July 31, 2009

Reality Rundown: The Manipulative Dorkopotamus

So You Think You Can DanceTop Chef MastersBig Brother

So You Think You Can Dance - The final 6 is a talented group, but there still are some hits and misses. Ade/Jeanine get a samba which was not so hot, but ace a hip hop routine by Nappytabs. Evan/Melissa have a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine which really lets them shine as a bride and groom on their wedding day, but also have a quick step which is OK but not up to par for a near-finale performance. Brandon/Kayla are paired and it's pure magic for both routines. Their contemporary about a man and his mistress is outstanding, and even disco (which I dread each week) was fun to watch. I'd say these 2 are a sho-in for the finale, but on the other hand, I don't know what America is really voting on anymore so guessing the bottom is so unpredictable. But if I have to guess, I'm going to say Melissa and Ade will go home... but we'll see! (Image from BuddyTV)

Elimination night! But first, we get to see all 4 routines from last season that were nominated for Emmys. Luckily, they are judging based on last year cause they were a wee bit sloppy. I am personally routing for Nappytabs "Bleeding Love" routine, but think Tyce Diorio will end up snagging the Emmy. The Jabbawockeez, winners of America's Best Dance Crew S1, perform and are mind boggling awesome as always. Onto to makes the Final 4! Jeanine and Brandon are told early into the episode that they are safe. Last 10 minutes: who will get picked? Kayla and Evan are safe! Poor Melissa and Ade, however they both had an amazing run. So everyone, who do you think will be America's Favorite Dancer? I'll make an early prediction of Brandon, but it's next week that counts. Leave your current picks in the comments. (Images from MSNBC.com)

Top Chef Masters - I didn't doze off this week during the episode! It's now the top 6, who won their qualifying episodes. For the Quickfire, it's the infamous "mise en place" relay, which essentially is the prep work. It's good times to watch since these are the head chefs and no longer have to do the little tasks, like chopping onions and whipping eggs. Hubert Kelly is deemed the winner and has a leg-up for the elimination challenge. But before the challenge, the host (Kelly?) asks each chef to prepare their signature dish to share in a meal with the other contestants. Everyone dines and has a good time- but of course there's a twist. Each chef now must replicate, but put their own spin, on a competitor's dish. Rick Bayless avoids his Mexican cuisine stereotype and really puts a nice spin on an Italian dish, but Anita Lo wins with what appears to be a delicious soup and lobster roll. Eliminated this week: Snooze-anne, who played too early and therefore sent out cold and slightly overcooked food. She bores me, so I'm A-OK with this! (Image from Reality Exploits)

Big Brother -Right off the bat Julie announces the obvious: cliques end tonight. Thank god! But wait, there's another secret twist and we'll have a deciding vote. But first, we catch up on the past few days in the house, which includes a very pissed of Casey in a banana suit. Casey tries to sway some others to vote for him to stay, particularly Russell, indicating that his targets are now set on Jessie and Ronnie. Other house stuff: Lydia continues her Emily Valetine streak and stares at Jessie while he sleeps and Jordan and Jeff's parents think they'd make a cute couple. Julie tries to stir up more drama in the Natalie/Jessie/Lydia triangle, but he keeps pretending it's nothing. It's almost time to vote, but first, pre-vote speeches. Casey gives maybe the best speech ever, calling Ronnie a "manipulative dorkopotamus with a God complex" and goes of on Jessie's vanity, self-centeredness, and says he has the IQ of a banana. Surprisingly Russell votes to keep Casey, but no one else does- Casey is evicted 7 to 1. NOOOO! Casey was my pick to win. It goes to show, there's only so much you can predict but guessing based on people's CBS.com profiles. While walking out the door, Casey calls out Jessie again for going against his word, and then Natalie keeps piping in. Casey yells at her saying she's not part of this conversation and his final words leaving the house are, "Go make Jessie a sandwich!" HAHA Ok, onto HOH competition. Julie announces the dissolution of the cliques, but makes the big secret twist statement, sort of: someone in the house will be given a secret power in the game, but only the person holding that power will know what it is, and America chooses which HG gets it. Julie tells the audience this power is the Coup D'Etat, which was created during the All Stars season, but never used. Whoever holds the Coup D'Etat has 2 weeks to use it and can overthrow 1 or both of the HOH's nominees for eviction. Clearly, Jordan or Jeff will get this; America hates everyone else. Unfortunately, this week's HOH competition is endurance and will last into the wee hours, so only feed watchers can see who wins... and I know who wins. Click to see the new HOH. (Image from CBS.com)