July 24, 2009

Reality Rundown: What the 'Ell is America Thinking?

So You Think You Can Dance - This week is all about celebrating SYTYCD's 100th episode, so they get dancing expert Ellen Degeneres to guest judge along with Mia. Ok, so Ellen knows zip about dance, but she's hilarious, comparing dancing to wine and making a lot of carpentry/nailing jokes. Evan/Janette are paired together and unfortuantely, Janette is amazing as always, but Evan is meh. Nigel finally brings up Evan's droopy eyes, which is hilarious. Brandon/Jeanine have a slow waltz that's too slow for the judges, but then an insanely awesome pop jazz number by 1st time SYTYCD choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, who I know from the Diddy shows. Kayla/Jason are great in both numbers, especially a zombie hip hop by Shane. Melissa/Ade are re-paired and at first, I thought they were in trouble; their samba was pretty bad, but their second number is phenomenal. Tyce Diorio created a contemporary piece about a woman battling breast cancer, and I will admit it made me cry. Emotional story, amazing dance, moving song- you can't help it! It was hands down one of the best pieces ever done on the show. I can't even predict who will go home for the women, but I think it's got to be the end of the road for Evan sadly. (Image from BuddyTV)

100th episode! Let's recap the fun stuff before the bottom 4 that blew my mind. The show opens with a Mia Michaels routine to "One" from A Chorus Line and right off the bat, I'm sucked in because I'm such a Chorus Line fan. Thee 2 dances that previously won Emmys get to perform again (Hok/Jamie's (S3) Hummingbird and Flower, and Travis/Heidi (S2) Bench routine). The best number is the reuniting of the S2 top 8 along with choreographer Wade Robson to perform his piece Ramalama. But the biggest of them all: Katie Holmes "dances." Yes, while a bunch of guys do tons of choreographer, she stands there, bops around, and gets lifted. Hardly the impressive dancing they've been teasing all season. But the fun is tarnished when they announce the bottom 4. Janette and Kayla are the 2 girls, and I'm shocked; Janette is probably the top girl for me, and I blame short Evan for this. Speaking of Evan, he's safe. I KNOW. The bottom 2 guys: Jason and Brandon. Including Brandon in the bottom absolutely blew my mind, as I was saying to people that to me Brandon was the only person I would guarantee safety. America voted and the eliminated dancers are... Janette and Jason. NOOOO- not Janette! Nigel also admits Janette was his favorite to win and that America got it wrong. I guess I can't complain too much, as I don't vote, but America- you angered me tonight! At least Brandon is still in it. My 2 favorites for the win: Brandon and Jeanine. (Image from MSNBC.com)

Top Chef Masters - For the Quickfire, the chefs draw knives with a number of them; that number corresponds to an aisle at Whole Foods and their entire meal must be composed of items from that aisle (and only $20 to spend). Seafood chef Michael Cimarusti thinks he's screwed when he gets the baking aisle, but ends up getting 5 stars. For the elimination challenge, the chefs get to create a mystery box of ingredients for another chef, and then will create a dish with these ingredients. Instead of sabotaging each other, the camaraderie is amazing and they all want to make each other shine. I could talk about everyone, but let's go right to the winner. Art Smith, most known for cooking for Oprah, prays he'll get chicken... and he does. He makes a two delicious takes on fried chicken and wins this episode, even if the judges found it too close to his comfort zone. (Image from BravoTV.com)

Big Brother - Ronnie's double-agent duties catch up to him- finally! Laura and Ronnie talk in the HOH room and she accepts she's going home but does offer to be an ally for him and promises him safety. Ronnie then says he could easily persuade Natalie, Chima, Kevin, and Lydia to save her. Laura leaves the room, and Ronnie brings up the others and decides to throw this plan at them... but blame it all on Russell in case it backfires. Natalie tells this to Jessie, Jessie tells Russel, and then shizz goes down! Laura and Russell call out Ronnie for all his manipulation; the house has been so divided since day 1 because of Ronnie's lies. It's an awesome fight and trust me, it will get more coverage on this blog on Monday (I think you regular readers can get a hint of who is getting SERVED!) After all the drama, the house is more united, and Ronnie has locked himself away in the HOH room, forced to live off his HOH basket of candy and his tears. Of course, Russell isn't having it so whenever Ronnie leaves the room, he tortures him- good times! Natalie tells Julie Chen the house is united in their votes, then decides to stir up the pot and votes to evict Jordan, while the other 8 HGs vote out Laura. The HOH competition is to launch a ball into some cups and whoever gets the highest score wins. Jessie and Jeff both get 6, so they have a tiebreaker and I'm praying for Jeff to win- please, for us feed watchers, don't torture us. Frak... Jessie wins HOH, I'm livid, my fellow feed-watchers are livid, and the game continues to boringly pick off one side of the house one-by-one. Worst part: my pick to win, Casey, is a prime target for eviction. (Screencap from WickedTong at HamsterTime.com)

The Fashion Show - It's finally over! Well, not so fast- yes Bravo can't get it through their heads that no one liked this show and drags out the results over an hour long reunion. I can't believe I watched this series- so long, so dull towards the end. Good thing I barely watched any of the reunion! What I did see: they showed the decoy collections of Merlin and Johnny, that were designed so that the press couldn't leak the finalists (as if anyone gave a crap). Merlin's was horrible, I mean, god awful. Johnny's was cool I guess. America is PO'd Reco was eliminated and threatened to boycott the vote. Reco claims he's not bitter about being eliminated, but still rants about it. In the end, Anna wins with 56% of the vote. She gets $125,000 , her clothes will be sold on BravoTV.com, and no one will remember her since no one watched this show. Is it Project Runway time yet? (Image from BravoTV.com)