July 3, 2009

Reality Rundown: Looks like Jillian is not Jesse's Girl

The Next Food Network Star - The wannabe stars first make delicious burgers, except for healthnut Katie who makes a raw turkey burger. The winner is Michael, with a mouth-watering burger stuffed with mozzarella, with prosciutto on both sides of the burger, and in a garlic bread bun. For the elimination challenge, each contestant is given a basket with regional items and will cook a classic American meal for soldiers returning from the Middle East. Margaret Cho (Debbie) gets whacked in the face with a pan, the Greek god makes a horrible seafood pot pie and has no personality, and Melissa is "en fuego" this week with her New Mexico inspired steak tostado (plus a great presentation to the crowd). Teddy is still a fake annoyance that can kinda cook, but is finally told he can't be a star (something we've all known since maybe episode 2). (Image from FoodNetwork.com)

The Bachelorette - Hometown dates! I thought Kiptyn's uber-rich family would be awkward to be around, Breakdancing Michael's was awesome and he has a twin. Jesse had a cynical brother, Reid's was probably the most natural and normal... and Wes had his band (OK, his family after, but c'mon, he featured his freakin' band). But before Jillian can meet Wes' family, perfect Jake the pilot returns to tell her the truth: Wes has a girlfriend named Laurel! Shocking, I know. So after crying and not knowing if she can trust him, I think it's obvious what will happen. That's right, she GIVES HIM A ROSE. Jeez Bachelorette producers, could you have scripted this even better? No, because it's all set up by you producers anyways! But in good guy news: ED RETURNS! Bet you didn't see that coming? Oh wait, yes we did. How convenient that Ed was able to "leave for work" and return to the show for a second chance. I don't recall any jilted suitors getting a 2nd change before. Sorry, but this seems like the most set up, contrived moment ever. You can tell Ed works in computers, cause he's a lousy actor. At the same time, I don't care cause early on I predicted an Ed/Kiptyn final 2. Because Ed returns, Jillian now has to cut 2 dudes instead of 1. She eliminates poor breakdancing Michael and Jesse (which surprised me, but he was sacrificed at the alter of Ed). And of course kept Wes, thus angering me even more. Next week: Spain and fantasty suites! Oh, and in the preview there's such a scripted dinner where Wes says to Jillian, "my girlfriend- I mean ex-girlfriend." Wow, this is so mind-boggling set-up that it's getting hard to watch. Can't wait to hear what Reality Steve has to say about this. (Hilarious image from BuddyTV)

So You Think You Can Dance - Wow! Best episode this season. The dancing this week was so great by all couples; even the one I liked least was at least danced well. Mia is the 3rd judge this week, so sorry no Mia routine! But we do get an amazing contemporary piece inspired by vampires with Kupono/Kayla, and it's crazy good. Janette/Brandon (my favorites) are unstoppable with another hot cha cha, and Brandon has finally won Mia's respect- tears by all! Philip lucks out this week and gets hip-hop, which I think saved him from elimination. Melissa, a ballerina, is given the Classical pas de deux and it's beautiful; she dances on point, which is a 1st for the show. But bad news: the shorties, Evan/Randi, do OK in Broadway but it's not a smash. Caitlin/Jason danced their jazz well, but Caitlin's alien costume was distracting. It was more disco stegasaurus than alien. Karla/Vitolio pull the quick step, which is the kiss of death on this show, but dance it pretty well. Unfortunately for them, I think the fans just don't like Karla much (in her intro solo, she got like no cheers). Bottom 3 prediction: Evan/Randi, Caitlin/Jason, Karla/Vitolio.

Results show! Vitolio/Karla are the 1st place in the bottom 3; score 1 for me. But suddenly, the other 2 pairs in the bottom baffle me: Kupono/Kayla and Philip/Jeanine. I for sure thought hip hop would be Philip's saving grace, and Kupono/Kayla were the best last night. I think Kayla rubs viewers the wrong way. So they all dance for their lives and it's pretty easy to guess that Vitolio and Karla are out this week. Both of them have been in the bottom 3 out of 4 times- it's time to go! (Images from BuddyTV)

The Fashion Show - What a snooze this week. In the lamest challenge, the designers get a tarot card reading and then have to design an outfit based on the card they pulled. Merlin and Johnny pull the same card and have completely different interpretations. By that I mean, Johnny makes something totally hot and Merlin makes the goofiest travel sweatsuit I've ever seen. It looked like bloomers under a yellow pea coat. James Paul also is a stinker, making a weird complex outfit even though he got a straightforward tarot card of keeping it simple. Anna wins the challenge with some cool dress, while Reco comes in 2nd with a snazzy pantsuit. Sadly, sass and zany interviews don't help keep you on this show, and the flamboyant Merlin is out of the door, which is pretty zany since his tarot card predicted he'd be going somewhere. I guess somewhere is home. (Image from BravoTV.com)