June 17, 2009

6 Favorite TV Dads

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6 Favorite TV Dads

As a companion to my 5 Favorite Moms for Mother's Day, this Father's Day I'm giving you my 6 Favorite TV Dads, because I couldn't fit the list into 5. This list was so much harder to pull, cause it turns out TV dads are so awesome. I think I'm just TV mom pickier.

1. - Frank Costanza, Seinfeld
No dad has been quite as awesome as George Constanza's father Frank. He invented a bra for men (The Bro or Manzierre- it's your call), invented an anti-Christmas to yell at people (a Festivus for the rest of us), speaks fluent Korean to translate at nail salons, and a fear of vermin. I was thinking "Who are the best TV dads?" but Frank might have to be one of my favorite TV characters ever. (Image from How Stuff Works)

2. Danny Tanner - Full House
Danny was probably the best single dad on TV, even though he got help from his brother-in-law and loser best friend. He was the most of the #1 rated San Francisco talkshow Wake Up, San Francisco!, while raising 3 daughters and one annoying neighbor and a daughter's boyfriend that constantly ate all his groceries. Did I mention he let his entire extended family live in his house? He was patient, loving, smart, and loved cleaning so much- give him a can of Pledge and he'll go to town. (Image from Borjanet.com)

3. The Bluth Men - Arrested Development
4 way tie- there is no way I could choose between the poor parenting of George Sr., Michael (ok, not a bad parent), Gob, and Oscar. George would teach his children life lessons through hiring a one-armed man to scare them, while Michael let his 15 year old practive driveing in his lap and later left his son's girlfriend in Mexico. Oscar made Baby Buster (yo quiero leche!) with his brother's wife, and well Gob ditched his son Steve Holt when camping, at a Father/Son picnic, and numerous other places. Good dads? Maybe not. My favorite dads? Definitely. (images from The Inconvenient Bluth)

4. Tobias Funke - Arrested Development
Self-described "Leather Daddy" and "Discipline Dad and plagued by a terrible disorder known as "never nude," Tobias may be the most accomplished father here. He's written a best selling novel in the gay community, The Man Inside Me, while being the world's first analyst and therapist, known as an analrapist. His passion for acting exceeds no other, including glitter gift bags and serves as a Blue Man Group understudy. Tobias' lack of parenting skills and poor attempts at being a good dad (directing the high school play, taking his daughter shopping at leather stores, dressing a a 60-something female housekeeper) are pure magic. (Image from Flickr: Andrew Wilkinson)

5. Christian Shephard - Lost
Since the first time we flashbacked to Jack Shepherd's life and we met his dad, I always joked he was my favorite character. His wonderful use of Red Sox metaphors, being fired for performing surgery drunk- he's a class act! But I don't call him Christian; he's always been "Jack's Drunk Dead Dad To Me." A character that has been dead since the inception of the show has in later seasons become crucial to the overall story. Jack's D.D.D. fathered another castaway, met others via flashbacks, and oh yeah, his possible ghost is walking the island. Yeah he's definitely a father who caused daddy issues, but he's one of my favorites for good TV! (Image from Not Confused Just Lost)

6. Keith Mars - Veronica Mars
Shunned by the entire town of Neptune, left by his wife, and fired from his position of sheriff, Keith Mars could've been a total douche like a certain #5 dad above- but he wasn't. As a single dad to Veronica, he became a PI, let her work on cases with him, and was the big hero at the end of it all. When there was a chance Veronica might not have been his biological father, Keith was there for her and would always be her dad. Plus, he performs background checks on boyfriends, loves baseball (hates people who cheat the game), got a bunch of chicks, has a hilarious rivalry with another PI, and wrote a New York Times Best Selling novel. (Image from Wikipedia)

Honorable mentions: Buddy Garrity - Friday Night Lights, Adam Chandler - All My Children, Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch, Frank Reynolds - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kirk Van Houten - The Simpsons, Harold Weir - Freaks and Geeks, Carl Winslow - Family Matters, Michael Taylor and Joey Harris - My 2 Dads (just because), Jim Bob Duggar - 18 Kids and Counting


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