June 29, 2009

Serving of the Week: Wheel of Fortune Line Cutter

6/29/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served 2 comments
Serving of the Week

Name: The lady who tried to cut the audition line at Wheel of Fortune
SERVED: Yesterday I tried to make a dream come true: I went to audition for Wheel of Fortune. I can explain more later, but let's get to the SERVING, shall we? I went with my good friend Lisa and we arrived at 8:30AM to wait in line, stocked up with snacks and some chairs to sit in, and were probably about 10th in line. Around maybe noon, some spacey lady steps under the rope and plops down in her lawn chair right in front of us. Lisa and I look at each other bewildered; we exchange looks with our new Wheel of Fortune pals (Hi Cheryl and Lena!), shocked. Well, Lisa wasn't taking this. Lisa looks at the woman and asks her if she was waiting with people in front of user earlier. "Oh, no" she says, "I thought this was where people with chairs sat." WHAT?! Lady, you are insane! Everyone had chairs all over- front beginning to end! You just wanted to be first to get in! So Lisa lets her have it and completely SERVED her! To sum it up, Lisa tells her we have all been in line since 8:30AM and no way in hell was she cutting us and would have to go to the end of the line. SERVED! So the lady packs up and heads to... TWO ROWS BEHIND US TRYING TO PULL THE SAME THING! Luckily, those people weren't gonna take it either and gave her the boot. SERVED again! When we were waiting around for the next audition show, she was again lingering by us in the front again, sitting by a Claire's window (see blurry cell phone image above), but this time she knew not to mess with this crew of avid Wheel Watchers.

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Unknown said...

Yessss! I love No Cutsies. Although, it was difficult to get around the old "Indian Cut" where someone would let you cut, then you'd immediately reciprocate the favor and let them cut you. It totally served the rest of the line and it was a) totally legal and b) a totally inappropriate name!

jason said...

No Cuts
No Butts
No Checkin out my coconuts lol