July 30, 2009

Buy This Now: Snuggie for Dogs

7/30/2009 Posted by Mel Got Served , , 1 comment
I have an odd fascination with Snuggies. They are so stupid, yet so amazing. I hear they aren't that warm and the Slanket is a better choice, but c'mon, name brand! Every time I pass one in a Walgreens or Target, I deeply ponder to myself if I should blow $15 on something so wasteful, yet so fantastic; I always stop myself. But clearly, keeping the humans warm while allowing mobility is not enough because now there are Snuggies FOR DOGS. I can only imagine the hilarity of my dog traipsing around the house in a Snuggie. Imagine the possibilities: as my dog wears his Snuggie to pee outside, I wear my Snuggie to hold his leash in the frigid cold. Like this old woman, I could continue to knit my dog a wonderful sweater, while he gnaws on a chew toy or something. Hey, at least it might keep him from licking himself! And don't just take my word for it, check out the video! (image from AdFreak)

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ncoderre said...

I lol'ed numerous times whilst reading this post.