June 1, 2009

Serving of the Week

6/01/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , 1 comment
Serving of the Week

Name: 12 Pack, Daisy of Love
SERVED: I don't watch this hot mess of a show, but thankfully The Soup showed this clip and made me die of laughter and knew any other potential SERVINGS did not match this one. Apparently 12 Pack, a VH1 veteran, previously on I Love New York and I Love Money, is on another VH1 "dating" show about a plastic surgery Muppet lookalike named Daisy (the show of course being called Daisy of Love). Usually I'd served 12 Pack for his drunk antics, but this week, oh he got a SERVING even better. You see kids, somehow a skunk got into the house and the genius that is 12 Pack tried to get the skunk out of the house. And of course, failed miserably when the skunk sprayed him in the face! HAHAHA- SERVED, SERVED, SERVED! Make sure you watch this extended clip so you can finally see an I Love contestant get what they deserve. (Original image from Blog.VH1.com)

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D-Money said...

I'm SO ashamed to admit that I've watched most of the Flavor of Loves, all of the Rock of Loves and I Love Monies. :) Never saw the ones with New York and I'm not watching the Daisy one. I couldn't stand her on Rock of Love. I feel like if I watch her too long, I might catch something through my TV screen.