May 29, 2009

Reality Rundown: The return of SEX!

In this Reality Rundown...

The Bachelorette - Jillian will go on 3 dates this week, 2 group and 1 solo, and give a rose out on each date and those 3 dudes will move into the mansion with her until next elimination. Oh and a few guys won't get a date at all, which kinda blows and seems unfair. Date 1 starts as a pool party and ends up a Mini Cooper infested scavenger hunt, ending in a date for one of them. Jillian picks Wes and gives him a rose and I hate this guy. He is obviously there to be discovered for his [crappy] music and not for love, but she falls for his skeezy ways. Jillian takes pilot Jake (who I liked last week) on the solo date, where he quickly swoops in for the kiss, and then Martina McBride performs and he gets a rose. Date 3 is an innocent game of pickup basketball- against the Harlem Globetrotters! Some guy gets a rose because after the game he ran into the ocean in a Speedo. I've decided my favorite suitor is Dave, who always seem one notch away from some sort of violence. Suitor Juan pretended to take a shot of whiskey, and this fakeness sent Dave into a fit of rage! At elimination, guys without dates try to make an impression, Wes makes a douche move and cuts in guys, some dude exposes himself, and the men fail to get Juan sent home. And Jillian sends home a bunch of dudes I don't know (and the streaker). All and all a good episode, but I worry Wes and Juan will be torturing me on this show a long time. (Image from

So You Think You Can Dance - 2 nights of SYTCD this week. Night 1 auditions are in Miami and Memphis. The guest judges this week are Broadway/Jazz/Contemporary choreographer Tyce Diorio (who is so over the dud dancers) and Lil C, a choreography famous for his amazing krumping (rent Rize- it's spectacular). Some great dancers on Wednesday include a few tappers, a traditional African dancer, talented twins, returning semi-finalists from last year, and an underground style called Memphis Jukin. But a few duds manage to get into the mix including terrible twins and a ginger with long dreads essentially rave dancing. The dancers heading to Vegas are a great bunch, and I think this could be one of the toughest Top 20 decisions yet. (Image from Reality Wanted)

Night 2, or as teased in Wednesday's preview, the return of SEX! But not until the end. The cities of night 2 are Los Angeles and Seattle, with Hairspray director/choreographer Adam Shankman and the SYTYCD choreography messiah Mia Michaels
as the 3rd chairs. Los Angeles has some amazing talent, which makes sense since people who move to LA are trying to pursue a career in dance. Seattle however stinks. Only 12 people from Seattle advanced, and none got an automatic ticket to Vegas. Now onto the greatest part ever: SEX. First, this guy who calls himself "Wise Leo" dances and it's this weird hopping/clubbing thing; Mia says she'd love to see a dance off between Leo and Sex. And it's as amazing as you'd think- and the winner is LEO. Poor Sex- and for once, Nigel voted for him. And after 5 years of trying out, Nigel agrees to let Sex participate in the choreography round to give him a reality check. Sex stinks, but of course, he'll be back next year.

Make Me A Supermodel - Final 4 and it's only taken what, 8 years to get here? The photoshoot is for the models to pose with a huge pyrotechnic background, but they only get one shot to do it. Jonathan plays in safe, Brendan ignores direction, Mountaha stands still, and Sandhurst goes crazy. In other fun, they get a shopping spree at Bloomingdales and get to visit New York Model Management, their possible future employer. The catwalk challenge will have the guys as 007 spies while the remaining woman will be- well I don't really know, but she is a wearing a dress by judge Catherine Malandrino. Jonathan really channels James Craig, Sandhurst is average and the photo saves him, Brendan has a much improved walk but a bad pictures, and Mountaha is stiff and Catherine doesn't like the way her dress looked- ouch, served! The bottom 2 fighting for the last spot in the finals are Mountaha and Brendan and as much as I love little Brendan (the last American too), I think his time might be up. But no! Mountaha is handed her book and sent home and she's pretty shocked. I'm shocked too, but hey, after this you'll all be working models, you just won't have the $100k prize. Next week: FINALLY, I mean finale. (Image from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - Teams are out, individuals in, so now the show might me slightly more like Project Runway as they don't have to make a cohesive line. Their first challenge as individuals: design an outfit inspired by a pair of shoes. Luckily, they are selecting shoes at Bergdorf's so there are no frightening Crocs to choose. The underwear designer guy again seems to be stealing ideas from other designers, Reco is overconfident (but I love him!), and a girl who got assigned a pair of shoes rocks it. The top 3 made some amazing outfits, but it's Rico and his take on a little black dress that wins. The bottom 2 are underwear guy and this other woman who made the bridesmaid dress from hell. It comes down to choosing between creative but poorly executed or boring but completed. Thankfully, the creative wins and underwear man can go back to thongs and briefs and stop being a copycat. (Original image from Celia Loves)


ChopstickPrep said...

so you think there will be another "so you think you can dance" tour? or too early to tell...

Mel Got Served said...

I bet they'll have another tour. Downside is they are now arena tours, whereas it started in legit theaters (which felt so much classier). I don't mind being mid-20s seeing a dance show at a theater. Being mid-20s and watching dancing in an arena makes me feel like an old fart.