July 22, 2009

Reality Rundown: Pulling a Mesnick

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The Next Food Network Star - Still in Miami, the stars are appearing on a morning TV show but they've rigged each segment to have problems, like wrong food, no utensils, the host is a jerk, etc. Debbie does her segment with ease, making it seems like these bumps in the road are simple. Jameka and Melissa struggle, while Jeffrey is "ehhh." Next Iron Chef winner Michael Symon is a guest judge this week and explains the next challenge: each will have to create a fish dish with a shellfish side dish on a wooden grill. Winner's dish will appear on the Red Lobster menu. I don't have Red Lobster here so I'll have to spend my whole life dreaming and wondering. But there's a catch! Since the stars seem to rely on similar styles and flavor palettes each week, Bobby Flay switches some of the items. Jeffrey pleases the crowd and wins a spot on the menu, Melissa aces it with habernero peppers, Debbie skips one of her new Mediterranean ingredients and makes an excuse, and Jameka is flustered and pissed at her lack of pineapple. While the judges are again sick of Debbie's excuses, Jameka's inability to cope with challenges on the fly eliminates her from the final 4. And I'm glad because the personality they've always been raving about has never been apparent to me... but I do love pineapple. (Image from FoodNetwork.com)

Big Brother - Ronnie the Rat is HOH and thinks the side he betrayed isn't onto his hinky vote, but he's just plain stupid (Laura is onto him most, which scares Ronnie). Ronnie gets his HOH room (I saw this live on the feeds) and it's... weird. His basket includes the usual treats and sweets, but he asked for a giant bubble wand and Playdough and gets excited like a 5 year old. And his CD? Legally Blonde: The Musical (well actually, on the feeds he noticed they accidentally gave him the film's soundtrack, so he'll deal). Part the show hilariously omitted: when Ronnie told all the HGs that his wife's eyes make her look like Denise Richards; the room went silent. The next day, the HGs compete in a luxury competition, hosted by BB10 winner Dan (who sent Jessie out the door last season), and a male and female will get to see a sneak preview screening of The Awful Truth- wonderful. The game is fun, having HGs vote on a "Which would they choose?" question about each HG, accompanied by fun costumes (not fun: Ronnie is a Princess Leia gold bikini). Chima is an a-hole the whole time about it, so of course she wins it. Casey is the male winner and is excited for the movie, but not excited for Chima. Also, the 2 of them get to decide what clique to make the have nots and Chima won't listen to Casey at all and makes the Populars starve for the week. Ronnie keeps playing both sides, claiming to the cool group (Casey, Jeff, Laura, Michelle, Jordan) that he plans to backdoor Russell, but everyone is skeptical. Ronnie decides to put up Laura (his target) and Jeff (his "pawn") and if you watch feeds, you know these are fun people to watch, and losing them eventually will lead to one jerk-infested house. (Screencap from Peeps at RealityBBQForums.com)

On Tuesday's episode, Russell starts ragin' in the house- screaming at Lydia, etc. Lydia approaches Ronnie about it and it seems the plan to backdoor Russell could work and have the votes needed. At the POV competition, the 6 HGs playing will have to collect coins in a 2 minute time frame to come closest to a designated amount. Jeff uses a great strategy of determining how much is in a handful, and then figuring out how many handfuls he needed. Ronnie was a complete moron and grabbed coins and estimated how many were in a bank roll; he was eliminated first. Jeff wins the POV (beating Russell) and can now take himself off the block. What the show fails to show is that Ronnie had promised both Casey and Jordan that he wouldn't put them on the block, then spent 2 days trying to justify nominating them. After Jessie strong-arms him, Ronnie who was going to "make waves" with his eviction nominates Jordan of all people. He knows Laura is onto him but she's not taking this lying down- and boy, has it gotten good on the feeds! (Image from BuddyTV)

The Bachelorette - It's the Men Tell All reunion special, aka drag the season out one more episode. It's mostly recaps of the season, never before seen clips, and praising the perfectness of boring Jake. If boring Jake becomes the next yet ladies find him Mary Poppins "practically perfect in every way" charming. The 2 hours is also used to largely discussing crazy Dave, his anger, and inappropriate date with Jillian. Oh and Jason and Molly return to discuss their love and Jason still annoys me, so I don't care. Some funny outtakes included a completely wasted Ed and Jillian takes a snowball to the head. And since Wes didn't show up, the guys just get to debate his presence on the show behind his back, and I just don't care anymore. The best part of the whole episode is when the other Tanner without a foot fetish tells pilot Jake that he "pulled a Mesnick." Pulling a Mesnick is when a grown man cries while leaning on a hotel railing. AHAHAHA- genius. While it was an entertaining reunion, nothing mind blowing... until next week's finale preview. That's because Reid returns... with a ring!! Can't wait- Reid FTW!! (Original images from EudieTuesday and BluntDelivery)