June 29, 2009

Serving of the Week: Wheel of Fortune Line Cutter

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Serving of the Week

Name: The lady who tried to cut the audition line at Wheel of Fortune
SERVED: Yesterday I tried to make a dream come true: I went to audition for Wheel of Fortune. I can explain more later, but let's get to the SERVING, shall we? I went with my good friend Lisa and we arrived at 8:30AM to wait in line, stocked up with snacks and some chairs to sit in, and were probably about 10th in line. Around maybe noon, some spacey lady steps under the rope and plops down in her lawn chair right in front of us. Lisa and I look at each other bewildered; we exchange looks with our new Wheel of Fortune pals (Hi Cheryl and Lena!), shocked. Well, Lisa wasn't taking this. Lisa looks at the woman and asks her if she was waiting with people in front of user earlier. "Oh, no" she says, "I thought this was where people with chairs sat." WHAT?! Lady, you are insane! Everyone had chairs all over- front beginning to end! You just wanted to be first to get in! So Lisa lets her have it and completely SERVED her! To sum it up, Lisa tells her we have all been in line since 8:30AM and no way in hell was she cutting us and would have to go to the end of the line. SERVED! So the lady packs up and heads to... TWO ROWS BEHIND US TRYING TO PULL THE SAME THING! Luckily, those people weren't gonna take it either and gave her the boot. SERVED again! When we were waiting around for the next audition show, she was again lingering by us in the front again, sitting by a Claire's window (see blurry cell phone image above), but this time she knew not to mess with this crew of avid Wheel Watchers.

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June 28, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Free To Be... You and Me

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With the passing of Michael Jackson this past week, it's definitely shaken up pop culture. I don't think there's been a celebrity death so big in my life since Princess Diana (sorry Bea Arthur, you know I love you). Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and earned that title. His songs are genius and revolutionized popular music. While he had his personal issues, I was still a fan of the music he made. My first Michael Jackson experience was when I was about 3 or 4. I used to watch Marlo Thomas's Free To Be... You and Me all the time. We had the cassette to play in the car, and I just recently was able to obtain a copy of it from Swaptree (and yes, I still sing songs from it today). In the song "When I Grow Up", a teenage Michael and Roberta Flack play dress up in this really cool attic room that is just black and white cardboard cutouts. This movie and these songs were so formative of my childhood, this just seemed like the perfect week to use a clip from the movie, and also honor Michael Jackson, the performer that he was. While you enjoy this MSS clip, I'm going to try and find a plastic fishbowl to recreate the astronaut part of the song.

June 26, 2009

Reality Rundown: Throw Robbie from the Train

The Next Food Network Star - The chefs are given $60 to run amuck in a supermarket to prepare a dinner party for 12 people. Once their shopping is finished, the chefs are told the dinner party is being hosted by Ina freakin Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, who I hold in pretty high regard in terms of taste. But there's a catch! The chefs are working in pairs to create 3 courses: each will create 1 dish and collaborate on the 3rd. Melissa the Mom gets teamed with Manscaped Eddie and he's such a jerk to her, rolling his eyes when she's away, etc. He can't be bothered with other people, it's all about him. Margaret Cho is paired with Teddy, who everyone fears since he threw Melissa under the bus last week. They are a surprisingly good pair, with Margaret Cho Eddie's a douchebagtaking the appetizer, teaming on the meatloaf main dish, and Teddy is in charge of dessert. Except Teddy decides to focus on the meatloaf and the dessert is horrible. The Greek God and Flamboyant guy make a meal that looks so amazing it wins best of the week, even if Michael's personality was a bit off. The judges call out Manscaped Eddie for his kitchen behavior, with Bobby Flay telling him that "chivalry in the kitchen goes a long way." But here's the best part: the judges say his onion and watermelon salad wasn't good and takes a lot of finesse. He says he knows it's a good recipe because HE TOOK IT FROM PAULA DEEN'S COOKBOOK! I'd eliminate him on the spot for that. Teddy's dessert is deemed a complete and utter disaster, but he tries to save himself and claims the meatloaf was his dish, not the dessert. But the judges call him out, pointing out earlier he took claim for the dessert. Margaret Cho is livid that Teddy has pulled this shizz again. I get a good laugh that the bottom 2 are Teddy and Eddie- get it?! Manscaped Eddie goes home and I say, thank god, cause I never wanted a cooking show called "Dining with Doucebags." (Image from Food Network)

The Bachelorette - All aboard! Jillian and her men hop aboard a sweet train (no, not the Hogwarts Express or Terror Train- it's the Rocky Mountaineer!) for a trip across British Columbia and Alberta. 2 solo dates and 1 group date this week. Robbie is the 1st solo date and I mean, how couldn't 30 year old Jillian want to be with a 25 year old bartender who wouldn't answer the "do you want kids?" question. Well she doesn't, so the train Jillian and Reidstops and poor Robbie is kicked to the curb (and breakdancing Michael cries more than Jillian). His family's "always the bridesmaid, never the bride curse" continues. The group date is snowshoeing (yawn), which excites Tanner P who sees it as his chance to get near Jillian's feet. Also, Tanner comes clean about snitching a few weeks ago and the guys are OK, except Wes who gets all defensive. And then, Wes flat out says he's there for publicity and has gotten 6 weeks of exposure already. And then NO GUYS TELL THIS TO JILLIAN! Listen, I get Bro Code, but if you really like Jillian and have her best interest at heart, wouldn't you want to avoid her being made a fool of on national television? The 2nd solo date is with Reid, who is the blonde Chandler Bing to me, and he's a bit neurotic. He has a lot of qualms about the health hazards of fondue, but I'm liking this guy. While he is a total opposite of Jillian, I think it works. At the Rose Ceremony, Jillian is having second thoughts so pulls break-dancing Michael aside to discuss their age gap (he's only 25, but I love him- I hope he stays around). This talk is enough to save Michael, sending Tanner P and perfect Jake home. Next week: hometown dates where Jillian meets Wes'... band? AHHHH. Jillian, I truly hope this show is as scripted as Reality Steve says because if not, you are a moron and the most gullible person on reality TV. (Image from BuddyTV)

