July 29, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Banana in a Pickle

The Next Food Network Star - The final 3 get to attend a private screening of the upcoming movie Julie & Julia, and then need to be inspired by this movie for their challenge. The stars will need to create a 3 course meal for a table of the culinary elite. Melissa decides to tap into her French pastry skills learned from her time in Paris, and she knocks it out of the park. Along with her delicious meal (with a slightly overcooked chicken), she candidly gives her life story including her mother's suicide, but she never seems like a Debbie Downer. Of the 3 finalists, Melissa is the one I want to get a show. Debbie taps again into her Korean meets Southern Soul and aces personality, but the food is so-so. Jeffrey only spends $300 of his $1,000 budget and makes what someone at the table calls the worst risotto he's ever had. Luckily, his scallop demo and dessert saved the day. At the judge's panel, it's a difficult choice but I believe the right decision was made. They need to pick someone viewers are going to tune into, so they eliminate Debbie. Next week: finale! Melissa FTW! (Image from FoodNetwork.com)

Big Brother
- Jessie is the HOH (ugh) and since Ronnie didn't lie to him, Jessie has no intention of going along with the house's deal to get him out this week. Russell, who was torturing Ronnie, confesses it was an act and secretly approached Ronnie to explain this was to keep everyone off his path. Michelle doesn't know her place in the house, and pathetically approaches Jessie and Natalie, and it's hard to watch. If she left the house, I wouldn't bat an eye. Since there is only 1 member left of the Popular clique, only 1 person from each clique competes in this week's Have/Have Nots competition. The 3 get to ride around on little keg scooters and need to throw ioam ice cubes into the keg of another team; the team with the most ice cubes is "rewarded" with slop, cold showers, the crappy bedroom, and thanks to America's vote: cocktail weenies and cabbage. The Brains end up on Have Not status again, and Ronnie is so excited about cocktail weenies. This guy sucks: I have no other words. In showmance news, Lydia and Natalie both want Jessie's giant muscles. Also Natalie is selfish and refuses to share a bed (despite having a full while the others have twin) so this sets Lydia off. The love triangle is a brewin'! Jessie decides to nominate Michelle and Jordan for eviction, and gives no explanation as to why (haha). But Jessie has a plan up his sleeve, and it looks like he plans to backdoor my favorite HG (and my pre-show pick to win) Casey. We end the show with Ronnie in the DR bragging over Jessie pardoning him, and Ronnie, you are in for a rude awakening when you leave the house and find out America hates you. (Original screencap from wicktong at Hamster Time)

Tuesday is the Veto episode, and the house is abuzz because it seems that Ronnie the rat is back in the good graces of most of the house. This is indeed true and Jessie's plan is to backdoor my pick to win, Casey. Say it isn't so! To make matters worse, Casey is getting really pissed because during a game of Truth or Dare by the other side, Ronnie hugs Casey for 20 seconds which infuriates Casey. At the POV competition, the players need to dig around in a muddy pig pen for numbers and whoever has the highest wins. They can also dig up prizes, and gamble on a bonus envelope at the end. Jessie wins $2,500 and is the original leader. Casey decides to try to get on the house's good side and wins them a margarita party, but then his envelope informs him he will have to wear a banana suit for 1 week. How humiliating: he'll be backdoored in a banana costume. Nominee Michelle ends up winning the Veto to save herself and becomes aware that Casey is the target. Jeff gives Casey the heads up, so Casey confronts Jessie who says maybe the douchiest open-ended response yet: "The right person is going home." Jeeeerk alert! At the POV ceremony, Casey is told to switch is seat and is rightfull pissed that Ronnie the rat turned the house again. And we end on the usual Ronnie DR session professing his greatness and using another lame Star Wars reference. Thursday: eviction, a new HOH, and a shocking change in the game (which is obviously going to be the dissolving of the cliques). (Image from BuddyTV)

The Bachelorette - ABC kept hyping this as the most shocking finale yet, and I guess it was kinda shocking, but at the same time not. First, both guys get to meet Jillian's family and her dad seems smitten with Ed (who also asked for permission to marry her). Then the guys each get a 24 hour date with Jillian and yaaaawn- I just don't care anymore. Pre-final rose, the guys pick out rings and I don't care for either's selection, but of the 2 I prefer Kiptyn's. Unfortunately for Kiptyn, he's first out of the limo which is always the rejectee's slot; he's bummed and thought he was the winner. So then a van pulls up and out comes... REID! Yes, we knew this was coming. Reid professes his love for Jillian, saying he begged the producers to come back, and then proposes. Jillian now doubts her upcoming decision, but then decides she needs to go with how her heart felt first thing in the morning, and rejects Reid again. I am so disappointed- poor Reid gets heartbroken twice! Ed shows up, asks if she loves him too (she does), and he proposes. After the Reid turmoil, it's hard to be happy for the engagement. I used to be a big Ed supporter but after he left and returned it seemed so set up. New Sullivan family theory: Jillian knew from the beginning she'd pick Ed, so the producers and have Ed go away for dramatic effect, he returns- ratings gold. Second theory: Ed really left and the producers told him he needed to come back because Jillian knew he was the one. My backup for this is that Trista, the 1st Bachelorette and only success story, has said that she knew very early on it was always going to be Ryan and no one else. Again, this is me spitaballin'. So, any bets on how long this will last?

After the Final Rose! Another hour to drag on the drama. We get an update from Melissa Rycroft who is engaged, doing fine, and glad her and Jason are over. Rejected suitors Kiptyn and Reid return and reunite with Jillian for the first time. Kiptyn seems OK, but Reid- not so much. He's clearly still in love with her, heartbroken, and doesn't really have questions for her since it seems like her mind couldn't be changed. He does get in a good zing about the fantasy suites though. What I gathered from this conversation: maybe if Reid said he loved her earlier he would've stayed around to final 2, but I think her mind was always set on Ed. And if this sad Reid isn't the biggest set-up to the next Bachelor, I don't know what is (yet on ABC.com, boring pilot Jake has the lead. I picked breakdancing Michael!) Jillian and Ed have their official "we're together" announcement and she can finally wear her ring. They are moving in together in Ed's place in Chicago (Casey and Pat- you are on official Jillian/Ed watch) and ready to start doing normal couple things like friends' weddings, family reunions, etc. Marriage in the next year is their plan, saying they rushed engagement, why not marriage? I say: prove it. Improve the show's track record. So they do seem very happy and I'll try to ignore the rumors that Ed had a girlfriend before the show, etc. But I should say, even though I wavered in my favorites, I did call very early on that Ed would make it very far- so hooray for my instinct! (Images from ABC.com)