May 4, 2009

Serving of the Week

5/04/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , , 1 comment
Serving of the Week

Name: Melissa Rivers, The Celebrity Apprentice
SERVED: I quit watching The Celebrity Apprentice a few weeks ago after stupid firings on behalf of The Donald, but I did catch the end of last week's episode since my dad insisted upon it. After being ostracized by her team, Melissa Rivers was given the old heave-ho by The Donald, and Melissa did not take it lightly. She left the boardroom screaming, swearing, and storming around in her air cast. She called her ex-teammates "whore pit vipers" and yelled at the producers to get her s*** and refused to give an interview. Joan Rivers jumps in on the fun too, telling the group they are "left with a Nazi and a Follower." It's pretty entertaining and I suggest you watch (view it here). While I guess Melissa was fired more for something unseen on the show (according to a what she told to EW), she got totally SERVED by the Donald, SERVED by 2 annoying quasi-celebrities, and sort of SERVED herself for going nuts on television. Sorry Melissa, but you got SERVED. (Original image from

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D-Money said...

Melissa Rivers totally did have a sh** fit on national TV. I saw an interview she did after that episode aired and she said she went on the show to make her dad proud and she believes she succeeded. Huh? My dad would be so embarrassed if I acted like that. All the name-calling by her and Joan was just out of line.

I'm definitely rooting for Annie!