So You Think You Can Dance - I must confess: the past few weeks I've been a little angry with SYTYCD because Louis van Amstel had been the ballroom choreographer, and I thought my personal favorite French crazy, Jean Marc Generaux, was gone. Well he's back and as fantastic Evan and Randi's Contemporary Routine by Mia Michaelsas ever!! But enough about choregraphers, let's get to the dancing. After the first 2 numbers, I was really nervous about this week, thinking we'd get a lot of clunkers, but luckily Melissa and Ade's were 3rd and had one hot rumba. Other goodies: Brandon/Janette's hip-hop, newly paired Kayla/Kupono's Viennese waltz, and Randi/Evan's contemporary (by the one and only Mia Michaels). Now the stinkers. Every week the judges seem to like Caitlin/Jason, but I thought their paso doble was awful; with such intense music, the dancing should be equally intense. Karla/Jonathan did hip-hop and Jonathan stunk so badly, oh man it was painful to watch, which is a shame for Karla since she's part of hip-hop crew Boogie Bots. Bottom 3 prediction: Karla/Jonathan, Caitlin/Jason, and Asuka/Vitolio. (Image from BuddyTV)

Results show! Napoleon and Tabitha (hereby known as Nappytabs) choreograph the cool group number, but the show begins on a somber note. Nigel aknowledges the death of the 3 celebrities this week that impacted us, but none affected SYTYCD quite as much as Michael Jackson, who has inspired so many to dance. But let's think positive, and get to the good stuff: eliminations! My bottom 3 predictions are spot on! Pat on the back for mAsuka and Jonathan are eliminatede. But guessing the bottom 3 means nothing, as it's all about the solos. For the girls, it's unanimous; they eliminate Asuka who they don't see growing week to week. Her elimination does not sadden me. For the guys, Nigel says it was a 2-1 vote, which boggles my mind as I thought it was so obvious who to send home. Thankfully, Jonathan aka Archuletta is gone. Sorry, but even in his own style he wasn't very good and I still have no clue how he made Top 20. Other highlight: some dance crew of boys from like 6 to teens perform and toss the tiny kid across the stage. I watch this part in slo-mo 3 times. (Images from MSNBC)

Top Chef Masters - Quickfire! The 4 chefs draw knives that reveal a color; the task is to create a dish based on that color. This arrogant French dude Ludo goes crazy when his waiters fail to bring his red beet gazpacho out, but it only makes his plate look like a bloody crime scene. The Chef Michael BaylessQuickfire winner is Wilo Benet from Puerto Rico, who made an orange dish with salmon and some carrot stuff. For the elimination challenge the chefs will be making street food to serve at Universal Studios. Wow, cakewalk right? WRONG! Each contestant has a disgusting protein to base the meal on including tripe (stomach), heart, pig's ears, and tongue. French Ludo decides to make quesadillas with his pig's ears, except Mexican is not his specialty, so dumb move on his behalf. Not to mention, he's up against the top Mexican food chef in America, Rick Bayless, so even dumber. Bayless makes tacos with tongue, and it's a smash hit with the crowd and the judges With such outstanding scores on his tacos (2 judges gave him 5 stars), Bayless wins this episode and heads to the finals. (Image from BravoTV.com)

The Fashion Show - This week is all about paying homage to the fashion greats, so each designer is assigned a designer to be inspired by. Oh and by "assigned" I mean, the winner of the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, gets to call the shots; that winner is Anna, whose name I finally learned. She takes Chanel for herself and gives the good designers to her friends, Have gets eliminatedand then goes strategic/beotchy on Merlin, James Paul, and Reco, giving them designers they don't know. Johnny got Versace and it looked so Versace, but part of me thinks it's too Versace and not enough Johnny, but he wins anyways. Reco doesn't know Halston, and goes with his style of a flowy corset which is all wrong and looks Renaissance Fair; he is in the bottom and crying desperately. It's so sad! Haven is also in the bottom 2. She was given Yves St. Laurent, who is an everyday inspiration to her, and she went with his looks of sleek suits on women, except her sleek suit sucked. It was poorly constructed and used horrible colors. The judges have a tough decision and ultimately send home Haven because hey, she actually knew her designer and tanked. Reco lives to sew another day- phew! (Image from BravoTV.com)

June 23, 2009

Buy This Now: The Zipit

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I've always been a big browser, but wishing to purchase, of Perpetual Kid, which sells the most awesome gifts, gadgets, etc. Recently, they launched this new item called The Zipit, and I'm pretty sure this is the best invention I've purchased in ages. You know that horrible clamshell packaging that tears apart your hands while you attempt to cut it open with scissors? Well the Zipit it a package opener for the dreaded clamshell. It works almost like a can opener, where you push a button and navigate it around the package to open it. My dad's birthday was last week, so I ordered the Zipit as a present for him after dazzling him with the Zipit demo video. It works wonders and I completely vouch for this product. Now I actively seek out the clamshell packaging rather than quiver in fear before opening. If you have a housewarming party or I have to buy you a gift, let's be honest, you'll probably get a Zipit.

