them the win, but it shows how good they are at the game.

Richard would definitely not have won- or at least, not with this crowd of people. With his same cast, maybe. But these are people are smarter and get the game.