May 18, 2009

Serving of the Week

5/18/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 1 comment
Serving of the Week
Name: Adam Chandler, All My Children
SERVED: Adam Chandler has been Pine Valley's go-to bad guy since 1983. After 26 years of causing misery, every person in Pine Valley wants him dead... and one finally succeeded. Yes, this core character of All My Children has been killed off by the true villain: headwriter Chuck Pratt. But I digress, as this is about how Adam Chandler finally getting SERVED- and a sad SERVING at that since Adam is one of my favorites. After putting a faulty heart valve on the market killing a child (or did it?), taking away his son's future, revealing huge secrets (someone sold their baby!), possible murder, and just being an a-hole, just about every person in town seems to break and enter into the Chandler Mansion to get revenge - that's quite the SERVING. Plus, at the time of the shooting, we saw 3 people aiming for him- yikes- SERVED. But if you kill the villain, will Pine Valley's problems go away? Not at all and I look forward to SERVING them all in the future as a "Told you so!" Goodbye Adam Chandler, you'll be missed by this AMC fan! (Original image from Daytime Confidential)

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Anonymous said...

Sh't.. I watched that happen. hahaha... I assume it was David and Zach's gunna take the fall for it. Oh well.