June 4, 2009

Movies That Made Me Cry the Most

6/04/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 3 comments
I've watched tons of movies and chances are, there are a fair share I cried during any that was supposed to elicit tears. Inspired by a comment left in my Ranking the Pixar Flicks post, I decided to put up 5 movies that have made me cry the most, and what moments get those years flowing. This includes first time watching, as well as the ability to make me cry even during repeat watchings. Get out your tissues, dab your eyes, and don't forget to leave in the comments which films made you cry the most.

A League of their Own
So many moments that make me weep as much as the first time I watched it: Betty Spaghetti receiving her husband's war death notice, finding out the reunion that Sue Ellen died, Dottie and Kit coming face-to-face years later. I cried when I saw this in the theater at age 8, and I cry to this day.

I cried during other Pixar movies, but none as much as UP. I was sobbing during this movie, and so were most people I saw it with. I don't want to spoil much since it's new, so I will say I cried 3 times. About 10 minutes into it and at the end- twice.

Not only do I watch this movie just about every time it is on TV, but I everytime I cry at the end when Selena's obsessed fan/president of fan club murders her (which we don't see, but it is implied). First I scream "Don't go see Yolanda, Selena!!" and then I cry a lil. When Selena drops the ring Yolanda gave her while lying in the ambuldance- so sad.

Toy Story 2
Another Pixar sobfest, but this time, only one scene. Where we learn the backstory of Cowgirl Jessie and how she used to be so happy but her owner grew up- oh god, bring me the tissues. Plus its set to a Sarah McLachlan song and she is the queen of depressing songs.

March of the Penguins
Many penguins don't make it through the long hard winter. I don't make it through the movie without weeping audibly. It's a beautiful documentary but prepare to see adorable tuxedo'ed birds cry too.

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Rachel Thomasy said...

Confession: Recently, I watched the "Notorious" bio-pic, and cried. But, maybe it was just because I was PMSing?

Love your blog, Melissa. I'm becoming an avid reader! Ha.

Mel Got Served said...

Excellent confession. I did cry the first time I saw "Tupac: Resurrection".

Michael said...

"When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2: Crushing heartache every single time I hear it. It seems to convey every pain of watching a child grow up and away from you. Sondhiem said in "Into the Woods"-"A child can only grow from someone you love to someone you lose." It is the way of things, but Pixar has a way of making these perfect films that are wonderful and funny with a touch of sadness to make them unforgetable.