June 5, 2009

Reality Rundown: Fun-ness of my Eyes

In this Reality Rundown...
The BacheloretteSo You Think You Can Dance
Make Me A SupermodelThe Fashion Show

The Bachelorette - 3 dates again this week, with 1 group date and 2 solo dates- and host Chris Harrison reminds the solo date guys that if they don't get a rose on that date, they go home. Jillian is kind of a softie though and no guys expect that to happen- foreshadowing! Date #1 is with Ed! In case you forgot, he is my pick to go far (and my wonderful former roommate Casey's- Hi Casey!) They go repelling off some huge LA skyscraper and make out a lot, and yes he gets a rose. Date #2 is with 11 dudes, and I think Jillian kissed like 7 of them, but alas, they were "screen kisses" since they film a Western with such awkward dialogue that it bordered on porn (plus it included a Brokeback scene for 2 suitors). Young, cute bartender Robbie gets the rose because when Jillian kissed him it was for realsies. Date #3 is with Sasha and they go to a car museum and drive a Ferrari, but since Sasha wants someone too perfect he is denied a rose- SERVED! Back at the house, motives are questioned, especially with Wes and his stupid 1 song, but Jillian is still falling for it- oh-vey. My favorite psycho, David, did not get a date, so he uses this time to bash Juan and probably get wasted on scotch and soda. He is Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and I love it. So lots of house drama, Jillian made out with a bunch of dudes, and in the end got rid of 2 nerdish dudes whose names I don't know- oh and one that screen kissed Jillian and was dubbed by foot fetish guy, "the most awkward kiss I've seen since 1988." Next week: crazy David just might get SERVED! (Original image from ABC.com)

So You Think You Can Dance - Vegas baby, Vegas! All the talented dancers come to out the Planet Hollywood (a casino I have given much money to via the roulette tables) to prove they have what it takes to make the Top 20 (10 guys, 10 girls). Dancers will do choreography in several styles and are cut if they just making the grade. Gabby, who put on an amazing solo in the auditions, tanks at choreography in both hip-hop and contemporary (her own style); the judges let her "dance for her life" (a solo that proves you have what it takes) and she lives another day, but is luckily cut in the end. Sorry, but if you can't pick up choreography, especially in your own style, then you have to get cut. Natalie, a ginger that was a sho-in for the Top 20, is cut after a bad jazz number and it makes everyone uneasy. Brandon, who has tried out I think 4 times (and Casey's favorite- hi again!) isn't wowing the judges, but he is able to last and vie for a spot in the final round. Night 1 ends up the remaining 40 performing their last solo and now the judges will decide who they think can dance. (Image from BuddyTV)

On night 2 the Top 20 are announced, and I'm really pleased with the picks. We have some great ballroom women, strong contemporary dancers (including Brandon), one of the throwback to Gene Kelly brothers, hip hop dancers and popper Phillip Chbeeb. My only disappointment was this amazing Asian ballet dancer, who is apparently under contract with the Miami Ballet, was unable to get out of his contract and therefore can't be part of the 20. Fingers crossed he is out by the fall season. Can't wait for next week when the real dancing begins!

Make Me A Supermodel - Finale finally! First off, a photoshoot using this Kodak camera where only 5 exist and they'll take 3 photos- a closeup, a full body, and a group shot. After this, the dudes head to Cosmo to take photos. Branden does best, while Jonathan is losing his sizzle. The guys say it's a close race, well, not Sandhurst; he thinks he has it in the bag. The final catwalk has the guys wearing these goofy outfits, god knows what they are, and then sleek suits by Ben Sherman. Jonathan has a flawless catwalk, Branden brought it, and Sandhurst was good in the 1st walk. Sullivan family "Who will win poll?": Dad- Sandhurst, Me/Mom- Branden (underdog takes it all). Plus, girl's model mentor Nikki says she'd give Branden her number for a date if he won, so c'mon, hook a kid up. Jonathan is first cut, and it's a Sandhurst/Branden battle and I wonder who will be victorious in the Sullivan poll. Tyson holds the last contestant's portfolio and says... "Branden, we can make you a supermodel." Hooray! This kid has really improved and I think could be huge. Plus, they all get work after this. And besides, Jonathan won the fan favorite $10k and has a (2)exist campaign. (Image from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - The Harper's Bazaar mini challenge is to sketch host Kelly Rowland's dress from memory, which Daniella wins and gets a huge prize: she gets to put someone in the bottom for elimination this week. The challenge is to design for, gasp!, normal sized women. The designers all panic at the thought of dressing the commonfolk, except for hilarious Reco and boring Keith. Keith makes what ends up being a 14 year old girl's first prom dress, Reco makes a stylish ensemble, Daniella has a hard client but makes her look so good, and Merlin is of course a hot mess. Daniella wins again, getting best design of the week (I was pulling for Reco's look), and she puts Angel in the bottom 2 for a sloppy, unflattering dress. I am sooo hoping Merlin goes because the design was hideous and didn't help flatter his model's figure (and he's extremely annoying), but it's Keith and his poorly fitted, unflattering dress that are put on a hanger and sent out the door. (Image from Reality Wanted)