June 22, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Name: The Table flipped by Teresa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale
SERVED: I hope you didn't miss the amazing finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa threw a dinner party and invited outcast Danielle (a previous Serving of the Week), and out of nowhere (and by nowhere I mean the tiniest purse that could in no way hold a 200 page book book), brought out the infamous Cop Without A Badge book to address the rumors. about her past life After getting into a heated argument with Dina and Caroline, Teresa still didn't buy Danielle's story. After coppin' a 'tude on Teresa, Teresa wasn't having it and flips out; and it's a sight to behold. Teresa starts screaming that Danielle is a "prostitution whore" and was engaged 19 time and then FLIPS THE TABLE! The Table got SERVED! Wine spilled everywhere, Italian food strewn all about, and it probably smells like purses doused in White Diamonds, and poor table didn't see it coming. Dinner has been SERVED indeed!

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June 21, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Rock Star

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Rock Star is one of those awful movies I'll watch every time. Or really, I will watch the beginning and tune back into the end. When Mark Wahlberg's character Chris decides he's done with being he lead singer of mega-band Steel Dragon, they don't hold auditions to find someone else. No, he takes his cue from the same way he was selected as the lead singer: grab some random dude with sweet metal hair and bring him on stage. The final scene of Rockstar is classic and helped me answer a crossword puzzle clue this week (Clue: God of thunder. Answer: THOR! God of thunderrrrrr [using my metal voice])

June 19, 2009

Reality Rundown: 5 Minutes in Heaven with Isaac Mizrahi

The Next Food Network Star - The chefs get their first task this week: cook a meal for Esquire magazine featuring ingredients commonly found in a man's kitchen (like peanut butter, cornflakes, and of course meat). Eddie with the really manscaped eyebrows aces the challenge with a steak and a brussel sprout hash. The next challenge is at Good Housekeeping magazine. FN star Giada Delaurentis explains the challenge: create a dish inspired by a holiday, which Manscape Eddie gets to divvy out for winning earlier. He takes Valentine's Day and is pretty easy with giving out the rest. The Mom gets Mother's Day and makes a delicious dish, but has trouble with her time management and plating. Caribbean Queen (Jameka) makes a New Year's Tradition of collard greens and cornbread (cornbread is the moment I got up and snacked on some PB crackers to help my craving). The Healthy Girl stinks as usual, a Dave Coulier lookale makes a disconnected dish, and Manscaped Eddie has a really condescending and disingenous presentation. At judging panel, Healthy Katie seems a sho-in to go, but Dave Coulier tries to throw The Mom under the bus for the plating issue. My instincts are right: Coulier dug himself an early grave and is out. Good, didn't like him anyways! (Original image from Food Network)

The Bachelorette - I write about this episode with metaphorical tears, as my favorite leaves tonight. Let's start with the good: breakdancing Michael gets a solo date ziplining with Jillian and gets a rose. Wine maker Jesse gets the other date where they play in snow, hot tub, and the date has what seems to be 30 minutes screen-time, so I fast forwarded- sorry! But I like him more now. Wes continues to con his way into Jillian's heart, and Tanner still won't name names about who has a g/f. Now the bad part: Ed receives an ultimatum from his job: come back to work or get fired. Jillian gives him the group date rose to show where her heart lies, but Ed eventually decides that he can't let his coworkers down and leaves. I thought Ed was final 4, and in recent weeks, final 2 material- so I'm bummed. Clearly, Jillian had high hopes in Ed and is devastated he didn't take the risk on love. But in Ed's defense, it's not like there are 2 or 3 guys left- she's got about 9 dudes in her dating pond and it's a long way to go til the end. At the Rose Ceremony, Mark (who?) goes home and Wes is left to torture us viewers. Coming this season: Wes flat out admits to the guys he's there for publicity, but judging by the preview he makes it all the way to the Fantasy Suites (usually for final 4 or 3), and Jillian and one mystery guy encounter problems in the boudoir, and Italy! But, it also looks like Jesse makes it to Italy- good sign. Go home Wes and stick that horrible country-twangin' guitar where the sun don't shine. (Original image from BuddyTV)

So You Think You Can Dance
- The return of Shane Sparks and Brian Freidman! These are 2 great choreographers that I've really missed- welcome back! Also: a new choreographer! A contemporary Canuck named Stacey Tookey. Onto the dance! My absolute favorite of the week was Brandon/Janette's disco, and if you know my opinions on disco as a genre on this show, you'll know this was huge. It was so fast, entertaining, and full of chemistry. Vitolio/Asuka has a beautiful waltz, Melissa/Ade had a great jazz piece, and Kayla/Max had a pop/jazz that earned a 2nd week in a row on the Hot Tamale Train. Onto the bad... basically everyone else; not impressed and picking my bottom 3 was hard cause there were a bunch of duds. Shane Sparks returned to choreograph 2 routines, and neither lived up to the hype. A jive routine fell flat and the judges again loved Karla/Jonathan "Archueletta" but I was not feeling it. My bottom 3 prediction: both hip hop routines (Caitlin/Jason, Kupono/Ashley) and Karla/Jonathan's contemporary. I think Philip Chbeeb and his partner (I forget her name- not good) could take Karla/Jonathan's spot, but I'm thinking his early popularity could save him this week. (Image from BuddyTV)

