June 28, 2009

Movie Scene Sunday: Free To Be... You and Me

6/28/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served No comments
With the passing of Michael Jackson this past week, it's definitely shaken up pop culture. I don't think there's been a celebrity death so big in my life since Princess Diana (sorry Bea Arthur, you know I love you). Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and earned that title. His songs are genius and revolutionized popular music. While he had his personal issues, I was still a fan of the music he made. My first Michael Jackson experience was when I was about 3 or 4. I used to watch Marlo Thomas's Free To Be... You and Me all the time. We had the cassette to play in the car, and I just recently was able to obtain a copy of it from Swaptree (and yes, I still sing songs from it today). In the song "When I Grow Up", a teenage Michael and Roberta Flack play dress up in this really cool attic room that is just black and white cardboard cutouts. This movie and these songs were so formative of my childhood, this just seemed like the perfect week to use a clip from the movie, and also honor Michael Jackson, the performer that he was. While you enjoy this MSS clip, I'm going to try and find a plastic fishbowl to recreate the astronaut part of the song.