July 15, 2009

Reality Rundown: How Do You Spell Technotronics?

Big Brother - Sunday's episode continues the Jessie returns cliffhanger, and it's mixed emotions about him being in the game again, but since he's HOH, everyone is azz-kissing. I'm a live feed watcher, so I fear Ronnie is going to get a saintly edit when in reality he is the most annoying HG in there (well, tied with pretending-to-be 18 Natalie). Ronnie proposes an alliance to Jessie between the Brains and Athletes, claiming no one would suspect it. Really? Cause that seems like the most cliche move in the book. The HGs participate in the 1st Have/Have Not competition, which replaces the food competitions. The HOH and his clique are in the In Crowd and have full food privileges, but the clique that comes in last place in the competition live off slop and have to sleep in this awful room that looks like an insane asylum. The competition is pretty sweet- it's like a giant rave with glow paint, making the HGs connect pipes to move glowing liquid from one end to another. Ronnie and his bloated belly, takes leadership and the Brains fail miserably and become Have Nots. Despite wanting big-booby Laura out for being a waste of BB space, Jessie nominates Chima (as a pawn to defer attention from the Brain/Athlete alliance, but we know pawns always go home) and Lydia (who his clique sees as a threat). (Image by GMan from JokersUpdates)

Tuesday: POV episode! After nominations, Lydia whines, complains, and then throws her friends under the bus to save herself. She seems to be getting a good edit, considering she spent 70% of the days after the ceremony crying. The POV competition make the 6 players involved dig into giant pimples filled with letter tiles to spell the longest word. Most take the strategy of thinking of a word and then searching for letters, while self-dubbed "Love Muscle" Russell opts to find as many letters and then make a word. This strategy works as Russell wins with "shotgun." The hilarious part comes from Athlete Jeff who attempts to spell the word "technotronics," which is a ridiculous word and could have had "tectonics" and won (needless to say, everyone thinks he threw it). Russell later decides to get under Jeff's skin by insulting him, starting an awesome fight which the show edited down losing all the extra awesomeness. I saw it live on the feeds and it was so great- Jeff is a swearing machine who goes off on Russell and Jessie's lapdog Natalie and I love it. Meanwhile, Lydia convinces Russell that Braden is the mastermind in this game (yes, the guy who got a Zoolander montage earlier in the episode), which scares Russell and his alliance. Nerdo Ronnie then spills it to Braden and his people, claiming in his Diary Room (DR) interview that he wants to be an asset to everyone (and Russell is pissed about the leak). Ronnie is so annoying and talks game 24/7 in the house- weasel! At the POV Ceremony, Russell removes Lydia from the block and Jesse replaces her with Braden the supergenius. And since Chima is a pawn, it looks like BB11's Spicolli is heading back to wherever he came from. (Image by JJMtl from JokersUpdates)

The Next Food Network Star - The stars head to JFK Airport to hop on a flight to Miami, but are stopped with a challenge. Each star is assigned a different restaurant in the terminal and will need to create an dish for that menu; best dish will be a permanent feature there. Jeffrey wins with this delicious looking bruschetta topped with an egg- mmm! In sunny Miami, the stars receive their next task: cater a party with appetizers and a cocktail, and each star must make 2 dishes. Melissa gets angry that no one even considers a vegetarian dish, so she takes on 3. Debbie aka Margaret Cho is appointed the expeditor, but she is too busy focusing on her 2 dishes to help plate others (Jeffrey is the host, and Michael is the bartender, so their teammates have to plate their dishes). This means Melissa did 5 dishes, while Jameka did 4... and Debbie did 2. Debbie tries to play the "woe is me" act and the judges don't appreciate it. Unfortunately, Michael's delightful and infectious personality can't keep him in this week, with bad food and openly admitting he sucks on camera. (Image from FoodNetwork.com)

The Bachelorette - I had a DVR issue and missed the 1st half hour, but that doesn't seem to matter because it's all about Ed this week. Ed and Jillian continue to make out just about every where they are, and then he (aka the producers) flew out his parents to meet Jillian, and Ed's dad cries tears of joy for his son. In the fantasy suite, the show gets softcore porn-ish with Jillian and Ed rubbing massage oil all over each other. But then, the mood goes sour in the boudoir, with Jillian saying she didn't feel the chemistry she wanted. I don't get it, since they spent the entire day practically doin' it all over Maui, yet are having bedroom issues? Um, perhaps you should've asked the camera crew to leave? This worries Jillian, who says she's falling for all 3. Kiptyn and her went on a ropes course, and I don't know what she did with Reid, but he makes her laugh and that's something she wants. Pre-Rose Ceremony, Jillian gets to see videos from the guys and only Ed flat out says he loves her, while the other 2 make comments about seeing a future. I think it's pretty insane Jillian wants these guys to say they love her when she's not even in love with them yet. She pulls Ed aside to address their Fantasy Suite issue, but this chemistry speedbump doesn't sway her; she keeps Ed. Jillian denies a rose to my personal favorite, Reid, because he has a hard time conveying his feelings to her. Blah. I know, I used to love Ed, but that has changed as of late. For someone with so much personality and wanting to laugh, Jillian has 2 big dullards on her hands. Next week: the Men Tell All Special! And in 2 weeks: finale! (Image from BuddyTV)