Results show! Mia Michaels choreographed a group routine I wasn't crazy about, some chick with the last name DeBarge lip syncs really poorly and is in no way like the real El DeBarge, and this Indian dancer rocks the show. Now the bottom 3: Caitlin/Jason, Kupono/Ashley, and Kayla/Max. WHAT?! Kayla/Max were fantastic last night- blasphery! This also means my EW.com prediction that Jonathan/Kayla would be eliminated is moot. After dancing for their lives, the judges are not unanimous in their decision. I predict Caitlin and Kupono out, but NO! It's Ashley and Maxim. Partner switch next week; now Kayla and Kupono dance together. Bummer for Maxim, but it's hard for ballroom guys to do solos. (Images from MSNBC)

Top Chef Masters - I recognize 2 chefs this week! Elizabeth Falkner is a Food Network Challenge regular for her pastry work- she's my pick to win. Molecular gastronomy poster-boy Wylie Dufresne, a frequent Top Chef judge, also is competing. There is also a young fat guy and a woman with no personality whatsoever. Quickfire! The chefs will create an amuse-bouche (which is like a one-bite meal kick-off) but only with items from a vending machine. How fun! Judging this challenge are 3 chefs from Top Chef Season 2, who had to do this exact same challenge. Boring lady Suzanne (Snooze-anne!) Tracht wins by making some classy onion rings made from Fritos and a salad. She never shows a bit of excitement at this win. Elimination Challenge, and man, do I love this one because it centers around my favorite show: LOST! Say Oceanic 815 crashed with 4 gourmet chefs on the plane- what would those chefs concoct on the island? They are given limited ingredients and access to Dharma pantry items and they will serve the critics, as well as the producers and writers of Lost. Wylie Dufresne wows them with his technique, Elizabeth doesn't have enough sauce, fat guy impresses with Dharma green beans, and boring lady makes this holiday feast that pleases the diners. Snooze-anne is victorious and is hands down the dullest I've ever seen a reality show winner. They should've played the Debbie Downer waaa-waaa after she won. (Image from BravoTV.com)

The Fashion Show - The designers work in pairs this week and of course the 2 biggest hotheads, Daniella and Reco, get paired up. After a Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge to change Walk of Shame/Clubbing wear into work appropriate attire, the designers receive their runway challenge. They are working with a famous designer this week: it's Isaac Mizrahi! The pairs will get to look at his mood board of fabrics, designs, etc. and will need to create a look for his collection. The winners of the mini challenge, Johnny and Merlin, get 5 minutes ("in heaven, like the game" -Johnny) with Isaac to ask questions and see the collection so far, and this really pays off. Johnny/Merlin and Haven/lady-whose-name-I-forget are the best 2, and Johnny/Merlin are best in show. Daniella/Reco make some hideous high-waisted pants, per Daniella's insistence, and her failure makes Reco smile. But nothing is as horrible as James Paul/Lydia's fish-scale inspired dress and coat. Oh boy, it's so horrible to look at- there are no words for this hot mess. Lydia is eliminated to go sleep with the fishes, and Daniella lives to bitch another day. (Image from BuddyTV)

June 17, 2009

6 Favorite TV Dads

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6 Favorite TV Dads

As a companion to my 5 Favorite Moms for Mother's Day, this Father's Day I'm giving you my 6 Favorite TV Dads, because I couldn't fit the list into 5. This list was so much harder to pull, cause it turns out TV dads are so awesome. I think I'm just TV mom pickier.

1. - Frank Costanza, Seinfeld
No dad has been quite as awesome as George Constanza's father Frank. He invented a bra for men (The Bro or Manzierre- it's your call), invented an anti-Christmas to yell at people (a Festivus for the rest of us), speaks fluent Korean to translate at nail salons, and a fear of vermin. I was thinking "Who are the best TV dads?" but Frank might have to be one of my favorite TV characters ever. (Image from How Stuff Works)

2. Danny Tanner - Full House
Danny was probably the best single dad on TV, even though he got help from his brother-in-law and loser best friend. He was the most of the #1 rated San Francisco talkshow Wake Up, San Francisco!, while raising 3 daughters and one annoying neighbor and a daughter's boyfriend that constantly ate all his groceries. Did I mention he let his entire extended family live in his house? He was patient, loving, smart, and loved cleaning so much- give him a can of Pledge and he'll go to town. (Image from Borjanet.com)

3. The Bluth Men - Arrested Development
4 way tie- there is no way I could choose between the poor parenting of George Sr., Michael (ok, not a bad parent), Gob, and Oscar. George would teach his children life lessons through hiring a one-armed man to scare them, while Michael let his 15 year old practive driveing in his lap and later left his son's girlfriend in Mexico. Oscar made Baby Buster (yo quiero leche!) with his brother's wife, and well Gob ditched his son Steve Holt when camping, at a Father/Son picnic, and numerous other places. Good dads? Maybe not. My favorite dads? Definitely. (images from The Inconvenient Bluth)

