May 25, 2009

Serving of the Week

5/25/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Serving of the Week
Name: Annie Wilson, 90210
SERVED: Annie Wilson is hands down one of the worst characters on TV right now (and yes, I am one of those stupid people still tuning into 90210, but it's getting better). Annie was supposed to be this generation's Brenda Walsh, but instead Annie has been an annoying, nagging, goody two shoes that no viewer could stand. This week, Annie finally got SERVED. After it appeared Annie may have slept with frenemy Naomi's sorta-boyfriend, Naomi flipped her shizz on Annie. She pointed out Annie stole her boyfriend once before and isn't the little Miss Perfect everyone thinks she is. Then all the students accuse her of ratting out the prom after-party to her Principal dad. Someone calls her a "Kansas Skank"- SERVED! And then, someone throws a drink in her face- SERVED again! Oh man, it's classic and it's all right here for you to watch- please, you must see it. So Annie flips out, calls the cops on the party, steals a bottle of vodka, and then commits a hit and run. Hopefully next season she'll get SERVED a jail sentence and SERVED a one-way ticket off 90210. (Original image from

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