July 2, 2009

Big Brother Pre-Show Winner Prediction

7/02/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Next week comes the return of my favorite guilty pleasure: Big Brother. Yes, I invest $30 each year (well it's a gift for my dad each year, but hey, win-win) to be the voyeur that watches every move of the houseguests. I go on messageboards to rant and rave about castmembers, and follow live-feed recaps throughout the day (shoutout to Jokers Updates!) Yesterday, CBS announced 12 of the 13 houseguests (#13 is a mystery- ooh!) willing to sacrifice their dignity and likely have their past misdeeds exposed for a chance at half a million dollars. So I've decided to look at simply the pictures and brief brios of the current cast and from this, I shall make my prediction of who will win Big Brother 11.


CASEY will win Big Brother 11.

This is a ballsy guess, but looking at bios, etc. I think this guy has a likable factor, while the others either don't look like serious gamers or appear to be toolbags. So, GO CASEY! Make my prediction come true.

So who do YOU think will win Big Brother 11? Leave you guess in the comments.

(Image from CBS.com)