4. Tobias Funke - Arrested Development
Self-described "Leather Daddy" and "Discipline Dad and plagued by a terrible disorder known as "never nude," Tobias may be the most accomplished father here. He's written a best selling novel in the gay community, The Man Inside Me, while being the world's first analyst and therapist, known as an analrapist. His passion for acting exceeds no other, including glitter gift bags and serves as a Blue Man Group understudy. Tobias' lack of parenting skills and poor attempts at being a good dad (directing the high school play, taking his daughter shopping at leather stores, dressing a a 60-something female housekeeper) are pure magic. (Image from Flickr: Andrew Wilkinson)

5. Christian Shephard - Lost
Since the first time we flashbacked to Jack Shepherd's life and we met his dad, I always joked he was my favorite character. His wonderful use of Red Sox metaphors, being fired for performing surgery drunk- he's a class act! But I don't call him Christian; he's always been "Jack's Drunk Dead Dad To Me." A character that has been dead since the inception of the show has in later seasons become crucial to the overall story. Jack's D.D.D. fathered another castaway, met others via flashbacks, and oh yeah, his possible ghost is walking the island. Yeah he's definitely a father who caused daddy issues, but he's one of my favorites for good TV! (Image from Not Confused Just Lost)

6. Keith Mars - Veronica Mars
Shunned by the entire town of Neptune, left by his wife, and fired from his position of sheriff, Keith Mars could've been a total douche like a certain #5 dad above- but he wasn't. As a single dad to Veronica, he became a PI, let her work on cases with him, and was the big hero at the end of it all. When there was a chance Veronica might not have been his biological father, Keith was there for her and would always be her dad. Plus, he performs background checks on boyfriends, loves baseball (hates people who cheat the game), got a bunch of chicks, has a hilarious rivalry with another PI, and wrote a New York Times Best Selling novel. (Image from Wikipedia)

Honorable mentions: Buddy Garrity - Friday Night Lights, Adam Chandler - All My Children, Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch, Frank Reynolds - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kirk Van Houten - The Simpsons, Harold Weir - Freaks and Geeks, Carl Winslow - Family Matters, Michael Taylor and Joey Harris - My 2 Dads (just because), Jim Bob Duggar - 18 Kids and Counting

June 15, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Name: The MBTA Bus Driver that was fired for using a cell phone
SERVED: After an MBTA Green Line conductor on the T crashed the train in May because he was texting on his cell instead of you know, properly operating the train, a ban was put on cell phone usage by all MBTA employees while on the job. Well some moron this past week must've thought he outsmarted the MBTA by not bringing his own phone on the job- he borrowed a passenger's! He proceeded to pull the bus over on the side of the road and use said cell phone for 5 minutes while passengers just sat there. Oh and other passengers just hopped aboard for free Hey idiot, there a CC cameras on every bus in case of emergenices- SERVED. This doofus caught caught and got SERVED.. a firing! Sorry guy, but not only will you face the MBTA, but you're facing a SERVING from me. (Original image from Boston.com)

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June 14, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Can't Buy Me Love

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Can't Buy Me Love is a true 80's classic. A guy helps the most popular girl in school with a financial issue in exchange for a few dates to prove that even socializing with her could make him popular. Nothing else in the movie proves the point that high school students are sheep than the infamous school dance, or when Ronald Miller starts a huge dance craze. What he (and no one else except the nerd friends he ditched) is that this dance was actually on a PBS special about the African Anteater Ritual, not American Bandstand. Watch as the sheep flock to their leader in the most fantastic dance number you've even seen in a high school gymnasium.

June 12, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Thunderdome of Reality Show Dating

In this Reality Rundown...

New! The Next Food Network Star - As an avid viewer of the Food Network, I get really invested in this show because it's someone who I will potentially watch and then ultimately botch their recipes when I try them out at home. 10 new hopefuls have been cast, vying to be the next Guy Fieri, and fit into the same personality and cooking molds they usually do (Caribbean, trained, cook at home). The judges for NFNS include Senior VP of Programming & Product Bob Tuschman (love that name), VP of Marketing & Brand Strategy Susie Fogelson, and Food Network star/acclaimed chef Bobby Flay. The first challenge splits the 10 into 2 teams and they will cater the Food Network's 16th anniversary party, with Food Network celebrity guests (and my nemesis, Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood). I love their voting panels because they are so honest about personality, food, etc. Contestants whose personalities/food stood out: stay-at-home mom, Margaret Cho looklike, Caribbean-American queen, flamboyant guy, and a "Greek God" as someone named him. Barbie Girl (who calls herself the new generation housewife) goes home for a really simple green bean dish that even a 4 year old could make. Who will be the star? I don't know, but they better cook some good grub (like my Neelys!). (Image from FoodNetwork.com)

