July 16, 2009

Reality Rundown: A Giant Rats Wins HOH

So You Think You Can Dance - Now that we're in the Top 10, the pairs rotate each week by a random drawing from a hat. Tall Kayla pulls tiny Evan, and have an "ehh" Viennese Waltz. Janette/Ade rock as a Funk Doctor helping a the hapless in a Nappytabs hip hop routine. SYTYCD Season 2 runner-up, Travis Wall, gets to choreograph for the first time and he gets 2 amazing contemporary dancers: Jeanine and Jason. Finally able to showcase their talents now that their former partners were eliminated, the piece was brilliant and hands down, my fave of the season. Unfortunately, after fantastic comes awful, and that is Randi/Kupono's paso doble. The dancing was almost as bad as the creepy wig Randi wore for dramatic effect. Ending the pairs were Brandon and Melissa with a Broadway number to "Aquarius" from Hair, and I loved this one too. Each contestant also performed a solo and a group routine. The 5 girls did dazzling Bollywood, while the boys were tasked with the extremely complex African. All did well, but clearly Evan stuck out as the White Shadow of the group. I don't know if they'll do bottom 2 or 3, but here's a bottom 2 prediction: Randi/Kupono and Kayla/Evan.

Results show! No Nigel tonight, he's receiving an honorary degree at some British University. Good for him, but onto the good stuff! Bottom 2 girls: Randi and Melissa. Melissa?! America, you are insane. Bottom 2 guys: Kupono and Ade. America, are you smoking dance crack? Melissa and Ade are 2 of the best dancers there! It has to be a personality thing, like they aren't as outgoing as the others. In the end, Randi and Kupono rightfully go home after the awful paso doble. Both are talented dancers, but sometimes the dance you pull can be the death of you. (Images from BuddyTV)

Top Chef Masters - For the Quickfire, the 4 chefs need to make fine cuisine out of junk food. The judges for this challenge are Jeff Lewis and the Flipping Out gang, so this makes me uber excited. I am a huge Flipping Out fan, so just to see insane Jeff ripping on people is worth it. One dude doesn't even finish he corndog dish in 45 minutes so gets a big ol' 0, but the winner is some dude named Michael Chiarello that looks so familiar. The elimination challenge is to create a 3 course meal for 100 guests- so 300 plates. Luckily, it's not a full meal but h'or doerves, and the 3 dishes must be based on the 3 components of a full meal: appetizer, entree, and dessert. Some Swedish dude wows the judges with his 1st 2 courses, but makes a nasty dessert. Familiar Michael Chiarello wins the whole episode for making delicious dishes and taking a risk (basil gelato? eww) (Image from BravoTV.com)

Big Brother - Elimination live show! Preggo Julie Chen looks good this week, and at last has learned body glitter is not her friend. As I've been watching the feeds, what originally started as a no way to save Braden week, becomes extremely close. Ronnie the Rat is playing both sides and will need to choose. They show an extremely edited down version of a fight between Braden, Lydia, and Kevin. Braden confronted Lydia about throwing him under the bus, but in the heat of anger, called Kevin a "beaner" (btw, Kevin is not Mexican). But race is something BB doesn't want to get in to and cuts it out. Well in the nominees final speech, Chima calls out Braden, pointing out what he called Kevin but also a time Braden called Julie Chen a whore and that anyone who votes for Braden supports a racist. The audience is baffled, Julie is probably pissed, and her husband Les Moonves runs CBS and must be furious. Ronnie ends up forcing the tie (5-5) and Jessie sends Braden out. The HOH competition is some lame, completely obvious trivia about the cliques and no one was smart enough to eliminate Ronnie early on and that rat-weasel wins HOH. Ronnie's such a moron and wants to be with the athletes. Ronnie, you're such a cliche. Everyone knows that in high school, athletes use the nerds to do their homework and their dirty work, but they're not your friends. (Original image from CBS.com)

The Fashion Show - Dear god, 2 weeks left. The final 4 return after an undisclosed amount of time with 10 outfits to present in a final fashion show. America will vote for the winner, but the catch is only 3 will be eligible; after the runway, the judges will eliminate one designer. Daniella makes an androgenous collection inspired by second skin, which is very fashion forward. Reco makes looks that impress audience guests from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but has a few decent looks. Anna makes a lot of excellent outfits, but not a cohesive collection. James-Paul pulls a Debbie Downer card and makes his collection based on indigenous countries wearing western fashion; it's very interesting, but no one would buy this shizz. In the end, Reco's collection is considered the weakest and he's out. Sadly for him, I think he would've won because no person watching is going to vote for the season's villain, the chick no one remembers, or the space cadet. (Image from BravoTV.com)