June 15, 2009

Serving of the Week

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Serving of the Week

Name: The MBTA Bus Driver that was fired for using a cell phone
SERVED: After an MBTA Green Line conductor on the T crashed the train in May because he was texting on his cell instead of you know, properly operating the train, a ban was put on cell phone usage by all MBTA employees while on the job. Well some moron this past week must've thought he outsmarted the MBTA by not bringing his own phone on the job- he borrowed a passenger's! He proceeded to pull the bus over on the side of the road and use said cell phone for 5 minutes while passengers just sat there. Oh and other passengers just hopped aboard for free Hey idiot, there a CC cameras on every bus in case of emergenices- SERVED. This doofus caught caught and got SERVED.. a firing! Sorry guy, but not only will you face the MBTA, but you're facing a SERVING from me. (Original image from Boston.com)

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