The Bachelorette - The men pack up for the Canadian hometown of Jillian: Vancouver. While there, Jillian will go on a solo date, a group date, and a 2-on-1 date. My personal favorite Bachelorette twist, the 2-on-1 date means 2 guys go on a date, but only 1 gets a rose. It's like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but for roses. Jillian has a solo date with Kiptyn, who I really like but has a stupid name. The group date guys go full on Canuck and go curling (winning team gets a date on a boat with Jillian). Jesse wins and scores a kiss, Jake is too perfect, and a hopefully drunk crazy Dave gets dissed. He's foul mouthed and rude, then goes for a kiss and is denied- SERVED! He then says she's kissed every guy there so why can't he get a kiss? Ahh, kinda SERVED Jillian. She says they weren't all real kisses, but I call BS. She may have stage kissed a bunch, but she has legit kissed at least 7 guys. The 2-on-1 date is with Mike and Mark or as I called them, "Who?" Everyone is surprised when Mark gets the rose. At the cocktail party, everyone is tired of Wes's shizz, so they call him out without explicitly saying "Wes", telling Jillian "not everyone is here for the right reasons." But she's so GD dense. If someone is on a television dating show and might not there for the right reasons, wouldn't one automatically guess the guy who dreams of being a star musician and needs national exposure? Foot fetishist Tanner tells Jillian someone even has a girlfriend back home, so she confronts the guys. No one admits it, and instead prefer to know who the snitch is. Careful Tanner, snitches get stitches! At the rose ceremony, Tanner is safe (and remains the secret snitch) which surprised me. Crazy Dave and Juan get deported back to the USA. Next week: is Wes finally going to get caught? (Image from ABC.com)

So You Think You Can Dance - So much talent packed into 2 hours! For a first week, the dancing is extremely impressive and the choreographers also brought their a-game. Mary screamed and woo'ed her heart out, even giving out her first ticket on the hot tamale train. Director/choreographer Adam Shankman was maybe a little too enthusiastic, but hey, he loves the dance. Highlights of the night for me: Tyce Diorio's jazz (Randi/Broadway Evan), a contemporary piece (Ade/old Melissa) by Mandy Moore (not that one), a beautiful foxtrot (Brandon/Janette), a crazy Wade Robson creation (Kupono/Ashley), and one sexy samba (Kayla/Max). See- the top 20 are so good, it's hard to even narrow it down to one or two favorites! I wanted to love the Bollywood number (Jason/Caitlin) but I thought they were out of sync a bit, and while the judges loved the cha-cha (Karla/Jonathan the David Archulleta lookalike), I found Karla stiff and had poor footwork. My bottom 3 picks/prediction: the Broadway number (Asuka/Vitolio), the cha-cha (Karla/Jonathan aka "Archuletta"), and a 2nd hip-hop routine (Tony/Paris).

What I like most about SYTYCD in the early rounds is that voters pick the bottom 3 couples, but then they perform for their lives in their own style, and the judges select who should go home. I think it keeps it fair from simply eliminating the less popular dancers and helps to keep true talent around. And it turns out- I guessed the bottom 3 couples right! Each dancer then dances for their life and I'm not impressed with any of them. At least "Archuletta" pulled out the tricks. Paris is the eliminated female, and I'm not surprised and thought she'd be in the bottom often because I don't think the audience clicks with her and would be a rehash of universally hated Jessica from last season. For the guys, they eliminate Tony (Paris' partner), which must be breaking the hearts of tween girls watching. Oh, and Sean Kingston performed but didn't have his amazing Crayola Crayon chain. (Original images from BuddyTV)

New! Top Chef Masters - Bad news: no Tom or Padma. But I still really enjoyed the show (especially the unique challenges), though the host for Masters is like a young, less robotic Julie Chen. How the show works: 4 chefs compete each week to win a slot in the Masters finale; 6 compete for the title and $100k for charity. Quickfire challenge: the chefs take on the dreaded dessert, but the judges are Junior Girl Scouts. The chefs get to watch the tasting (scored on a scale of 5 stars), and one little ginger girl is an evil food critic in the making. Hubert Kelly, who runs Fleur de Lys at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, wins with some cookies and and fruit. The elimination challenge brings them back to the college days, where they will prepare a meal using only a microwave, toaster oven, and hot plate- oh and they'll have to prepare the meal in a dorm room! Hubert even takes advantage of the delightful dorm shower to rinse his macaroni- eww, hope you wore flip flops. Texas chef Tim Love is a dingus and accidentally put all his food (including veggies) in a freezer the night before, so I'm sure he's grateful for the microwave defroster. Best dishes: mac and cheese with prawns, pozole, and an almost-done risotto. After the critics (not judges) add up the scoring stars just like Star Search, Hubert Kelly easily wins his spot in the next round. (Image from BravoTV.com)

The Fashion Show
- Cliques are the theme of the week, and while different cliques were drawn, all these contestants are Mean Girls (except Angel and James, they are space cadets). Daniella wins immunity by designing a cool t-shirt to win the high school election votes of the Tree Huggers. For the runway challenge, each designer gets 11 hours to design an outfit for a 20-something who used to be in that clique in high school. Reco's drama is too literal, Haven actually rocks with skater, Johnny gets jock and just doesn't care, and Angel has no idea what a B-girl is. Insane Merlin gets best design of the week for his Mean Girl ensemble, which I actually hated. It looked like a cheap sweater from the Rave or the Macy's Juniors Department. The bottom 2 are Angel and Johnny. Angel tries to defend herself saying she has never seen a B-girl and knows nothing about hip-hop culture. Culturally ignorant much? Plus, she lives in NYC so it's hard to believe she's never seen hip-hop style; her outfit is a complete stereotypical joke and it offends Kelly Rowland (view the looks here). Johnny's is sucky and boring and he wants to go home, which infuriates Reco. But desire only counts for so much, and Angel's horrible puffy vest and corn-rowed model is eliminated. (Image from BuddyTV.com)

June 9, 2009

Saved by the Bell Reunion Update!

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Last night, my childhood and forever crush Mark-Paul Gosselaar appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote the 2nd season of his TNT show, Raising the Bar, but more importantly... to join the SBTB Reunion!! This hilarious interview has Mark-Paul embracing his past alter-ego as Zach and it was basically the best way to end the night. Full of our favorite SBTB references, a cell phone call from Jesse Spano who agrees to the reunion too, and an impromptu performance of the #1 hit "Friends Forever", this is a must-watch interview.

But most importantly, we are 2 cast members away from a full reunion. All we need are Kelly and Screech. Don't hold off on us- FRIENDS FOREVER!

June 8, 2009

Bro Mitzvah - The newest sensation

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Bobb'e J. Thompson is probably one of the funniest kids in showbiz I've seen in years. You might remember him as a hilarious Shutterbugs agent on Human Giant, or the foulmouthed booblover Ronnie in last year's Role Models. Well Bobb'e J is really to party; specifically, a bar mitzvah (or in his case, a Bro Mitzvah).

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Name: Danielle Staub aka Beverly Merrill, The Real Housewives of New Jersey
SERVED: This week on the hot mess of a show called The Real Housewives of New Jersey, some dirt was dug up about about the outsider and resident sexpot/gold digger of the group, Danielle. A book called Cop Without A Badge landed into the laps of the housewives, and inside was Danielle's mugshot- except her name wasn't Danielle! She was Beverly Merrill , a stripper and coke whore, involved with a married con-man/informant- but that's not it! You see, while being caught up at some Miami party, Danielle (or Beverly, whichever) was arrested because the host of that party kidnapped a rich kid. So she was arrested and charged with kidnapping, extortion, and possession- SERVED! She got SERVED 5 years probation (you can read more here), but now she's got those housewives in a tizzy. On the show, Danielle tried to explain her side of the story about coming home from a modeling gig (hahaha- I still don't buy the model claim) and then the FBI raided her house. Either way, she thought everything was fine and dandy and gold-diggering, but you can't hide from your past. SERVED! (Image from Bside Blog and story details from NJ.com)

Thing someone should get SERVED? Leave your ideas in the comments section, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

June 7, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Old School

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In honor of the release of director Todd Phillips' latest comedy The Hangover (so hilarious, please go see it), I figured this Movie Scene Sunday should feature a clip from another Todd Phillips movie, and this one happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time: Old School. The legend of Frank the Tank lives on to this day and is still considered one of Will Ferrel's finest/funniest roles. I have a Frank the Tank hat courtesy of one of my favorite friends ever (FFE!), and I wish I could wear it everywhere and all the time. Old School is a movie that defined college, even if it was a bunch of 30-somethings (and a 90 year old) trying to retain their former glory. Watch Will Ferrell bong a beer and see if you can figure out what language these subtitles are in.

June 5, 2009

Reality Rundown: Fun-ness of my Eyes

In this Reality Rundown...
The BacheloretteSo You Think You Can Dance
Make Me A SupermodelThe Fashion Show

The Bachelorette - 3 dates again this week, with 1 group date and 2 solo dates- and host Chris Harrison reminds the solo date guys that if they don't get a rose on that date, they go home. Jillian is kind of a softie though and no guys expect that to happen- foreshadowing! Date #1 is with Ed! In case you forgot, he is my pick to go far (and my wonderful former roommate Casey's- Hi Casey!) They go repelling off some huge LA skyscraper and make out a lot, and yes he gets a rose. Date #2 is with 11 dudes, and I think Jillian kissed like 7 of them, but alas, they were "screen kisses" since they film a Western with such awkward dialogue that it bordered on porn (plus it included a Brokeback scene for 2 suitors). Young, cute bartender Robbie gets the rose because when Jillian kissed him it was for realsies. Date #3 is with Sasha and they go to a car museum and drive a Ferrari, but since Sasha wants someone too perfect he is denied a rose- SERVED! Back at the house, motives are questioned, especially with Wes and his stupid 1 song, but Jillian is still falling for it- oh-vey. My favorite psycho, David, did not get a date, so he uses this time to bash Juan and probably get wasted on scotch and soda. He is Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and I love it. So lots of house drama, Jillian made out with a bunch of dudes, and in the end got rid of 2 nerdish dudes whose names I don't know- oh and one that screen kissed Jillian and was dubbed by foot fetish guy, "the most awkward kiss I've seen since 1988." Next week: crazy David just might get SERVED! (Original image from ABC.com)

So You Think You Can Dance - Vegas baby, Vegas! All the talented dancers come to out the Planet Hollywood (a casino I have given much money to via the roulette tables) to prove they have what it takes to make the Top 20 (10 guys, 10 girls). Dancers will do choreography in several styles and are cut if they just making the grade. Gabby, who put on an amazing solo in the auditions, tanks at choreography in both hip-hop and contemporary (her own style); the judges let her "dance for her life" (a solo that proves you have what it takes) and she lives another day, but is luckily cut in the end. Sorry, but if you can't pick up choreography, especially in your own style, then you have to get cut. Natalie, a ginger that was a sho-in for the Top 20, is cut after a bad jazz number and it makes everyone uneasy. Brandon, who has tried out I think 4 times (and Casey's favorite- hi again!) isn't wowing the judges, but he is able to last and vie for a spot in the final round. Night 1 ends up the remaining 40 performing their last solo and now the judges will decide who they think can dance. (Image from BuddyTV)

On night 2 the Top 20 are announced, and I'm really pleased with the picks. We have some great ballroom women, strong contemporary dancers (including Brandon), one of the throwback to Gene Kelly brothers, hip hop dancers and popper Phillip Chbeeb. My only disappointment was this amazing Asian ballet dancer, who is apparently under contract with the Miami Ballet, was unable to get out of his contract and therefore can't be part of the 20. Fingers crossed he is out by the fall season. Can't wait for next week when the real dancing begins!

Make Me A Supermodel - Finale finally! First off, a photoshoot using this Kodak camera where only 5 exist and they'll take 3 photos- a closeup, a full body, and a group shot. After this, the dudes head to Cosmo to take photos. Branden does best, while Jonathan is losing his sizzle. The guys say it's a close race, well, not Sandhurst; he thinks he has it in the bag. The final catwalk has the guys wearing these goofy outfits, god knows what they are, and then sleek suits by Ben Sherman. Jonathan has a flawless catwalk, Branden brought it, and Sandhurst was good in the 1st walk. Sullivan family "Who will win poll?": Dad- Sandhurst, Me/Mom- Branden (underdog takes it all). Plus, girl's model mentor Nikki says she'd give Branden her number for a date if he won, so c'mon, hook a kid up. Jonathan is first cut, and it's a Sandhurst/Branden battle and I wonder who will be victorious in the Sullivan poll. Tyson holds the last contestant's portfolio and says... "Branden, we can make you a supermodel." Hooray! This kid has really improved and I think could be huge. Plus, they all get work after this. And besides, Jonathan won the fan favorite $10k and has a (2)exist campaign. (Image from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - The Harper's Bazaar mini challenge is to sketch host Kelly Rowland's dress from memory, which Daniella wins and gets a huge prize: she gets to put someone in the bottom for elimination this week. The challenge is to design for, gasp!, normal sized women. The designers all panic at the thought of dressing the commonfolk, except for hilarious Reco and boring Keith. Keith makes what ends up being a 14 year old girl's first prom dress, Reco makes a stylish ensemble, Daniella has a hard client but makes her look so good, and Merlin is of course a hot mess. Daniella wins again, getting best design of the week (I was pulling for Reco's look), and she puts Angel in the bottom 2 for a sloppy, unflattering dress. I am sooo hoping Merlin goes because the design was hideous and didn't help flatter his model's figure (and he's extremely annoying), but it's Keith and his poorly fitted, unflattering dress that are put on a hanger and sent out the door. (Image from Reality Wanted)

June 4, 2009

Movies That Made Me Cry the Most

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I've watched tons of movies and chances are, there are a fair share I cried during any that was supposed to elicit tears. Inspired by a comment left in my Ranking the Pixar Flicks post, I decided to put up 5 movies that have made me cry the most, and what moments get those years flowing. This includes first time watching, as well as the ability to make me cry even during repeat watchings. Get out your tissues, dab your eyes, and don't forget to leave in the comments which films made you cry the most.

A League of their Own
So many moments that make me weep as much as the first time I watched it: Betty Spaghetti receiving her husband's war death notice, finding out the reunion that Sue Ellen died, Dottie and Kit coming face-to-face years later. I cried when I saw this in the theater at age 8, and I cry to this day.

I cried during other Pixar movies, but none as much as UP. I was sobbing during this movie, and so were most people I saw it with. I don't want to spoil much since it's new, so I will say I cried 3 times. About 10 minutes into it and at the end- twice.

Not only do I watch this movie just about every time it is on TV, but I everytime I cry at the end when Selena's obsessed fan/president of fan club murders her (which we don't see, but it is implied). First I scream "Don't go see Yolanda, Selena!!" and then I cry a lil. When Selena drops the ring Yolanda gave her while lying in the ambuldance- so sad.

Toy Story 2
Another Pixar sobfest, but this time, only one scene. Where we learn the backstory of Cowgirl Jessie and how she used to be so happy but her owner grew up- oh god, bring me the tissues. Plus its set to a Sarah McLachlan song and she is the queen of depressing songs.

March of the Penguins
Many penguins don't make it through the long hard winter. I don't make it through the movie without weeping audibly. It's a beautiful documentary but prepare to see adorable tuxedo'ed birds cry too.

All images from MoviePoster.com

June 3, 2009

Buy me this!

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What are 2 things I love about summer? I'd say a delicious, sweet, refreshing slice of watermelon and a day at Fenway Park watching the Red Sox. But is there a way to combine those? YES. Check out this amazing hat. It it scratch and sniff, so when you scratch it, it smells like watermelons. Wow, I love technology (if this is even considered technology). You can buy this true trendsetting accessory at Shop.MLB.com for $14.99

June 1, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Name: 12 Pack, Daisy of Love
SERVED: I don't watch this hot mess of a show, but thankfully The Soup showed this clip and made me die of laughter and knew any other potential SERVINGS did not match this one. Apparently 12 Pack, a VH1 veteran, previously on I Love New York and I Love Money, is on another VH1 "dating" show about a plastic surgery Muppet lookalike named Daisy (the show of course being called Daisy of Love). Usually I'd served 12 Pack for his drunk antics, but this week, oh he got a SERVING even better. You see kids, somehow a skunk got into the house and the genius that is 12 Pack tried to get the skunk out of the house. And of course, failed miserably when the skunk sprayed him in the face! HAHAHA- SERVED, SERVED, SERVED! Make sure you watch this extended clip so you can finally see an I Love contestant get what they deserve. (Original image from Blog.VH1.com)

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